(AD6) – "Press and Communication Agent" ERCEA/TA/136

Ref. Ares(2016)3607142 - 19/07/2016
Temporary Agents (AD6) – "Press and
Communication Agent"
The European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA or hereinafter the “Agency”) is now
organising an external selection with a view to establishing a reserve list of maximum 5 candidates:
recruitment will be based on availability of posts and budget.
The registration period will begin on 26/07/2016 at 15:00 and
end on 26/08/2016 at 12:00 (midday) Brussels time.
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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Who we are
The European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA) is dedicated to selecting and funding the
excellent ideas that have not happened yet, and the scientists that are dreaming them up.
Practically, the ERCEA supports the work of the European Research Council (ERC), the first panEuropean funding body sustaining the best frontier research in Europe, established by the European
Commission in February 2007. The ERCEA was created in order to manage the Ideas programme,
part of the EU's Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). Its mandate has been renewed until
2024, for the implementation of part of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and
Innovation (2014-2020).
In order to do this, the ERCEA manages three core grant schemes for researchers: 'Starting Grants'
targeted at early-career, emerging research leaders, 'Consolidator Grants', aimed at excellent
researchers who are already independent, and 'Advanced Grants' that support already established top
researchers. The grants fund projects in any field of research, with excellence as sole selection
criterion. Since the creation of the Agency, over 5,000 researchers and their frontier research projects
have been supported. Under Horizon 2020, the ERCEA has a total budget of around € 13 billion.
The Communications unit of ERCEA implements the ERC communication strategy adopted by its
Scientific Council. Its activities aim at raising the visibility of the ERC in Europe and beyond, as well
as promoting its funding opportunities and the research it funds, in cooperation with the European
Commission and with various multipliers.
The Agency is located in the heart of Brussels and expected to count a total staff of 529 by end 2020
For more details on ERC and ERCEA, please visit our website: http://erc.europa.eu/
Our working environment
The ERCEA is dedicated to excellence in research and in all aspects of its work, and seeks to attract
excellent, highly-motivated people with the right qualifications and expertise. The working
environment at ERCEA is modern, dynamic, inspiring and attractive. Amongst its main advantages,
the Agency offers:
A high reputation for scientific excellence funding;
An enriching, multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment;
Opportunities to continuously learn and develop competencies;
Interesting career evolution paths: career development, training, internal mobility scheme,
possibilities of indefinite contracts, promotions;
Flexible working arrangements;
Social and well-being facilities;
Equal opportunities and a workplace based on respect for other people and the environment.
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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Job description
Functions & duties
The main purpose of this post is to advise the ERC President and the members of the Scientific
Council on all media related activities, as well as organize, supervise and implement them. The aim is
to develop and manage external information and communication activities to promote the ERC and
disseminate information on ERC activities and achievements under the supervision of the Head of
Unit for Communications.
EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION (general) - External Communication
Conceive and organize media actions, mediate interviews, draft and proofread articles, and contribute to briefings;
Liaise with the Commission Spokes Service, DG RTD, DG COMM and
relevant Cabinet members on media related issues under the supervision of
the Head of Unit;
Conceive and run appropriate activities on social media for Agency's
Draft and disseminate press releases, and respond to media activities;
Conceive an manage communication, information, promotion, dissemination
and awareness activities;
Conceive and organize radio and TV interviews
Organise media training
Monitor media activities and analyse their impact;
Identifiy communication needs and define communication objectives and
Inform and advise on Agency's activities and achievements to interested
individuals and organisations;
Liaise with journalists and with Press Officers
Qualifications and experience required
1. Eligibility criteria
Candidates will be considered eligible for selection on the basis of the following formal criteria to be
fulfilled by the deadline for applications:
1.1 General conditions:
Be a national of a member state of the European Union;
Enjoy full rights as citizen;
Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws on military service;
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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Meet the character requirements for the duties involved ;
Be physically fit to perform their duties.
1.2 Specific conditions:
Have a level of education corresponding to completed university studies of at least three years attested
by a diploma.
Only qualifications issued by EU Member State authorities and qualifications recognised as
equivalent by the relevant EU Member State authorities will be accepted. In instances where
diplomas are obtained from a non-EU Member State, the candidate may be required to provide the
relevant document of comparability by a recognised authority.
The year and month of award of this specific diploma should be indicated in the application form in
order to allow the calculation of the professional experience.
