MANUEL MARÍN GONZÁLEZ - Fundación Iberdrola España

(Madrid, 1949)
Chairman of FUNDACIÓN IBERDROLA ESPAÑA. Degree in Law from Madrid Complutense University
(Spain). Master's in European Law from the European University Centre in Nancy (France). Certificate
in Advanced European Studies from the College of Europe, Bruges (Belgium).
Work experience
Formerly chairman of the Spanish Congress of Deputies and of the Spanish Parliament during the VIII
Legislature, first vice-chair of the European Commission, congressman of the Constituent Legislature
of Spain of 1977 and of the I, II, III, VII and VIII Legislatures. Spokesman for the Socialist Party on the
Foreign Affairs Committee, and Assistant Secretary General of the Socialist Party during the I, II and III
Secretary of State for Relations with the European Community.
In the academic realm, he has been lecturer at Carlos III University (Madrid), the Mexican Institute of
Technology (Mexico D.C.), and Alcalá University (Alcalá de Henares).
Career highlights relevant to his post on the Board of Trustees
As first vice-chairman of the European Commission, he has held a number of different posts, including
Commissioner for Social Affairs, Education and Culture, Commissioner for Development Cooperation
and Fisheries, and Commissioner for Economic Cooperation with Mediterranean countries, Latin
America and Asia. He was similarly head of the special aid programme to help reconstruct Palestine
promulgated by the Oslo and Washington Peace Accords, and was involved at all Summits of Heads of
State within the context of the Peace Process. He also helped set up the Humanitarian Aid Office of
the European Union.