conditionals, wish clauses solutions

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conditionals, wish clauses
1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.
a. If she hadn’t broken (not / break) the window, she wouldn’t have had to pay for a new one.
b. If she studied more, she would be (be) a better student.
c. They wouldn’t have seen (not / see) the Queen if they hadn’t visited London on that day.
d. If she opens (open) the letter, she’ll be surprised.
e. If I lived in France, I would speak (speak) French well.
f. I’d buy that bag if it were (was) (be) cheaper.
g. If they hadn’t gone to the party, they wouldn’t have bought (not / buy) those expensive
h. If he doesn’t get (not / get) up early, he’ll be late.
i. I’d watch more films, if I had (have) more time.
j. If the studio spent more money, it would make (make) better films.
k. If she hadn’t broken (not / break) the window she wouldn’t have had to pay for a new one.
l. She will be (be) surprised if she hears the news.
2. Finish these conditional sentences with your own words.
a. What would you have done if you had lost your purse?
b. If I can I’ll play tennis this evening.
c. If they knew it they wouldn’t ask.
d. We would have bought the house if we had had money.
e. I’d travel if I had the chance.
f. Provided you behave I’ll give you some sweets.
g. If I won the lottery I would live somewhere else.
h. If she had found a job she would have bought a new car.
i. Unless they get the tickets they won’t go to the concert.
3. Complete with unless or as long as:
a. I’m playing tennis tomorrow unless it’s raining.
b. The children can stay here as long as they don’t make too much noise.
c. We’ll go out for a meal unless they prefer to stay at home.
d. I lend you my CD player as long as you take a good care of it.
e. I’m going now unless you want me to stay.
4. Translate the following sentences:
a. No habríamos podido entrar en la casa si no hubiésemos encontrado la llave.
We wouldn’t have been able to go into the house if we hadn’t found the key.
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IES Libertas. Torrevieja. Departamento de Inglés
b. Si escucharas música clásica, te gustaría.
If you listened to classical music, you would like it.
c. Estaremos en casa si pasas esta noche.
We will be home if you call on tonight.
d. No iremos de viaje a menos que nos llamen nuestros amigos.
We won’t go on the trip unless our friends call us.
e. Si ella no hubiese estudiado tanto, no habría tenido tan buenos resultados.
If she hadn’t studied so much, she wouldn’t have got such good results.
f. Si estuviera en tu lugar, haría el trabajo cuanto antes.
If I were you, I would do the work as soon as possible.
g. Él no se casaría si no estuviese seguro.
He wouldn’t get married if he wasn’t sure.
h. Serás recompensado siempre que trabajes duro.
You will be rewarded as long as you work hard.
i. Si hubiese visto al ladrón, habría gritado.
If I had seen the thief, I would have shouted.
5. Write sentences with I wish:
a. I don’t have many friends. I wish I had more friends.
b. I can’t give up drinking. I wish I could give up drinking.
c. I haven’t got enough time to finish my work. I wish I had more time to finish it.
d. It’s too hot. I wish it was colder.
e. I live in Madrid and I don’t like it. I wish I lived somewhere else.
f. I am not on holiday now and that’s a pity. I wish I were on holiday.
g. Laura can’t come to the party. I wish she could come.
6. Add comments to these sentences using I wish:
a. I’m afraid your sister can’t help me. I wish she would.
b. They always arrive late. I wish they would.
c. He never invites us round. I wish he would.
d. She won’t do anything you ask her to. I wish she would.
e. They never call on when they come to town. I wish they would.
f. I’m afraid our friends can’t buy the tickets. I wish they could.
g. She behaves like a little girl. I wish she didn’t / wouldn’t.
7. Imagine that you are in a situation. For each situation make a sentence with I wish:
a. You have eaten too many sweets and now feel sick.
I wish I hadn’t eaten so many sweets.
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IES Libertas. Torrevieja. Departamento de Inglés
b. You would like to buy some souvenirs but you have forgotten the money.
I wish I hadn’t forgotten the money.
c. You are walking in an ancient town. You would like to take some photographs but you
didn’t bring your camera.
I wish I had brought the camera.
d. An old friend of yours went to visit you but you were out and couldn’t see him.
I wish I hadn’t been out. / I wish I had been able to see him.
e. You have bought a new book shelf but after setting it up you realize that you don’t like it.
I wish I hadn’t bought it.
f. Your mother has given you a sweater for your birthday and you told her you didn’t like it.
Now you regret it.
I wish I hadn’t told her I didn’t like it.
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