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How to dress in Cuba? Tips for your trip
In understand how complicated it can be to choose the ideal
attire if you decide to visit a certain country. That is why we will give you some recommendations
on how to dress in Cuba. Remember that everything depends on the representative climate of the
nation that you decide to visit. Are you ready to write down this tips for your trip?
How to dress in Cuba? Advices for men and women
Women's clothing
If you decide to visit Cuba, make sure you put in your suitcase the clothes according to the type of
weather you will find. Follow these recommendations:
If you have plans to visit Cuba, it is advisable to choose simple and comfortable clothing.
To get to know the culture of the country, calm yourself with flats. Avoid wearing sandals
that expose your feet and can be uncomfortable.
Use pallid colors for the type of weather.
In the evenings you can wear jewelry and colorful dresses.
Consider that there are many churches in Cuba, so wearing a pashmina would not hurt,
along with jeans.
Make sure to bring clothes for rainy days, you should be careful.
Men's Clothing
It is common for men to use the typical
guayaberas of the country. They are
made with thread and are usually
white. You can buy a short or long
sleeve guayabera and use it for both
formal and informal occasions.
Wear linen pants, but with the
guayabera outside. Remember that
these have embroidery and wide
Choose comfortable and fresh
footwear. Like the moccasins.
Always dress in light shades.
Typical clothing of Cuba
The Cuban Bata
It is a dress quite low, tight to the bust, long and wide. It has sleeves, is adorned with ribbons and
has various lace.
These robes are loved for all: Cubans and visitors. The best thing is that there is a wide variety of
them, in Cuba.
The guayabera
This shirt is worn outside the pants, it is made by lightweight fabric. It has large pockets and bands
of trinkets or pleats. It is a garment that can be used for formal and informal events.
The typical yarey hat
It has been used since its beginnings by the Cuban farmers, who sought to protect themselves
from the rays of the sun. It is light, fresh, cheap and easy to make.
Are you ready to go to Cuba?
If you don´t bring with you enough clothes you will find stores there, but the best idea is to bring
with you everything you will need.
Despite everything, the Cubans have been able to keep their tropical style in force, they dress in a
very simple way, but they are never scruffy.
They are bold at the moment of generating contrasts or wearing flashy garments. They love to
look radiant from head to toe, no matter how inexpensive the garment is.
So, if you want to visit this country, you must follow these recommendations on how to dress in
Cuba, now, are you ready to try? Tell us how you did.