Global Elections Database

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Costa Rica
Trinidad and Tobago
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
Dominican Republic
United States
New Zealand
West Germany
I. Description
The Global Elections Database, formerly known as the Constituency-level Elections (CLE)
Dataset, provides national and subnational election data at the national and district level of
analysis for countries around the world. The data are based on countries’ official election results
that have been collected from various government institutions (e.g. electoral commissions,
ministries of interior, statistical offices and legislative bodies). The dataset includes election
results for all political parties that compete in an election. It does not include an “other” category
unless the official electoral data contains one, nor does not impose a threshold on parties in terms
of the number of votes and seats that they have to win in order to be included in the dataset.
II. Definitions and Abbreviations
legid = legislature identification code
1=national lower house
2=national upper house
3=subnational lower house
4=subnational upper house
5=presidential elections
rd=election round (runoff systems only).
dm=district magnitude
dtv=district total vote
p1, p2, p3, etc.= party designations. The party abbreviations are defined separately for each
country in the codebook. In the dataset, the party designations are followed by the letter “v” to
indicate votes and the letter “s” to indicate seats. If a party has more than one candidate, the
votes for all candidates are included under the total votes for the party.
III. Notes
Any unique features in the data for a country are noted in the rcodebook section for that country.
IV. Citation
If you use these data, please cite:
Brancati, Dawn. Global Elections Database [computer file]. New York:
Constituency-Level Elections Dataset [distributor], Date Accessed mm/dd/yyyy.
The dataset is protected by copyright of the US copyright office. The data are for your personal
use only. The data may not be transferred, copied or disseminated to third parties without prior
written permission.
Please direct all problems, inquiries and suggestions to: Professor Dawn Brancati,
[email protected]
Political Parties:
P1-Democratic Alliance Party (Partia Aleanca Democratike [AD])
P2-National Unity Party (Partia Uniteti Kombëtar [PUK])
P3-Social Spectrum Parties-Party of National Unity (Partitë e Spektrit Social-Partia e Unitetit Kombëtar
P4-Alliance Party for Solidarity and Welfare (Partia Aleanca për Mirëqenie dhe Solidaritet
P5-Albanian Democratic Union-Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Welfare (Partia Bashkimi
Demokrat Shqiptar-Aleanca për Liri, Drejtësi dhe Mirëqenie [BDSH])
P6-Liberal Democrat Party (Partia Bashkimi Liberal Demokrat [BLD])
P7-Linking Blerta Albanian Party (Partia Lidhja e Blertë Shqiptare [LBSH])
P8-Democratic Movement for Integration (Lëvizja Demokratike për Integrim [LDI])
P9-Movement of Human Rights and Freedoms Party (Partia Lëvizja për të Drejtat dhe Liritë e
Njeriut [LDLNJ])
P10-Socialist Party of Albania (Partia Socialiste e Shqipërisë [PSSH])
P11-Socialist Movement for Integration (Lëvizja Socialiste për Integrim [LSI])
P12-Movement for National Development (Lëvizja për Zhvillim Kombëtar [LZHK])
P13-Environmentalist Party (Partia Ambientaliste [PA])
P14-Environmentalist Agrarian Party (Partia Agrare Ambientaliste [PAA])
P15-Liberal Democratic Alliance Party of Albania (Partia Aleanca Liberal Demokrate e
Shqiperisë [PALD])
P16-Alternative Liberal Party (Partia Alternativa Liberale [PALSH])
P17-National Alliance Party/Albanian National Alliance Party (Partia Aleanca Nacionale
[PAN]/Partia Aleanca Nacionale Shqiptare [PANS])
P18-People’s Alliance Party (Partia Aleanca Popullore [PAP])
P19-Agrarian Party of Albania (Partia Agrare e Shqipërisë [PASH])
P20-Albanian Future Party (Partia Ardhmëria Shqiptare [PASH])
P21-Albanian Socialist Alliance Party (Partia Aleanca Socialiste Shqiptare [PASSH])
P22-Party of Albanian Business (Partia e Biznesit Shqiptar [PB])
P23-National Democratic Front Party (Partia Balli Kombëtar Demokrat [PBDK])
P24-Albanian Christian-Democratic Union Party (Partia Bashkimi Demokristian Shqipta
P25-Party for Human Rights (Partia per te Drejtat e Njeriut [PBDNJ])
P26-Democratic Union Party (Partia Bashkimi Demokrat Shqiptar [PBDSH])
P27-Albanian National Front Party (Partia Balli Kombëtar Shqiptar [PBK])
P28-Social Christian Party of Albania (Partia Socialkristiane Shqipërisë [PSKSH])
P29-Albanian National Unity Party (Partia Bashkësia Kombëtare Shqiptare [PBKSH])
P30-Albanian Liberal Union Party (Partia Bashkimi Liberal Shqiptar [PBLSH])
P31-Albanian Republican Union Party (Partia Bashkimi Republikan Shqiptar [PBRSH] or
P32-Albanian Business Party (Partia Biznesi Shqiptar [PBSH])
P33-Albanian Affairs Party (Partia e Çështjeve Shqiptare [PÇSH])
P34-Democratic Party (Partia Demokrate [PD])
P35-Union for Victory (Bashkimi për Fitore [PD-BF])
P36-Democratic Party of Democracy and New Albanian Right (Partia Demokratike Demokracia
e Re e Djathtë Shqiptare [PDDRDSH])
P37-Party for Justice and Integration (Partia për Drejtësi dhe Integrim [PDI])
P38-Christian Democratic Party of Albania (Partia Demokristiane e Shqipërisë [PDK])
P39-Party of Denied Rights (Partia e të Drejtave të Mohuara [PDM])
P40-Democratic Albanian Peza Gjirokastër Party (Partia Demokratike Peza Gjirokastër e Shqipërisë
P41-Peaceful Democracy Party (Partia Demokracia Paqësore e Shqipërisë [PDP])
P42-European New Democracy Party of Albania (Partia Demokracia e Re Europiane Shqiptare
P43-Democratic Party of Renovation (Partia Demokratike e Rinovuar [PDRn])
P44-New Democratic Party (Partia Demokrate e Re [PDR])
P45-Social Democracy Party of Albania (Partia Demokracia Sociale e Shqiperisë [PDSSH])
P46-Albanian Immigration Party (Partia Emigracioni Shqiptar [PESH])
P47-Albania Force Party (Partia Forca Albania [PFA])
P48-Green Party of Albania (Partia Të Gjelbërit e Shqipërisë [PGJSH])
P49-National Social Integration Party (Partia Integrimi Social Kombëtar [PISKSH])
P50-Party of United Communists of Albania (Partia e Komunistëve të Bashkuar të Shqipërisë
P51-National Conservative Party of Albania (Partia Kombëtare Konservatore Shqiptare
P52-Albanian Communist Party (Partia Komuniste e Shqiptare/Partia Komuniste e Shqipërisë
P53-8th November Communist Party of Albania (Partia Komuniste e Shqipërisë 8 Nentori [PKSH 8
P54-Peasant Connection Party (Partia Lidhja Fshatare [PLFSH])
P55-Albanian National League Party (Partia Lidhja Kombëtare Shqiptare [PLKSH]
P56-Legality Movement Party (Partia Lëvizja e Legalitetit [PLL])
P57-Albanian Democratic Monarchy Movement Party (Partia Lëvizja Monarkiste Demokrate
Shqiptare [PL.Mon.D] or [PLMDSH])
P58-Albanian Workers Movement Party (Partia Lëvizja Punëtore Shqiptare [PLPSH])
P59-Party for the Protection of the Rights of Immigrants (Parti për Mbrojtjen e të Drejtave të
Emigrantëve [PMDE])
P60-Liberal Thinking Right-Wing Party (Partia Mendimi Djathtë Liberal [PMDL])
P61-Party for the Protection of the Rights of Workers (Partia për Mbrojtjen e të Drejtave të Punëtorëve
P62-Centralist People’s Welfare Party (Partia Centraliste e Mirëqënies Popullore [PMP])
P63-Albanian National Reconciliation Party (Partia Pajtimi Kombëtar Shqiptar [PPK])
P64-Labor Party of Albania (Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë [PPSH])
P65-Republican Party (Partia Republikane [PR])
P66-Albanian Party of Democratic Reforms (Partia e Reformave Demokratike Shqiptare
P67-Street Freedom Party (Partia Rruga e Lirisë [PRRL])
P68-Albanian Republican Party (Partia Republikane Shqiptare [PRSH])
P69-True Path Party of Albania (Partia Rruga e Vërtetë Shqiptare [PRVSH])
P70-Social Democratic Party (Partia Social Demokrate [PSD])
P71-Social Party of Albania (Partia Socialdemokrate e Shqipërisë [PSDSH])
P72-Albanian Environmentalist Party (Partia Shqiptare Ambientaliste [PSHA])
P73-Party of Albanian National Recognition (Partia e Pajtimit Kombëtar Shqiptar [PPKSH])
P74-Albanian National Security Party (Partia e Sigurisë Kombëtare Shqiptare [PSHSK]
P75-Independent (I Paravur)
P76-No Affiliation/No Label
The 2001 Electoral Law called for a second round of votes if none of the candidates obtained
more than 50% of the votes. This was no longer the case for the 2005 election. Thus, all
results for this election are from the first round and have been coded accordingly (i.e., the
variable “rd” equals one for all 2005 results).
Political Parties:
P1-Peter Breen - Reform The Legal System [RLS]
P2-Phil Cleary - Independent Australia [PCA]
P3-Australians Against Future Immigration [AFI]
P4-Hope Party Australia [HPA]
P5-Australia’s Indigenous Peoples Party [AIP]
P6-Australian Labor Party [ALP]
P7-Abolish Self-Government Coalition [ASG]
P8-The Confederate Action Party of Australia [CAP]
P9-Central Coast Green Party [CCG]
P11-Australian Labor Party - Country Labor Party [ACL]
P12-Pensioner and Citizen Initiated Referendum Alliance [CIR]
P13-Northern Territory Country Liberal Party [CLP]
P14-CTA Child Protection (Elaine Nile) Party-1998; Call to Australia (Fred Nile) Group - 1993
and 1996 [CTA]
P15-Australian Democrats [DEM]
P16-Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia [DLP]
P17-Advance Australia Party [AAP]
P18-Australian Bill of Rights Group [ABR]
P19-Independent EFF [EFF]
P20-Helen Caldicott's - Our Common Future Party [OCF]
P21-The Eastern Suburb Greens [ESG]
P22-Green Alliance Senate - New South Wales [GA]
P23-ACT Green Democratic Alliance [GDA]
P24-Greens in Lowe [GLO]
P25-Australian Greens [GRN]
P26-Grey Power [GRY]
P27-The Green Party South Australia [GSA]
P28-The Greens (WA) Inc [GWA]
P29-Save ADI Site Party [SAS]
P31-Liberal Party of Australia [LP]
P32-Nuclear Disarmament Party of Australia [NDP]
P33-Natural Law Party [NLP]
P34-National Party of Australia [NP]
P35-Outdoor Recreation Party [ORP]
P36-Queensland Greens [QG]
P37-Richmond/Clarence Greens [RCG]
P38-Rex Connor (Snr) Labor Party [RCL]
P39-No Goods and Services Tax Party [NGST]
P40-Non-Custodial Parents Party [NCP]
P41-Liberals for Forest [LFF]
P42-Tasmanian Greens [TG]
P43-Unknown [UNK]
P44-Western Suburbs Greens [WSG]
P45-Australian Shooters Party [ASP]
P46-Tasmanian Independent Senator Brian Harradine Group [HAR]
P47-Janet Powell Independents' Network [JPI]
P48-Republican Party of Australia [RPA]
P49-Tasmania Senate Team [TST]
P50-Ungrouped Total [UNGT]*
P51-The Victorian Green Alliance [VGA]
P53-The Australian Greens - Victoria [AGV]
P54-Australian Women's Party [AWP]
P55-No Aircraft Noise [NAN]
P56-One Australia Party [OAP]
P57-Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration [RARI] (see p78)
P58-Liberal/National Party [LNP]
P60-The Seniors [SEN]
P61-A Better Future for our Children [ABF]
P62-Abolish Child Support/Family Court Party [ACS]
P63-Australian Reform Party [ARP]
P64-Citizens Electoral Council of Australia [CEC]
P65-Democratic Socialist Electoral League [DSL]
P66-Family Law Reform Party [FLR]
P67-Australia First Party [FST]
P68-Pauline Hanson's One Nation [HAN]
P69-Progressive Labour Party [PLP]
P70-Socialist Equality Party [SEP]
P71-Tasmania First Party [TFP]
P72-Unity - Say No To Hanson [UNI]
P74-Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) - 1998 [CDP]
P75-Northern Territory Country Liberal Party [CLP]
P76-Abolish Child Support/Family Court Party/Family Law Reform Party [FCP]
P77-Queensland First [QF]
P78-Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration [RAR]
P79-Taxi Operators Political Service (Oceania) [TPS]
P80-The Fishing Party [FPY]
P81-Help End Marijuana Prohibition [HMP]
P82-Lower Excise Fuel and Beer Party [LEF]
• The Ungrouped Total category [p50] primarily includes independents, but is not limited to
them (Senate elections).
Political Parties:
P1-Austrian People’s Party (Österreichische Volkspartei [ÖVP])
P2-Austrian Socialist Party (Sozialistische Partei Österreichs [SPÖ])
P3-Austrian Communist Party (Kommunistische Partei Österreichs [KPÖ])
P4-Austrian Democratic Party (Demokratische Partei Österreichs [DPÖ])
P5-Austrian Communist Party-Left Socialists (Kommunistische Partei Österreichs und
Linkssozialisten (Linksblock))
P6-Electoral Party of Independents (Wahlpartei der Unabhängigen [WdU])
P7-Democratic Union (Demokratische Union [DU])
P8-Fourth Party (Vierte Partei (Ergokraten) [4.P])
P9-Democratic Front of Working People (Demokraticna Fronta Delovnegna Ljudstva [DF])
P10-Economic Party of the Property Owner (Wirtschaftspartei der Haus- und Grundbesitzer)
[Wirtschaftspartei d. H. u. G.]
