Lista de los beneficiarios a participar en las reuniones

List of beneficiaries to participate in the Consultation Session “The Road to Cartagena: Hemispheric Cooperation to combat Natural Disasters and Poverty and Inequality” The OAS General Secretariat is pleased to publish the list of funding recipients to participate in the Consultation Session “The Road to Cartagena: Hemispheric Cooperation to combat Natural Disasters, and Poverty and Inequality”, to be held in Washington, DC, on November 3‐4, 2011. A Selection Committee, composed of various partners in this initiative, reviewed all complete applications received through October 12, 2011 and, based on the established selection criteria, has approved the following list of social actor representatives to receive financial support to participate: The financial support will cover airfare (in economy class) to Washington D.C., lunch on November 4, and a set amount for per diems (which should be used to cover payment for hotel, meals and other transportation costs). Any additional expenses must be covered by each participant. More information about the event will be published in the information bulletin in our website: www.summit‐ The selected representatives for each theme are the following: Group 1: Natural Disasters  Maria Onestini (Civil Society Organization / “Centro de Estudios Ambientales”) – Argentina  Gilson Scharnik (Civil Society Organization / Academia / International Institution ‐ International Institute for the Development of Citizenship IIDAC) – Brazil  Waldistrudis Hurtado Minotta (Civil Society Organization / “Movimiento Social de Mujeres Negras Desplazadas”) ‐ Colombia  Johnn Oswaldo Galvez (Civil Society Organization / “Fundacion Mision Verde”) – Ecuador  Karol Yimene Calderon Lopez (Civil Society Organization / Afro‐descendents, ODECO) – Honduras  Romel Ruben Gonzalez (Indigenous Peoples / Network: “Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe para la Democracia”) – Mexico 
Bertha Cecilia Garcia Cienfuegos (Civil Society Organization / “Asociacion Regional de Mujeres Ingenieras”) – Peru 
Renny Massiel Figuereo (Workers – “Confederacion Nacional de Unidad Sindical CNUS”) –Dominican Republic 
Annil Ryan Ramlal (Private Sector / Mist Technologies) – USA / Trinidad & Tobago 
Jhon David Esteban (Youth / OVJNU) – Venezuela Group 2: Poverty and Inequity 
Jose Roberto Guedes (Persons with Dissabilities – “Instituto Brasileiro De Fluência IBF”) – Brazil Rodney Grant (Civil Society Organization ‐ Barbados Association of Non‐
Governmental Organizations BANGO) – Barbados Andres Rivera (Organización de Sociedad Civil – “Organización de Transexuales por la Dignidad de la Diversidad”) – Chile 
Ana Lucia Casallas (Civil Society Organization – “Asociacion Latinoamericana de Medicina Social ALAMES”) – Colombia 
Natalia Korobkova (Civil Society Organization / Indigenous Peoples / Youth– “Vision Mundial Internacional” and Global Movement for Children) – Costa Rica 
Raul Ernesto Torres Paz (Civil Society Organization – “Fundacion Nacional para el Desarrollo FUNDE”) – El Salvador 
Cardell Wendy St. Louis‐Fergusson (Civil Society Organization – Networks: Barbados Association of NGO, Young Americas Business Trust and Youth Business International) – Grenada 
Patrick Cherubin (Workers ‐ MOSCTHA) ‐ Haiti 
Martha Gloria Garcia de Namnum (Indigenous Peoples / Civil Society Organization – Mazahui AC) – Mexico Eva del Rosario Samqui (Civil Society Organization – AMPDI and Network of Women against Violence) – Nicaragua 
Marta Ferrara (Civil Society Organization – Active Democracy Network; POJUAJU; CODEHUPI) – Paraguay 
Beverly Beckels (Civil Society Organization ‐ Network of Nongovernmental for the Advancement of Women) – Trinidad and Tobago 
Nelson Perez Rendon (Indigenous Peoples / Civil Society Organization – “Fundacion Aborigen”) – Venezuela