February 2014 bulletin - Congregation B`nai Israel

Congregation B’nai Israel
6525 Sylvania Avenue
Sylvania OH 43560
(419) 517-8400
A Congregation Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
147 Years of Consecrated Service to God, Torah and Israel
February 1 - 28, 2014
1 Adar 1 - 28 Adar I 5774
Friday, February 21, 2014
6:45 p.m.
You are invited to celebrate Shabbat with a potluck dinner.
Members of our congregation will simultaneously host a Shabbat dinner in their homes. The main dish (typically dairy) will be provided and
guests will be asked to bring an assigned item such as a salad, challah,
wine, or dessert.
Bring your family, friends, and prospective members! You have the
option of choosing a home or being assigned a home. We will try to accommodate special requests such as Kashruth, animal-free homes, homes
with your friends, etc.
To RSVP, contact Fran Weinblatt by e-mail at [email protected] or call
(419) 290-9697. Please be sure to include your contact information and
the number of people in your group. RSVP by February 12, 2014
We look forward to being with you!
Saturday, February 15, 2014
Bring your family and enjoy a very lively, participatory
and inspiring Shabbat Service.
Surviving Winter
When we first moved to Toledo two and a half years ago the first two winters were so mild that we decided to
give up the garage we were renting. We thought it a waste of money. In fact that first winter Jan had stayed behind in Arizona to try to sell our home before joining me seven months later. I recall texting her beautiful photos I had taken at Wildwood where I walked even in winter. Boy how we regret that now!
I am out every morning at 6:00 a.m. de-icing and warming up our cars before heading off to morning minyan
where a few stalwarts, led by our fearless minyan leader Howard Rosenbaum, huddle in our intimate and wellwarmed chapel for early morning davening. Then it is off to Panera for coffee and a good schmooze during
which most of the world’s difficult problems are solved.
By the time you read this article Jan and I will be back in Tucson, Arizona, where I was invited back for a
scholar-in-residence program culminating in a concert on Saturday night. It will be wonderful to be reunited
with old friends and former congregants, even a few B’nai Israel members who are wintering in Arizona; not to
say anything of the welcome opportunity to thaw out a little, grab some sun, watch the Superbowl with family,
before returning back to Ohio. Having spent two decades there, we retain many wonderful memories and deep
friendships we will always cherish.
But for those who remain here and are not fortunate to be in Florida and other places not so affected by the arctic blasts, there is much at B’nai Israel to help you survive the winter, keep you indoors and your spiritual life
Here are but a few examples – Family Shabbat on February 15, a participatory and uplifting experience; Shabbat Luck on February 21 when you will have the opportunity to go to any host’s home to experience shabbat
together; a gabbai training class on February 24th at 6 p.m.; haftorah trop class (date to be determined); exciting
Purim events like Vashti’s Banquet on Sunday, March 9th; traditional Purim celebration Saturday night, March
15th with full megillah reading and the not to be missed and better than ever Purim Spiel ‘Hakunah Megillah’
written by Deena, Sophie and Meira Zucker on Sunday morning, March 16th. This will be followed by USY led
carnival and lunch.
I am most gratified that we will also be welcoming back Rabbi Jason Miller more frequently throughout the
year for shabbat and other programs. Watch for details and dates when he is coming.
In addition to these special programs, every shabbat we have uplifting services and a first class kiddush. Inside
our beautiful sanctuary the atmosphere at services will warm your heart and body, I assure you. Ask those who
come week after week. But we would like to see more of all of you!
Stay well and keep warm.
Hazzan Ivor Lichterman
We wish to thank the following individuals who have
provided “schnops” for our Shabbat kiddush.
Jeff Bauer
Jim Sack
Andy Sattler
Meira Zucker
Making Our Synagogue Our Home
The most well known modern Orthodox rabbi in America is Rabbi Avi Weiss. In the 1980s he was known for
the work he did on behalf of Soviet Jewry, sometimes even getting arrested for chaining himself to buildings
in protest of the Soviet regime. In fact, he's probably been arrested for civil disobedience more than any other
rabbi. In recent months many Jews from all of the liberal denominations have rallied to support Rabbi Weiss
who has drawn criticism from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate who claimed that his conversions would not be valid for weddings in Israel. This was surprising as he is considered to be one of the great congregational rabbis
of our generation.
A few years ago I attended a retreat with other rabbis who had been ordained less than ten years (the 10 year
anniversary of my ordination will be in May, 2014). The retreat was for alumni of the STAR (Synagogue
Transformation and Renewal) Foundation’s PEER (Professional Education for Excellence in Rabbis) Executive Leadership Program. It was the fourth STAR PEER retreat I attended. During the first year of this program I took part in two online courses about executive leadership in the rabbinate. At this particular alumni
retreat I had the opportunity to learn from Rabbi Avi Weiss. Now a rabbi in Riverdale, NY, and a pioneer in
the progressive Orthodox movement, Rabbi Weiss (or “Reb Avi” as he is known) is the author of the book
Spiritual Activism: A Jewish Guide to Leadership and Repairing the World. Through studying different texts
together, Rabbi Weiss gave us rabbis a new lens for understanding our jobs, congregations, and Jewish communities.