P11-Austrian Patriotic Union (Österreichische Patriotische Union [ÖPU])
P12-Austrian People’s Opposition (Österreichische Volksopposition [VÖ])
P13-Bipartisan Agreement of the Center (Überparteiliche Einigung der Mitte [UEdM])
P14-Christian Democratic Party (Christlichdemokratische Partei)
P15-Christian Socialist Party (Christlichsoziale Partei)
P16-Free Democrats Electoral Party (Wahlpartei Freie Demokraten)
P17-Federation of the Austrian Monarchists (Bund der Österreichischen Monarchisten)
P18-Austrian National Republicans and Independents (Österreichinische National Republikaner
und Parteilose)
P19-Freedom Party of Austria (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs [FPÖ])
P20-Communist and Socialist List (Kommunisten und Linkssozialisten [KuL])
P21-Free Labor Movement of Austria (Freie Arbeiterbewegung Österreichs [FAÖ])
P22-Party of Reason (Partei der Vernunft [PdV])
P23-Ergokratische Party (Ergokratische Partei [EP])
P24-Austrian Middle Class Party (Österreichische Mittelstandspartei [ÖM])
P25-Parliamentary Representation of Wahlverhinderten (Parlamentarische Vertretung der
Wahlverhinderten [VdW])
P26-Federation of Democratic Socialists (Bund Demokratischer Sozialisten [BdS])
P27-European Federalist Party of Austria (Europäische Föderalistische Partei Österreichs
P28-Democratic Progressive Party (Demokratische Fortschrittliche Partei [DFP])
P29-Communists and Left Socialists (Kommunisten und Linkssozialisten [KLS])
P30-Liberal Party of Austria (Liberale Partei Österreichs [LPÖ])
P31-Austrian Marxist-Leninist (Marxisten Leninisten Österreichs [MLÖ])
P32-National Democratic Party (Nationaldemokratische Partei [NDP])
P33-Adolf Glantschnig-For Humanity, Justice, and Freedom in Austria (Adolf Glantschnig-Fur
Menschlichkeit, Recht und Freiheit in Österreich [MRF])
P34-Offensive Left (Offensiv Links [OL])
P35-Animal Rights Party (Tierrechtspartei [TRP])
P36-Marxist Revolutionary Group (Gruppe Revolutionare Marxisten [GRM])
P37-Christian Social Consortium (Christlich-Soziale-Arbeitsgemeinschaft [CSA])
P38-United Greens of Austria (Vereinte Grune Österreichs [VGÖ]-Liste Tollmann)
P39-Austrian Alternative List (Alternative Liste Österreich [ALÖ])
P40-Autrian Party (Österreich-Partei [ÖP])
P41-Stop Foreigners Movement (Ausländer-Halt Bewegung [AUS])
P42-Green Alternative-Freda Meissner Blau List (Die Grüne Alternative-Liste Freda MeissnerBlau [GRÜNE])
P43-Green Alternative-Democratic List (Die Grüne Alternative-Demokratische Liste [GAL])
P44-Carinthian Green-United Greens of Austria-VÖGA-Independent Councils (Karntner GrüneVereinte Grüne Österreichs [VGÖ]-VÖGA-Unabhangige Gerneinderate)
P45-Action List “Mirreicht’s” (Aktionsliste “Mirreicht’s” [MIR])
P46-Green Alternative/Green in Parliament (Die Grüne Alternative/Grüne im Parliament)
P47-United Greens of Austria–Environmental Citizens’ Forum (Vereinte Grüne Österreichs [VGÖ]/Das Umwelt Burgerforum)
P48-Association of the Insured (Verband der Sozialversicherten [VDS])
P49-Christian Voters’ Association (Christliche- Wahlergemeinschaft [CWG])
P50-Christian Democratic Party (Christdemokratische Partei [CDP]
P51-Electoral Platform of the Horrors of Austria (Wahlplattform der Grauen Österreichs
P53-Liberal Forum-Heide Schmidt (Liberales Forum [LIF]-Heide Schmidt)
P54-United Greens of Austria-Adi Pinter List (Vereinte Grune Österreichs [VGÖ]-Liste Adi
P55- Citizens’ Greens of Austria-Free Democrats-The Liberal Association of the Insured
Citizens’ List and Independents (Bürgerliche Grüne Österreichs [BGÖ]-Freie Demokraten-Die
Liberalen Verband der Sozialversicherten Bürgerlisten und Unabhängigen)
P56-No–Citizens’ Initiative Against the Sale of Austria (Nein-Bürgerinitiative gegen den
Verkauf Österreichs [NEIN])
P57-Austrian Natural Law Party (Österreiche Naturgesetz-Partei [ÖNP])
P58-The Best Party (Die Beste Partei [DBP])
P59-Citizens’ Initiative Against the EU-Exit Now (Bürgerinitiative Nein zur EU-Austritt Jetzt
P60-The Independent-Lugner List (Die Unabhüngigen-Liste Lugner [DU])
P61-No to NATO and EU-Austrian Neutral Citizens’ Initiative (Nein zu NATO und EU [NEIN]Neutrales Österreich Bürgerinitiative)
P62-The Democrats (Die Demokraten)
P63-Socialist Left Party (Sozialistische Links Partei [SLP])
P64-Liberals (Liberal Forum) (Die Liberalen (Liberales Forum) [LIF])
P65-The Libertarians-List Westenthaler-Alliance for the Future of Austria (Die FreiheitlichenListe Westenthaler-Bündnis Zukunft Österreich [BZÖ])
P66-Dr. Martin List-For Democracy, Control, Justice (Liste Dr. Martin-Für Demokratie,
Kontrolle, Gerechtigkeit [MATIN])
P67-IVE Initiative 2000 (IVE Initiative 2000 [IVE])
P68-EU Withdrawal-Neutral Free Austira (EU-Austritt-Neutrales Freies Österreich [NFÖ])
P69-Strong List (Liste Stark) [STARK]
P70-Certainly-Absolutely-Independent, Franz Radinger (Sicher-Absolut-Unabhängig, Franz
Radinger [SAU])
P71-Socialist Left Party, List against Capitalism and Racism (Sozialistische Links Partei, Liste
gegen Kapitalismus und Rassismus [SLP])
P72-Alliance for the Future of Austria-Jörg Haider's List (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich [BZÖ]Liste Jörg Haider)
P73-Citizens' Forum Austria Fritz Dinkhauser's List (Bürgerforum Österreich Liste Fritz
Dinkhauser [FRITZ])
P74-The Christians (Die Christen [DC])
P75-Independent Citizens' Initiative Save Austria (Unabhängige Bürgerinitiative Rettet
Österreich [RETTÖ])
P76-Left Tirol (Linke Tirol) [LINKE Tirol]
P77-Dipl.-Ing. Karlheinz Klement (Dipl.-Ing. Karlheinz Klement [KHK])
P78-Left (Linke) [LINKE]
Seat data for the 1962 is not available.
DM is 0 if no seats are distributed in a district but are distributed at a higher tier.
1945: 165 seats were distributed in total with 8 seats distributed in the second tier as follows:
Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (3), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (2), and Austrian
Communist Party [KPO] (3).
1949: 165 seats were distributed in total with 21 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (7), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (6), Austrian
Communist Party-Linksblock [Linskblock] (3), Electoral Party of Independents [WdU] (5).
1953: 165 seats were distributed in total with 24 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (8), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (6), Electoral
Party of Independents [WdU] (7), and Austrian People’s Opposition [VO] (3).
1956: 165 seats were distributed in total with 18 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (6), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (6), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (4), and Communist and Socialist List [KuL] (2).
1959: 165 seats were distributed in total with 20 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (8), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (6), and Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (6).
1962: 165 seats were distributed in total with 148 seats distributed in the first tier as follows:
Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (76), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (70), and Freedom Party
of Austria [FPÖ] (2). The constituency level seat distribution for the first tier is not available
for this year. 17 seats were distributed in the second tier as follows: Austrian People’s Party
[ÖVP] (5), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (6), and Freedom Party of Austria [FPÖ] (6).
1966: 165 seats were distributed in total with 14 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (5), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (5), and Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (4).
1970: 165 seats were distributed in total with 14 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (6), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (5), and Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (3). (Notes: the electoral reform increasing the size of the legislative
seats in the Nationalrat from 165 to 183 was passed on November 27, 1970, after the 1970
The 1970 elections were repeated in 3 constituencies in Vienna on October 4, 1970. Results
did not affect the distribution of the legislative seats. Results are as follow:
Wien Innen-Ost: 47868 48045
5820 797
Wein Nordwest
53047 54152
6864 769
40937 114525 4863 2229 673
1971: 183 seats were distributed in total and 16 seats were distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (6), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (6), and Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (4). The number of districts was reduced until the 1994 elections from
25 to 9.
1975: 183 seats were distributed in total with 12 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (4), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (5), and Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (3).
1979: 183 seats were distributed in total with 14 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (4), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (6), and Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (4).
1983: 183 seats were distributed in total with 19 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (4), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (8), and Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (7).
1986: 183 seats were distributed in total with 21 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (8), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (5), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (5), and Green Alternative-List Freda Meissner-Blau [GRUNE] (3).
1990: 183 seats were distributed in total with 25 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (7), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (5), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (8), and Green Alternative-Greens in Parliament (5).
In 1992, electoral reform (went into effect in May 1993): divides the country into 9
provincial electoral districts that correSPÖnd to the country's 9 provinces; these districts
contain a further 43 regional electoral districts. Votes on Nationalrat elections are counted in
3 stages, although a voter casts only 1 ballot. On the ballot, voters indicate the party of their
choice, and then, if they wish, they may choose 2 candidates from this party: 1 to be elected
from the regional voting district and 1 from the provincial voting district.
1994: 183 seats were distributed in total with 69 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (14), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (18), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (21), Greens-Green Alternative (9), and Liberal Forum [LIF] (7). 23
seats were distributed in third tier as follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (6), Austrian
Socialist Party [SPÖ] (4), Freedom Party of Austria [FPÖ] (5), Greens-Green Alternative (4),
and Liberal Forum [LIF] (4).
1995: 183 seats were distributed in total with 63 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (16), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (18), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (19), Greens-Green Alternative (5), and Liberal Forum [LIF] (5). 23
seats were distributed in third tier as follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (5), Austrian
Socialist Party [SPÖ] (5), Freedom Party of Austria [FPÖ] (4), Greens-Green Alternative (4),
and Liberal Forum [LIF] (5).
1999: 183 seats were distributed in total. 53 seats distributed in the second tier as follows:
Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (13), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (14), Freedom Party of
Austria [FPÖ] (17), and Greens-Green Alternative [Die Grune Alternative] (9). 28 seats
were distributed in third tier as follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (7), Austrian
Socialist Party [SPÖ] (10), Freedom Party of Austria [FPÖ] (6), and Greens-Green
Alternative [Die Grune Alternative] (5).
2002: 183 seats were distributed in total with 56 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (13), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (16), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (15), and Greens-Green Alternative [Die Grune Alternative] (12). 22
seats were distributed in third tier as follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (7), Austrian
Socialist Party [SPÖ] (7), Freedom Party of Austria [FPÖ] (3), and Greens-Green Alternative
2006: 183 seats were distributed in total with 69 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (23), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (17), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (12), Greens-Green Alternative (14), and Alliance for the Future of
Austria [BZÖ] (3). 30 seats were distributed in third tier as follows: Austrian People’s Party
[ÖVP] (7), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (7), Freedom Party of Austria [FPÖ] (7), GreensGreen Alternative (5), and Alliance for the Future of Austria [BZÖ] (4).
2008: 183 seats were distributed in total with 77 seats distributed in the second tier as
follows: Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP] (14), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (17), Freedom
Party of Austria [FPÖ] (19), Greens-Green Alternative (15), and Alliance for the Future of
Austria [BZÖ] (12). 34 seats were distributed in third tier as follows: Austrian People’s
Party [ÖVP] (8), Austrian Socialist Party [SPÖ] (9), Freedom Party of Austria [FPÖ] (7),
Greens-Green Alternative (5), and Alliance for the Future of Austria [BZÖ] (5).
Political Parties:
p224-CD&V NVA
Senate data entered at the province rather than district level
Only the party acronymns are reported. According to the Belgian government, parties are
registered under only their acronyms, making is very difficult to accurately identify the
parties’ full names.
Political Parties:
P1-Independent Candidate [IND]
P2-National Liberal Party [NLP]
P3-Progressive Labour Party [PLP]
P4-United Bermuda Party [UBP]
Political Parties:
P1-Bolivian Democratic Party (Partido Democrático Boliviano [PDB]
P2-Axis of Homeland Convergence (Eje de Convergencia Patriótica [EJE])
P3-United Left (Izquierda Unida.[IU])
P4-Democratic Nationalist Action (Acción Democrática Nacionalista [ADN])
P5-Nationalist Revolutionary Movement (Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario [MNR])
P6-Unity of Civic Solidarity (Unidad Cívica Solidaridad [UCS])
P7-Socialist Vanguard of Bolivia (Vanguardia Socialista de Bolivia [VSB])
P8-Conscious of the Homeland (Conciencia de Patria [CONDEPA])
P9-Movement of the Revolutionary Left (Movimiento de la Izquierda Revolucionaria [MIR])
P10-Free Bolivia Movement (Movimiento Bolivia Libre [MBL])
P11-Unity of Civic Solidarity-Bolivian Socialist Falange (Unidad Cívica Solidaridad-Falange
Socialista Boliviana [UCS-FSB])
P12-New Republican Power (Nueva Fuerza Republicana [NFR])
P13-Citizens Movement for Change (Movimiento Ciudadano para el Cambio [MCC])
P14-Movement of the Revolutionary Left-New Majority (Movimiento de la Izquierda
Revolucionaria [MIR]-Nueva Mayoría [NM] [MIR-NM])
P15-Movement toward Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo [MAS])
P16-Indigenous Pachakuti Movement (Movimiento Indígena Pachakuti [MIP])
P17-Nationalist Revolutionary Movement-Free Bolivia Movement (Movimiento Nacionalista
Revolucionario [MNR] - Movimiento Bolivia Libre [MBL] [MNR-MBL])
P18-Socialist Party (Partido Socialista [PS])
P19-Liberty and Justice (Libertad y Justicia [LJ])
P20-Tupak Katari Revolutionary Movement (Movimiento Revolucionario Tupak Katari
P21-Civic Popular Action (Acción Cívica Popular [ACP])
P22-Tupaj Katari Revolutionary Movement of Liberation (Movimiento Revolucionario Tupaj
Katari de Liberación [MRTKL])
P23-Nationalist Revolutionary Vanguard Movement “April 9” (Movimiento Nacionalista
Revolucionario Vanguardia “9 de abril” [MNRV])
P24-Humanist Revolutionary Action (Acción Humanista Revolucionaria [AUR])
P25-Nationaist Revolutionary Movement of the Left (Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario
de Izquierda [MNRI])
P26-National Renewal Alliance (Alianza Renovadora Nacional [ARENA])
P27-Revolutionary Workers’ Party (Partido Obrero Revolucionario [POR])
P28-Bolivian Socialist Falange (Falange Socialista Boliviana [FSB])
P29-Front of the United People (Frente del Pueblo Unido [FPU])
P30-Christian Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Cristiano [PDC])
P31-National Progressive Front (Fuerza Nacional Progresista [FNP])
P32-Socialist Party-1 (Partido Socialista - Uno [PS-1])
P33-Nationalist Revolutionary Movement of the Left - 1 (Movimiento Nacionalista
Revolucionario de Izquierda - Uno [MNR1])
P34-Unity Front of Katarist Liberation (Frente Único de Liberación Katarista [FULKA])
P35-Movement of the National Left (Movimiento de Izquierda Nacional [MIN])
P36-National Organization of Independents (Organización Nacional de Independientes [INDEP])
P37-Revolutionary Vanguard “April 9” (Vanguardia Revolucionaria “9 de abril” [VR-9])
P38-Renewal Bolivian Alliance (Alianza Renovadora Boliviana [ARBOL])
P39-Katarist Nactional Movement (Movimiento Katarista Nacional [MKN]
P40-Patriotic Agreement (Acuerdo Patriótico [AP])
P41-National Revolutionary Movement - Tupaj Katari Revolutionary Movement of Liberation
(Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario (MNR) - Movimiento RevolucionarioTupaj Katari
de Liberación (MRTKL) [MNR-MRTKL])
P42-Alternative of Democratic Socialism (Alternativa del Socialismo Democrático [ASD])
P43-Federalist Democratic Movement (Movimiento Federalista Democrático [MFD])
Seat data are not available for the following elections: 1985, 1997 and 2002 plurinominal
There is an error in original electoral commission data for 1997 in district 24. Votes do not
add up to district total vote (dtv). The data included in the dataset for that district is the sum
of the total votes not the dtv as indicated in the original data.
