Sole Giménez

Sole Giménez
Singer & Composer
Sole Gimenez is one of most appreciated and easily recognizable voices within
the universe of Latin music, due to her great quality, her exciting warmth and her
unique personality.
During the last twenty five years she has kept evolving and maturing her artistic
and musical dimensions. At the moment she is one of the most elegant, charismatic and versatile voices in the Spanish speaking world.
Her singing style, her expressiveness, that go beyond simply singing, have always
made her stand out both, during her phase as a vocalist and leader of a successful
Spanish band, Presuntos Implicados, as well as in her phase as a solo artist since
A great admirer of singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Ellis Regina or Omara Portuondo,
whose voices are above any style in music, this Spaniard, born in Paris, is the heiress of their good doing and receives the baton from them to recreate, in her own
style, a splendid repertoire with songs from the greatest artists from the Spanish
speaking world, Portugal, and now France. Serrat, Jobim, Brassens, Manzanero,
Paez, Moustaki… sound again and this sound is different.
Sole Gimenez has been developing a landscape of sound in her different records
and in her concerts, with these warmth and sensual colours, intimate and explosive at the same time. Bolero, Swing and Bossa Nova, Danzon, Dixiland, Waltz,
all these rhythms and styles make sense and gain a new life in her voice. Sole
Gimenez’s voice is full of hues and wisdom, impregnating light and inspiration.
•Collaborations that stand out:
Joan Manuel Serrat, Herbie Hancock, Randy Crawfort, Paco de Lucía, Ana Belén,
Milton Nascimento, Armando Manzanero, Chano Domínguez, Jorge Pardo, Jackes Morelembaum, Miguel Ríos, Toquinho, Antonio Serrano, Iván “Melón” Lewis,
Javier Limón…
Currently, combines her career as a singer with her work as a teacher at Berklee
College of Music of Valencia.
•More than 3,000,000 copies of records
sold in her almost 30 years as a professional singer.
More than 1000 concerts in 15 different
countries, some memorable ones:
Palau de la Música of Barcelona.
San Sebastian Jazz Festival,
San Javier Jazz International Festival
Plaza de las Ventas, Madrid.
Plaza de Toros, Valencia…
Auditorio Nacional de la Ciudad de México, Montreaux Festival, Ronnie Scott Club
of London, Sidney Opera House…
•Author of more than 100 songs, some of
which have left a mark in different generations in the Spanish speaking world:
“Mi pequeño tesoro”
“Cómo hemos cambiado”
“Alma de Blues”
“Cada historia”
“En la oscuridad”
“De sol a sol”
“Tan sola”
“Volver a encontrar la ilusión de vivir”
“La mujer que mueve el mundo”
“Femenino singular”
“Un tren perdido”
“Aquella tarde”…
All these are some examples.
Sole Giménez
•Sole Giménez “El Cielo de París”
“El cielo de París” 2012
A homage to a wonderful repertoire of French songs, to its great
authors, and to unforgettable
singers, with a genuine touch of
Classic Jazz, Dixieland, Swing
and a Vintage sound, that makes
these timeless songs sound exciting, surprising and fun to listen
to. An exercise of elegance and
style, with songs in French and
Spanish, this album was made
as a homage to the music of the
country and the city where Sole
Gimenez was born.
•Sole Giménez “Pequeñas Cosas”
“Pequeñas Cosas” 2010
After the popularity of “Dos gardenias” (2008) it was a duty for
Sole Gimenez to review the great
authors from Spain, dressing
them also with the sounds of Latin Jazz, making them vibrate
with warmer, brighter and different colours.
A special collaboration in duet
with the great author and composer, Joan Manuel Serrat.
•Sole Giménez “Dos gardenias”
“Dos Gardenias” 2008
A journey into a sound in the key
of Latin Jazz by the great Latin
American authors, both classic
and contemporary. Jobim, Manzanero, Drexler, Paez, sound new
and different, due to the genuine
flavour resulting from this new
approach to Latin Jazz.
With the collaboration of Chano
Domínguez, Jorge Pardo…
•Sole Giménez “La Felicidad”
“La felicidad” 2007
This is an album with original
songs of great beauty and a touch
of soul and jazz. For one of the
songs a duet is formed with the
great singer, Ana Belén and the
recognizable production of Javier
Collaborations of Antonio Serrano, Josemi Carmona…
•Sole Giménez “Ojalá”
“Ojalá” 2004
First album as a solo artist with
versions in the key of electronic
pop, with songs of a wide variety
of authors, such as Marvin Gaye,
Eric Clapton, Björk, Claudio Baglioni, Radio Futura…
A surprising record!
Sole Giménez. Records with Presuntos Implicados
“Danzad, danzad malditos”
“Ser de agua”
“Selección Inédita”
“Selección natural”
“Versión original”
“La Noche”
“El pan y la sal”
“Alma de Blues”
“De sol a sol”
Formations live:
Duet, piano and voice
Warner Music Spain