We looked in depth at the two different covenants (divine promises) of the Torah. In Bereshit (Genesis), we
learn of the covenant of family. The other four books of the Torah document the covenant of nationhood (or
peoplehood). Without the covenant of family we could never have developed into the Jewish nation. Rabbi
Weiss used this idea to encourage us to understand our own congregations and communities as mishpacha
(family) as he does. Our communities are to be places where, as members of a family, we are responsible for
one another. We should care for each other just as members of a family do.
He also helped us to see our synagogue the way he sees his – as a bayit (home). He encouraged us to create
homes that are heterogeneous, inclusive, and welcoming to people from multi-generations and from different
points of entry. With the community as a mishpacha and the synagogue as a bayit, Rabbi Weiss explained
that the rabbi can then serve as a familial leader.
Rabbi Weiss is a seasoned veteran of the pulpit rabbinate and served as a wise sage for the young rabbis at
the retreat. Together, we explored the three houses of the synagogue structure: beit tefilah (house of worship),
beit k’nesset (house of gathering), and beit midrash (house of study). Rabbi Weiss, a successful change agent
in the field of social justice, demanded that we “go out there and change the world.” He charged us by reminding us that being a rabbi is a sacred task and an awesome responsibility. We concluded our final session
with Rabbi Avi Weiss as a family of rabbis -- Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox rabbis,
repeating the Hebrew word “yachad“ (together).
I hope to impart and use some of the holy wisdom I derived from learning at the feet of such an influential
rabbi like Avi Weiss as I begin to serve as the interim rabbi of our holy congregation. Together, we will continue to make our congregation feel more like a family… and our shul more like a home.
Please know that as the interim rabbi of the congregation I am available to you for your pastoral and lifecycle needs and I look forward to working in concert with Cantor Lichterman.
Rabbi Jason Miller, Interim Rabbi
“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
- Carl Reiner
As we all struggle through this beautiful winter wonderland, we want to remind you that CBI is a warm retreat, with
welcoming friends and fresh tuna salad waiting for you every Shabbat! Despite the cold and snow, we have seen so
many people the past month showing up to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Noah Leizerman, to sing the special songs of
Shabbat Shirah, and to toast a “L’Chaim” and dance. There is always something happening at CBI. Rabbi Jason Miller
will be in town for Shabbat on February 1. Please come and welcome him as he becomes a regular fixture in our shul.
Please say hello to Larry Johnson, who will be working at CBI as our “houseman” - setting up and tearing down meeting rooms, making repairs, shoveling snow, spot cleaning, and organizing everything - in addition to his duties as an
employee of Toledo Building Services. We are constantly evaluating our needs and the building’s condition, so if you
know of something that needs attention, please contact Caren Zaft in the office.
And as you are trudging through the snow, just remember: Purim is March 16! There will be a new silly contest before
the Spiel; details to follow.
Michael Podolsky and Meira Zucker
150-Year Anniversary
Honor - Celebrate - Inspire
Introducing Congregation B’nai Israel’s 150th Anniversary Fund
“May God who blessed our ancestors....bless those who unite to establish synagogues....and those who give funds for
heat and light”...(Siddur Sim Shalom for Shabbat and Festivals)
It is in the spirit of the above text that we formally introduce this very special fund. The funds in this account will help to
support the year-long activities for our 150th anniversary, which begins in September, 2016 and will continue throughout
There will be many programs to mark this momentous time in our congregation's history, and in order to offset some of
the costs that will be incurred, our Board of Trustees has created a special category of giving. This category will be available from the present time through the end of the celebration year in 2017.
When making a contribution to Congregation B'nai Israel in remembrance of loved ones' life cycle events, we encourage
you to designate your gift to the 150th Anniversary Fund.
Thank you,
Fagie Benstein and Sharon Stein
CBI Youth Lounge Hours
Monday - Thursday 2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
For more information contact Stephen Lamb, Youth Director [email protected]
March Bat Mitzvah
Madison Smith will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, March 1, 2014
at Congregation B’nai Israel. Madison is the daughter of Steven (Michelle) Smith and
Andrea (Chris) Sons, sister to Haley, and granddaughter to London and Debra Mitchell,
Tracy and Linda Clark, and the late Howard and Betty Smith.
Madison attended the Hebrew Academy through the fourth grade and is currently in the
seventh grade at Timberstone Junior High in Sylvania where she is an honor student.
Madison has a love for all animals, and she especially enjoys riding horses. She enjoys
sketching and arts and crafts in her spare time. For her Mitzvah project Madison is collecting board games and children’s activities to be donated to Ebeid Hospice in Sylvania,
Madison is looking forward to celebrating her Bat Mitzvah with family and friends.
