SESSION ONE (9:00-10:30 a.m.)
Vigencias y diversidad en el cuento latinoamericano
Claudia Marcela Páez Lotero (UMass Amherst), Organizer
Santiago Vidales (UMass Amherst), Chair
Susana Antunes (UMass Amherst)
Erotismo y fantasía en ‘La sueñera’ de Ana María Shua
Odalis Patricia Hidalgo (UMass Amherst)
Evolución y construcción del imaginario en los cuentos de Julio Ramón Ribeyro
Claudia Marcela Páez Lotero (UMass Amherst)
¿Qué hay detrás de la felicidad?: Entre la violencia y la agresividad, la justicia y la venganza
en ‘Las fotografías’ y ‘El árbol grabado’ de Silvina Ocampo
Santiago Vidales (UMass Amherst)
Intersecciones erráticas: interseccionalidad y performatividad en los cuentos de Anabelle
Aguilar Brealey
GIS and Remote Sensing for Study of Extractive Industries in Latin America
Nicholas Cuba (Clark University), Organizer and Chair
Juan Luis Dammert (Clark University), Commentator/Discussant
Nicholas Cuba (Clark University)
Overview, Potential, and Limitations of GIS and Remote Sensing Methodologies for Study of
Extractive Industries
Arthur Elmes (Clark University)
Spectral Characterization of Licit and Illicit Mining Activity in the Madre de Dios Region of
Zoe Ritter (Clark University)
Mapping Livelihood Vulnerability to Mineral Extraction in Madre de Dios, Peru
The University and Social Change
Mark Healey (University of Connecticut, Storrs), Chair
David Espinosa (Rhode Island College)
Winds of Change: The Church Reform Movement, the Mexican 1968 Student Movement, and
the Iberoamerican University
James J. Harrington (Eastern Nazarene College)
Jesuit Higher Education and National Development: The Central American Case
Regional Responses to International Norms
Gabriela Torres (Wheaton College), Chair
Ñusta Carranza Ko (Purdue University)
Transitional Justice and the Internalization of International Norms in Peru
Tamara Stenn (SIT Graduate Institute)
Exploring the Justice of Living Well
Pedro M. Cameselle (Fordham University)
Conferences, Scientists, and Uruguayan Cigar Makers: Transnational Dilemmas and U.S.
Cultural Diplomacy, 1929-1945
Diaspora Politics
Jennifer Rudolph (Connecticut College), Chair
Ginetta E.B. Candelario (Smith College)
'Voices Echoing Beyond the Seas': Dominican Feminists' Transnational Activism, 1882-1942
Charles R. Venator-Santiago (University of Connecticut)
The Puerto Rican Immigrant?
Rocío Sánchez-Ares (Lynch School of Education at Boston College)
Performing Latina Action: Building Consciousness about Domestic Violence through
Participatory Theater
Musical Icons of the Americas
Eric Galm (Trinity College), Chair and Discussant
Rosa Carrasquillo (College of the Holy Cross)
The People’s Poet: Life and Myth of Ismael Rivera, an Afro-Caribbean Icon
Hermann Hudde (New England Conservatory of Music)
The History of Carlos Chávez in Tanglewood in 1953
Eric Galm (Trinity College)
Carmen Miranda and Donald Duck Were Iconic Good Neighbors
SESSION TWO (10:45 a.m. -12:15 p.m.)
