Honors Spanish 4 Summer Assignment: In order to be successful

Honors Spanish 4 Summer Assignment:
In order to be successful next year in Spanish, it is extremely important for you to keep
practicing what you know over the summer and also, continue to acquire new vocabulary and
fluency skills. To help you accomplish this, you will complete 7 different Spanish miniimmersions (see suggestion list) throughout the summer and submit your summary of each one
to me by turning it in on Google Classroom (Do not share the assignment by email) no later
than the following dates:
June 30th: 2 summaries due
July 31st: 3 summaries due
August 20th: 2 summaries due
Summaries must be written in paragraphs in Spanish, of course and will each count as 10
points toward your first quarter grade of the 2016-2017 school year (a total of 70 points
available). Failure to complete summer work indicates a choice to not participate in the class.
Each summary must include at least the following:
1. ¿Qué hiciste? (What did you do for the immersion?)
2. ¿Qué aprendiste? (What did you learn?)
3. ¿Qué necesitas practicar/estudiar más? (What do you need to practice or study more?)
4. Cinco palabras nuevas que aprendiste (5 new words you learned from that activity along with
their definitions in English and Spanish)
I look forward to hearing from you throughout the summer!
Sra. Courtney