our Customer Charter

Geo-Intelligence P
This Charter is to set out for you, our customer, and us,
your supplier, what you should expect as we do business
together and build relationships.
Our Customer Charter is the reference point upon which we
base our ways of working, our culture, behaviour and ethics.
This Charter provides you, our customer, and everyone in our company with a clear set of principles and expectations,
upon which we can consistently enter into dialogue, do business and build mutual trust. It sets out what is important
to us, and what that means in practice.
We Are Committed to
Helping our customers successfully grow their business
Evolving our technology and service offerings in accordance with our customers’ needs
Actively listening to our customers
Being responsive to our customers’ requests
Effectively communicating with our customers
Making business with us as easy as possible for our customers
"Above all, we place customer value, satisfaction and service at the heart of everything we do!"
Dr. Bernhard BRENNER
Senior Vice President, Head of Geo-Intelligence
July 1st, 2014
Philippe PHAM
Head of Services Eng. & Ops
Jean-Michel DARROY
Head of Customer Services
Head of Sales
Head of Market & Corporate Development
Head of Programmes UK
Head of Radar & Programmes Germany
Head of Programmes North America
Cyrille LE GALL
Head of Finance
Fréderic MORIN
Head of Human Resources
Stéphane DUPONT
Head of Legal
This Charter is just one element of our Customer Satisfaction Improvement Programme entitled:
which is acting along five dimensions
(illustrated by the five-pointed star): 1) Customer Relationships & Overall Customer Experience, 2) Sales & Commercial, 3) Definition Of Products,
4) Delivery Of Products/Projects, 5) Support & Services.
What that means in practice
Build a relationship of trust with our
Keep our customers well informed of our
delivery and project status
Win-win relationships and a great customer experience
with Airbus DS’s Geo-Intelligence Team start with trust!
Transparency is key! Responding to your high level
of expectations is all about informing you, in a
transparent and honest way, about our detailed project
management plan, performance and critical path, our
challenges, possible delays and the latest delivery
status throughout the duration of our project… and we
will always go that extra mile to deliver your project in
time and provide the quality of service you deserve!
We commit to providing mutually beneficial long term
relationship plans and levels of dialogue above and
beyond any contractual obligations.
Evolve our technological and service
offerings in harmony with our customers’
business needs
A reliable products and services portfolio and state-ofthe art technologies are the key to success for your
To ensure we fulfil your needs in terms of products and
services offerings, we commit to understanding your
company or organisation, your constraints, your drivers
together with your explicit and implicit needs and
expectations at an operational, tactical and strategic
We will thrive to invest in new technologies and use
creative resources and innovative thinking in order to
provide leading-edge solutions to improve accessibility
to and quality of our products and services.
Actively listen to our customers at all times
We will listen to you and act on the feedback we
receive on products, services, projects and your overall
experience with us.
We will ensure that, wherever possible, your feedback
is fed into our improvement and transformation
programmes and treated with the appropriate level of
importance and urgency.
Always be responsive to customer’s
requests for information
Great customer service: It’s all in the details but with
one point of contact and a simple process!
We will establish a point of contact and single
mechanism through which you can submit your enquiry
or request for information and we commit to keeping
you fully informed of the status of your submissions.
At an operational level, we will respond to your
requests for information according to our Service Level
Agreement (SLA).
Make it as easy as possible for our
customers to do business with us
It’s all about putting us in our customers’ shoes. We will
strive to deliver value for money by removing or adapting
unnecessary processes and bureaucracy from our business where they do not add value to you, our customer.
We will respect your specific business and cultural
needs. We will establish relationship owners to ensure
that you always have a single point of entry into the
Geo-Intelligence Teams of Airbus DS or our parent
Support our customers in developing their own business
Your success is our success! We
with you to ensure that our business,
of working and our strategy evolve
the strategic needs of you, our
will work
our ways
to reflect
We will make every effort to keep you informed of our
business, its direction, its organisation, its improvement
and transformation programmes, its technological and
innovation direction and its capabilities, products and