Ruptures and Continuities in Space and Time: Historical Studies of Science in
Latin America
Rick A. López (Amherst College), Organizer and Chair
Jordana Dym (Skidmore College), Commentator/Discussant
Rick A. López (Amherst College)
Depicting Mexican Nature: Science, Visuality, and the Natural World in the Construction of
Heidi V. Scott (UMass Amherst)
The Enlightenment Below Ground: Mapping Mining Spaces in the Late Colonial Andes
John Soluri (Carnegie Mellon University)
Representing Threats: Scientists, Chulengueadores, and the Politics of Conservation in
Patagonia (1850-1970)
Youth and Aging among Hispanics: Three Case Studies
Mónika López Anuarbe (Connecticut College), Organizer and Chair
Luis Gonzalez (Connecticut College), Discussant
Ana Campos-Holland (Connecticut College)
’Done with This!’ Youth in Search of Adult-Free Spaces within Social Media
María Amparo Cruz-Saco (Connecticut College)
Benefits for Whom?: Private Pension Fund Administrators or Retired Workers. The Peruvian
Mónika López Anuarbe (Connecticut College)
Aging, Planning, and Familism among Hispanics: A Case Study in New London, Connecticut
Objects in Colonial Contexts I
Karen Melvin (Bates College), Organizer and Chair
William B. Taylor (University of California, Berkeley)
Prayers for Peasant Farmers: A Visit to the Flea Market of Puebla in 1793
Karen Melvin (Bates College)
Devotional Objects and the Immoderate Alms Collector, 1778-1802
Sylvia Sellers-García (Boston College)
Bodies and Water Lilies: A Criminal Case from Guatemala City in 1800
Discursive Manifestations of Genders, Genres and Sexualities in Latin
American (Text)ualities I
Lori Hopkins (University of New Hampshire), Organizer and Chair
Lori Hopkins (University of New Hampshire)
Mauricio Rosencof’s ‘Las cartas que no llegaron’: Genre Gaps, Gender Identities and Filial
Gina Canepa (Providence College)
Agedness and Sexuality Between Individual Desire and Social Construction: The Chilean film
‘Gloria’ (2013) by Sebastián Lelio
Rachel Payne (University of St. Joseph)
Gender and the Contemporary Latin American Historical Novel: Narrative Strategies of
Female Authors
Latin American Film in the New Millennium
Cynthia Stone (College of the Holy Cross), Chair and Discussant
Bridget V. Franco (College of the Holy Cross)
Lucía Puenzo's ‘Wakolda’: Fresh or Familiar Frontiers in Argentine Cinema?
Taylor Doherty (UMass Boston)
Where Did Joseph Go? The Portrayal of the Absentee Patriarch in Three Latin American
Robert LeRoux Hernandez (College of the Holy Cross)
‘La Bestia’: Mexico's Vertical Border on Film
Memory and Literature
Ignacio Lopez-Vicuña (University of Vermont), Chair
Jayne Reino (UMass Amherst)
From the Margins of History to the Center of the Text: Rewriting the War of Canudos in Mario
Vargas Llosa's ‘La guerra del fin del mundo’
Luisa-Maria Rojas-Rimachi (University of Rochester)
Cartografías de la periferia o la urbe indiferenciada en la narrativa de Roberto Bolaño
Elizabeth Rivero (U.S. Coast Guard Academy)
Memoria y creación literaria: ‘La claraboya y los relojes’ (2001)
Inequality and Rights
Anthony Bebbington (Clark University), Chair
Gabriela Tafoya (University of Connecticut)
The Political Economy of Poverty and Inequality: The Different Effects of National and Subnational Policies
Paul W. Posner (Clark University)
Social Welfare, Citizenship and the New Left in Latin America
Grant Burrier (Curry College)
Evasion or Accommodation? The Developmental State, Civil Society, and Hydroelectric Dam
Construction in Brazil
Marc W. Herold (University of New Hampshire)
Value Distribution in the Modern Cocaine Commodity Chain (Colombia – U.S.)
SESSION THREE (2:30-4:00 p.m.)
