Common English Idioms and expression

13 Common English Idioms and expression
Idiom or expression
Definition in English
Once in a blue moon
This is said of something that happens very
This phrase is used to say that two or more
people agree on something.
This means to do something badly to save
See eye to eye
Cut corners
Possible translation and/or interpretation in
“De uvas a peras”
“Ver con los mismos ojos”, estar de acuerdo
Recortar gastos de mala manera para bajar los
“Un ojo de la cara”
“Vendar los ojos”
An arm and a leg
Pull the wool over other people's eyes
This is used to describe very expensive things.
This means to make someone believe something
which is not true / to deceive someone.
Feeling a bit under the weather
This phrase is used when you are feeling
slightly ill.
Sentirse medio enfermo
Stab someone in the back
This means to do or say something bad that is not
loyal to someone who trusts you.
This means that someone is quick to understand
and to react to things.
This means to release your emotions, such as
This means to report to the authorities about
something wrong you know someone is doing.
This means to do something that will not get the
wanted result.
This means to waste time feeling bad about
something that has happened and cannot be
This means the show is over – go home
“Clavar un puñal por la espalda”
On the ball
Let off steam
Blow the whistle
Barking up the wrong tree
Cry over spilt milk
Elvis has just left the building
“Tener las pilas puestas”
“Dar el chivatazo”
Hacer algo que no nos llevará al resultado que
“Llorar por la leche derramada”
El espectáculo ha terminado