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Twenty-ninth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
October 18, 2015
Through his suffering,
my servant shall justify many.
— Isaiah 53:11b
Rev. Kenneth Nobrega
Rev. Ghebriel Woldai
Chaplain to Ge’ez Community
In Residence
Rev. Raphael Okitafumba
Deacon José Manuel Pérez
Permanent Deacon
Elizabeth Oishi Comly
Transition Coordinator
First Reading — My servant shall justify
many, and their guilt he shall bear (Isaiah
Psalm — Lord, let your mercy be on us, as
we place our trust in you (Psalm 33).
Second Reading — Let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy
and to find grace for timely help (Hebrews
Gospel — Whoever wishes to be first
among you will be the slave of all (Mark
10:35-45 [42-45]).
Eddie Ma
Director Religious Education
Deacon José Manuel Pérez
Platicas: Tercer Martes, 7:00 pm
Remy Bravo Seay (English)
Erika Guerrero (Español)
Eucharistic Ministers
Yanny Chavarria (English)
Ruben Araujo ((Español)
Freddy Morales
Last week’s Gospel offered us the story of the young man who asked the Lord what more he needed to do to
enter eternal life. This week James and John ask the Lord not for what more they can do, but what more Jesus
is going to do for them, since they are such faithful disciples. Their arrogance is quickly addressed by the Lord,
who lets them know in no uncertain terms that whoever wishes to be great must become the servant of others. Once again what our society values is quite simply turned on its head by the Gospel. One of the best examples of what it means to serve is one of the titles that is used to describe the pope: “Servant of the Servants
of God.” Even the one who is at the top of the hierarchy in the Church is called to be the servant of others. As
we listen to today’s readings, let us pray that we will continue to be formed as true Christian servants.
From Saint Margaret Sunday Missal, copyright © J. S. Paluch Company
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The readings for mass will be found on page
1177 of the hard-cover Blue Book.
God’s work of salvation is the focus of this weekend’s readings. From the prophetic event of Isaiah to
Jesus’ understanding of the human condition in Hebrews, concluding with Jesus paying our ransom in
Mark, God is in control. There may be failings and
misunderstandings along the way. We may move
away from God, but at our conversion, God leads us
back. Like James and John, we may let greed and
power blur our vision of what Jesus wants us to know
about the Kingdom; but tirelessly we are taught and
re-taught what life in the Kingdom will be. Jesus has
paid our ransom to ensure that we will share in the
It is not unusual to think of Jesus’ ransom as a
punishment that he endured. However, it is more accurate, and more like Jesus, for us to recognize ransom as God’s gift to us. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Sunday: Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time;
World Mission Sunday
Monday: Ss. John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues,
and Companions
Tuesday: St. Paul of the Cross
Thursday: St. John Paul II
Friday: St. John of Capistrano
Saturday: St. Anthony Mary Claret;
Blessed Virgin Mary
Please Pray For the Sick
Jean & Weldon Rucker, Jim Howard,
Danny Nuñez, Graciela Mendez,
Maria & Jesus Hernandez, Teresa Perez,
Josefina Ramirez, Michael Boutte
Aliver Starsky, Maria Garcia
Juanita Estrellas, Melissa Halim, Jacob Marshall,
Luis Perez, Rosa M. Orozco,
Rita Streuli, Patricia Weberling, Stella Perkins,
Pat Barnet, Lovelle & Michelle Bradford, Ann Zito
And Recently Deceased
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Dorothy Abraams+ Nathaniel Barnes+
Joyce Gressel+ Charles Robinson+
Rosa Dumaquing+ Cheryl V. Broxton+
Luis Perez Ramirez+
Marjorie Brodt+ Mateo J. Ramos+
Plate Collection: October 11, 2015: $2483.08
The Irish are rightly tired of being the subject of
jokes about guilt. In fact, it is from the Celtic church
that the whole experience of reconciliation in our tradition was creatively rescued and revived. The Irish
church was unique in its origins, not so much organized around dioceses, but around monasteries. Aspects of religious community life readily spilled over
into ordinary gatherings of the faithful, including the
way people looked at sin and applied remedies. Unlike the public nature of canonical penance, the Irish
method was linked to a kind of mentoring process
they called “soul friending.” Just as young novice
monks might find a mentor in the wisdom of a senior
guide, so did a way of penance open up to ordinary
folks. Monks were accustomed to frequent confession
of faults to the abbot or mentor, who would suggest
penances. In time, abbots with a certain flair for this
began to share lists of sins and corresponding
“tariffs” with others. Some of these books survive,
and provide a hair‑raising view of long‑ago sins like
cattle rustling, and a great deal of self‑correction involving dips in icy streams and rolling about in thickets of thorns. After the penance was performed, the
penitent returned to the confessor, and in a private
act marked by the laying on of hands, or perhaps a
kiss of the altar, the sinner was restored.
