KAP Spanish – Blizzard Bag Day 1: Directions: For the following

KAP Spanish – Blizzard Bag
Day 1:
Directions: For the following question, you will write a message. You have 10 minutes
to read the question and write your response. Your response must be at least 60 words
or more.
Instrucciones: Para la pregunta siguiente, escribirás un mensaje. Tienes 10 minutos
para leer la pregunta y escribir tu respuesta. Tu respuesta debe tener una extensión
mínima de 60 palabras.
Imagina que tu hermano/a mayor se va a graduar de la universidad en unas semanas.
Escríbele un correo electrónico a tu mejor amigo/a para contarle la noticia sobre la
graduación de tu hermano/a. En tu mensaje debes
• saludarle
• contarle del evento y darle más información
• explicarle la importancia del evento para tu familia
• preguntarle si te puede acompañar a la ceremonia
• despedirte
Day 2:
Write a journal entry (real or fictional) - 150 words (minimum)
* Use as much current vocabulary as possible.
* Use as many different verbs as possible.
* Use a variety of sentence structures.
* Use current grammatical structures.
Day 3:
You will write one scholarship essay for practice. These can then be altered for your
own use on future scholarship applications. Please select ONE of the following
1. Please describe in your own words what character traits you possess that have
helped you to overcome personal adversity.
2. Choose a person or persons you admire and explain why.
3. Many scholars report that the transition from high school to college can be
challenging. Please detail what you intend to do to ensure that you successfully
graduate college.