generating value for water companies

Solutions and Services Offering for the Whole Water Cycle
Social Value
Environment Value
Economic Value
Helping sector companies to give its value to Water
The Water Excelence Center, InDROP, as
part of Indra´s Energy Market, in addition to
technical and functional knowledge, offers
solutions and services developed over our
national and international markets. With an
unified view, solutions and services portfolio
has been structured to cover the whole water
cycle: collection, abduction, water supply,
sanitation, re-use and commercial.
Our capabilities are structured on three key
axes of the company:
Indra Consulting
1. Business Consulting for water companies
2. Business Process Outsourcing related to
water utility companies.
3. IT Solutions and Services, including
design, development, integration and
maintenance of both own and third-party
BPO Solutions
IT Solutions
IT Services
Implementing own solutions and integrating third-party solutions
InDrop Drought Prevention System
InDrop DPS System deploys advanced
forecasting and simulation systems based
on robust mathematical models able to
optimize the water supply planning, sanitation
and re-use.
InDrop DPS additionally helps to manage
long drought phases, becoming one of Indra’s
responses to Climate Change.
Operational Center
Indra, one of the leading European companies
in Control and Emergency Centers,
provides a unified platform to build resilient
water systems, applying the latest C4I+R
technology in large urban supply systems. This
technology combines advanced AI algorithms,
CEP/ESP/Rules engines together with smart
workforce management tools, providing
real-time responses to improve operational
performance .
InDrop Leakage, Losses and NRW (Non revenue water)
IT Suite that enables water companies to
have a reliable network using technologies
and methods to minimize real and apparent
water losses:
• For real losses (leakage at transmission or
distribution connections), Indra’s offering
includes an integrated leak detection
technology, and adaptive algorithms that
recognize both normal and anomalous
• For apparent losses, Indra provides an
Advanced Balance Consolidation tool
in between the Billing and the Control
Community Center
Indra complements its Operation Centers
with an advanced platform to interact
in social networks and serious
games(iThink): information mashup from
many sources (Twitter, Facebook, etc),
analysis (with unstructured information
processors) and interaction with citizens,
communities (with bots, conversational
agents, smartphones, games), as well as other
stakeholders like traffic authorities, power &
gas utilities, etc.
Indra’s O&M Platform for Water (InPlant) is
an integrated, modular and complete product
that supports the operation management
and assets maintenance such as Wastewater
Treatment Plants (WWTP), Drinking Water
Treatment Plants (DWTP), Sludge Treatment
Plants and Seawater Desalination Facilities
covering the quality requirements for
the Environmental impact process and
More than 1,000 professionals...
…working on 4 continents...
...for over 40 big clients
We help our clients to achieve the highest level of development in the optimal management of the
resource, covering their needs in all areas of integral water cycle.
Indra´s methodology allows to focus on the processes that constitute the business
value chain and set up a common framework for unified operation, achieving cost
reduction by efficient management.
• ACEA (Italy)
• Aguas de Barcelona AGBAR (Spain)
• Aguas de Portugal (Portugal)
• Aguas Municipales de Vitoria-Gasteiz, AMVISA
• Aqualia (Spain)
• Cambridge Water Company (UK)
• Canal de Isabel II (Spain)
• Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia (Spain)
• Degrémont – Suez (France)
• Gestión Integral de Aguas de Huelva, GIAHSA
• EWA - Electricity & Water Authority (Bahrain)
• Manila Water (Philippines)
• MAYNILAD WATER(Philippines)
• Subicwater(Philippines)
• Aguas Andinas (Chile)
• Aguas de Antofagasta (Chile)
• Aguas Nuevas (Chile)
• Essbio S.A. (Chile)
• Copasa (Brasil)
• Empresa Metropolitana de Obras Sanitarias
• IDAAN - Instituto de Acueductos y
Alcantarillados Nacionales (Panama)
• Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua
• Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey
• Hidrocapital (Venezuela)
• OSE , Obras Sanitarias del Estado (Uruguay)
• SABESP (Brazil)
• SEDAPAL (Peru)
• SOAPAP - Sistema Operador de los Servicios
de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado del
Municipio de Puebla (Mexico)
• Superintendencia de Servicios Sanitarios
• Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y
Alcantarillados (Costa Rica)
• Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A.
• And more than 10 municipalities in the U.S.
• NCWSC Nairobi City Water and Sewerage
Company (Kenya)
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Madrid (Spain)
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