Irish monks were committed travelers, and their
methods were widely copied. We might say that they
saved a sacrament, but at the expense of shifting
attention to the sins of the individual and away from
the actions of the reconciling community.
—Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Let us throw ourselves into the ocean of God’s
goodness, where every failing will be cancelled and
anxiety turned into love.
—St. Paul of the Cross
Mass Intentions
Lawrence Boutte +
Louise Rantz +
SJWC Parishioners
Las familias que
donaron Flores
Requested by:
Septima Boutte
Kathleen Lynch
Vigésimo Noveno
del Tiempo Ordinario
18 de octubre de 2015
Con sus sufrimientos
mi siervo a muchos.
— Isaías 53:11b
Primera lectura — Ya que él ofreció su vida como
sacrificio por el pecado, el proyecto de Dios prosperará en sus manos (Isaías 53:10-11).
Salmo — Muéstrate bondadoso con nosotros, Señor
(Salmo 33 [32]).
Segunda lectura — Porque tenemos un sumo sacerdote que ha sido probado en todo, a excepción del
pecado, acerquémonos con plena confianza al Dios
de bondad (Hebreos 4:14-16).
Evangelio — El Hijo del Hombre ha venido a servir y
a dar su vida como rescate por una muchedumbre
(Marcos 10:35-45).
La obra de Dios de la salvación es el enfoque de
las lecturas este fin de semana. Desde el acontecer
profético de Isaías hasta la visión de Jesús sobre la
condición humana en Hebreos, y terminando con el
rescate que paga Jesús por nosotros en san Marcos,
Dios está al mando. Puede que ocurran caídas e incomprensiones por el camino. Puede que nos
alejemos de Dios, pero Dios nos trae de vuelta a su
lado mediante la conversión. Al igual que Santiago y
Juan, a veces dejamos que la avaricia y el poder empañen nuestra visión de lo que Jesús nos quiere
enseñar sobre el Reino; pero sin tregua nos enseña y
nos repite cómo ha de ser la vida en el Reino. Jesús
ha pagado por nuestro rescate para garantizar que
compartamos el Reino con él.
No es raro que pensemos sobre el rescate que
pagó Jesús en términos de un castigo que tuvo que
sufrir. Sin embargo, es más acertado y más como
Jesús, reconocer que el rescate es un regalo de Dios
para nosotros. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Adentrémonos al océano de la bondad de Dios,
ahí cada fracaso desaparecerá y la ansiedad se
convertirá en amor.
—San Pablo de la Cruz
11 de octubre de 2015—Colección: $2483.08
Domingo: Vigésimo Noveno Domingo del Tiempo
Ordinario; Domingo Mundial de las Misiones
Lunes: San Juan de Brébeuf, san Isaac Jogues
y compañeros
Martes: San Pablo de la Cruz
Jueves: Papa san Juan Pablo II
San Juan de Capistrano
San Antonio María Claret;
Santa María Virgen
Santiago y Juan, además de ser hermanos, eran
tipos muy atrevidos. Se acercaron a Jesús para
pedirle puestos de poder y autoridad en el Reino que
estaba estableciendo. Al darse cuenta, los demás
discípulos se molestaron con ellos, probablemente
porque deseaban los mismos puestos. La tentación y
el deseo de poder es algo muy común a todos los
seres humanos. Todos deseamos el primer puesto y
la estima de los demás. No obstante, Jesús nos
recuerda que no es fácil tener responsabilidad. La
autoridad es un cáliz difícil de beber ya que muchas
veces contiene una bebida amarga y el peso o decisión de ser fieles al Evangelio, aún a costa de la propia vida.