Political Parties:
P1-Women of BiH (Žena BiH)
P2-Bosniak Party (Bosanska stranka [BOSS])
P3-Bosnia-Herzegovina Patriot Party (Bosanskohercegovačka Patriotska Stranka [BPS])
P4-Civic Democratic Party of BiH (Građanska Demokratska Stranka BiH [GDS BiH])
P5-Democratic People’s Community (Demokratska Narodna Zajednica BiH [DNZ])
P6-Croatian Party of Rights (Hrvatska Stranka Prava [HSP])
P7-Liberal Bosniak Organization BiH (LBO BiH)
P8-Liberals of BiH (Liberali BiH)
P9-Party for BiH (Stranka za BiH [S Bih])
P10-Democratic Action Party (Stranka Demokratske Akcije [SDA])
P11-Party of Economic Prosperity of BiH (Stranka Privrednog Prosperiteta [SPP BiH ZENICA])
P13-United List of Bosnia Herzegovina (Združená Lista BiH)
P14-Democratic Patriotic Bloc of the Republic of Serbia (Demokratski Patriotski Blok Republike
Srpske [DPBRS])
P15-People’s Party for the Republic of Serbia (Narodna Stranka Republike Srpske)
P16-People’s Union for Peace (Narodni Savez za Slobodan MIR)
P17-Serb Patriotic Party (Srpska Patriotska Stranka [SPAS])
P18-Serbian Democratic Party (Srpska Demokratska Stranka [SDS])
P19-Serbian Radical Party of Republic of Serbia (Srpska Radikalna Stranka Republike Srpske
P20-Party of Serbian Unity [SSJ]
P21-Croatian Peasant’s Party of BiH (Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka BiH [HSS BiH])
P22-Bosnian Greens (Bosanski Zeleni [BZ])
P23-Liberal-Social Party (Liberalno-Socijalna Partika BiH)
P24-Coalition for a United and Democratic BiH (Koalicija za Cjelovitu i Demokratsku BiH)
P25-Social Democratic Party BiH (Socijaldemokratska Partija SDP BiH)
P26-Coalition of the Center (Koalicija Centra)
P27-Democratic Pensioner’s Party (Demokratska Stranka Penzionera [DSP])
P28-Bosnian Party of Rights BiH (Bošnjačka Stranka Prava [BSP BiH])
P29-Social Democrats BiH (Socijaldemokrati BiH)
P30-Social Democrats RS-BiH (Socijaldemokrati RS-BiH)
P31-Muslim Bosnian Organization (Muslimansko Bošnjačka Organizacija [MBO])
P32-Movement for Change BiH (Pokret za Promjene Bosne i Hercegovine)
P33-Croatian Democratic Community BiH (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica [HDZ BiH]
P34-Pensioners’ Party of BiH (Stranka Penzionera-Umirovljenika BiH)
P35-Democratic Party of Invalids (Demokratska Stranka Invalida BiH [DSI BiH])
P36-Croatian People’s Community (Hrvatska Narodna Zajednica [HNZ]
P37-Democratic Party RS (Demokratska Stranka RS)
P38-Serbian Coalition of the Republic of Srpska (Srpska Koalicija Republiku Srpsku)
P39-Greens of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Zeleni Bosne i Hercegovine [Zeleni BiH])
P40-Yugoslav Left (Jugoslovenska Ljevica [JUL])
P41-Serbian Patriotic Front (Srpski Otadzbinski Front)
P42-Socialist Party (Socijalistička Partija [SP])
P43-Sloga Coalition [SLOGA]
P44-SDS List [SDS Lista]
P45-Pensioner’s Party of the Republic of Srpska (Penzionerska Stranka Republike Srpske)
P46-For the King and the Fatherland (Koalicija za Kralja Otadzbinu)
P47-For the King and the Fatherland-Serbian Monarchist Alliance (Za Kralja i Otadzbinu-Srpski
Monarhistički Savez)
P48-Party for Yugoslavia (Stranka za Jugoslaviju)
P49-Serbian Peasant’s Party (Srpska Seljaka Stranka [SSS])
P51-Frontiersmen (Kraji Nici)
P52-Radical Fatherland Front (Radikalni Otadzbinski Front Nik.)
P53-Socialist Party of the Republic of Srpska (Socijalisticka Partija Republike Srpske [SPRS])
P54-Political Independent Club of BiH (Politicki Klub Nezavisnih BiH)
P55-New Croatian Initiative-Croatian Christian Democratic Union (Nova Hrvatska InicijativaHrvatska Krščanska Deomokratska Unija [NHI-HKDU])
P56-Serbian People Alliance RS - Bilijana Plavšič (Srpska Narodni Savez Republike SrpskeBilijana Plavšič
P57-Borko Deaji [Independent Candidate]
P58-Serbian Renewal Movement (Srpske Pokret Obnove [SPO])
P59-Todorovi Radenko [Independent Candidate]
P60-Democratic Party from Banja Luku and Krajinu (Demokratska Stranka za Banja Luku i
P61-Democratic Center of the Republic of Srpska (Demokratski Centar RS)
P62-Alliance of Independent Social Democrats-Milorad Dodik (Savez Nezavisnih
Socijaldemokrata [SNSD]-Milorad Dodik)
P63-Serbian Democratic Party-Serbian Land (Srpska Democratska Stranka [SDS]-Srpskih
P64-Political Movement of Youth BiH (Politički Pokret Mladih BiH)
P65-Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (Savez Nezavisnih Socijaldemokrata [SNSD])
P66-Radical Party of the Republic of Serbia (Radikalna Stranka Republike Srpske)
P67-Milosava Jakovljevi [Independent Candidate]
P68-Serbain Peasant Party (Srpska Seljacka Stranka)
P69-People’s Radical Party (Narodna Radikalna Stranka)
P70-BH-Free Democrats (BH-Slobodni Demokrati)
P71-(Bosansko Podrinjska Narodna Stranka [BPNS])
P72-Bosnia-Herzegovina Patriot Party Sefer Halilovič (Bosanskohercegovačka Patriotska
Stranka [BPS]-Sefer Halilovič)
P73-Bosnia-Herzegovina Party of Rights (Bosanskohercegovačka Stranka Prava)
P74-Democratic People’s Union (Demokratski Narodni Savez [DNS])
P75-European Ecology Party (Evropska Ekološka Stranka [E-5])
P76-HDZ-Croatian Coalition-HNZ, HSP (HDZ-Hrvatska Koalicija-HNZ, HSP)
P77-Croatian Unity (Hrvatsko Zajedništvo)
P78-HSP Đapić-Jurišić and NHI-Coalition for Emancipation (HSP Đapić-Jurišić i NHI-Koalicija
za Jednakopravnost)
P79-(Kongresna Narodna Stranka Zaštite Prava Boraca i Građana-Pravde i Morala BiH)
P80-Liberal Democratic Party of BiH (Liberalno Demokratska Stranka Bosne i Hercegovine)
P81-Bosnian People’s Party (Narodna Bošnjačka Stranka)
P82-People’s Party Work for Betterment (Narodna Stranka Radom za Boljitak)
P83-Partiotic Block-SDU BiH (Patriotski Blok Boss-SDU BiH)
P84-Party of Democratic Progress of the Republic of Srpska (Partija Demokratskog Progresa
Republike Srpske [PDP RS])
P85-Democratic Serbian Movement (DEPOS-Demokratski Pokret Srpske)
P86-Dr. Mihajlo Tovirac [Independent Candidate]
P87-Serbian Democratic Party (Demokratska Stranka Srpske [DSS])
P88-HDZ-Croatian Coalition-HNZ (HDZ-Hrvatska Koalicija–HNZ)
P89-Croatian Coalition for Emancipation NHI-HDZ-HSP Đ. J.-Hnz (Hrvatska Koalicija za
Jednakopravnost NHI-HDZ-HSP Đ. J.-Hnz)
P90-New Serbian Power (Nova Snaga Srpske)
P91-Independent Democratic Party (Nezavisna Demokratska Stranka)
P92-Pensioner’s Party of the Republic of Srpska and People’s Democratic Party (Penzionerska
Stranka Republike Srpske i Narodna Demokratska Stranka)
P93-Saša Ilić [Independent Candidate]
P94-Serbian Radical Party Dr Vojislav Šešelj Bijeljin (Srpska Radikalna Stranka Dr. Vojislav
Šešelj Bijeljina)
All independent candidates are not included under p12 (Independent). Wherever possible the
name of the person is specified.
Political Parties:
P1-Botswanan Alliance Movement [BAM]
P2-Botswana Congress Party [BCP]
P3-Botswana Democratic Party [BDP]
P4-Botswana National Front [BNF]
P6-Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin [MELS]
P7-Social Democratic Party [SDP]
The original electoral data report “constituency results,” as well as “polling district results.”
The latter, however, consists of votes that are not included in the former. The numbers
included in the CLE dataset are based on the “constituency results”
The original data also lists SDP as competing in the 1999 elections, but does not list it as
winning any votes in the “constituency results,” only in the “polling districts.”
Political Parties:
P1-Federation of Open Business–Union Bulgaria (Federatsya na Svobodniya Biznes-S’uz
P2-Bulgaria Forward Movement (Dvizhenie “Napred B’lgariya” [DNB]; ДВИЖЕНИЕ
P3-Coalition for Bulgaria* (Koalitsia za B’lgariya; КОАЛИЦИЯ ЗА БЪЛГАРИЯ)
P4-SDN “Granite” (SDN “Granit” [SDNG]; СДН “ГРАНИТ” [СДНГ])
P5-Chamber of Experts (Kamara na Ekspertite [KE]; КАМАРА НА ЕКСПЕРТИТЕ [KE])
P6-National Movement of Simeon II (Natsionalno Dvizhenie Simeon Vtori [NDSV];
P7-Worthy Bulgaria Coalition (Koalitsiya “Dostoina B’lgariya” [KDB]; КОАЛИЦИЯ
P8-Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (Demokrati za Silna B’lgariya [DSB]; ДЕМОКРАТИ ЗА
P9-NK “Long Live Bulgaria!” (NK “Da Zhivei B’lgariya” [NKDZB]; НК “ДА ЖИВЕЙ
P10-PD “Evroroma” (PD “Evroroma” [PDE]; ПД “ЕВРОРОМА [ПДЕ])
P11-Coalition of the Rose (Koalitsiya na Rozata [KR-BSD-NDPS-OBT]; КОАЛИЦИЯ НА
P12-Union of Free Democrats, Agrarian Union-People's Union [BZNS], BMRO-Bulgarian
National Movement-Coalition “Bulgarian People’s Union” (S’uz na Svobodnite Demokrati,
BZNS-Naroden S’uz, BMRO-B’lgarsko Natsionalno Dvizhenie-Koalitsiya “B’lgarski Naroden
P13-New Time (Novoto Vreme [NV]; НОВОТО ВРЕМЕ [HB])
P14-Ataka Coalition (Koalitsiya “Ataka” [KA]; КОАЛИЦИЯ “АТАКА” [KA])
P16-United Party of Pensioners in Bulgaria (Obedinena Partya na Pensionerite v B’lgariya
P17-Movement for Rights and Freedoms [MRF] (Dvizhenie za Prava i Svobodi [DPS];
P18-Bulgarian Christian Coalition [BCC] (B’lgarska Hristiyanska Koalitsiya [BHK];
P19-Union of Democratic Forces-Democratic Party-Movement “Gergovden”-BZNS NS-BZNS,
DROM (S’uz na Demokratichnite Sili, Demokraticheska Partiya, Dvizhenie “Gerg’ovden,”
P20-N.Z.P. “Nikola Petkov” (N.Z.P. “Nikola Petkov” [NZPNP]; Н.З.П. “НИКОЛА ПЕТКОВ”
P21-Party of Free Democrats [PSD] (Partiya na Svobodnite Demokrati [PSD]; ПАРТИЯ НА
P22-Homeland (Roden Krai [RK]; РОДЕН КРАЙ [PK])
P23-Independent (Nezavissim; НЕЗАВИСИМ)
P24-Bulgarian National Radical Party (B’lgarska Natsionalno-Radikalna Partiya [BNRP];
P25-Union of the Democratic Forces (S’uz na Demokratichnite Sili [SDS]; СЪЮЗ НА
P26-Patriotic Union (Patriotichen S’uz [PS]; ПАТРИОТИЧЕН СЪЮЗ [ПС])
P27-“New Choice” Union (S’uz “Nov Izbor” [SNI]; СЪЮЗ “НОВ ИЗБОР” [СНИ])
P28-People’s Union: BAPU-DP (Naroden S’uz: BZNS-DP [NS: BZNS-DP]; НАРОДЕН
P29-Union of Non-partisan Guarantors (S’uz na Bezpartinite Garanti [SBG]; СЪЮЗ НА
P30-Democratic Party in Bulgaria (Demokraticheskaya Partiya v B’lgaria; [DPB]
P31-”Bulgarian Eagle” Party (Partiya “B’lgarski Orel” [PBO]; ПАРТИЯ “БЪЛГАРСКИ
P32-Movement for Defense of Retired, Unemployed and Socially Weak Citizens (Dvizheniye za
Zaschita na Pensioner, Bezrabotni i Sotsial’no Slabi Grajdani [DZPBSSG]; ДВИЖЕНИЕ ЗА
P33-Organization of Citizens with Heart Diseases and of Socially Weak Citizens in Bulgaria
(Organizatsiya na S’erdechno Bolnote i Sotsialno Slabite Grazhdan v B’lgaria [OSBSBGB];
P34-Bulgarian Revolutionary Youth Party (B’lgarska Revolutsionna Mladejka Partia [BRMP];
P35-Union of the Democratic Parties and Movements “Era-3” (S’uz na Demokratichne Partii i
P36-People's Liberal Party “Stefan Stambolov” (Narodnoliberalna Partiya “Stefan Stambolov”
P37-Bulgarian Business Block (B’lgarski Biznes Blok [BBB]; БЪЛГАРСКИ БИЗНЕС БЛОК
P38-Union of the Monarchist Forces “Tsardom Bulgaria” (S’uz na Monarhicheskite Sili
P39-Union of Bulgarian Communities (S’uz na B’lgarskite Obschnosti [SBO]; СЪЮЗ НА
P40-Union Justice (S’uz Spravedlivosti [SS]; СЪЮЗ СПРАВЕДЛИВОСТ [CC])
P41-Bulgarian National Union (B’lgarski Natsionalen S’uz [BNS]; БЪЛГАРСКИ
P42-“Transfiguration” Forum (Forum “Preobrazhenie” [FP]; ФОРУМ “ПРЕОБРАЖЕНИЕ”
P43-Free Cooperation Party (Svobdona Kooperativna Partiya [SKP]; СВОБОДНА
P44-Front of the Progressive Forces in Bulgaria (Front na Progresivnite Sili v B’lgaria [FPSB];
P45-Coalition-BSP, BAPU “Al. Stamboliyski” and PC “Ecoglasnost” (Koalitsiya-BSP, BZNS
“Al. Stamboliyiski” i PK “Ekoglasnost”; КОАЛИЦИЯ-БСП, БЗНС “АЛ.