Daily Services
A Disney Purim Spiel
3Z Productions
Deena, Sophie and Meira Zucker
9:30 A.M.
7:00 A.M. — 5:45 P.M.
7:00 A.M. — 5:00 P.M.
9:30 A.M. see schedule
below for P.M. hours
Shabbat Service
Sunday, March 16, 2014
10:00 a.m.
For fun, laughs, guffaws, and all-out silliness
come to our Purim Spiel followed by our annual
Purim Carnival.
Saturday, February 1, 2014
5:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 8, 2014
5:15 p.m.
Saturday, February 15, 2014
5:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 22, 2014
5:30 p.m.
Friday evening services will begin at 5:00
p.m. until further notice.
The day includes
Jokes for Princes and Princesses
of all ages.
Sing along to your favorite Disney tunes.
Featuring a cast of extremely talented, enthusiastic, and brave members of CBI.
Due to the inclement weather, please call before Friday night, Saturday evening or daily minyan services.
We may have to cancel services for the safety of our
congregants. Thank you for your understanding.
Join us for games, gifts, lunch and
B’nai Israel Sisterhood Book Club
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
11:00 a.m. in the B’nai Israel library.
There will not be an evening session
The Book Club will be reviewing two books:
Russ & Daughters: reflections and recipes from the house that herring built,
by Mark Russ Federman and
Messages from my Father: a memoir, by Calvin Trillin.
Stop by for an engaging discussion and a cup of coffee with the group.
Wednesdays 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Sundays 9:30 a.m. – noon
(when Sunday School is in session)
To the wonderful “Shikker Sponsors” of the
fabulous L’Chaim Event
Michelle & David Bader
Anne & Jeff Bauer
Fagie & Eli Benstein
Paul Causman
Harriet & Marty Davis
Phyllis Diamond
Luann & Bill Garber
Susan & Marc Glasser
JoJo & Stuart Goldberg
Shelly & Tom Helberg
Inge Horowitz
Susan & Steve Kaufman
Jill & Matt Kripke
Rena & Michael Leizerman
Leslie & Michael Podolsky
Darlene & Michael Portnoy
Sheila & Bruce Post
Cheryl & Stephen Rothschild
Jim Rothschild
Arlene & Jerry Russell
Kathy & Jimmy Sack
Sandy & Chuck Traugott
Wanda & Ron Wachsman
Dena & David Zack
Meira & David Zucker
Carolyn Z. and Jerry Lemieux Winners of the Martini contest .
Martini Winner
Sailing to St. Somewhere…
1/4 wedge of lime!
12 fresh blueberries!
1.5 oz. Absolut Vodka!
3.5 oz. fresh pink grapefruit juice (from Fresh Market)!
1 teaspoon St. Germain elderflower liqueur!
Large twist of grapefruit rind for garnish!
Instructions: Squeeze lime into a large cocktail shaker
equipped with a strainer. Add the squeezed lime and blueberries, and muddle well. Add the vodka, grapefruit and St.
Germain. Add ice and shake well. Strain and serve in a
cold martini glass, garnished with the grapefruit rind.
Makes one 6 oz. drink.
L’chaim was an outstanding success
and enjoyed by all who attended.
Todah Rabah to the many people
who worked on the event.
Religious School Open House
Sunday, March 2, 2014
Prospective students are invited to join our program, meet our dedicated staff and learn about our amazing curriculum.
Despite the winter weather, we managed to accomplish a
lot in the few days of Religious School that we had in January. Our kitah hay class ( 5th )is still working diligently on
their Penny Wars tzedekah project collecting money for
Jewish Family Service. Please help them with this important project by sending in change with your students
weekly. Every penny helps. Our kitah daled (3-4th) baked
cookies and had a bake sale to benefit Jewish Family Service. They initiated this project all on their own!
February Religious School Calendar
The 8th and 9th grade girls still enjoy getting together with
Shomer Emunim on a monthly basis for an amazing Rosh
Hodesh program. Our B’nai Mitzvah class book club has
been great, thanks to Marcia Kaplan for facilitating the
joint program with Shomer Emunim. The students meet
and disuss The Four Perfect Pebbles. Everyone enjoys
dancing and singing with Nick Thanasiu weekly, especially
our Torah Tot students.
February 2- Religious School and
Jewish Disabilities Awareness
February 5, 2014
February 9, 2014
February 12, 2014
February 19, 2014
February 23, 2014
February 26, 2014
The Community Disability Awareness program is February
2, 2014 at Congregation B’nai Israel. The younger students
will have a program at Shomer Emunim.
Kim Brody
Lucas and his teacher, Abe
Cantor Lichterman
teaching a class how
to put on tefillin
Colin and Emma
Alice & Sylvia dancing
Stephen & Nancy Goldberg on the birth of their
Grandson, Ethan David Goldberg to Daniel & Lena
Goldberg. Proud great-grandmother is Harriet Goldberg.
