Location: University High School, 6949 Genesee Ave San Diego CA 92122
Media Center
SAT/ACT Hybrid Assessment – January 17, 2015 9am – 1pm
Cost $5/student
One approach to maximizing your test score is to target your test-taking skills to the best
exam for you. The Hybrid Assessment gives you the experience of test-taking under
realistic test conditions and gain insight into which exam – SAT or ACT – is a good fit for
you. Students take a Hybrid SAT/ACT practice exam and received a detailed score
report back including recommendations on which exam is right for you.
SAT Boot camp – March 7-8, 2015 9am – 1pm
Cost $175/student
(SAT test date: March 14, 2015)
This weekend seminar arms students with go-to strategies for every question they will
face on the SAT, including math questions, essays and how to maintain focus and clarity
under pressure.
ACT Boot camp –April 11-12, 2015 9am – 1pm
Cost $175/student
(ACT test dates: Feb. 7, April 18, June 13, 2015)
This momentum-boosting workshop teaches students how to spot hidden clues in long
reading passages that reveal the main idea; how to identify key information in ACT
science passages; shortcuts for math and English questions.
Register online at www.catalystprep.com - click the Bootcamp Signup tab and select
from the list to find the workshops at UCHS or any other schools working with Catalyst.
Sponsored by the UCHS PTSA
SAT and ACT Exam Preparation Options for UCHS Students
Dear UCHS Teachers, Counselors, Parents and Students,
The PTSA is sponsoring a workshop this year designed to assess the relative aptitude of
students for the SAT or ACT exams. This workshop is a program called “Hybrid SAT/ACT
Assessment Workshop” and is put on by Catalyst, the company that has provided the SAT
and ACT Boot Camps for UCHS students previously. This assessment is not a practice
exam, and does not give students a score predictive of their performance on the ACT or
SAT exams. Rather, it consists of a mix of questions from both exams that is analyzed to
determine which exam students are predicted to perform better on. Since the SAT and ACT
differ in both the scope of the topics, as well as the style of test-taking, this assessment may
provide some useful feedback for students. This year, we are offering this workshop on
Saturday, January 17, 2015 from 9am-1pm for only $5 per student. The cost is used to pay
for the custodian to service the facilities on the weekend, not the Catalyst instructor. Please
encourage your students to take advantage of this PTSA event.
If you are interested in the preparation workshops offered by Catalyst, there will be an
SAT boot camp offered on March 7-8, 2015 and an ACT boot camp offered on April 11-12,
2015 in the UCHS Media Center. If you wish to use another vendor, I have tabulated some
comparative information in a chart that I can email for your convenience.
Thank you,
Karen Newman
[email protected]
Estimados maestros, consejeros, padres y estudiantes de UCHS,
El PTSA patrocina un nuevo taller este año, diseñado para evaluar la capacidad relativa
de los estudiantes para los exámenes SAT o ACT. Este taller, es un programa llamado
"Taller de Evaluación de SAT/ACT híbrido" y es organizado por Catalyst, la compañía que
proporcionó el Boot Camp (entrenamiento) de SAT para los estudiantes de UCHS en el
otoño. Esta evaluación no es un examen de práctica, y no predice la puntuación que los
estudiantes obtendrán en los exámenes ACT o SAT. Más bien, consiste en una mezcla de
preguntas de los dos exámenes que se analizarán para predecir en cuál de ellos los
estudiantes tendrán un mejor desempeño. Como el SAT y el ACT difieren tanto en el
alcance de los temas, como en el estilo de la toma de exámen, esta evaluación podría
proporcionar información útil para los estudiantes. Este año, estamos ofreciendo este taller
el sábado 17 de enero de 09 a.m. a 1 p.m. por sólo $ 5 por estudiante. El costo se utilizará
para pagarle al guardia que dará servicio de las instalaciones el fin de semana, no para el
instructor de Catalyst. Por favor anime a sus estudiantes a tomar ventaja de este evento de
la PTSA.
Si usted está interesado en los talleres de preparación ofrecidos por Catalyst , habrá
una sesión de entrenamiento para el SAT que se llevará a cabo el 7 y 8 Marzo 2015 y una
sesión de entrenamiento para el ACT el 11 y 12 abril 2015 en el Centro de Media de UCHS.
Si desea utilizar otro proveedor para este servicio, he tabulado cierta información
comparativa en una gráfica que puede ser enviada por correo electrónico para su
Karen Newman
[email protected]