Knowledge of languages
Have a thorough knowledge of English2 and a satisfactory knowledge of another official EU language
to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties pertaining to the post.
1.2.3. Professional experience
Candidates must have, at the closing date for applications, professional experience of at least 5 years,
at national and/or international level, including professional experience directly relevant to the tasks,
described under section “Function and duties” of at least 3 years, acquired after graduation referred to
in 1.2.1.
2. Selection criteria
2.1 Essential
Prior to appointment, the successful candidate will be asked to provide a certificate from their police file indicating that
they do not have a criminal record.
As the predominant working language at ERCEA is English, a thorough knowledge of English is an assessment criterion for
all profiles.
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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2.1.1 Specific experience
• Experience in press and communication in the area of research
2.1.2 General skills and competences (will be assessed during the written test and interview only)
• Knowledge of EU's information and communication policies and strategies
• Very good command of written and spoken English
• Drafting and presentation skills
• Ability to use electronic office tools (word processing, spreadsheets, email, internet, etc)
• Ability to actively use social media
• Knowledge of European research policies and programmes
• Ability to work in a team, under pressure and in a multicultural environment
• Analytical capabilities and communication, problem-solving and organisational skills
2.2 Advantageous
Professional experience in addition to experience referred to in the eligibility criteria in a field
relevant to the position
Professional experience acquired in an EU institution or an International organisation
Selection procedure
1. Admission to the selection procedure
Once the deadline for online registration has elapsed, the Agency will check the submitted
applications against the eligibility criteria (under Section 1 above).
2. Initial assessment of the applications
The Selection Committee will analyse the motivation letters and CVs of eligible applicants with
reference to the selection criteria (under point 2.1.1 and sub-Section 2.2 above).
3. Invitation to pass the tests
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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Upon completion of the assessment, the Selection Committee will establish a shortlist of 15 candidates
matching best the needs of the Agency for the functions and duties mentioned in this Call. Shortlisted
candidates will be invited to pass a written test3.
Only the candidates successful in the written tests will be invited to an oral test (the interview).
A letter will be sent by e-mail from [email protected] to each candidate with the
details of the date, time and address of his/her test appointment. Should you change your email
address, please contact ERC-SELECTION @ec.europa.eu.
The date scheduled by the Agency for the written and oral tests cannot be changed at the candidate's
request. Candidates will be notified of the date when they receive the invitation to the tests by e-mail
from ERC-SELECTIONec.europa.eu.
4. Tests
Written test
The written test will include:
Case study(ies) on a subject related to the field of the vacant position, designed to test the
technical knowledge of the candidates, as well as their ability to understand, analyse, summarise and
draft in English.
General questions to assess the candidate's knowledge of communication policies, EU
Institutions, the Agency and its work, including the general skills and competences detailed under
point 2.1.2 of this Vacancy Notice.
Further details will be specified in the invitation letter.
The test will be taken in English, in Brussels. It will be marked out of a total of 100 points (pass mark:
4.1.2. The interview
The interview with the Selection Committee will enable the latter to complete the assessment of the
candidate according to the selection criteria.
The interview will be conducted in English, in Brussels. The candidate's knowledge of a second
official language will be assessed in compliance with point 1.2.2.
Approximately 3 times the number of successful candidates sought will be invited to take the written test.
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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The oral test will be marked out of 100 points (pass mark: 50).
5. Verification of documents and eligibility
The candidate's application will be checked against the original documents and certificates in order to
confirm the accuracy and eligibility of the application.
If, at any stage in the procedure, it is established that the information in an application has been
knowingly falsified, the candidate will be disqualified from the selection process.
6. Reserve list
The Selection Committee will place on a reserve list a maximum of 5 candidates with the highest
The draft reserve list in alphabetical order will be submitted to the Appointing Authority of the
Agency for approval. The placement on the reserve list remains subject to the confirmation of
eligibility of the candidate following the verification of original documents as specified in point 5.
Candidates should note that inclusion on a reserve list does not imply any entitlement to
employment in the Agency.
The reserve list will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of its establishment. The validity
of the reserve list may be extended at the discretion of the Appointing Authority.
Prior to contract signature, the successful candidate will be asked to undergo a compulsory medical
examination by one of the institutions' medical officers in order that the Agency is satisfied that he/she
fulfils the requirement of Art 28(e) of the Staff Regulations of the Officials of the European
7. Notification to candidates
All candidates will be notified about the outcome of their application from ERC-SELECTION
@ec.europa.eu. Should you change your email address, do not forget to notify the change to the
aforementioned address. In order to facilitate the selection process, all correspondence with candidates
concerning this vacancy will be done in English.