P46-Christian Democratic Union (Hristiyandemokratichen S’uz [HS];
P47-Union for Socialism (Ob’edinenie za Sotsializm [OS]; ОБЕДИНЕНИЕ ЗА
P48-Bulgarian League for Defence of Human and Citizen Rights (B’lgarska Liga za Zachita
Pravata na Choveka i Grajdanina [BLZPCG]; БЪЛГАРСКА ЛИГА ЗА ЗАЩИТА
P49-National Movement for Crowned Democracy “Tsardom Bulgaria” (Natsionalno Dvijenie za
Koronovana Demokratsiya “Tsarstvo B’lgaria” [NDKDTB]; НАЦИОНАЛНО ДВИЖЕНИЕ
P50-Party of Democratic Changes (Partiya na Demokratichnite Promeni [PDP]; ПАРТИЯ НА
P51-Federation Tsardom Bulgaria (Federatsiya Tsarstvo B’lgaria [FTB]; ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ
P52-Democratic Party of Justice (Demokraticheska Partiya na Spravedlivosta [DPnS];
P53-Free Democratic Party (Svobodna Demokraticheska Partiya [SvDP]; СВОБОДНА
P54-Bulgarian Communist Party (B’lgarska Komunisticheska Partiya [BKP]; БЪЛГАРСКА
P55-Confederation BAPU-National Block “Tirnovo Constitution” (Konfederatsiya BZNSNatsionalen Blok “T’rnovska Konstitutsiya” [KBZNSNBTK]; КОНФЕДЕРАЦИЯ БЗНСНАЦИОНАЛЕН БЛОК “ТЪРНОВСКА КОНСТИТУЦИЯ” [КБЗНС-НБТК])
P56-Union of the Free Democrats (S’uz na Svobodnite Demokrati [SSD]; СЪЮЗ НА
P57-Party of the Owners in Bulgaria (Partiya na Sobstvenitsite v B’lgaria [PSB]; ПАРТИЯ НА
P58-Bulgarian Fatherland Party-“National Union” (B’lgarska Otechestvena Partiya-“Natsionalen
P59-Democratic Party of Labor (Demokratichna Partiya na Truda [DPT]; ДЕМОКРАТИЧНА
P60-Political Alliance “Democratic Alternative for the Republic” (Politicheski s’uz
“Demmokratichna Alternative za Respublikata” [PSDAR]; ПОЛИТИЧЕСКИ СЪЮЗ
P61-Bulgarian Party for the United States of Europe and the World (B’lgarska Demokraticheska
Partiya za Evropeyiski i Svetovni Schati [BDPESS]; БЪЛГАРСКА ДЕМОКРАТИЧЕСКА
P62-Bulgarian Worker-Peasant Party (B’lgarska Rabotnichesko-Selska Partiya [BR-SP];
P63-Republican Party in Bulgaria (Respublikanska Partiya v B’lgaria [RPB];
P64-Bulgarian Workers’ Social Democratic Party (B’lgarska Rabotnicheska
Sotsialdemokraticheska Partiya [BRSP]; БЪЛГАРСКА РАБОТНИЧЕСКА
P65-Coalition for Bulgaria - BSP (Koalitsia za B’lgariya - BSP [CB-BSP]; КОАЛИЦИЯ ЗА
P66-Party “Unity” (Partiya “Edinenie” [PE]; ПАРТИЯ “ЕДИНЕНИЕ” [ПЕ])
P67-Movement “Civic Initiative:” MCI-UDF (Dvijenie “Grajdanska Initsiativa:” DGI-SDS
P68-Bulgarian Agrarian People’s Union-Center [BAPU-Center] (B’lgarski Zemledelski Naroden
P69-Bulgarian National Movement of the Eternal Road (B’lgarsko Natsionalno Dvijenie na
P70-Union of the Nation-Movement of the Deprived (Obedinenie na Natsiyata-Dvijenie na
P71-Liberal Forum (Liberalen Forum [LF]; ЛИБЕРАЛЕН ФОРУМ [ЛФ])
P72-New Democracy (Nova Demokratsiya [ND]; НОВА ДЕМОКРАЦИЯ [HД])
P73-Bulgarian Green Federation (B’lgarska Zelena Federatsiya [BZF]; БЪЛГАРСКА ЗЕЛЕНА
P74-Bulgarian National Ecological Party-Veliko Turnovo (B’lgarska Natsionalna Ekologichna
P75-Democratic League (Demokraticheska Leaga [DL]; ДЕМОКРАТИЧЕСКА ЛИГА [ДЛ])
P76-Union for Democratic Development [UDD] (S’uz za Demokratichno Razvitie [SDR];
P77-Bulgarian National Democratic Party (B’lgarska Natsionalna Demokraticheska Partiya
P79-“Bulgaria Ahead” Coalition (Kolaitsiya “Napred B’lgariya” [KNB]; КОАЛИЦИЯ
P80-People’s Patriotic Left Front (Naroden Patriotichen Lyav Front [NPLF]; НАРОДЕН
P81-Christian Democratic Union (Hristiyandemokratichen S’uz [HS];
P82-Unity for the Tzar (Obedinenie za Tsaria [OT]; ОБЕДИНЕНИЕ ЗА ЦАРЯ [ОЦ])
P84-Bulgarian Workers Socialist Party (B’lgarska Rabotnicheska Sotsialisticheska Partiya
P85-Democratic Left-BSP, PC “Ecoglasnost” (Demokratichna Levitsa-BSP, PK “Ekoglasnost”
P86-Crowned Democracy (Koronovana Demokratsiya [KD]; КОРОНОВАНА ДЕМОКРАЦИЯ
P87-Party of the Bulgarian Women (Partiya na B’lgarskite Zheni [BPZ]; ПАРТИЯ НА
P88-Union For National Salvation-BAPU-Nikola Petkov, Movement for Rights and Freedoms,
Green Party, Party of the Democratic Center, New Choice, Federation Kingdom of Bulgaria
(Obedinenie za Natsionalno Spassenie-BZNS –Nikola Petkov, Dvijenie za Prava I Svobodi,
Zelena Partiya, Partiya na Demokratichniya Tsentr’, Nov Izbor, Federatsiya Tsarstvo
P89-Bulgarian Party Liberals (B’lgarska Partiya Liberali [BPL]; БЪЛГАРСКА ПАРТИЯ
P90-Alliance for the Preservation of the Wealth of Bulgaria (Obedinenie za Zapzvane na
P91-Alternative Social-Liberal Party (Alternativna Sotsialliberalna Partiya [ASP];
P92-Bulgarian Communist Party “Fatherland” (B’lgarska Komunisticheska Partiya “Rodina”
P93-Bulgarian Euroleft, BUSDP-United Socialdemocrats, BAPU (B’lgarska Evrolevitsa,
BESDP-Obedineni Sotsialdemokrati, BZNS [BE-BESDP-OS-BZNS]; БЪЛГАРСКА
P94-Bulgarian National Party “Social Union” (B’lgarska Natsionalna Partiya “Sotsialen Souz”
P95-Bulgarian Workers' Party (Communists) (B’lgarska Rabotnicheska Partiya (Kommunisti)
P96-Coalition “National Union Tzar Kiro” (Kolaitsiya “Natsionalno Obedinenie Tzar Kiro”
P97-Coalition “Simeon II” (Koalitsiya “Simeon II” [KS]; КОАЛИЦИЯ “СИМЕОН II” [KC])
P98-Fatherland Party of Labor (Otechestvena Partiya na Truda [OPT]; ОТЕЧЕСТВЕНА
P99-George Day-IMRO (Geor’ovden-VMRO [G-VMRO]; ГЕРГЬОВДЕН-ВМРО [Г-ВМРО])
P100-George Ganchev's Block (Blok na George Ganchev [BGG]; БЛОКЪТ НА ЖОРЖ
P101-MRF-Liberal Union-EuroRoma (DPS-Liberalen S’uz-Evroroma [DPS-LSE]; ДПСЛИБЕРАЛЕН СЪЮЗ-ЕВРОРОМА [ДПС-ЛСЕ)
P102-National Union for Tzar Simeon II (Natsionalno Obedinenie za Tzar Simeon II [NOTS];
P103-Nu Fatherland and Left (NS Otechestvo i Levitsa [NSOL]; НС ОТЕЧЕСТВО И ЛЕВИЦА
P104-Party of the Workers' and Socialdemocratic Intelligentsia (Partiya na Rabotnitsite i
Sotsialdemokraticheskata Intelliguentsiya [PRSI]; ПАРТИЯ НА РАБОТНИЦИТЕ И
P105-PATRIOTISM 2000 (Rodolubie 2000; РОДОЛЮБИЕ 2000)
P106-Union of Patriotic Forces and Reserve Soldiers “Defense” (S’uz na Patriotichnite Sili i
Voinite ot Zapassa “Zaschita” [SPSIVZZ]; СЪЮЗ НА ПАТРИОТИЧНИТЕ СИЛИ И
P107-United Agrarian Forces [UAF]-National League-BAPU and BAPU “Nikola Petkov”
(Obedineni Zemledelski Sili (Ozs)-Natsionlano Sdruzhenie-BZNS i BZNS “Nikola Petkov”
P108-Social Liberal Movement “Justice” (Sotsialno-Liberalno Dvijenie “Spravedlivost” [SLDS];
P109-National Movement for New Era (Natsionalno Dvizhenie za Nova Era [NDNE];
P110-Party of the Middle Class (B’lgarska Sredna Klassa [BSK]; БЪЛГАРСКА СРЕДНА
P111-National Party of Labor, Private Owners, Producers and Creators [NPLPOPC]
(Natsionalna Partiya na Truda, Chastnite Sobstvenitsi, Proizvoditelite i Tvortsite [NPTHSPT];
P112-Bulgarian National Front (B’lgarski Natsionalen Front [BNF]; БЪЛГАРСКИ
P113-Union Bulgaria (S’uz B’lgariya [SB]; СЪЮЗ БЪЛГАРИЯ [СБ])
P114-Movement for Defense of Retired, Unemployed and Socially Weak Citizens-Front of the
Progressive Forces in Bulgaria (Dvizheniye za Zaschita na Pensioner, Bezrabotni i Sotsial’no
Slabi Grajdani-Front na Progresivnite Sili v B’lgaria [DZPBSSG-FPSB]; ДВИЖЕНИЕ ЗА
P115-United Democratic Forces-People’s Union, BSDP and National MRF (Obedineni
Coalition for Bulgaria Members:
• Bulgarian Socialist Party [BSP] (Bulgarska Sotsialisticheska Partiya [BPS]; [ПБС])
• (PBS; ПБС)
• PD-Social Democrats (PD-Sotzialdemokrati; ПД-СОЦИАЛДЕМОКРАТИ)
• (P. “Roma”; П. “РОМА”)
• (KPB; КПБ)
• Bulgarian Agrarian National Union [BZNS]-Aleksandar Stamboliyski (Bulgarski Zemedelski
Naroden Sayuz [BZNS]-Aleksandar Stamboliiski; БЗНС-АЛ. СТАМБОЛИЙСКИ)
Political Parties:
P1-Abolitionist Party of Canada
P2-Bloc Populaire
P3-Bloc Québécois
P4-Canada Party
P5-Canadian Action Party
P6-Canadian Alliance
P7-Canadian Economic Community
P8-Canadian Party for Renewal
P9-Capital Familial
P11-Christian Heritage Party
P13-Confederation of Regions Western Party
P15-Esprit Social
P16-Farmer-Labour Party
P17-Green Party
P18-Groupement Socialiste des Travailleurs du Québec
P19-Independant Parti Rhinocéros
P21-Independent Conservative
P22-Independent Liberal
P23-Independent Progressive Conservative
P24-Independent Social Credit
P26-Labour Progressive
P30-Marijuana Party
P31-Marxist-Leninist Party
P32-National Party of Canada
P34-Natural Law Party
P36-New Capitalist Party
P37-No affiliation
P38-Ouvrier Independent
P39-Parti Communiste Ouvrier
P40-Parti de la Démocratisation Économique
P41-Parti Nationaliste du Québec
P42-Parti Rhinocéros
P43-Party for the Commonwealth of Canada
P44-Progressive Conservative
P45-Ralliement Créditiste
P46-Reform Party
P47-Republican Party of Canada
P48-Social Credit
P50-Socialist Labour
P51-Union des Électeurs
P52-Union Populaire
P54-All Canadian Party
P55-Canadian Democrat
P56-Candidat Libérale des Électeurs
P57-Christian Liberal
P59-Cooperative Builders of Canada
P60-Droit Vital Personnel
P62-Franc Liberal
P64-Indépendantiste Indépendant
P65-Independent Canadian
P66-Independent CCF
P67-Independent Labour
P68-Labour Socialist
P69-Liberal 02
P70-Liberal-Conservative Coalition
P71-National Credit Control
P72-National Socialist
P73-Parti de la Confederation
P74-Parti Ouvrier Canadien
P75-Parti Rhinocéros Indépendant
P77-Progressive Workers Movement
P78-Radical Chrétien
P79-Ralliement Créditiste Indépendant
P80-Revolutionary Marxist
P81-Socialist Action
P82-Trade Union
P83-Unité National
P84-Whte Nationalist
P88-Liberal Ouvrier
P89-New Canada Party
P90-Canadian Party of Renewal
In the original data the results for Burin-Burgeo (1957) and Terrebonne (1953) are blank.
Political Parties:
P1-Democratic Aliance M-19 (Alianza Democratica M-19 [AD-M19])
P2-National Popular Alliance (Alianza Nacional Popular [ANAPO])
P3-Indigenous Authorities of Colombia (Autoridades Indígenas de Colombia)
P4-Civic Ecology (Cívico Ecológico)
P5-Coalition (Coalición)
P6-Colombain Communist Party (Comunista Colombiano)
P7-Colombian Conservatice Party (Conservador Colombiano [PCC])
P8-Movement of Socialist Renovation (Corriente de Renovación Socialista)
P9-Education, Work and Social Change (Educación,Trabajo y Cambio Social)
P10-Independent Civic Popular Front (Frente Independencía Cívico Popular [FICIP])
P11-Independent Front of Hope (Independente Frente de Esperanza [FE])
P12-Columbian Liberal Party (Liberal Colombiano [PLC])
P13-Movement of April 19th (Movimiento de 19 de Abril)
P14-Colombian Agricultural and Livestock Movement (Movimiento Agropecuario Colombiano
P15-Movement of the Social Indigenous Allaince (Movimiento Alianza Social Indigena ASI)
P16-Movement of Alernative Democracy (Movimiento Alternativa Democratica)
P17-Movement of the Liberal Orientation (Movimiento Apertura Liberal)
P18-Arena Movement (Movimiento Arena)
P19-C4 Movement (Movimiento C4)
P20-Citizens’ Movement in Formation (Movimiento Ciudadanos en Formación)
P21-Civic Independent Movement (Movimiento Cívico Independiente [MCI])
P22-Movement of Civic Rigor for Colombia (Movimiento Cívico Seriedad por Colombia)
P23-Movement of Columbia-My Nation (Movimiento Colombia Mi País )
P24-Movement of Colombian Collective Mission (Movimiento Colombia Misión Colectiva )
P25-Movement of Civic National Agreement (Movimiento Concertación Cívica Nacional)
P26-Independent Conservative Movement (Movimiento Conservatismo Independiente )
P27-Citizens Convergence Movement (Movimiento Convergencia Ciudadana )
P28-Popular Civic Convergence Movement (Movimiento Convergencia Popular Cívica)
P29-Democratic Renewal Movement (Movimiento Renovación Democratica [MRD])
P30-Movement of Regional Integration (Movimiento de Integración Regional [IR])
P31-Movement of Population Participation (Movimiento de Participación Popular)
P32-Movement of Citizens’ Defence (Movimiento Defensa Ciudadana)
P33-Collective Movemement–Renewal Pol. En. (Movimiento el Colectivo-Renovación Pol. En.)
P34-Colombian Power Movement (Movimiento Fuerza Colombia )
P35-Humbertist Movement (Movimiento Humbertista)
P36-Indigenous Movement of Colombia (Movimiento Indígena Colombiano [MIC] )
P37-Democratic Integration Movement (Movimiento Integración Democratica )
P38-Moir Movement (Movimiento Moir)
P39-National Movement of Pensioners and the Elderly (Movimiento National de Pensionados y
Tercera Edad )
P40-National Movement for Recreation and Sports (Movimiento National por la Recreación y el
P41-National Democratic Power Movement (Movimiento Nueva Fuerza Democratica)
P42-Solidarity Option Movement (Movimiento Opción Solidaridad)
P43-Ecological Orientation Movement (Movimiento Orientación Ecologica)
P44-Liberal Oxygen Movement (Movimiento Oxigeno Liberal)
P45-Citizens’ Participation Movement (Movimiento Participación Ciudadana)
P46-Political Activity Renewal Movement (Movimiento Político Actitud Renovadora)
P47-Comunal and Comuntarian Political Movement (Movimiento Político Comunal y
P48-Laicon Political Movement for Colombia (Movimiento Político Laicos por Colombia)
P49-Political Movement of United Hands (Movimiento Político Manos Unidas)
P50-Women’s Political Movement 2000 (Movimiento Politico Mujeres 2000)
P51-Democratic Reconstruction Movement Movimiento Reconstrucción Democratica )
P52-Movement 98 (Movimiento 98)
P53-Bolivarian Movement (Movimiento Bolivariano)
P54-Citizens Movement (Movimiento Ciudadano)
P55-Moviment of National Salvation (Movimiento de Salvación Nacional [MSN] )
P56-Progressive Power Movement (Movimiento Fuerza Progresista [FP])
P57-National Conservative Movement (Movimiento Nacional Conservador)
P58-National Progressive Movement (Movimiento Nacional Progresista )
P59-New Colombia Movement (Movimiento Nueva Colombia [NC] )
P60-Christian Union Movement (Movimiento Unión Cristiana [UC] )
P61-Metapolitical Unitary Movement (Movimiento Unitario Metapolitico )
P62-National Christian Party (Nacional Cristiano [PNC])
P63-National Communities of Black African Palenque (National Comunidades Negras Palenque
P64-Other Parties (Otros Partidos)
P65-Colombia Popular Party (Popular Colombiano)
P66-Let’s Go Colombia (Vamos Colombia)
P68-Front for the Unity of the People (Frente por la Unidad del Pueblo [FUP])
P69-Democratic Front (Frente Democrático [FD])
P70-New Liberalism (Nuevo Liberalismo)
P71-Patriotic Union (Unión Patriótica [UP])
P72-Independent Liberalism Movement of Rest. “Leader” (Movimento Liberalismo Independent
de Rest. 'Lider')
P74-Democracy Union (Unión Democrática)
P75-Liberal Democratic Front (Liberal Frente Democrático)
P76-Left Democratic Momvement (Movimiento Izquierda Democrático)
P77-Unenrolled Lists (Listas no inscritas)
Seat data are not available.
