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Publication Date: 19/MAR/2016
“Exchange of Knowledge” meetings
Universidad Politécnica Salesiana invites you to take part in the “Exchange of Knowledge”
meetings that will take place in UPS-Cuenca from the 19 – 21 of March. The aim of this event,
which has been organized with the support of the Partners World Wide Organization and the
Ministry of Public Health, is to train people as well as exchange knowledge between researchers,
scientists, professionals and people involved in ancestral medicine in order to start micro
The meetings are part of Professor Noemi Bottaso’s research project on “Medicinal plants from
Aguarongo and the making of cosmetics”.
SATURDAY 19: Business administration and marketing.
SUNDAY 20: Making natural medicinal products and cosmetics
Time: 8h00 to 17h00
Place: Universidad Politécnica Salesiana- Cuenca
MONDAY 21: Closing ceremony with the Pawkar Raymi celebration, an Andean celebration
Time: 9h30 to 13h00
Place: Ministerio de Salud Pública Distrito 1
The meetings will be held thanks to the support of the following majors: Ingeniería Ambiental,
Ingeniería en Biotecnologías de los Recursos Naturales, Administración de Empresas y
Comunicación Social, y con los Grupos de investigación Grupo de Investigación Educación e
Interculturalidad GIEI y Grupo de Investigación y Valoración de la Biodiversidad GIVABI.
For more information contact:
MSt. Noemi Bottasso
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell Phone: 0983135878
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