Environmental Justice in Latin America
Julia A. Kushigian (Connecticut College), Organizer and Chair
María Amparo Cruz-Saco (Connecticut College), Commentator/Discussant
Julia A. Kushigian (Connecticut College)
Environmental Justice in Latin American Literature and Film
Joseph Schroeder (Connecticut College)
Social Justice Issues of Lead Contamination in Peru
Leo Garofalo (Connecticut College)
Designing a Course on Environmental History and Social Justice in Latin America
Manuel Lizarralde (Connecticut College)
Amerindians, Virtual Environmental Injustice and Climate Change
Objects in Colonial Contexts II
Karen Melvin (Bates College), Organizer
Sylvia Sellers-García (Boston College), Chair
Luis Millones Figueroa (Colby College)
The Bezoar Stone: A Natural Wonder in the New World
Ken Ward (John Carter Brown Library)
Anomalies and Arguments: Antonio de Figueroa's ‘Memorial de las casas reales’ and New
Spain's Conflicted 1640's
Antonia Carcelén-Estrada (College of the Holy Cross)
Art and Revolution in Sixteenth-Century Quito
Discursive Manifestations of Genders, Genres and Sexualities in Latin
American (Text)ualities II
Lori Hopkins (University of New Hampshire), Organizer and Chair
Marco Dorfsman (University of New Hampshire)
Gramática de la gesticulación: Cuerpo, boca, pie, nalga, mano o culo
Ignacio López-Vicuña (University of Vermont)
The Queer Latin American City: Vernacular Discourse and Urban Performance
Brett Levinson (Binghamton University)
AIDS and Biopolitics in the Work of Pedro Lemebel
“Latin” America in the 19th Century
Christina Mehrtens (UMass Dartmouth), Chair
Paulo Moreira (Yale University)
When One of the Americas Became Latin
Luciana Brito (University of São Paulo)
Mirrors of Degeneracy: American Observers of Latin American Populations in the Nineteenth
Yesenia Barragan (Columbia University)
In the Name of Liberty, Security, and Equality: The Racial and Gender Politics of the Law of
the Free Womb in New Granada, 1821
Political Fragility and Stability
Katrina Burgess (Tufts University), Chair
Laura Blume (Boston University) and Benjamin Cole (Simmons College)
Accounting for Latin American Homicide Rates in State Fragility Metrics
Patricia Olney (Southern Connecticut State University)
The New Mexican Nationalism: Cultural and Institutional Transformation From Zedillo to
Marco Cupolo (University of Hartford)
Berlusconism and Chavism: Logic and Instruments of Rises to Personal Power
Provocative Fictions
Pedro Lasarte (Boston University), Chair
Pedro Lasarte (Boston University)
Sobre la sátira colonial: la preceptiva poética y la realidad histórica
Angela N. DeLutis-Eichenberger (Dickinson College)
The Ambitions of the Generation of 1842 as Portrayed in ‘El mendigo’ and ‘Rosa’ by José
Victorino Lastarria
Andres X. Echarri Mendoza (UMass Dartmouth)
La corrupción como mecanismo (des)estructurador en ‘Las batallas en el desierto’ de José
Emilio Pacheco
Isabel Alvarez-Borland (College of the Holy Cross)
Costumbrismo e identidades rotas en la última novela de Roberto G. Fernández
Mestizaje and Afro-Latin American Identities in Literature and Culture
Dorothy E. Mosby (Mount Holyoke College), Organizer, Chair and Discussant
Lesley Zapata (Mount Holyoke College)
‘The Black Grandma in the Closet’: La falta de representación de afrodescendientes en
Jessica Ramírez (Mount Holyoke College)
Las peligrosas implicaciones detrás la conceptualización del mestizaje en promover una
nueva casta racial entre latinos
Gina Macino (Mount Holyoke College)
Los cuadros de las castas: Su producción y significación desde la época colonial hasta hoy
Reception 4:15-5:15
Samba Hour: Toca Brasil (Play Brazil)! 4:30-5:15
Eric G. Galm (Trinity College)
This workshop enables participants to explore the music and culture of Brazil through a
kinesthetic process. Beginning with a brief introduction to the fundamental fabric of the rhythmic
structure, followed by an introduction to some of the prominent instruments and how they
engage in conversation, the group will then help to perform a samba song in Portuguese and
English and learn how one song can simultaneously function in multiple contexts. Participants
will engage in basic rhythmic call-and-response training, working towards establishing a
collaborative samba rhythm.