Unrolled Lists (P77) are blank.
Political Parties:
P1-Democrat (Demócrata)
P2-National Liberation (Liberación Nacional)
P3-National Union (Unión Nacional)
P4-Republican National Independence (Republicano Nacional Independiente)
P5-Republican National (Republicano Nacional)
P6-Independent (Independiente)
P7-Civic Revolutionary Union (Unión Cívico Revolucionaria)
P8-Democratic Opposition Movement (Movimiento Democrático Oposicionista)
P9-Democratic Authentic (Demócrata Auténtico)
P10-Republican (Republicano)
P11-Democratic Action Popular (Acción Demócrata Popular)
P12-National Renewal (Renovación Nacional)
P13-National Purification Movement (Movimiento Depuración Nacional)
P14-Solidarity Action (Acción Solidarista)
P15-Alajuelense Democratic Party (Acción Demócrata Alajuelense)
P16-Independent Guanacaste Union (Unión Guanacasteca Independiente)
P17-Agrarian Power of the Cartagineses (Fuerza Agraria de los Cartagineses)
P18-National Unification Party (Partido Unificación Nacional)
P19-Christian Democratic (Democráta Cristiano)
P20-National Front (Frente Nacional)
P21-Puntarenas Renewal (Renovación Puntarenense)
P22-Cartago Agricultural Union (Unión Agrícola Cartaginés)
P23-Costa Rican Renewal Movement (Movimiento Renovador Costarricense)
P24-Socialist Action (Acción Socialista)
P25-Democratic Renovation (Demócrata Renovación)
P26-Popular Costa Rican Front (Frente Popular Costarricense)
P27-Costa Rican Socialist (Socialista Costarricense)
P28-People’s Union (Coalition) (Pueblo Unido (Coalición))
P29-National Independent (Nacional Independiente)
P30-Socialist Organization of Workers (Organización Socialista de los Trabajadores)
P31-National Labor (Laborista Nacional)
P32-Costa Rica Concordia (Concordia Costarricense)
P33-Authentic Puntarenense (Auténtico Puntarenense)
P34-Authentic Limonese (Auténtico Limonese)
P35-Republican Union (Unión Republicana)
P36-United Coalition (Unidad Coalición)
P37-National Democratic (Nacional Democrático)
P38-Action of the People (Acción del Pueblo)
P39-National Republican Progressive Liberalism (Liberalismo Nacional Republicano
P40-Alajuelense Democratic Action (Acción Democrática Alajuelense)
P41-Peasant Workers (Obrero Campesino)
P42-Parliamentary Union of Cartago (Unión Parlamentaria de Cartago)
P43-National Movement (Movimiento Nacional)
P44-National Christian Alliance (Alianza Nacional Cristiana)
P45-Popular Alliance Coalition (Alianza Popular (Coalición))
P46-General Union (Unión General)
P47-Alajuelense Solidarity (Solidario Alajuelense)
P48-Christian Social Unity (Unidad Social Cristiana)
P49-Of Progress (Del Progresso)
P50-Agrarian Labor Action (Acción Laborista Agrícola)
P51-National Agrarian (Agrario Nacional)
P52-Revolution of the Workers’ Struggle (Revolucionario de los Trabajadores en Lucha)
P53-Democratic Power (Fuerza Democráta)
P54-Libertarian Movement (Movimiento Libertario)
P55-New Democratic Party (Nuevo Partido Democrático)
P56-National Convergence (Convergencia Nacional)
P57-Guanacaste Independent (Guanacaste Independiente)
P58-Costa Rican Renovation and Integration Nacional (Renovación Costarricense e
Integración Nacional)
P59-Popular Vanguard (Vanguardia Popular)
P60-National Liberation (Rescate Nacional)
P61-Change 2000 (Cambio 2000)
P62-National Redemption (Integración Nacional)
P63-Citizen Action (Acción Ciudadana)
P64-National Patriotic (Patriótico Nacional)
P65-Independent Worker (Obrero Independiente)
P66-Change Already (Cambio Ya)
Political Parties:
P1-Croatian Social Action (Akcija Socijaldemokrata Hrvatske [ASH])
P2-Alliance for Legal State [Alliance] (Alijansa za Pravnu Državu [ALIJANSA])
P3-Bebiè Vladimir-Third Croatian Bloc (Bebiè Vladimir-Treči Hrvatski Blok) [BV-TREČI BLOK]
P4-Dalmatian Action (Dalmatinska Akcija [DA])
P5-Democratic Action People of Croatia (Demokratska Akcija Naroda Hrvatske [DAN])
P6-Croatian Christian Democratic Party-Civil Peasant Party of Croatia (Hrvatska Krščanska
Demokratska Stranka-Hrvatska Građansko Seljačka Stranka [HKDS-HGSS])
P7-Social Democratic Union-People of Power (Demokratska Socijalna Unija-Snaga Naroda
P8-Democratic Party of Pensioners (Demokratska Stranka Umirovljenika [DSU])
P9-Croatian Democratic Community Maðara (Demokratska Zajednica Maðara Hrvatske [DZMH])
P10-Democratic Center-Croatian Social Liberal Party (Demokratski Centar-Hrvatska Socijalno
Liberalna Stranka [DC-HSLS])
P11-Democratic League of Greens (Demokratski Savez Zelenih [ZELENI])
P12-Homeland Civic Party (Domovinska Građanska Stranka [DGS])
P13-Democratic Party Prigorska-Zagreb-Zagorje Democratic Party (Demokratska PrigorskoZagrebačka Stranka-Zagorska Demokratska Stranka [DPS-ZDS])
P14-Croatian Pure Party of Rights (Hrvatska Čista Stranka Prava [HČSP])
P15-Croatian Pure Party of Rights-Croatia Prolejća (Hrvatska Čista Stranka Prava-Hrvatska
Prolejća [HČSP-HP])
P16-Croatian Dalmatian Home (Hrvatski Dalmatinski Dom [HDD])
P17-Croatian Democratic Center-Democratic Peasant Party of Croatia-Prigorska-Zagreb
Democratic Party (Hrvatski Demokratski Centar-Hrvatska Demokratska Seljačka StrankaDemokratska Prigorsko-Zagrebačka Stranka [HDC-HDSS-DPS])
P18-Croatian Democratic Party (Hrvatski Demokratska Stranka [HDS])
P19-Croatian Democratic Party-Rab People’s Assembly (Hrvatski Demokratska Stranka-Rapski
Pučki Sabor [HDS-RPS])
P20-Croatian Democratic Peasant Party (Hrvatska Demokratska Seljačka Stranka [HDSS])
P21-Croatian Peasant Party of the Democratic-Independent Party of Rights (Hrvatska
Demokratska Seljačka Stranka-Nezavisna Stranka Prava [HDSS-NSP])
P22-Croatian Democratic Republican Party (Hrvatska Demokratska Republikanska Stranka
P23-Croatian Democratic Community (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica [HDZ])
P24-Civil Croatian Peasant Party (Hrvatska Građansko Seljačka Stranka [HGSS])
P25-Croatian True Revival-Croatian Block-Movement for Modern Croatia (Hrvatski Istinski
Preporod-Hrvatski Blok-Pokret za Modernu Hrvatsku [HIP-HRVATSKI BLOK])
P26-Croatian Christian Democratic Party (Hrvatska Krščanska Demokratska Stranka [HKDS])
P27-Croatian Christian Democratic Party-Istrian Independent Party, Istria Community-Christian
Democrats Međimurja (Hrvatska Krščanska Demokratska Stranka-Istarska Nezavisna StrankaIstarska Pučka Stranka-Krščanski Demokrati Međimurja [HKDS-INS-IPS-KDM])
P28-Croatian Christian Democratic Party-Christian Democrats Međimurja (Hrvatska Krščanska
Demokratska Stranka-Krščanski Demokrati Međimurja [HKDS-KDM])
P29-Croatian Christian Democratic Union (Hrvatska Krščanska Demokratska Unija [HKDU])
P30-Croatian Independent Democrats (Hrvatski Nezavisni Demokrati [HND])
P31-Croatian Defense Order (Hrvatski Obranbeni Red [HOR])
P32-Croatian Springs (Hrvatski Proljećni [HP])
P33-Croatian Righters (Hrvatski Pravaši [HP])
P34-Croatian Springs-New Croatia-Croatian Pure Party of Rights (Hrvatska Proljećni-Nova
Hrvatska-Hrvatska Čista Stranka Prava [HP-NH-HČSP])
P35-Croatian People's Party (Hrvatska Pučka Stranka [HPS])
P36-Croatian Workers' Party (Hrvatska Radnička Stranka [HRS])
P37-Croatian Republicans (Hrvatski Republikanci [HR])
P38-Croatian Pure Party of Rights-Croatian Christian Democratic Union (Hrvatska Čista Stranka
Prava-Hrvatska Kršćanska Demokratska Unija [HČSP-HKDU])
P39-Croatian European Party (Hrvatska Europska Stranka [HES])
P40-Croatian People's Party (Hrvatska Narodna Stranka [HNS])
P41-Croatian Peasant Party-1904 (Hrvatska Pučka Seljačka Stranka-1904 [HPSS-1904])
P42-Croatian Republican Union (Hrvatska Republikanska Zajednica [HRZ])
P43-Croatian Peasant Party (Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka [HSS])
P43-Croatian Democratic Republican Party-Croatian Democrats-Democrats (Hrvatska
Demokratska Republikanska Stranka-Hrvatski Demokršćani-Demokršćani [HDRSDEMOKRŠĆANI])
P44-Croatian Party of Rights-1861 (Hrvatska Stranka Prava-1861 [HSP-1861])
P45-Croatian Party of Rights (Hrvatska Stranka Prava [HSP])
P46-Croatian Party of Pensioners (Hrvatska Stranka Umirovljenika [HSU])
P47-Libra-Party Liberal Democrats-Croatian Social Democratic Party (Libra-Stranka Liberalnih
Demokrata-Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske [LIBRA-SDP])
P48-Croatian Democrats (Hrvatski Demokršćani [DEMOKRŠĆANI])
P49-Croatian Social Liberal Party-Croatian Social Democratic Party (Hrvatska Socijalno
Liberalna Stranka-Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske [HSLS-SDP])
P50-Croatian National Peasant Party (Hrvatska Seljačka Narodna Stranka [HSNS])
P51-Croatian Party of Natural Law (Hrvatska Stranka Naravnog Zakona [HSNZ])
P52-Croatian Party of Rights-Croatian Christian Democratic Union (Hrvatska Stranka PravaHrvatska Krščanska Demokratska Unija [HSP-HKDU])
P53-Croatian Peasant Party-Liberal Party-Croatian National Party (Hrvatska Seljačka StrankaLiberalna Stranka-Hrvatska Narodna Stranka [HSS-LS-HNS])
P54-Croatian Peasant Party-Liberal Party-Croatian National Party-Croatian Social Action
(Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka-Liberalna Stranka-Hrvatska Narodna Stranka-Akcija
Socijaldemokrata Hrvatske [HSS-LS-HNS-ASH])
P55-Liberal Party-Croatian Libra Social Democratic Party-Party Liberal Democrats (Liberalna
Stranka-Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske Libra-Stranka Liberalnih Demokrata [LS-SDPLIBRA])
P56-Croatian Green Party (Hvartska Stranka Zelenih [HSZ])
P57-Istrian Democratic Assembly-Croatian Peasant Party-Liberal Party-Croatian National PartyCroatian Social Action (Istarski Demokratski Sabor-Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka-Liberalna
Stranka-Hrvatska Narodna Stranka-Akcija Socijaldemokrata Hrvatske [IDS-HSS-LS-HNSASH])
P58-Independent Candidates (Neovisna Lista)
P59-Croatian Christian Democratic Party-Croatian Peasant Civil Party-Croatian Democrats
(Hrvatska Krščanska Demokratska Stranka-Hrvatska Građansko Seljačka Stranka-Hvartski
P60-Istrian Party (Istarska Stranka)
P61-Istrian Democratic Forum-Foro Democratic Istriano (Istarski Demokratski Forum-Foro
Democratico Istriano [IDF-FDI])
P62-Istrian Democratic Assembly-Croatian Social Democratic Party (Istarski Demokratski
Sabor-Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske [IDS-SDP])
P63-Croatian Social Action-Adriatic Social Democratic Party Croatian-Adriatic Social (Akcija
Socijaldemokrata Hrvatske-Jadranska Socijaldemokratska Stranka Hrvatske-Jadranski
Socijaldemokrat [ASH-JSSH-JS])
P64-South Croatian Party-Croatian Democrats–Democratic Republican Party of Croatia
(Južnohrvatska Stranka-Hrvatski Demokršćani-Hrvatska Demokratska Republikanska Stranka
P65-Christian Democrats of Međimurja (Krščanska Demokrati Međimurja [KDM])
P66-Christian Social Union (Krščanska Socijalna Unija [KSU])
P67-Cultural and Educational Society-Union of Rusyns and Ukrainians (Kulturno-Prosvjetno
Društvo [KPD]-Rusina i Ukrajinaca Osijek)
P68-Cultural and Educational Society-Union of Rusyns and Ukrainians of Zagreb (KulturnoProsvjetno Društvo [KPD]-Rusina i Ukrajinaca Zagreb)
P69-Liberal Party (Liberalna Stranka [LS])
P70-Libra-Party of Liberal Democrats (Libra-Stranka Liberalnih Demokrata [LIBRA])
P71-Međimurska Party-Zagorje Democratic Party-Croatian Party of Rights (Međimurska
Stranka-Zagorska Demokratska Stranka-Hrvatska Stranka Prava [MS-ZDS-HSP])
P72-National Alliance of Croatian Germans (Narodni Savez Nijemaca Hrvatske)
P73-National Democratic Party (Nacionala Demokratska Stranka [NDS])
P74-New Croatia (Nova Hrvatska [NH])
P75-New Croatia-Croatian Springs (Nova Hrvatska-Hrvatska Proljećni [NH-HP])
P76-Ethnic Community of Germans-National Association of Danube Swabians in Croatia
(Njemaèka Narodnosna Zajednica-Zemaljska Udruga Podunavskih Švaba u Hrvatskoj
P77-Cultural and Art Society "Osif Kostelnik" Vukovar (Kulturno-Umjetnièko Društvo "Osif
Kostelnik" Vukovar)
P78-Party of Danube Serbs (Partija Podunavskih Srba [PPS])
P79-Coastal Democratic Center (Primorski Demokratski Centar [PDC])
P80-Movement for Human Rights-Party of Environmentally Conscious Citizens (Pokret za
Ljudska Prava-Stranka Ekološki Svjesnih Građana [POL])
P81-Liberal Party-Croatian Social Democratic Party (Liberalna Stranka-Socijaldemokratska
Partija Hrvatske [LS-SDP])
P82-Primorje Goranje Alliance-Croatian People's Party (Primorsko Goranski Savez-Hrvatska
Narodna Stranka [PGS-HNS])
P83-Rusyn Society of Rusyns in Republic of Croatia (Rusnak Društvo Rusnacoh u Republiki
P84-Independent Democratic Serbian Party (Samostalna Demokratska Srpska Stranka [SDSS])
P85-Union of Hungarian Associations (Savez Mađarskih Udruga [SMU])
P86-Union of Rusyns and Ukrainians of the Republic of Croatia (Savez Rusina i Ukrajinaca
Republike Hrvatske)
P87-Union of Slovaks in Croatia (Savez Slovaka u Republici Hrvatskoj)
P88-Union of Slovenian Society in the Republic of Croatia (Savez Slovenskih Društava u
Republici Hrvatskoj)
P89-Croatian Social Democratic Party-Croatian Social Liberal Party (Socijaldemokratska Partija
Hrvatske-Hrvatska Socijalno Liberalna Stranka [SDP-HSLS])
P90-Croatian Social Democratic Party-Croatian Social Liberal Party-Primorje-Goranje Alliance
(Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske-Hrvatska Socijalno Liberalna Stranka-Primorsko
Goranski Savez [SDP-HSLS-PGS])
P91-Croatian Social Democratic Party-Croatian Social Liberal Party-Slavonia-Baranja Croatian
Party (Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske-Hrvatska Socijalno Liberalna Stranka-SlavonskoBaranjska Hrvatska Stranka [SDP-HSLS-SBHS])
P92-Social Democratic Union of Croatia (Socijalno-Demokratska Unija Hrvatske [SDU])
P93-Party of Croatian Renaissance (Stranka Hrvatskog Preporoda [SHP])
P94-Croatian Party Ravnice (Stranka Hrvatske Ravnice [SHR])
P95-Slavonia-Baranya Croatian Party-Croatian National Party (Slavonsko-Baranjska Hrvatska
Stranka-Hrvatska Narodna Stranka [SBHS-HNS])
P96-Slavonia-Baranja Croatia Party-Alliance of Primorje Goranje Alliance (SlavonskoBaranjska Hrvatska Stranka-Primorsko Goranski Savez [SBHS-PGS])
P97-Social Democratic Party (Socijaldemokratska Partija [SDP])
P98-Socialist Workers’ Party (Socijalistička Radnička Partija [SRP])
P99-Serbian National Party (Srpska Narodna Stranka [SNS])
P100-Croatian Party of Democratic Action (Stranka Demokratske Akcije Hrvatske) [SDA
P101-Party of Croatian Defenders (Stranka Hrvatskih Branitelja [SHB])
P102-Green Party-Green Party of the New Age-New Party Alternative-Green Movement (Zelena
Stranka-Zeleni-Stranka Novog Doba-Stranka Nove Alternative-Pokret Zelenih [SNAPOKRET ZELENIH])
P103-Green Party-Green Party of the New Age-New Party Alternative-Green MovementPrimorje Goranje Party Retirement (Zelena Stranka-Zeleni Stranka Novog Doba-Stranka Nove
