L4 Final Listening Exam sample answers

L4 Listening Sample Answers
Listening 1
Listening 2
El uso de celular u otros aparatos electrónicos está absolutamente prohibido. En caso de que el profesor lo encuentre con dicho
aparato su examen será anulado. Debe usar tinta. En caso de que escriba en lápiz no tendrá derecho a revisión de nota.
Listening 1:
You will now hear a recording of a show about the daily life and interests of a girl in London.
Read notes 1 to 10 below.
Listen carefully and complete the spaces 1 to 10 in the notes below, using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.
Listen again and check your answers. (1 point each)
Anna – (0) fifteen years old, student at secondary school, London.
She likes pop music, clothes.
She juggles studies and being with her friends.
In her bedroom: dolls + teddy bears. Also there is (1)_plenty of evidence_ of her current interests.
Anna – a ‘grunger’ (likes grunge music).
Anna (describing room):
Many (2)_posters_ of bands. Next to bed: CD player, and on the floor there are many (3)_magazines__.
Doll’s house – a type of (4)_memory__ of when she was little.
Anna’s ideal boyfriend:
Right now she likes boys with (5)_long hair_ that use make-up.
She thinks men who look feminine are very (6)_attractive__.
Boys have to be like her, like (7)_the same things_, treat her as a friend.
Generally, the most important thing is (8)_a good personality_.
Anna’s ideal Saturday
shopping, listening to music, talking
‘bugging’ them = (9)_irritating__
going to market to buy clothes + jewelry. (earrings, rings etc.)At home: listen to music, talk about life,
(10) _the universe__, everything, friends, boyfriends, school, etc.
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L4 Listening Sample answers
Listening 2
You will now hear a recording of two people discussing International Women’s Day.
Read questions 11 to 15.
Listen and answer questions 11 to 15.
Listen again and check your answers.
11. The number of women who died for the cause:
A. is not mentioned.
B. is 7.
C. is more than we think.
D. is not remembered.
12. Women in the U.K. earn:
A. 17.5% of what men earn.
B. 5-7% of what men earn.
C. 75% of what men earn.
D. 72.5% of what men earn.
13. The international workforce consists of:
A. not enough women.
B. mainly women.
C. too many men.
D. mainly men.
14. What is becoming more expensive?
A. Kids’ education
B. Rent
C. Having a job
D. Childcare
15. What percentage of property do women own?
A. 10
B. 1
C. 11
D. 0.1
Universidad Externado de Colombia.
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L4 Listening Sample answers
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