The Missing Coins; John Escott

Before you read
• Find these words in your dictionary. How many of these things can you see in the pictures in this
• Abbey: abadía
• City: ciudad
• Coin: moneda
• Flute: flauta
• Pocket: bolsillo
• Shopkeeper: tendero/a
• Stamp: sello
• Tourist: turista
• Tune: melodía
• What are these sentences in your language? Find the words in italics in your dictionary.
• I collect valuable stamps: Yo colecciono sellos valiosos.
• I'm going to speak to that pretty girl. Are you surprised?: Yo voy a hablar con esa bella chica. ¿Estás
• My dog was outside the shop, but now he's missing¡: Mi perro estaba fuera de la tienda, pero ahora se ha
• We went to the cinema last week, and we're going again next week: Nosotros fuimos al cine la semana
pasada, y nosotros vamos a ir otra vez la próxima semana.
• Wait a minute¡ You can't steal my bag¡: !Espera un momento¡ !No me has robado la mochila¡
After you read
• Answer these questions.
• Why are Pete and Carla in Bath?
Because they are students in Bath.
• What does Pete want from the old man's shop?
Pete wants buy postcards and coins.
• Who steals coins from the shop? How?
The girl and the flute player.
• Talk about a picture in the book. Who can you see? What are they doing? What are they saying?
I can see Carla y Pete and a policeman and two musicians
Carla Pete and the policeman ere speaking
The musicians touching its instrument.
• Write about Carla, Pete and the missing coins for a newspaper.
Pete and Carla it, two students in the small city of Bath were accused of steal unjust being that the employee
steal who passed them through the window to his pal.
• What do you collect? Why? Write about it.
• I collect money
• Because they are very old the money and fantastic.
• I've got money for France, Italy, old Spanish.