Alternative-Pokret Zelenih-Primorsko Goranska Stranka Umirovljenika [ZS-ZELENI-SNDSNA-POKRET ZELENIH-PGSU])
P104-Association of Returnees of Lower Kukuruzari (Udruga Povratnika-Donji Kukuruzari
P105-Cultural and Educational Ukraine Slavonski Brod (Kulturno-Prosvjetno Ukrajina
Slavonski Brod)
P106-Zagorje Democratic Party (Zagorska Demokratska Stranka [ZDS])
P107-Albanian Community of Osijek-Baranja County (Zajednica Albanaca Osječko-Baranjske
Županije [ZAOBŽ])
P108-Serb Community Rijeka (Zajednica Srba Rijeka [ZSR])
P109-Movement for Human Rights-Environmentally Conscious Citizens Party-Istria
Independent Party (Pokret za Ljudska Prava-Stranka Ekološki Svjesnih Građana-Istarska
Nezavisna Stranka) [POL-INS])
P110-Green Croatian (Zeleni Hrvatske [ZELENI HR])
P111-Croatian People's Party-Croatian Righters (Hrvatska Pučka Stranka-Hrvatski Pravaši
P112-Croatian Pure Party of Rights-Croatian Christian Democratic Union-Croatian Democratic
Peasant Party (Hrvatska Čista Stranka Prava-Hrvatska Kršćanska Demokratska Unija-Hrvatska
Demokratska Seljačka Stranka [HČSP-HKDU-HDSS])
P113-Bebiè Vladimir-Third Croatian Bloc-Party of Pensioners (Bebiè Vladimir-Treči Hrvatski
Blok-Stranka Umirovljenika [BV-TREČI BLOK-SU])
P114-Croatian Peasant Party-Croatian Social Liberal Party-Zagorska Party-Zagorje Democratic
Party (Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka-Hrvatska Socijalno Liberalna Stranka-Zagorska StrankaZagorska Demokratska Stranka [HSS-HSLS-ZS-ZDS])
P115-Party of Pensioners (Stranka Umirovljenika [SU])
P116-Democratic Center (Demokratski Centar [DC])
P117-Youth Party of Croatia (Hrvatska Stranka Mladih [HSM])
P118-Only Croatia-Movement for Croatia-Only Croatia (Jedino Hrvatska-Pokret za HrvatskuJedino Hrvatska) [JH-PH-JH]
P119-Green List (Zelena Lista)
P120-Croatian Green Party-Ecological Alliance-Green (Hrvatska Stranka Zelenih-Eko SavezZeleni) [HSZ-ES-ZELENI]
P121-Croatian Christian Democratic Party, Christian Social Union (Hrvatska Kršćanska
Demokratska Stranka-Kršćanska Socijalna Unija [HKDS-KSU])
P122-Youth Action (Akcija Mladih [AM])
P123-Authentic-Croatian Peasant Party (Autohtona-Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka [A-HSS])
P124-My Small Međimurje (Moje Malo Međimurje [3M])
P125-Democratic Alliance-Dalmatian Liberal Party (Demokratski Savez-Dalmatinska Liberalna
P126-Alphabet of Democracy (Abeceda Demokracije [ABECEDA])
P127-Economic Party (Gospodarska Stranka [GS])
P128-Croatian Righters-Croatian Righter's Movement (Hrvatski Pravasi-Hrvatski Pravaski
Pokret [HP-HPP])
P129-Croatian Workers' Party-Croatian Social Action-Green Party-Democratic Party of WomenAdriatic Social Democratic Party of Croatia-Adriatic Social Democrats (Hrvatska Radnička
Stranka–Akcija Socijaldemokrata Hrvatske-Zelena Stranka-Demokratska Stranka ŽenaJadranska Socijaldemokratska Stranka Hrvatske-Jadranski Socijaldemokrati [HRS-ASH-ZSDSŽ-JSSH-JS])
P130-Democratic Center-Green Party-Green Alternative (Demokratski Centar-Zelena StrankaZelena Alternativa [DC-ZELENI])
P131-Democratic Party of Women-Green Croatia (Demokratiska Stranka Žena-Zeleni Hrvatske
P132-Croatian Choir (Hrvatski Zbor) [ZBOR])
P133-Croatian Social Liberal Party-Croatian Peasant Party-Democratic Party of Zagorje
(Hrvatska Socijalno Liberalna Stranka-Hrvatska Seljačka a Stranka-Zagorska Demokratska
Stranka [HSLS-HSS-ZDS])
P134-Croatian Party of Unemployed (Hrvatska Stranka Nezaposlenih [HSN])
P135-Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (Hrvatski Demokratski Savez
Slavonije i Baranje [HDSSB])
P136-Croatian Peasant Party-Croatian Social Liberal Party (Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka-Hrvatska
Socijalno Liberalna Stranka [HSS-HSLS])
P137-Democratic Party of Slavonian Ravnica-Slavonian Ravnica (Demokratska Stranka
Slavonske Ravnice-Slavonska Ravnica [DSSR-SR])
P138-Slavonia-Baranja Party of Croatia (Slavonsko-Baranjska Hrvatska Stranka [SBHS])
P139-Democratic Party of Women (Demokratska Stranka Žena [DSŽ])
P140-Croatian Pensioners' Party, Democratic Party of Pensioners (Hrvatska Stranka
Umirovljenika, Demokratska Stranka Umirovljenika [HSU-DSU])
P141-Croatian Peasant Party-Croatian Social Liberal Party-Primorsko Goranski Alliance
(Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka-Hrvatska Socijalno Liberalna Stranka-Primorsko Goranski Savez
P142-Istrian Democratic Assembly (Istarski Demokratski Sabor [IDS])
P143-Istrian Social Democratic Independent Party, Party of Pensioners) (Istarska
Socijaldemokratska Nezavisna Stranka, Stranka Umirovljenika [ISDNS-SU])
P144-Green Party-Social Democratic Action of Croatia-Croatian Workers' Party-Adriatic Social
Democratic Party of Croatia-Adriatic Social Democrats (Zelena Stranka-Akcija
Socijaldemokrata Hrvatske-Hrvatska Radnička Stranka-Jadranska Socijaldemokratska Stranka
Hrvatske-Jadranski Socijaldemokrati) [ZS-ASH-HRS-JSSH-JS])
P145-Green Alternative-Party of Consumers (Zelena Alternativa-Stranka Potrošača [ZA-SPOT])
P146-Dalmatian Liberal Party (Dalmatinska Liberalna Stranka) [DLS]
P147-Croatian Workers' Party-Croatian Social Action-Green Party (Hrvatska Radnička Stranka –
Akcija Socijaldemokrata Hrvatske-Zelena Stranka [HRS-ASH-ZS])
P148-Croatian Social Democrats-Croatian Left-Croatian Radical Socialist Party-Istrian
Socialdemocratic Forum (Hrvatski Socijaldemokrati-Ljevica Hrvatske-Socijalistička Radnička
Partija Hrvatske-Istarksi Socijaldemokratski Forum-Foro Social Democratico Istriano [HSDLJEVICA-SRP-ISDF-FSDI])
The 2000 and 2007 election results do not contain the reserved nationality seats.
In the original data, totaling all the votes up in a district does not add up to the district total
vote in the following districts: the Diaspora electoral district [2000], and the Serbian National
Minority district [2003]. The district total vote identified in the data is the sum of all the
votes in a district, not the district total vote stated in the original data.
Some parties in the original data have the same abbreviations but different names.
Political Parties:
P1-Progressive Party of the Working People [AKEL] (Ανορθωτικό Κόµµα Εργαζόµενου Λαού)
P2-Democratic Party [DIKO] (Δηµοκρατικό Κόµµα [ΔΗΚΟ])
P3-Democratic Rally of Cyprus [DISY] (Δηµοκρατικός Συναγερµός [ΔΗΣΥ])
P4-Movement of Social Democrats [EDEK] (Ενιαίας Δηµοκρατικής Ένωσης Κέντρου [ΕΔΕΚ])
P5-Center Union (Ενωση Κέντρου [EK])
P6-New Democratic Front (Νέα Δηµοκρατική Παράταξη [ΝΕΔΗΠΑ])
P7-Pancyprian Fighting Front (Παγκύπριο Ανανεωτικό Μέτωπο [ΠΑΜΕ])
P8-Independents (Ανεξάρτητος)
P9-Refugee Movement (Παγκύπριο Κόµµα Προσφύγων [ΠΑΚΟΠ])
P10-Independent Socialist Movement (Ανανεωτικό Δηµοκρατικό Σοσιαλιστικό Κίνηµα
P11-Movement of Liberal Democracy (Κίνηµα Ελευθέρων Δηµοκρατών [ΚΕΔ])
P12-Cyprus Green Party (Κίνηµα Οικολόγων Περιβαλλοντιστών)
P13-New Horizons (Νεοι Οριζοντεσ)
P14-Democratic Rally of Cyprus and Liberals (Δηµοκρατικός Συναγερµός-Κόµµα
Φιλελευθέρων [ΔΗΣΥ-ΦΙΛ])
• Seat data are unavailable for elections held in 1981 and 1985.
Political Parties:
P1-Green Party (Strana Zelených [SZ])
P2-Czech Social Democracy Party (Česká Strana Sociálně Demokratická [ČSSD])
P3-Christian Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People’s Party (Křesťanská a Demokratická
Unie-Československá Strana Lidová [KDU-CSL])
P4-Assembly for the Republic-Republican Party of Czechoslovakia (Sdruzení pro RepublikuRepublikánská Strana Československa [SPR-RSC])
P5-Left Block (Levý Blok [LB])
P6-Civic Democratic Alliance (Občanská Demokratická Aliance [ODA])
P7-Freedom Party-Liberal National Social Party (Svobodní Demokraté-Liberální Strana Národně
Sociální [SD-LSNS])
P8-Civic Democratic Party (Občanská Demokratická Strana [ODS])
P9-Independent (Nezávislí [NEZ])
P10-Moravian National Party and Movement for Silesian-Moravian Unification (Moravská
Národní Strana-Hnutí Slezskomoravského Sjednocenì [MNS-HSMS])
P11-Democratic Union (Demokratická Unie [DEU])
P12-Pensioners for a Secure Life (Důchodci za Životní Jistoty [DŽJ])
P13-Democratic Left Party (Strana Demokratické Levice [SDL])
P14-Czech and Moravian Center Union (Českomoravská Unie Středu [ČMUS])
P15-Czech Right (Česká Pravice [ČP])
P16-Czech and Moravian Communist Party (Komunistická Strana Čech and Moravy [KSČM])
P17-Movement for Autonomous Moravia and Silesia-Moravian National Unification (Hnutí
Samosprávné Moravy a Slezka-Moravské Národní Sjednocení [HSMS-MNSJ])
P18-Civic Coalition-Political Club (Občanská Koalice-Politický Klub [OK-PK])
P19-Moravian Democratic Party (Moravská Democratická Strana [MODS])
P20-Freedom Union (Unie Svobody [US])
P21-Czech National Social Party (Česká Strana Národne Sociální [ČSNS])
P22-Independent Candidates (Nezávislí Kandidáti) [NK]
P23-Christian Democratic Union/Czechoslovak People’s Party-Democratic Union-Civic
Democratic Alliance-Freedom Union (Křesťanská a Demokratická Unie/Československá
Strana Lidová-Demokratická Unie-Občanská Democratická Aliance/Unie Svobody)
P24-Rightist Block (Pravý Blok [PB])
P25-Club of Engaged Non-Party Men (Klub Angažovaných Nestraníků [KAN])
P26-Party of Smalle Businessmen (Strana Drobných Podnikatelů [SDP])
P27-Independent Initiative (Nezávislá Iniciativa [NEI])
P28-Czech and Moravian Center Union-Movement for the Self-administration of Moravia and
Silesia/Moravian National Unification-Moravian National Party (Českomoravská Unie StředuHnutí Samosprávné Moravy a Slezska/Moravské Národní Sjednocení-Moravská Národní
P29-National Democratic Party (Národně Demokratická Strana [NDS])
P30-Democratic League (Demokratická Liga [DL])
P31-Balbin's Poetic Party (Balbínova Poetická Strana [BPS])
P32-Choice for the Future (Volba pro Budoucnost [VPB])
P33-Humanistic Alliance (Humanistická Alliance [HA])
P34-Action for the Abolition of the Senate and Against Asset-Stripping of Pension Funds (Akce
za Zrušení Senatu a Proti Vytunelování Duchodových Fondu [AZSD])
P35-Hope (Naděje [N])
P36-New Movement (Nové Hnutí [NH])
P37-Republicans of Miroslav Sladek (Republikáni Miroslava Sládka [RMS])
P38-Path of Change (Cesta Změny [CZ])
P39-Roma Civic Initiative (Romská Občanská Iniciativa ČR [ROI ČR])
P40-Common Sense Party (Strana Zdravého Rozumu [SZR])
P41-Country Party-United Civic Forces (Strana Venkova-Spojené Občanské Síly [SV SOS])
P42-Czech Social Democratic Movement (České Sociálně Demokratické Hnutí [CSDH])
P43-Republicans (Republikáni [REP])
P44-Association of Independent Candidates (Sdružení Nezávislých Kandidátů [SNK])
P45-Party of Democratic Socialism (Strana Demokratického Socialismu [SDS])
P46-Party for a Secure Life (Strana za Životní Jistoty [SZJ])
P47-Christian Democratic Union -Czech People's Party and Freedom Union-Democratic Union
(Křesťanská a Demokratická Unie-Československá Strana Lidová-Unie SvobodyDemokratická Unie [KDU-CSL-US-DEU])
P48-Czech Movement for National Unity (České Hnutí za Národní Jednotu [ČHNJ])
P49-Liberal Reform Party (Liberální Reformní Strana [LIRA])
P50-Law and Justice (Právo a Spravedlnost [PaS])
P51-Czech Crown (Monarchist Party of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia)-(Koruna Česká
(Monarchistická Strana Čech, Moravy a Slezska) [KČ])
P52-Association of Independent Candidates European Democrats (Sdružení Nezávislých
Kandidátů Evropští Demokraté [SNK ED])
P53-Freedom Union-Democratic Union (Unie Svobody-Demokratická Unie [US-DEU])
P54-Helax-Ostrava is Having Fun (Helax–Ostrava se Baví [HOB])
P55-4 Visions (4 VIZE [4 VIZE])
P56-Moravians (Moravané [M])
P57-Humanist Party (Humanistická Strana [HS])
P58-Coalition for Czech Republic (Koalice pro Českou Republiku [KpČR])
P59-National Party (Národní Strana [NS])
P60-Folklore and Society (Folklor i Společnost [FIS])
P61-Independent Democrats (Nezávislí Demokraté [NEZDEM])
P62-Equality of Prospects Party (Strana Rovnost Šancí [SRŠ])
P63-Right Alternative (Pravá Alternativa [PA])
P64-Conservative Contract Party (Strana Konzervativní Smlouvy [SKS])
P65-Democratic Regional Party (Demokratická Regionální Strana [DRS])
P66-Republican Union (Republikánská Unie [RU])
P67-Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistická Strana Československa [KSČ])
P68-Coexistence (Coexistentia [COEX])
P69-Union for Europe (Unie pro Evropu [UPE])
P70-Vote for the City (Volba pro Město [VPM])
P71-Nationwide Civic Assembly (Celostátní Aktiv Občanů [CAO])
P72-Young Democrats (Mladí Demokraté [MD])
P73-Non-party Members for Moravia (Nestraníci pro Moravu [NPM])
P74-United Democrats-Union of Independents (Spojení Demokraté-Sdružení Nezávislých [SDSN])
P75-Your Voice…Salary of our Senators Will Go for Health (Vas Hlas...Plat Našich Senatoru
Půjde na Zdravotní [Vas Hlas])
P76-Civic Coalition (Občanská Koalice-Politický Klub [OK])
P77-ED-Civic Democratic Alliance (ED-Občanská Demokratická Alliance [ED-ODA])
P78-Assets of Independent Citizens (Aktiv Nezávislých Občanů [ANEO])
P79-Movement of Independents for Harmonious Development of Municipalities and Towns
(Hnutí Nezávislých za Harmonický Rozvoj Obcí a Měst [HNHRM])
P80-Conservative Party (Konzervativní Strana [KONS])
P81-Party for Open Society (Strana pro Otevřenou Společnost [SOS])
P82-Freedom Union-Democratic Union-Civic Democratic Alliance (Unie SvobodyDemokratická Unie-Občanská Demokratická Alliance [US-DEU-ODA])
P83-Self-defense Voter-Our Voice for Public Health (Sebeobrana Voličů-Váš Hlas pro
Zdravotnictví [SeVo])
P84-Association for Health, Sports, and Prosperity (Sdruženi pro Zdraví, Sport a Prosperitu
P85-Sense and Sentiment for Order in Our Land (Rozumu a Citu za Pořádek v Naší Zemi
P86-Non-party for Moravia-Association of Independent Candidates (Nestraníci pro MoravuSdružení Nezávislých Kandidátů [NPM-SNK])
P87-National Unification (Narodni Sjednoceni [NSJ])
P88-Labor Party (Strana Práce [SP])
P89-Movement for the Support for the Good Firefighters and Dal. Volunteers (Hnutí na Podporu
Dobrovského Hasičů a Dal. Dobrovolníků [HNPD])
P90-Free Civic Self-government (Svobodná Občanská Samospráva [SvOS])
P91-Association of Independent Candidates European Democrats-Conservative Party (Sdružení
Nezávislých Kandidátů Evropští Demokraté-Konzervativní Strana [SNK ED-KONS])
P92-Politics 21 (Politika 21 [“21”])
P93-Entire Salary of Senators for the Health of Our District (Celý Plat Senatora na Zdravotní
Našeho Obvodu [Plat_Zdr])
P94-Prague 4 Union (Unie Prahy 4 [Unie_P4])
P95-Independents for Prague (Nezávislí pro Prahu [NPP])
P96-Greens (Zeleni [“Z”])
P97-Christian Democratic Union-Czech People’s Party-Green Party (Křest’anská a
Demokratická Unie-Československá Strana Lidová-Strana Zelených [KDU-CSL-SZ])
P98-Social Democratic Orientation Club (Klub Sociálně Demokratické Orientace [KSDO])
P99-Non-party (Nestraníci [Nestran.])
