# 21 Advanced English Racism Against Black People

# 21 Advanced English
Racism Against Black People
Racism has caused many regrettable issues in our world. Nationality and color of skin should not be a reason
for prejudice. Ignorance is mostly the originator for prejudgment of a person of a different cultural group.
Some bitter consequences racism has brought are physical abuse, emotional abuse and suppression to a
shallow thinking of human beings. African Americans are a group who has suffered from racism for an
interminable time.
Genres is a word we use in society to divide human beings in groups. Not only there are the feminine and
masculine genres, but we can also make terms for age, ways of thinking and acting, economic status, race,
etcetera. Racism then falls under the prejudice of a different genre than the majority. Black people in the
United States have been marked as this minority. They have had to stand the abuse from ignorant people who
do not see above the color of their skin. Racists also scar these people with characteristics that are not
necessarily true. For example, African Americans supposedly have less education than the normal citizens in
the US. This does not mean that when one of them crosses your path, he or she will be uneducated, but racists
immediately think so. Shallow people have expressed their anger towards these elite with hate crimes,
including massacres, physical abuse and condescendence. Making a mockery out of vulnerable people who
cannot do much about this intolerance is a shame. I admire those who stay strong and do not care much about
what other people think or say about them.
Racist people are making this a suppressed world under the superficial thinking about other human beings. By
thinking this way, the do not help in any way to progress of anything. Prejudice against minorities is
ignorance which will not go away until everyone starts seeing beyond the race. Africans Americans are as
smart as anyone and they have a lot to offer for our nation. If no one listens to them, these great ideas will
cease and we will continue to set back in society. Imagine what the world would look like if everyone was
tolerant with others, mingled with each other, and exchanged ideas for the better. The world would have fewer
problems for a start.
Even though the racism and bad treat of dense people in this world, African Americans have stayed strong.
We see Phoenix Jackson in A Worn Path who shows her indomitable personality pass the uneducated fool
who tries to make fun of her. Black people have proved they can do as well as any white person in life, and
this has included the disrespect from others. Therefore African Americans have demonstrated to be even
tougher and smarter.
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