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Alpha Bench Series
Designing casual spaces just became a lot more fun!
Select from circular arcs, round and rectangular models,
many sizes of interchangeable forms to sculpt any space.
Illustrated: Four 90º arc benches, in three variations.
Complete flexibility to rearrange forms to new plans
and uses, in the same space or moving to new places.
Coordinating free standing benches and tables extend
the original shapes and uses as you wish.
Scale: Circular arcs of 6 ft. to 12 ft. diameter circles,
in 90º and 60º sections, fit small spaces or sweeping
vistas. Multiple sizes of rectangular benches and
round forms complete the series’ geometry.
Fully upholstered benches, “FF” option,
are freestanding, set on leveler glides.
Shown above:
4 #6421-FF 90º arc, 6 ft. dia. benches
At right, re-arranged to an “S” plus
1 #6411-FF 24” round bench
Above right, extended “S” using
2 # 6471-FF 20” laminate tables