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Torrevieja Hospital,
Torrevieja Department of Health
Crta. Torrevieja a San Miguel de Salinas CV-95
Partida La Ceñuela, 03186 Torrevieja
Welcome to your health e-space, where you can manage your
appointments, check your medical history, monitor the progress
of chronic processes and share information with healthcare
What is it?
What purpose does it serve?
The Torrevieja Department of Health is pleased to introduce its
new interactive portal + SALUD which offers an easy and
convenient way of accessing all the information relating to your
health and wellbeing.
Patients can:
Request Primary Healthcare appointments.
Arrange straightforward X-ray appointments.
Arrange initial appointments for External Clinics (provided that the
relevant doctor has authorised it).
Get lists of all pending appointments and check, cancel or change
forthcoming visits to specialists.
Monitor the progress of chronic clinical processes.
Attach documents and/or medical reports from other public or
private healthcare centres to your electronic medical history.
Find out the waiting times of the department’s Continuous
Care Points.
Inform your doctor of any personal medical background details so
he/she can refer to them and thus better monitor your
state of health.
Set up communications with the healthcare professionals involved in
your case by means of an e-messaging service..
Get information and advice on vaccination and/or health promotion
Read your discharge reports and/or analysis results.
Get access to websites recommended by health institutions and
Enter personal details on the website so healthcare professionals can
monitor the progress of chronic processes.
This new tool offers you a dedicated space for promoting health
and preventing illness. You can also access the personal management
area, “my health e-space” where you can check your appointments
and tests and read your clinical reports quickly and easily, and all
without having to travel to visit a doctor.
How to log on:
1 Log on to the website
2 Register in the section “My health e-space” by entering
your details: SIP (health card number), mobile phone
number, health centre and date of birth.
3 These details will be checked against the patient
database and, if correct, you will be sent a password to
your mobile phone with which you can enter the portal.
4 If you have any queries or need further information,
please send an email to [email protected]
or contact your local health centre.