Veronique Hermann Sambin is a singer, songwriter, author and

Veronique Hermann Sambin is a singer, songwriter, author and
musician born at Pointe-à-Pitre on the island of Guadeloupe in the
French Caribbean. Her journey from the idyllic Caribbean island to
Paris is as unique as her voice.
Véronique decided to set down her suitcases in Paris after stops in
Munich and Antwerp, and obtaining a business school diploma. She
worked as a sales director for a record company before deciding to
focus on her music career on a full-time basis.
Passionate about writing, the girl who was already setting her texts
to music on the family piano when she was just eight years old, now
performs in Parisian cafés and Afro-Caribbean festivals such as
Pari Outre-mer, Vibrations Caraïbes, Africaphonie, and Infuences
Caraïbes. But home is where the heart is, and she often returns to
her Creole roots for inspiration.
Véronique Hermann Sambin attaches great importance to the
words and melodies of her songs, which she writes in Creole,
French and English. Her sophisticated voice is loaded with emotion
and takes the listener to an original and under-explored nexus
between pop, jazz and Caribbean music.
In August 2011, Veronique meets the jazzman Xavier Richardeau at
a concert at the Hemingway restaurant in Guadeloupe. He
subsequently arranges and produces her album, called Ròz Jériko
(Rose of Jericho), a symbol of perseverance and renaissance.
Ròz Jériko – The album
There are ten songs on the album which naturally resonate with
earth, sea or sky. Each captivating song tells a story, painting a
picture of emotions. Véronique Hermann Sambin is a poetry lover
and it shows. Both on the album and on stage, she beautifully
transmits the groove, warmth and generosity of jazz and Caribbean
The album “Ròz Jériko” is produced by Xavier Richardeau, one of
the best jazz saxophonists in France. Just as he does for his own
albums, he contacted outstanding musicians who immediately
accepted to work with Véronique, not only on the album but also on
stage. The album was recorded in April 2012 at Studio Gimmick,
France, where the sound engineer Pierre Bianchi put the fnal
touches to the stunning Ròz Jériko.
Ròz Jériko (SAFETY RECORDS) with: Véronique Hermann Sambin
(Vocals), Xavier Richardeau (Saxophone), Alain Jean-Marie
(Piano), Tony Tixier (Piano), Sonny Troupé (Drums), Andréas
Neubauer (Drums) Jean-Phillipe Bordier (Guitar), Régis Thérèse
(Bass), Arnold Moueza (Percussion), Florence Naprix (background
vocals), Tony Chasseur (vocals and background vocals).
Ròz Jériko – The symbol
The “rose” of Jericho is a small spherical plant which can be
revived with very little water after a long period of drought,
demonstrating the concept of being reborn. The symbol of
perseverance and hope which it represents is both age-old and
“When natural disaster hit Haiti in January 2010, it was chaos for
thousands of families. I wrote “Ròz Jériko” in the same way as a
prayer, to accompany the everyday hardships, but especially the
hopes, of those families, when there’s nothing to understand,
nothing to expect, but so much to do.”
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