P100-Choice for the People (Volba pro Lidi [Pro Lidi])
P101-Non-party Association (Sdružení Nestraníků [SN])
P102-Independent Choice (Nezávislá Volba [NV])
P103-Independent Mayors for the Region (Nezávislí Starostové pro Kraj [NSK])
P104-Party for a Dignified Life (Strana Důstojného Života [SDŽ])
P105-Central Czech (STŘEDOČEŠI [STREDOC]) (Severočeš [])
P107-National Socialism-Common Sense Party (Národní Socialismus-Strana Zdravého Rozumu
P108-Freedom Union-Democratic Union-Party for Open Society (Unie Svobody-DemokratickáStrana pro Otevřenou Společnost [US-DEU-SOS])
P109-Freedom Party-Democratic Union-Committted Non-party Klub (Unie SvobodyDemokratická Unie-Klub Angažovaných Nestraníků [US-DEU-KAN])
P110-Czech Party of National Socialism 2005 (Česká Strana Národne Socialistická 20005
P111-Civic Self-defense Party (Strana Občanské Sebeobrany [SOSPRAHA])
P112-Public Affairs (Věci Veřejné [VV])
P113-Common Sense Party-Czech National Social Party (Strana Zdravého Rozumu-Česká
Strana Národne Sociální [SZR-ČSNS])
P114-DOHODA for Senate Kladno District (DOHODA pro Senatni Obvod Kladno
P115-Freedom Union-Democratic Union-Party for Open Society-Choice for City (Unie
Svobody-Demokratická Unie-Strana pro Otevřenou Společnost-Volba pro Město [US-SOSVPM])
P116-Workers’ Party (Dělnická Strana [DS])
If a seat was not distributed in the round 1 voting in the single-member districts, the DM is
designated as 0.
• Lower House (1996 and 1998): Results are broken down according to tiers. Voting takes
place in 8 electoral districts (i.e., Praha, Středočeský kraj, Jihočeský kraj, Západočeský kraj,
Severočeský kraj, Východočeský kraj, Jihomoravský kraj and Severomoravský kraj), which
make up the 1st tier. Remainders are distributed at the national level (2nd tier). To determine
the total number of votes cast in each election, aggregate across the 8 electoral districts that
comprise the first tier. To determine the total number of seats earned in the 1996 and 1998
elections, aggregate across the two tiers.
Senate: There are multiple districts with the same name.
Senate: Party affiliations are based on the “electoral party” and not the “nominating party” or
the “party membership.” Party membership allows you to determine the party affiliation of a
particular candidate who is part of a coalition.
Political Parties:
P1-Civic Forum (Občanské Fórum [OF])
P2-Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistická Strana Československa [KSČ])
P3-Coexistence-Hungarian Christian Democratic Movement (Együttélés-Spolužitie-WspólnotaSoužití/Mad’arské Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie [ESWMK] or [MKM-EGY])
P4-Movement for Civic Freedom (Hnutí za Občanskou Svobodu)
P5-Christian Democratic Union (Křesťanská a Demokratická Unie [KDU])
P6-Czechoslovak Socialist Party (Československá Strana Socialistická [ČSS])
P7-Movement for the Liberation of Slovakia (Hnutí za Oslobodenie Slovenska [HZOS])
P8-Free Blok (Svobodný blok [SB])
P9-All-People’s Democratic Party-Association for the Republic (Všelidová Demokratická
Strana-Sdružení pro Republiku [VDSPR])
P10-Electoral Grouping of Interest Associations (Volební Seskupení Zájmových Svazů [VSZS]
P11-Alliance of Farmers and Country (Spojenectví Zemědělců a Venkova [SZV])
P12-Czechoslovak Democratic Forum (Československé Demockratické Fórum [ČSDF])
P13-Green Party (Strana Zelených [SZ])
P14-Czechoslovak Movement for Understanding (Hnutí Československého Porozumění [HČSP]
P15-Free Democrats (Svobodní Demokraté [SD])
P16-Friends of Beer Party (Strana Přátel Piva [SPP])
P17-Public Against Violence (Verejnosť Proti Násiliu [VPN])
P18-Slovak National Party (Slovenská Národná Strana [SNS])
P19-Christian Democratic Movement (Kresťanskodemokratické Hnutie [KDH])
P20-Freedom Party (Slovenská Strana Slobody [SSL])
P21-Democratic Party (Demokratická Strana [DS])
P22-Roma People/Democratic Union Party (Rómovia/Strana Democratické Únie [DURS])
P23-Civic Movement (Občanské Hnutí [OH])
P24-Czechoslovak Social Democracy Party (Československá Sociálné Demokratická Strana
P25-Hungarian Coalition (Maďarské Kresťanskodemokratické Hnutí-Együttélés-SpolužitieWspólnota-Soužití, Mad’arská Občianska Strana [MKDH-ESWS-MOS])
P26-Christian Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People’s Party (Křesťanská a Demokratická
Unie-Československá Strana Lidová [KDU-ČSL])
P27-Liberal Social Union (Liberálně Sociální Unie [LSU])
P28-The Assembly for the Republic-Republican Party of Czechoslovakia (Sdružení pro
Republiku-Republikánská Strana Československa [SPR-RSČ])
P29-Left Block (Levý blok [LEVÝBLOK])
P30-Civic Democratic Party-Christian Democratic Party (Občanská Democratická StranaKresťanskodemokratická Strana [ODS-KDS])
P31-Civic Democratic Alliance (Občanská Democratická Aliance [ODA])
P32-Movement for Autonomous Democracy-Association for Moravia and Silisea (Hnutí za
Samosprávnou Demokracii-Společnost pro Moravu a Slezsko [HSD-SMS] or [MORSL])
P33-Movement of Pensioners for Life Guarantees (Hnutí Důchodů za Životní Jistoty [HDZJ])
P34-Party of Labour and Security (Strana Práce a Istoty [SPI])
P35-National Social Party-Czechoslovak Party of National Socialism (Národně Sociální StranaČeskoslovenská Strana Národně Socialistická [NSS-ČSNS])
P36-Democratic 92 for a Common State (Demokraté 92 za Společný Stát [D-92])
P37-Republican and National Democratic Unity Party (Strana Republikánské a Národně
Demokratické Jednoty [SRNDJ])
P38-Czechoslovak Party of Entrepreneurs, Tradesmen and Farmers (Strana Československých
Podnikatelů, Živnostníků a Rolníků [SČPŽR])
P39-Movement for Social Justice (Hnutí za Sociální Spravedlnost [HSS])
P40-Club of Committed Non-Partisans (Klub Angažovaných Nestraníků [KAN])
P41-Roma Civic Initiative (Rómská Občanská Iniciativa ČSFR [ROI])
P42-Independent Initiative (Nezávislá Iniciativa [NEI])
P43-Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (Hnutie za Demokratické Slovensko [HZDS])
P44-Party of the Democratic Left (Strana Democratickej L'avice [SDL])
P45-Soužití a Maďarské Kresťanskodemokratické Hnutí [MKDH])
P46-Movement for Free Speech-Slovak Republican Union (Hnutie za Slobodu PrejavuSlovenská Republikánska Únia [HZSP-SRÚ])
P47-Slovak Christian Democratic Movement (Slovenská Kresťanskodemokratické Hnutie
P48-Union of Farmers and Country (Spojenestvo Poľnohospodárov a Vidieka [SPV])
P49-Civic Democratic Union (Občanska Demokratická Unie [ODU])
P50-National Liberation Initiative (Narodní Liberáli Iniciativa [NALI])
P51-Green Party of Slovakia (Strana Zelených na Slovensku [SZS])
P52-Social Democracy Party of Slovakia (Sociálnodemokratická Strana Slovenska [SDSS])
P53-Democratic Party-Civic Democratic Party (Demokratická Strana-Občanská Democratická
Strana [DS-ODS])
P54-Slovak People’s Party (Slovenská Ľudová Strana [SL’S])
P55-Hungarian Civic Party (Magyár Polgári Párt-Mad’arská Občianska Strana [MPP-MOS])
P56-Social Democracy (Sociální Demkoracie)
National legislative results (Chamber of Deputies and Senate) do not include the constituency
results in Slovakia.
1990 Lower House: 5 seats, i.e., OF (2), KSČ (1) and KDU (2), in the Czech Lands were
distributed in a second scrutiny for a total of 101 seats in this region.
1990 Upper House: 6 seats, i.e., OF (2), KSČ (2) and KDU (2), in the Czech Lands were
distributed in a second scrutiny for a total of 75 seats in this region.
1990 Czech National Council: 4 seats, i.e., OF (1), KSČ (2), KDU (1), were distributed in a
second scrutiny for a total of 200 seats.
1992 Lower House: 15 seats, i.e., ČSSD (2), KDU-ČSL (2), LSU (4), SPR-RSČ (3),
LEVÝBLOK (2), and ODS-KDS (2), were distributed in a second scrutiny in the Czech
Lands for a total of 99 seats in this region.
1992 Upper House: 17 seats, i.e., ČSSD (4), KDU-ČSL (3), LSU (2), SPR-RSČ (3),
LEVÝBLOK (2), and ODS-KDS (3), were distributed in a second scrutiny in the Czech
Lands for a total of 75 seats.
1990 Czech National Council: 24 seats, i.e., ODA (3), ČSSD (3), HSD-SMS (2), KDU-ČSL
(3), LSU (4), SPR-RSČ (3), LEVÝBLOK (3), and ODS-KDS (3), were distributed in a
second scrutiny for a total of 200 seats.
Political Parties:
P1-Revolutionary Action Party (Partido Acción Revolucionaria [PAR])
P2-June 14th Political Association (Agrupación Política 14 de Junio [AP1J4])
P3-Christian Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Cristiano [PDC])
P4-Liberal Evolutionary Party (Partido Liberal Evolucionista [PLE])
P5-Nationalist Revolutionary Democratic Party (Partido Nacionalista Revolucionario
Democrático [PNRD])
P6-Reformist Party (Partido Reformista [PR])
P7-Dominican Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Dominicano [PRD])
P8-Christian Social Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Social Cristiano [PRSC])
P9-Civic National Union (Unión Cívica Nacional [UCN])
P10-Dominican Revolutionary Vanguard Party (Partido Vanguardia Revolucionaria Dominicana
P11-National Conciliation (Movimiento de Conciliación Nacional [MCN])
P12-Movement of Democratic Integration (Movimiento de Integración Democratica [MID])
P13-National Youth Movement (Movimiento Nacional de la Juventud [MNJ])
P14-Quisqueyano Democratic Party (Partido Quisqueyano Demócrata [PQD])
P15-Social Democratic Alliance (Alianza Social Dominicana [ASD])
P16-Democratic Anti-reelectionist Integration Movement (Movimiento de Integración
Democrática Antireeleccionista [MIDA])
P17-Movement of National Salvation (Movimiento de Salvación Nacional [MSN])
P18-Dominican Communist Party (Partido Comunista Dominicano [PCD])
P19-Democratic Popular Party (Partido Demócrata Popular [PDP])
P20-Dominican Liberation Party (Partido de la Liberación Dominicana [PLD])
P21-Social Christian Reformist Party (Partido Reformista Social Cristiano [PRSC])
P22-Independence, Unity and Change Movement (Movimiento Independencia, Unidad y
Cambio [MIUCA])
P23-Constitutional Action Party (Partido Acción Constitucional [PAC])
P24-National Party of Veterans and Civilians (Partido Nacional de Veteranos y Civiles [PNVC])
P25-Patriotic Union Party (Partido Unión Patriótica)
P26-National Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional [PAN])
P27-Socialist Bloc Party (Partido Bloque Socialista)
P28-Movement for Socialism (Movimiento por el Socialismo [MPS])
P29-Movement for Electoral Change of the National District (Movimiento por el Cambio
Electoral del Distrito Nacional [MCE])
P30-National Patriotic Front (Frente Nacional Patriótico [FNP])
P31-Popular Christian Party (Partido Popular Cristiano [PPC])
P32-Democratic Nationalist Party (Partido Democrático Nacionalista [PDN])
P33-Democratic Unity (Unidad Democrática [UD])
P34-Socialist Democratic Movement (Movimiento Socialista Democrático [MSD])
P35-Montecristeño Municipal Movement (Movimiento Municipal Montecristeño [MMM])
P36-Party of Dominican Liberation Alliance (Alianza-Partido de la Liberación Dominicana
[Alianza PLD])
P37-Democratic Institutional Party (Partido Democrático Institucional [PDI])
P38-Dominican People Party (Partido del Pueblo Dominicano [PPD])
P39-Renaissance Party (Partido Renacentista [PRN])
P40-Social Democratic Institutional Bloc (Bloque Institucional Social Demócrata [BIS])
P41-Revolutionary Independent Party (Partido Revolucionario Independiente [PRI])
Elections held in 1974 and 1990 are not included.