Steven Burke
Ellen Chabler
Deborah Orloff
Zachary Morse
Colin Thaler
Blair Helberg
Amy Damrauer
Jennifer Zaurov, daughter of Irina and Greg Zaurov,
was the only person from Ottawa Hills High School
and the third student in the greater Toledo area who
was recognized by the United States Achievement
Academy as a National Leadership Merit Award Winner 2012-2013.
Fred & Ruth Mahler
40 years.
“The Tree of Life”
Leaves – $100
Stones - $1000
Gabbai Training
Monday, February 24, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. come to
B’nai Israel and learn how to become a Gabbai. This
one hour class will give you the techniques necessary to serve as a special participant in torah services.
The following leaves have recently
been inscribed on the B’nai Israel
Simcha Tree
In Honor of Howard Rosenbaum’s
Special Birthday
Haftorah Chanting
Have you always wanted to learn how to chant
Haftorah?? Hazzan Lichterman will be teaching a
class. Contact the office at 419-517-8400 for details
and let us know you are interested.
Steve & Linda Jacobson
Randy & Brenda Soverinsky
Lou & Sally Soverinsky
In Honor of the Birth of our
Shay Landon Pearl
PaPa Tom and Grandma Shelley Helberg
(Synagogue Organized Afternoon Program)
a stimulating discussion of Jewish current events
Hazzan Ivor Lichterman
Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
in the B’nai Israel Library
We have changed our link for the library to be
more user-friendly.
The new link is:
Was I a villain or victim?
Hear my story and you be the judge!
returns to tell her story.
She looks forward to meeting you.
Sunday, March 9th, 2014 7 Adar II
9:30 a.m.
B’nai Israel Spectacular Persian Brunch
befitting our own Royals
prepared by Persian Chef Jeffrey Sherman
$15.00 per person
Just as Queen Esther was the heroine, and Mordechai was the hero, Sisterhood will recognize and
honor our Religious School aides (our very own heroes and heroines) at this special program; Josh
Brody, Sari Kripke, Emma Podolsky, Morgan
Segall, Josh Sherman, Sam Zack, and Deena Zucker.
Kiddush Sponsors
February 1 Phyllis Diamond and Shirley Gerber
Jewels fit for a queen designed by three Israeli artists will be available for purchase.
The royal designers are Ayla Bar, Yoolie’s
and Angie Alomi.
Many people have enjoyed the delicious Kiddush lunches
following Shabbat services each week. There are a variety
of costs and lots of work that is required to present a lunch
each week for our congregants. In order to continue
serving the wonderful weekly Kiddush lunches we are
asking you to help offset the costs through sponsorship.
There are different ways to sponsor a Kiddush lunch:
Donate to the Kiddush fund
Sponsor partially
Sponsor with others
Sponsor for a simcha
Sponsor just because……...
Thank you to all who have sponsored and donated already.
We look forward to continuing this special time the
congregation has created and supported after services
Israeli Jewelry connoisseurs and co-chairs
are Tova Eisenberg and Luann Garber.
Vashti Event co-chairs are Anne Bauer and
Ann Rosenberg.
This event is open to all loyal subjects, proud
parents, grandparents, gals and guys of the
Kingdom of B’nai Israel relocated from
downtown Shushan, Persia BCE.
Cost to sponsor a simple Kiddush is $300.00.
Watch for your invitation in the mail soon!
Please call the synagogue office, 419-517-8400
to help sponsor a kiddush.