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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8. Application Procedure
To apply for this position, candidates should submit an up-to-date detailed curriculum vitae and a
motivation letter, via EU CV online4 at the latest on 26/08/2016, at 12:00 (midday) Brussels time.
Supporting documents showing evidence of the provided information will be requested at a later stage.
Candidates are invited to apply in English, to facilitate the selection process.
Under no circumstances should candidates approach the Selection Committee themselves, either
directly or indirectly concerning this recruitment. The Executive Agency Appointing Authority
reserves the right to disqualify any candidate who disregards these instructions.
Applicants are strongly advised not to wait until the last day to submit their applications, since heavy
internet traffic or a fault with the internet connection could lead to difficulties in submission. The
Agency cannot be held responsible for any delay due to such difficulties.
Candidates are responsible for the information they provide, which is the basis for the Selection
Committee assessment. Please ensure that all the information is complete and correct (including
choices in the scroll-down fields) before validating your application.
You will be disqualified if you:
do not comply with the conditions of applying for the call published;
do not complete online registration by the deadline;
do not send a complete application including all requested elements:
do not meet all the eligibility criteria;
do not provide all the required supporting documents.
Should you have any technical question concerning EU CV online, you may send an e-mail to [email protected]
Provision of original documents on the day of interview
If you are invited to the interview, you will be required to show, on the day of interview, original or
certified copies of the documents detailing citizenship, studies and any professional experience. You
must bring with you, on the day of interview:
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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a document proving your citizenship (e.g. passport, identity card or any other official
document specifying your citizenship, which must have been obtained no later than the
closing date for online registration);
a document proving that you have fulfilled obligations concerning military service;
the diploma(s) attesting your successful completion of studies;
evidence of your professional experience clearly indicating starting and finishing dates and the
nature of the duties carried out (e.g. employment contracts, employers' references).
Paper copies of web pages and/or references to websites do not constitute supporting documents
for these purposes.
You must also bring a photocopy of each document. After checking, the original documents will be
returned to you on the day of interview. The photocopies will be retained, for the periods specified in
the Specific Privacy Statement published on the Agency website:
The text of this vacancy notice contains all the information required.
Equal opportunities
The Agency applies a policy of equal opportunities and accepts applications without discrimination on
any grounds such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or
belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age
or sexual orientation.
Selection Committee
A Selection Committee will be appointed for this profile and will comprise at least 3 members,
including a member designated by the Staff Committee.
Candidates are strictly forbidden to make any contact with the members of the selection committee,
either directly or indirectly at any stage of the selection procedure. In assessing candidates' merits,
Selection Committee shall observe the principle of equal treatment.
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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Approximate timetable
The selection process may take several months to be completed. Candidates will be informed of the
outcome of the different stages in due time. An indicative calendar will also be published on the ERC
website: http://erc.europa.eu/about-erc/job-opportunities.
Recruitment conditions / Career
At the stage of recruitment, the following conditions are compulsory:
original extract of the register of criminal conviction5 (validity within 3 months);
ability to work following the results of the medical visit.
You must also bring a photocopy of the above-mentioned document. After checking, the original
documents will be returned to you on the day of interview. The photocopies will be retained, for the
periods specified in the Specific Privacy Statement published on the Agency website:
Successful candidates may be offered a contract as a Temporary Agent in accordance with Article 2f
of the Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Union (CEOS) for an initial period
of two years. The temporary agent post in question will be placed in group AD6. Successful
candidates who are recruited will undergo an initial probation period of nine months.
The contract may be renewed for a further period of up to one year, after which the contract may be
renewed for an indefinite duration.
The place of employment is Brussels, where the Agency is based.
Recruitment conditions / Career (for Temporary Agents)
In order to be taken into account, professional experience must be connected with one of the
Institution's areas of activity. Professional experience will be counted from the date on which the
applicant acquired the minimum qualification for access to the position. Professional experience
before this date will not be counted. It is therefore essential to provide information on the qualification
giving access to the profile, in particular the date of award. In calculating professional experience,
duly documented professional activity (i.e. remunerated employment or self-employment) is taken into
account. Compulsory military service or equivalent civil service shall be taken into consideration.
