Bristol murder; Philip Prowse

Institución Educativa
José MarÃ-a Bravo Márquez
12 de Agosto de 2008
Chapter 2
• Because John`s uncle hit him first.
• Because the police was following him.
• John Stevens
• He slept into the back of the lorry.
• A policeman stopped Peter`s lorry.
Chapter 3
• Because a policeman held his hand up.
• No, he didn`t know that his uncle was dead.
• No, he didn`t think that.
• They were: start again or find out who killed John`s uncle.
Chapter 4
• Because his old friends were in prison and they knew lots of criminals.
• Outside the shop at ten o`clock.
• He said he was looking for an old friend.
• No, he wasn`t sure.
Chapter 5
• Because he thought: no one would notice me.
• Because he wanted to she went to the cinema with him and a policeman was looking him.
• Steve was Susan`s boyfriend.
Chapter 6
• He recognized to Jeff.
• He stole and then he sold the things in a club.
• He gave him the name of someone in Bristol.
• His name was Bob Steel.
Chapter 7
• He said: Look, I can´t explain you, but I`ve got to go back to Bristol. If you give me your address, I`ll
write to you.
• Because he had promised to meet Peter at ten o`clock.
• Because John kissed Susan.
• Steven and his friends were winning the fight.
Chapter 8
• Because it didn´t seem a fair fight.
• Because he didn´t had to work next day.
• Because John saw two policemen.
• They drove back into Bristol.
Chapter 9
• Because they wanted some information about the murderer.
• Yes, he wanted a hundred ponds.
• No, he said Bob wasn`t much help.
• He said the murderer was a boy who knew Mr. Stevens
• He told Peter and John to meet them under the clock at the railway station at half past three.
• I think Bob Steel telephoned the police and said them John was the murderer.
Chapter 10
• Because he needed money.
• Because they wanted to arrest John.
• They took him outside the railway station.
• Because the Sergeant Black wanted that John spoke.
• No, he thought he was lying.
Chapter 11
• Peter saw John inside the police car.
• He read that his friend had been arrested.
• He had about fifteen or sixteen years old.
• Peter caught Bob.
Chapter 12
• No, he didn´t do it.
• Peter suggested who paid to Bob was the murderer.
• John tied Bob to the chair in which he was sitting before left.
• Because John told Peter that there was the murderer.
Chapter 13
• Because he got the idea that a particular pupil was bad.
• Because there were some of Mr. Stevens` pupils.
• Mr. Stevens said that a boy had been rude to him.
• Because Tommy Logan had been rude to Mr. Stevens.
• He had seen Tommy talking to Bob Steel.
Chapter 14
• Because he was afraid.
• Outside Bob Steel`s house.
• While all the cars were waiting at the traffic light, Peter passed the street.
• A police car.
Chapter 15
• Because they were driving so fast.
• He told him: It`s about the murder, the murder of Mr. Stevens.
• No, he didn`t believed him.
• Because he thought he was to go out.
Chapter 16
• He was John.
• He was alive.
• Bob heard a fight, but he didn`t see anything.
• He followed Tommy Logan and asked him for money.
• Because Mr. Stevens had given him a lot of extra homework.
• Because he said it was wrong.
• He said Tommy couldn`t hurt him.
• Tommy killed Mr. Stevens.
Chapter 17
• No, he thought it was an accident.
• He thought Bob Steel ought to go to prison.
• He suggested him to help to repair lorries.
• He wanted to see Susan again.
• Because Peter said to the boy: I expect you think you`ve killed your uncle too.