Por tal motivo, la persona que quiera estar cerca
de Jesús tendrá que aprender a ser como Cristo,
quien no vino a imponer su autoridad buscando ser
servido, sino que vino a servir. Él, siendo Dios, no se
aferró a su condición divina, sino que se hizo uno de
tantos, cuidando a su madre por muchos años, juntándose con pecadores, lavando los pies a sus
discípulos y dando la vida por todas las personas.
Estar al lado de Jesús no es cuestión de poder, sino
de amor y servicio, hasta dar la vida. Él nos puso el
—Fray Gilberto Cavazos-Glz, OFM, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Visión sin trabajo es un sueño;
Trabajo sin visión es
Visión con trabajo es un
Nueva esperanza y un
nuevo día.
Saint John Paul II,
Pray for Us.
Ahí a tu Madre (Jn 19, 27).
"Behold, your Mother!' ( Jn 19: 27)
O Virgin Mary, Jesus on the Cross
wanted to entrust us to you, not to lessen but to
reaffirm his exclusive role as Saviour of the
world. If in the disciple John all the children of
the Church were entrusted to you, the happier I
am to see the young people of the world
entrusted to you, O Mary.
To you, gentle Mother, whose protection I have
always experienced, this evening I entrust them
to you once again. All seek refuge and protection
under your mantle. You, Mother of divine
grace, make them shine with the beauty of
The young people of this century, at the dawn
of the new millennium, still live the torment that
derives from sin, from hatred, from violence,
from terrorism and from war.
But it is also the young to whom the Church
looks confidently, knowing that with the help
of God's grace, they will succeed in believing
and in living as Gospel witnesses in present day
O Mary, help them to respond to their vocation.
Guide them to the knowledge of true love
and bless their affections.
Support them in times of suffering.
Make them fearless heralds of Christ's greeting
on Easter Day: Peace be with you!
With them, I also entrust myself once again to
you and with confident affection I repeat to
you: Totus Tuus ego sum! I am all yours!
And each one of them cries to you, with me:
Totus Tuus! Totus Tuus! Amen
Es Jesús, oh Virgen María, quien desde la cruz
nos quiso encomendar a ti, no para atenuar,
sino para reafirmar su papel exclusivo de Salvador
del mundo.
Si en el discípulo Juan te han sido encomendados
todos los hijos de la Iglesia, mucho más me complace ver encomendados a ti, oh María,
a los jóvenes del mundo.
A ti, dulce Madre, cuya protección he experimentado siempre, esta tarde los encomiendo de nuevo.
Bajo tu manto, bajo tu protección,
todos buscan refugio.
Tú, Madre de la divina gracia, haz que resplandezcan con la belleza de Cristo. Son los jóvenes de
este siglo, que en el alba del nuevo milenio
viven aún los tormentos que derivan del pecado,
del odio, de la violencia, del terrorismo y de la
Pero son también los jóvenes a quienes la Iglesia
mira con confianza, con la certeza de que, con la
ayuda de la gracia de Dios, lograrán creer y vivir
como testigos del Evangelio en el hoy de la
Oh María, ayúdales a responder a su vocación.
Guíalos al conocimiento del amor verdadero
y bendice sus afectos. Sostenlos en el momento del
sufrimiento. Conviértelos en anunciadores intrépidos del saludo de Cristo el día de Pascua: ¡La
paz esté con vosotros!
Juntamente con ellos, también yo me encomiendo
una vez más a ti, y con afecto confiado te repito:
Totus tuus ego sum! ¡Soy todo tuyo!
Y también cada uno de ellos,
conmigo, te dice:
Totus tuus! Totus tuus! Amén.
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