Statutory maternity leave is counted as professional activity, but unpaid leave is not counted. Part-time
work will be taken into account in proportion to the percentage of full-time hours worked. Periods of
Other documents, such as attestations of good behaviour from police authorities may be requested if there is no
central national register of criminal records in the Member State concerned.
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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education or training, unremunerated traineeships and study grants are not taken into account. Any
given time period can be counted only once (e.g. if the applicant had a full-time job and did freelance
consultancy work in the evenings and weekends, the days spent on the latter will not be added to the
period of the former).
The pay of a Temporary Agent AD6 (step 1) consists of a basic salary of 5079,70€, supplemented with
various allowances, including family allowances. The salaries of staff members are subject to a
Community tax deducted at source. Staff members are exempt from national tax on salary and are
members of the Community social security and pension scheme. For further information on working
conditions of temporary staff please refer to CEOS.
Protection of personal data
The Agency ensures that applicants’ personal data are processed as required by Regulation (EC) No
45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of
individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies
and on the free movement of such data (Official Journal of the European Communities, L 8 of 12
January 2001). This applies in particular to the confidentiality and security of such data.
A Specific Privacy Statement is published on the Agency website at the following address:
Candidates are invited to read it carefully, as it provides useful information about the processing of
their personal data and relevant rights.
Requests for review
The Agency and selection boards operate within the context of the general principles of EU law as
interpreted by the courts. In assessing candidates' merits, selection boards observe the principle of
equal treatment.
If you nevertheless believe that one of these principles has not been applied in your case, you have the
right, within 10 calendar days from the date when the letter notifying you of the decision was sent to
you on-line, to request a review by sending a letter stating your reasons using the ERCEA email
address ERC-SELECTION @ec.europa.eu.
Please quote in the subject line of your letter:
The number of the call for expression of interest concerned;
Your application number;
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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‘Request for review’;
The stage of the selection concerned by the complaint.
ERCEA will forward it to the President of the selection committee if it comes within the committee's
remit, and you will be sent a reply as soon as possible.
If, at any stage of the competition, the candidate considers that his/her interests have been prejudiced
by a particular decision, he/she can take the following action:
• Candidates can lodge an administrative complaint under Article 90(2) of the Staff Regulations
of Officials of the European Communities, at the following address:
ERCEA European Research Council Executive Agency
To the attention of the Director
REF: ERCEA/TA/136/2016
COV2, Place Rogier 16
B-1049 Brussels
• Candidates can submit a judicial appeal under Article 270 of the Treaty on the Functioning of
the European Union and Article 91 of the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Communities
The European Union Civil Service Tribunal
Boulevard Konrad Adenauer
L-2925 Luxembourg
Candidates shall indicate the number of the call for expression of interest concerned. The maximum
period for engaging the two procedures is three months from the date of notification of the act
adversely affecting the candidate (see Staff Regulations as amended by Council Regulation (EC) No.
723/2004 (OJ L 124 27.4.2004, p. 1) - http://eur-lex.europa.eu/
Please note that the appointing authority is not competent to alter the decisions of a selection
committee. According to the ruling made, the broad discretionary power of selection boards is subject
to review by the Community court only if the Community rules governing the procedures of selection
boards have clearly been violated.
Complaints to the European Ombudsman
As a citizen of the European Union, candidates can submit a complaint under Article 228, first
paragraph of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and the conditions mentioned in the
decision 94/262/ECSC EC, Euratom of the European Parliament of 9 March 1994 on the regulations
and general conditions of performance of the Ombudsman's duties (OJ L 113, 05.04.1994, p. 15) to:
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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1, Avenue du President Robert Schuman - BP 403
F-67001 Strasbourg Cedex
It should be noted that complaints to the Ombudsman do not suspend the period mentioned in articles
90, paragraph 2, and 91 of the Staff Regulations for lodging complaints or submitting an appeal before
the EU Civil Service Tribunal according to Article 270 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the
European Union. It should also be noted that, under Article 2, paragraph 4, of the general conditions of
performance of the Ombudsman's duties, any complaint to the Ombudsman must be preceded by
appropriate administrative approaches to the institutions and bodies concerned.
Electronically signed on 10/06/2016 15:14 (UTC+02) in accordance with article 4.2 (Validity of electronic documents) of Commission Decision 2004/563
ERCEA/TA/136/2016 – Press and Communication Agent
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