Contributions for January
Minimum Contributions are $10.00
Please note: More generous contributions will be
indicated in the following ways:
denotes B’nai Mitzvah-$13.00
denotes Chai-$18.00
denotes Silver-$25.00
denotes double Chai - $36
A box denotes Gold-$50.00
A bold box denotes Platinum-$100.00
Tribute Fund
Aron Kaplan, Brother
Beatrice Kaplan, Mother &
Florence Schwartz, Mother &
Chuck & Sharon Schwartz &
Joseph Fingerhut, Grandfather
Louis Fingerhut, Uncle
Isadore Fingerhut, Uncle
Barry & Esther Sherman***
Mary Pintis
Zale & Shirley Kohler***
Frances Swolsky, Beloved
Jeff & Sherry Phillips, &
Elaine Aubin
Rose Worshtil Scheer
Dr.David Scheer & family
Kiddush Fund
Isabel Korman, Beloved Mother
Arnold & Marlene Remer**
Abraham Altman, Grandfather
Jerry & Arlene Russell
Freida Russell, Grandmother
Jerry & Arlene Russell
Harry D. Chabler
Allen & Ellen Chabler
Harry Yaffee
Saundra Yaffee
Harry Goldman
Gordon Goldman & Roz
Gertrude Goldman
Gordon Goldman & Roz
Rebecca Betty Fogel, Beloved
Helen Boxenbaum**
Deena Kaufman, Beloved
Mother & Grandmother
Steve, Susan, Eli & Max
Kaufman ***
In Memory
Shabbat Prayer Book
Etz Hayim Bible
Tree of Life Leaf
Tree of Life Stone
Memorial Plaque
Kiddush Lunch
Bobbi and Amy
Howard & Chris Epstein**
Linda Russell
Anita Beckerman, Miriam
Beckerman’s Mother
Inge Horowitz***
Leah Connor
Ron & Wanda Wachsman**
Arleen Levine
Good Health Tribute
Marilyn Reinstein
Irwin Rosenbloom & Rochelle
In Honor of
Harry Gometz Fund
Arnie & Marlene Remer, 55th
Eli Abramson & Nora Romanoff
Howard Rosenbaum, Special
Eli Abramson & Nora
Phyllis Diamond
Ron & Wanda Wachsman****
Frances Gometz
Greg, Hope, Jeremy, Adam, &
Andy Davis
Ann Waldman
Deann Shapiro
In Appreciation
Michael & Renee
B'nai Israel
Ron and Wanda Wachsman
Religious School Fund
Esther Goldberg
Bill & Dorothy Goldberg****
In Memory
Edith Friedman
Eileen Manoff
Rose Scheer, Mother
Marianne E. Scheer***
Rudy Ertis, Beloved Husband
Jan Steinberg & family***
Melvin Fogel
Jerry & Ruth Gold
Irv Jacobson
Marty & Ruth Sitzmann
Harris /Williams Fund
In Memory
In Memory
Kate Weinberg
Alex Hurwitz
Arlene Brookenthal
Anita Beckerman, Miriam
Beckerman’s Mother
David & Debbie Perlmutter &
Good Health Tribute
Howard Rosenbaum, Special
Roy Treuhaft***
Good Health Tribute
Marilyn Reinstein
Howard & Karen Rosenbaum
Building Fund
Harry Bustow
Lillian B. Petler**
Bertha Kohler Treuhaft
Lillian B. Petler**
Robert Barry Schuller
Goldye Schuller
In Memory
Jadzia Greenbaum, Ann
Rosenberg's Mother
Jack & Diana Lipszyc***
In Honor of
Howard Rosenbaum, Special
Tom & Shelley Helberg****
Marilyn Devenow
Building Beautification
Susana Bernstein
Jonathan, Jeannette, Natalie &
Kayla Bernstein**
Art and Cal Katz
Sanctuary Fund
Sam Schwartz
Minyan Fund
Marilyn Reinstein
Arlene Brookenthal
In Honor of
In Honor of
David Katz, Special Birthday
Robert Siegel
Rabbi & Meira Saks, new
Howard & Karen Rosenbaum
Jadzia Greenbaum, Ann
Rosenberg's Mother
Louis Lipszyc
Jack & Diana Lipszyc***
Jean Liber
Sherrie Zaft
In Memory
Mel Conn
Jan Katz *
Cantor’s Discretionary
Sam Goodleman
Karen Lieberman*
Abraham Altman, Beloved
Freida Russell, Beloved Grandmother
Merv & Marlene Russell
In Appreciation
Cantor Lichterman
Doug Wachter
150th Anniversary
David Goldberg
Stu & JoJo Goldberg
Jean Liber, Beloved Mother
Steve & Cathy Sperling***
Doris Goldberg
Stu & JoJo Goldberg
Nina Kass
Sanford & Sharon Stein*
Anita Beckerman, Miriam
Beckerman's Mother
Sanford & Sharon Stein*
Jadzia Greenbaum
Ann Rosenberg's Mother
Sanford & Sharon Stein*
Youth Activities
Scholarship Fund
Norman Podolsky
Jeanne Podolsky
Charles Liber
Joel & Judy Scheinbach &
Sherwin and Naomi
Kripke Israel Program
Abraham Smith
Sondra Gallis & family
Hy Auslander, Father
Chuck & Fran Weinblatt**
Hy Auslander, Husband
Evelyn Auslander
Harry Levison
Alfred Levison**
Rose Levison
Ira Levison & Family***
Charles & Jeanette Rabinowitz
Beryl & Ada Rabinowitz**
Jacob & Sarah Cooperman
Florence Ostrow*
Rabbi Morris Adler, Father
Eli & Fagie Benstein***
Sam Gallis, Beloved Father,
Grandfrather & Great
Sondra Gallis & family
In Honor of
Howard Rosenbaum, Special
Joel & Linda Beren ****
In Honor of
Arnie & Marlene Remer, Special
Sanford & Sharon Stein*
Sharon Rappaport & Stan
