Have something done

Have something done!
Sujeto + have (en el tiempo que sea) + objeto + past participle!
Se mantiene el tiempo verbal!
En ingles no se pude decir me corte el pelo!
I cut my hair yesterday- me corte el pelo ayer (yo soy quien me lo corto)!
I had my hair cut yesterday- me corte el pelo ayer (me lo cortan)!
I'm cutting my hair now!
I'm having my hear cut now- me estoy cortando el pelo (pero el peluquero)!
P.77 n.14!
1. I'm having my nails painted before the party!
2. I'm going to have my hair dyed blonde!
3. I had my eyes tested a month ago!
4. I'm having my flat painting at the moment!
5. I would like to have this clothes ironed!
6. How much would it cost to have my ears pierce?!