Movie Program 2 (inside)

(You're Missing the Point)
Fri, 1 July, 19h00
YEAR: 1940
CAST: Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", Joaquín Pardavé
and Sara García.
DIRECTOR: Juan Bustillo Oro
PRODUCER: Jesús Grovas (Grovas-Oro Films)
RUNTIME: 112 minutes
GENRE: Comedy
Sun, 3 July, 16h30
YEAR: 1960
CAST: Ignacio López Tarso, Pina Pellicer and Enrique
DIRECTOR: Roberto Gavaldón
PRODUCER: Armando Orive Alba
RUNTIME: 90 minutes
GENRE: Drama
AWARD: The first Mexican film to be nominated for an
Academy Award for Best Film in a Foreign Language.
SYNOPSIS: Cantinflas goes to his girlfriend's house and is persuaded to kill her rabid
dog "Bobby", who shares the name of a famous gangster. The girlfriend, who is a maid in
this house, convinces her boss, a rich industrialist, that Cantinflas is the missing brother of
his wife. The boss then treats Cantinflas like a king as he remembers that his father-inlaws testament could only be paid when all brothers finally got together.
SYNOPSIS: Macario, a poor hungry peasant, longs for just one good meal. After his wife
cooks a turkey for him, he meets three apparitions: the Devil, God, and Death. Each ask
him to share his turkey, but he refuses all except Death. In return, Death gives him a bottle
of water, which will heal any illness. Soon, Macario is wealthier than the village doctor,
which draws the attention of the feared inquisition.
Sat, 2 July, 16h30
Mon, 4 July, 17h30
(Ladies fashion designer)
YEAR: 1969
CAST: Mauricio Garcés, Zulma Faiad and Irma Lozano,
DIRECTOR: René Cardona Jr.
PRODUCER: Alberto López
RUNTIME: 85 minutes
GENRE: Comedy
SYNOPSIS: The couturier D'Maurice pretends to be a designer to fit into the world of
high fashion. In reality he seduces his clients (married women), while their husbands
believe that their wives are in good hands. Determined to unmask D’Maurice, his competitors, designers Mao, Perugino and Antoine, hire a detective to obtain evidence that Maurice
is not who he pretends to be.
(I Danced with Don Porfirio)
Tue, 5 July, 17h30
YEAR: 1943
CAST: Dolores del Río, Pedro Armendáriz, Alberto
Cortés, Miguel Inclán y Julio Ahuet
DIRECTOR: Emilio "Indio" Fernández
PRODUCER: Agustin J. Fink
RUNTIME: 102 minutes
GENRE: Drama
AWARDS: Winner of the Grand Prix - Cannes
International Film Festival 1943, Winner of the Mexican
Silver Ariel for Best Cinematography - Gabriel Figueroa
SYNOPSIS: A young journalist asks an old artist about the portrait of a naked Indian
woman that he has in his study. The artist tells the story of Maria Candelaria, a young
Indian woman who was rejected by her own people for being the daughter of a prostitute.
She is protected by a young Indian man, Lorenzo Rafael, who falls in love with her.
Please note: The films are screened in
Spanish with English subtitles.
YEAR: 1942
CAST: Mapy Cortés, Joaquín Pardavé and Emilio
DIRECTOR: Gilberto Martínez Solares
PRODUCERS: Jesús Grovas and Mauricio de la
RUNTIME: 102 minutes
GENRE: Comedy
SYNOPSIS: A wealthy socialite Mr. Severo has kept a big secret from his wife and
teenage daughter. Unbeknown to his family, he has fathered another child with his
mistress, and she is the spitting image of his “legitimate” daughter. Though Severo works
hard to keep his secret daughter a secret, things get out of hand when his wife finally
makes the discovery.