Howard Rosenbaum, Special
Sanford & Sharon Stein*
Rabbi & Meira Saks, Grandchild
Sanford & Sharon Stein*
Caren Zaft, New position at CBI
Don & Mary Perlmutter*
Torah Fund
Residence Hall Campaign
of the
Jewish Theological Seminary
Phyllis Diamond.…..531-5005
Marilyn Reinstein…..882-8757
In Memory
Anita Beckerman, mother of
Miriam Beckerman
Arnie & Marlene Remer
Phyllis Diamond
Sylvia Glassman
Belle Swartz
Phyllis Diamond
Robert Golden,
Marilyn J. Reinstein
Fredda Barnes
Phyllis Diamond
Arnie & Marlene Remer
Sherrie & Caren Zaft
Good Health Tribute
Yale Roberts
Camp Ramah Fund
Arthur Friedman
Marilyn J. Reinstein
Marilyn J. Reinstein
Arthur & Marcia Friedman
In Honor of
J. Nemo Wexler
Sandy Wexler & Stuart Dunn
Chuck Wexler & Family
In Memory of
Mel Conn
Kathryn Linver
Arnie & Marlene Remer – 55th
Marilyn J. Reinstein
Elaine Hershman
Sherrie Zaft
Phyllis Diamond
Caren Zaft
Evy Auslander
Jerry Feldstein & Corrine Adler
In Appreciation
David & Judy Weinberg
Arnie & Marlene Remer
Congregation B’nai Israel gratefully
acknowledges a generous gift to our
Building Fund from
Dan Steinberg
through the
Savage & Associates, Inc. Foundation
in honor of
Don (z’l) and Jan Steinberg
William and Helene Sherman
It is customary to honor our clergy with a monetary gift on occasions when they have extended
themselves for us. In times of distress and
mourning, for simchas and any other acts of kindness, a donation can be sent to the Cantor’s Discretionary Fund in appreciation.
This fund is used by Hazzan Lichterman to provide financial aid to congregants in need, support
educational projects and programming, etc.
Please consider a gift to this fund so our Hazzan
can continue his good works.
All contributions to the fund will be acknowledged in the bulletin.
February Yahrzeits
Febuary 1 – I Adar 1.. Arthur Edelstein, Freda Hallem,
Febuary 2 – I Adar 2….. Abe Levine, Lillian Save
Febuary 3 – I Adar 3….. Charlotte Goldhammer, Janette Rabinowitz, Fannie Ravin, Esther Schwartz, Lillian Vogel
Febuary 4 – I Adar 4….. Abraham Altman, Lisa Feilhardt, Irving Kart, William Rothman, Milton Waldman
buary 5 – I Adar 5… Wolf Nistel, Leah Saks,
Febuary 6 – I Adar 6….. Mollie Kahn, Edward Minsky,
February 7– I Adar 7….. David Frankel, Nathan Weinstein
February 8 – I Adar 8….. Bernice Goldstein, Jacob Lieberman,
Irene Rosenberg, Anna Shoffer
February 9 – I Adar 9…. Bernard Baker
February 10 – I Adar 10….. Sylvia Applebaum, Manuel Goldman, Rose Klein, Joseph Krawetz, Abraham Mindel, Wilfred
February 11 – I Adar 11….. Gladys Becker, Helen Goldhammer, Jacob Torchin
February 12 – I Adar 12…..Susana Bernstein, Frances Swolsky
February 13 – I Adar 13….. Minnie Bateman, Hyman Davis,
Louis Friedman, Irma Rothschild, Irene Steinberg
February 14 – I Adar 14..Faye Edelstein, Betty Fine, Samuel
Gallis, Nachoma Lichtenstein, Gertie Pinsky, Sandra Remer,
Jeanette Rosen, Masha Weissfeld
February 16 – I Adar 16….. James Fox, Mildred Friedman,
In Memoriam
Our synagogue family mourns
the loss of :
Melvin Fogel
Beloved brother of
Helen Boxenbaum
Mike Pontelle
Beloved uncle of
Hope Davis
Sam Litwin, William Palman, Max Rabinowitz,
Freida Russell, Irving Scheinbach
February 17 – I Adar 17….. Ida Salzman, Anna Schuller, Hyman Wallick
February 18 – I Adar 18….. Morris Gersz
February 19 – I Adar 19….. Rabbi Morris Adler, Ralph Harris,
Erwin Hoffman, Theodore Resnick,
February 20 – I Adar 20….. Max Hersh, Jean Liber, Usher
Markowicz, Oscar Soldinger
February 21 – I Adar 21….. Jennie Bloom, Albert Burg, Manuel Tarschis, Joe Nemo Wexler
February 22 – I Adar 22….. Marion Manoff, Arnold Sells
February 23 – I Adar 23….. Rose Arnovitz, Julius Boxenbaum,
Celia Harris, Mollie Jaffee, Rose Scheer, Hazel Stahl
February 24 – I Adar 24…Ruth Berenson, Anna Friedmar, Doris Goldberg, Diane Markowicz, Helen Wilk
February 25 – I Adar 25….. Sam Goodleman,
February 26 – I Adar 26…..Harmon Rusgo, Maurice Shuer,
Bertha Toplin
February 27– I Adar 27….. Richard Friedmar, Jack Gallon,
Sam Goodman, Ralph Kwait, William Schuller
February 28 – I Adar 28….. David Botsch, Leo Lesky, Ben
Levine, Lottie Sattinger, Bernard Schulak, Selma Shore, Phillip
Never are we more aware
Of how much friends and family mean
Than at the time of bereavement.
When a bereavement or serious illness befalls you or your
loved one, the newly formed Chesed Committee at Congregation B’nai Israel is there to assist you. Please contact Hazzan Lichterman for further information. Committee members will maintain strict confidentiality.
Cemetery Hours
Sunday through Thursday
6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Friday 6:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
If you or someone you know is in the hospital or
would appreciate a visit at home from the Hazzan,
please call the shul office at 419-517-8400 or email
[email protected]
Closed Saturday and all religious Jewish Holidays
Congregation B’nai Israel
6525 Sylvania Ave
Sylvania OH 43560
Ivor Lichterman
[email protected]
Youth Director
Stephen Lamb
[email protected]
Synagogue Administrator
Caren Zaft
[email protected]
Synagogue Outreach
Rhoda Miller
[email protected]
Religious School
Kim Brody
[email protected]
Minyan Leader
Howard Rosenbaum
Lou Steingroot
[email protected]
p (419) 517-8400
f (419) 517-8401
Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo
Toledo Jewish Community Foundation
Attn: Mr. Dan Steinberg, Chair
Mrs. Arleen R. Levine, Director
6465 Sylvania Avenue
Sylvania, Ohio 43560
Dear Dan and Arleen,
On behalf of the B’nai Israel Board of Trustees and our entire congregation, we want to thank you for the very generous and heartfelt grant
to Congregation B’nai Israel. This check represents the significant
allocation that the Jewish Community Foundation made to the three
Congregational Religious Schools this year, and we sincerely appreciate your meaningful donation.
Congregation B’nai Israel understands the costs of operating our Religious School. By relying on the generosity of our congregants and
donors, such as The Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo and the Toledo Jewish Community Foundation, we are able to provide a positive
lifetime educational experience for our youth and the entire Toledo
Jewish Community.
Your generous donation helps support Congregation B’nai Israel’s
mission to permit the accessibility of a religious education to all students. Our congregation and our students, especially, appreciate the
Federation’s support of that goal.
Thank you again for your most generous gift and have a healthy and
happy new year.
Very truly yours,
Michael Podolsky and Meira Zucker,
Michael Portnoy,
Vice President of Youth and Education
A Conservative Congregation
affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
You are cordially invited to join us as we
continue our series of live broadcasts.
The Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo is proud to present some of the 92nd
Street Y’s highly regarded lecture series, made available via live simulcast to
Jewish institutions all over the world. This program, open to the entire Jewish
community, is a cooperative effort of Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo, JFGT
Department of Jewish Programs and Temple Shomer Emunim.
Tuesday, February 4
Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld
Success in America
8:15 p.m. (reception at 7 p.m.)
Temple Shomer Emunim,
6453 Sylvania Ave.
of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) and Jed
Rubenfeld (both Yale professors) discuss their
new book, The Triple Package, and expose the
three unlikely traits that explain the rise and fall
of cultural groups in America, in a talk that could
transform the way you think about success and
Monday, March 24
Simon Schama
The Story of the Jews
8:15 p.m. (reception at 7:15 p.m.)
Temple Shomer Emunim
1000 BC-1492 AD (a new book and television
series, soon to air on PBS) takes us all over India,
Spain, Oxford, Syria, Paris, Cairo and beyond
to show how Jews everywhere lived not as a
people apart, but as a vital force in any society
they joined, inspiring and being inspired by
everything around them.
Husband-and-wife team Amy Chua (author
Schama’s The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words
Please register to 419-724-0354 or [email protected].
Babysitting is available, by request, for all 92nd St Y™ programs.
Save the Date
Florida Snowbird Brunch
March 16, 2014
Ballenisles Country Club
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Jewish Federation
& Foundation
92|Y events are generously supported by Ruth and Ralph Delman.
The Senior Adult Programs of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo are supported in part through your campaign dollars and
through a generous grant from the Jewish Senior Services Supporting Organization. All events are part of the Jewish Federation of Greater
Toledo and occasionally take place at the various synagogues. Please note registration deadlines for all programs! To register for a Jewish
Federation Senior Program, please call 419-724-0354 or email [email protected].
To register for a Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo senior program, please call 419-724-0354 or email [email protected]
Thursday, February 6
Thanks. I Needed That. And other
Stories of the Spirit by Robert Alper
Congregation B’nai Israel
6525 Sylvania Avenue
$5 per person – includes lunch,
author presentation and book
Warm, touching stories that evoke
laughter and tears, as told by a rabbi
who became a full-time stand-up
comic (really).
The Tonight Show, the forests of
Vermont and a tiny Polish village are
among the settings for these 32 true
stories by Rabbi Bob Alper. In “Thanks.
I Needed That. ...,” Bob guides the reader
to places as diverse as synagogues in
Kentucky and London, a small plane
flying over Oklahoma, a refusenik’s
Moscow apartment, comedy clubs and
even a convention of rabbis.
Bob’s unique experiences, from
leading large congregations to
performing stand-up at Toronto’s
“Muslimfest,” make for a wealth of
engaging stories that touch people of
all backgrounds with warmth, humor,
and wisdom.
This event is supported by Jewish
Senior Services and is a Jewish Book
Council Author.
Registration and payment is
required by Monday, January 27
Thursday, February 20
Celebrating Israel 65:
“Israel Inside – How a Small
Nation Makes a Big Difference”
(38 minutes) and “Every Tuesday:
A Portrait of the New Yorker
Cartoonists” (22 minutes)
1 p.m.
Sekach Building
6505 Sylvania Avenue
“Israel Inside: How a Small Nation
Makes a Big Difference” is a featurelength documentary that explores the
positive characteristics of Israeli society
from a humanistic, psychological and
emotional perspective. This insightful
and uplifting documentary sidesteps the
usual conversation of politics, conflict
and violence and tells the story of the
Israeli people, whose resilience has
propelled Israel to the forefront of world
innovation and progress.
Despite daily challenges ranging
from limited resources to security needs,
Israeli creativity and inventiveness help
make the world a better place. Israel has
made significant advancements in the
fields of science, environment, medicine
and technology, and has shared these
developments with the rest of the world.
The New Yorker is famous for its
clever, absurdly off-kilter cartoons.
Now you can go behind the scenes and
see the drawing studios and Tuesday
afternoon lunches with the select group
of cartoonists who are forever seeking
the perfect fusion of drawing and
caption as they ponder inspiration and
rejection. Directed by Rachel Loube.
Registration is required by
Thursday, February 13.
Special Notice:
Please note that our trips are
open to all seniors and reservations
and payment are due at the time
of the request to hold your space.
We will accept reservations on
a first-come basis since space is
limited. A waitlist will be formed
as needed. No confirmations will
be mailed; your credit card charge
or cancelled check will serve as
your confirmation. Please fill out
an Emergency Contact Form if you
will be traveling with us for the
first time.
For questions about a
program, please contact René
Rusgo at 419-724-0365 or rene@
JewishToledo.org or Mary Lou
Whittaker at 419-531-2119
or [email protected].
Please note registration deadlines
for all programs. To register for
a program, please call 419-7240354 or email registration@
Congregation B'nai Israel, Jewish Holidays
International Holocaust
Remembrance Day
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1 p m - SOAP @ Library
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6:15pm - Kadima
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Youth Lounge
9 : 3 0 a m - Service
7 p m - Spiel Rehersal
9 : 3 0 a m - Religious School
9 : 3 0 a m - World Wide Wrap
Feb 2014 (Eastern Time)
Parsha Teruman
Rabbi Miller here
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United Methodist
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Presidents' Day @ United
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Youth Lounge
Office Closed
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1 2 p m - Spiel Rehearsal
SATO Dance
9 : 3 0 a m - Service
9 : 3 0 a m - Religious School
Open House
9 : 3 0 a m - Service
1 2 p m - Spiel Rehearsal
1 2 p m - USY/Kadima
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Howard Rosenbaum
Kim Brody
Minyan Leader
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U.S. Postage
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Permit No. 42
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Religious School Principal
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Stephen Lamb
Youth Director
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Caren Zaft
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Rhoda Miller
Community Outreach Coordinator
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Lou Steingroot
[email protected]
Fagie Benstein & Sharon Rappaport
Sisterhood co-presidents
David Zack
Sam Zack
Men’s Club President
USY President
Co-Presidents Meira Zucker & Michael Podolsky
Vice Presidents
Hope Davis, Ellen Federman,
Michael Portnoy
Alix Greenblatt
Bruce Post
Stuart Brody, David Friedes, Jan Katz, Jill
Kripke, Marc Glasser, Arnold Remer, Howard
Rosenberg, Jerry Russell, Debbie Spangenthal,
Fran Weinblatt,
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Saturday, February 1, 2014
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Sunday, March 16, 2014
Rabbi Miller returns to lead Shabbat Services
Cantor Ivor Lichterman will be a Scholar-in-Residence at
Bet Shalom Synagogue in Tucson, Arizona, and he will also
present a concert that evening
USY Kinnus in Cincinnati
Megillah Reading
Presidents’ Day - office will be closed
6:45 p.m. Shabbat-luck Dinner
6:00 p.m. Gabbai Training
11:00 a.m. Sisterhood Book Club
Religious School Open House
9:30 a.m. Vashti’s Banquet
10:00 a.m. Hakuna Megillah
12:00 p.m. Purim Carnival