Results based on data from Central Electoral Commission (JCE). These data differ in a
number of areas from the Gaceta Oficial.
Seat data unavailable.
Political Parties:
P1-Mercy (Halastus)
P2-Estonian Entrepreneurs’ Party (Eesti Ettevõtjate Erakond [EettevE])
P3-Moderates (Nimekiri Mõõdukad)
P4-Pro-Patria Union (Erakond Isamaaliit) [Isamaa]
P5-Estonian Pensioners’ Union (Eesti Pensionäride Liit [EPL])
P6-Leftist Opportunity (Vasakvõimalus [VasakV])
P7-Union of Estonian Disabled People (Eesti Invaühingute Liit [EInvaLiit])
P8-Farmers’ Assembly (Põllumeeste kogu [Põllumk])
P9-Democrats (VL Demokraadid [Demokr])
P10-National Party of the Illegally Repressed (Õigusvastaselt Represseeritute Rahvuslik Erakond
P11-Secure Home (VL Kindel Kodu [KindKo])
P12-People’s Front (VL Rahvarinne [RahvaR])
P13-Greens (VL Rohelsid [Rohel])
P14-Estonian National Independence Party (Eesti Rahvusliku Sõltumatuse Partei [ERSP])
P15-Estonian Citizen (VL Eesti Kodanik [Ekodan])
P16-Party of Natural Laws, Estonian Pensioner’s Union (Loodusseaduse Partei, Eesti
Pensionäride Liit [LoodusP])
P17-Independent Royalists (VL Sõltumatud Kuningriiklased [SõlKun])
P18-Independent Candidates (Üksikkandidaadid)
P19-The Right Wingers (Nimekiri Parempoolsed [Parem])
P20-Coalition Party and Rural Union (Nimekiri “Koonderakond ja Maarahva Ühendus [KMÜ])
P21-Center Party (Nimekiri “Keskerakond” [Kesk])
P22-Justice (Nimekiri “Õiglus”)
P23-Estonian Farmers’ Party (Eesti Talurahva Erakond [ETRE])
P24-Estonian Nationalists Central League (Eesti Rahvuslaste Keskliit [ERKL])
P25-The Future Estonia Party (Tuleviku Eesti Erakond [TEE])
P26-Pro-Patria and ERSP Union (Isamaa ja ERSP liit I+ERSP])
P27-Forest Party (Metsaerakond)
P28-Our Home is Estonia (Meie kodu on Eestimaa! [MKoduE!])
P29-Estonian Democratic Union (Eesti Demokraatlik Liit [EDL])
P30-Estonian Blue Party (Eesti Sinine Erakond [Sinine])
P31-Estonian Reform Party (Eesti Reformierakond) [Reform]
P32-Better Estonia/Estonian Citizen (Parem Eesti/Eesti Kodanik [PE/EK])
P33-Independent Royalists and Greens Candidate List for the Intellect’s Victory over Power’s
Stupidity, Demagogy and Greed (Sõltumatu Kuningriiklaste ja Roheliste Nimekiri Vaimu
Võiduks Võimu Rumaluse, Demagoodia Ja Saamahimu Üle)
P34-Independence Party (Eesti Iseseisvuspartei) [IseseisvP]
P35-Estonian Country People’s Party (Eesti Maarahva Erakond) [EME]
P36-Russian Party in Estonia (Vene Erakond Eestis) [VenEE]
P37-Union for the Republic-Res Publica (Ühendus Vabariigi Eest-Res Publica) [ResP]
P38-Estonian Coalition Party (Eesti Koonderakond) [Koond]
P39-Christian People’s Party (Eesti Kristlik Rahvapartei) [KristlP]
P40-Progress Party (Arengupartei [AP])
P41-Estonian United People’s Party (Eestimaa Ühendatud Rahvapartei) [ÜhendRP]
P42-Social-Democratic Labour Party (Eesti Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Tööpartei) [SDTööp]
P43-Estonian People’s Union (Eestimaa Rahvaliit) [Rahvaliit]
P44-Union of Pro-Patria and Res Publica (Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit [IRL])
P45-Estonian Green Party (Erakond Eestimaa Rohelised)
P46-Social Democratic Party (Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Partei)
P47-Constitution Party (Konstitutsioonierakond [KoE])
P48-Left Party (Vasakpartei [VasakP])
P49-Estonian Christian Democratic Party (Erakond Eesti Kristlikud Demokraadid [KristDem])
Compensatory seats are distributed at the national level in Estonia. They are distributed as
1992: 60 total: p3 (10), p4 (12), p11 (10), p12 (11), p14 (7), p15 (5), and p17 (5)
1995: 52 total: p3 (5), p19 (4), p20 (14), p21 (8), p26 (7), p28 (5), and p31 (9)
1999: 46 total: p3 (6), p4 (9), p21 (10), p31 (8), p35 (5), p38 (5) and p41 (3)
2003: 27 total: p3 (4), p4 (4), p21 (6), p31 (3), p37 (7) and p43 (3)
2007: 26 total: p21 (6), p31 (6), p43 (3), p44 (6) and p45 (5)
DM (district magnitude) indicates the number of mandates/seats available in a given district,
although all mandates/seats may not be assigned at the district level, but rather at the national
level as compensatory seats. As a result, the DM will not necessarily equal the total number
of seats won by all parties in a given district.
The same territories may be assigned a different district number (“Dist No”) across years.
Political Parties:
P1-Centre Party of Finland (Suomen Keskusta [KESK])
P2-National Coalition Party (Kansallinen Kokoomus [KOK])
P3-Social Democratic Party of Finland (Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue [SDP])
P4-Left Alliance (Vasemmistoliitto [VAS])
P5-Democratic League of the People of Finland (Suomen Kansan Demokraattinen Liitto
P6-Green League (Vihreä Liitto [VIHR])
P7-Christian Democrats in Finland (Kristillisdemokraatit [KD])
P8-Christian League of Finland (Suomen Kristillinen Liitto [SKL])
P9-Swedish People's Party in Finland (Ruotsalainen Kansanpuolue [RKP])
P10-True Finns (Perussuomalaiset [PS])
P11-Finnish Rural Party (Suomen Maaseudun Puolue [SMP])
P12-Communist Party of Finland (Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue [SKP])
P13-Senior Citizens' Party (Suomen Senioripuolue [SSP])
P14-Pensioners for the People (Eläkeläiset Kansan Asialla [EKA])
P15-Independent Pensioners of Finland ([RSES])
P16-Independence Party (Itsenäisyyspuolue [IP])
P17-Forces for Change in Finland (Muutosvoimat Suomi [MVS])
P18-Alliance for Free Finland (Vapaan Suomen Liitto [VSL])
P19-Finnish People's Blue-Whites (Suomen Kansan Sinivalkoiset [SKS])
P20-Progressive Finnish Party or Young Finnish Party (Nuorsuomalainen Puolue [NUORS])
P21-Liberals (Liberaalit [LIB])
P22-Liberal People’s Party (Liberaalinen Kansanpuolue [LKP])
P23-For the Poor (Köyhien Asialla [KA])
P24-Reform Group (Remonttiryhmä [REM])
P25-For Peace and Socialism-Communist Workers' Party (Rauhan ja Sosialismin Puolesta–
Kommunistinen Työväenpuolue [KTP])
P26-Finnish Patriotic Movement (Suomen Isänmaallinen Kansanliike [SIK])
P27-Finland Rises-People Unite (Suomi Nousee-Kansa Yhdistyy [SNKY])
P28-Humanity Party (Ihmisyydenpuolue [IPU])
P29-Joint Responsibility Party (Yhteisvastuu Puolue [YVP])
P30-Party for Pensioners and Green Joint Responsibility (Eläkkeensaajien ja Vihreä Yhteisvastuu
Puolue [EVY]
P31-Mixed "Party"-The Ring of Elon (Kirjava “Puolue” Elonkehän Puolesta [KIPU])
P32-Natural Law Party (Luonnonlain Puolue [LLP])
P33-Finnish Pensioners (Suomen Eläkeläisten Puolue [SEP]
P34-Constitutional Party of Finland (Perustuslaillinen Oikeistopuolue [POP])
P35-Finnish Workers' Party (Suomen Työväenpuolue [STP])
P36-Women's Party (Naisten Puolue [NAISP])
P37-Women's Movement (Naisliike [NAISL])
P38-Democratic Alternative (Demokraattinen Vaihtoehto [DEVA])
P39-Union for Democracy [KVL]
P40-Independents/Outside Parties
P41-Left Wing Alliance [LEFT]
P42-Ecological Party (Ekologinen Puolue [EKO])
P43-Ecological Party-The Greens (Ekologinen Puolue Vihreät [EPV])
The term “outside parties” refers to candidates nominated by electoral associations. Electoral
associations are groups of about 100 persons entitled to vote that can nominate persons
“outside parties” as candidates.
Seat data pre-1999 is not available.
Political Parties:
P1-National Front (Front National)
P2-French Communist Party (Parti Communiste Français)
P3-Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste)
P4-Workers' Struggle (Lutte Ouvrière)
P5-National Center of Independents (Centre National des Indépendants)
P6-The Greens (Les Verts)
P7-Radical Party (Parti Radical)
P8-Union for Popular Mouvement (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire)
P9-National Center of Independents and Peasants (Centre National des Indépendants et Paysans)
P10-Hunt, Fish, Nature, Traditions (Chasse, Pêche, Nature, Traditions)
P11-Movement for France (Mouvement pour la France)
P12-Rally for the Republic (Rassemblement pour la République)
P13-Ecology Generation (Génération Écologie)
P14-Union for French Democracy (Union pour la Démocratie Française)
P15-Clichy Réconciliée (Clichy Réconciliée)
P16-Union of the Rally and the Center (Union du Rassemblement et du Centre)
P17-Rally of the Left Forces (Rassemblement des Forces de Gauche)
P18-For the New Politics of the Left (Pour une Nouvelle Politique de Gauche)
P19-Presidential Majority for United France (Majorité Présidentielle pour la France Unie)
P20-Republican Union for Allier (Union Républicaine pour l'Allier)
P21-Union of the Actual Parliamentary Majority (Union de l'Actuelle Majorité Parlementaire)
P22-List of National and Popular Accord (Liste d’Entente Populaire et Nationale)
P23-Presidential Majority for United Left (Majorité Présidentielle pour la Gauche Unie)
P24-Republican Party (Parti Républicain)
P25-Ecology Europe 92 (Écologie Europe 92)
P26-Ecology (Écologie)
P27-Anjou Ecology Self-government (Anjou Écologie Autogestion)
P28-Humanist Party (Parti Humaniste)
P29-Rally and Solidarity (Rassemblement et Solidarité)
P30-Social and Liberal Alliance (Alliance Libérale et Sociale)
P31-Liberal Centrist Union (Union Centriste Libérale)
P32-Movement of the Radicals of the Left (Mouvement des Radicaux de Gauche)
P33-Independent Green (Vert Indépendent)
P34-National Federation of Independents (Fédération Nationale des Indépendants)
P35-Rally of Independents (Rassemblement des Indépendants)
P36-Guadeloupian Communist Party (Parti Communiste Guadeloupéen)
P37-Guadeloupian Federation of Socialist Party (Fédération Guadeloupéenne du Parti Socialiste)
P38-Rally, Unity, Peace (Rassemblement, Unité, Paix)
P39-Gaullist Rally for the Progress of Guadeloupe in France (Rassemblement Gaulliste pour le
Progrès de la Guadeloupe dans la France)
P40-Action for the Progress and Future of Guadeloupe (Action pour le Progrès et l'Avenir de la
P41-Rally of the Centrists and Social Democrats of Guadeloupe (Rassemblement des Centristes
et des Démocrates Sociaux de la Guadeloupe)
P42-Guadeloupian Rationalist Mystic Party (Parti Mystico-Rationaliste Guadeloupéen)
P43-Martinique Communist Party (Parti Communiste Martiniquais)
P44-Martinique Socialist Federation (Fédération Socialiste Martiniquaise)
P45-Martinique Progressive Party (Parti Progressiste Martiniquais)
P46-Guyana Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste Guyanais)
P47-Reunion Communist Party (Parti Communiste Réunionnais)
P48-Democratic Front (Front Démocratique)
P49-Mayotte People’s Movement (Mouvement Populaire Mahorais)
P50-Martinet France (Martinet France)
P51-Liberation Front of Polynesia (Front de Libèration de la Polynésie)
P52-Green Region (Région Verte)
P53-French Muslims for Integration (Les Français Musulmans pour l'Intégration)
P54-For French Politics in Overseas Departments and Territories (Pour une Politique Française
aux Dom-Tom)
P55-Liberal and Social Rally (Rassemblement Libéral et Social)
P56-Union of Parliamentarian Majority 1986 (Union de Majorité Parlementaire 1986)
P57-Alsatian Radio 107.4 MHz (Radio des Alsaciens 107,4 MHz)
P58-Party of New Forces (Parti des Forces Nouvelles)
P59-Movement Alsatian Democracy (Mouvement Démocratie Alsacienne)
P60-Assembly for the Republic Union-Union for French Democracy (Union Rassemblement
pour la République -Union Démocratie Français)
P61-Union for Renovated Left (Union pour la Gauche Rénovée)
P62-For Justice and Prosperity of France (Pour la Justice et la Prospérité de la France)
P63-Extreme Left (Extrême Gauche)
P64-Defense of Repatriates and Those Excluded from the Society (Défense des Rapatriés et des
Exclus de la Société)
P65-Union for Haute-Garonne (Union pour la Haute-Garonne)
P66-Rally for Tomorrow (Rassembler pour Demain)
P67-National Democratic Party (Parti National Démocrate)
P68-Party of Accord (Parti de l'Entente)
P69-Movement Work, Honor, Family, Fatherland (Mouvement Travail, Honneur, Famille,
P70-Right United for Europe 1992 (Droite unie pour l'Europe de 1992)
P71-New Left (Nouvelle Gauche)
P72-Valosien Radical Party (Parti Radical Valoisien)
P73-French Democratic Party (Parti Démocrate Français)
P74-Center for Social Democrats (Centre des Démocrates Sociaux)
P75-French Front (Front Français)
P76-Alternative Greens (Verts Alternatifs)
P77-Union for New Politics (Union pour une Politique Nouvelle)
P78-Ecology Party (Parti Écologiste)
P79-French First (Les Français d'Abord)
P80-Union for Orne (Union pour l'Orne)
P81-Union of the Rally of the Right (Union du Rassemblement de la Droite)
P82-French Rally of Immigrants from Overseas in France and Sympathizers (Rassemblement
Français d'Outre-Mer Émigré en France et Sympathisant)
P83-French Action (Action Française)
P84-Republican Centrist Union (Union Centriste Républicaine)
P85-For Union of French Political Parties (Pour l'union des Partis Politiques Français)
P86-Union of the French People (Union du Peuple de France)
P87-Green Essonne (Essonne Verte)
P88-Too Many Immigrants-France to the French (Trop d'Immigrés-la France aux Français)
P89-Union of the Liberal Democrats (Union des Démocrates Libéraux)
P90-Rally of All the Left Forces (Rassemblement de Toutes les Forces de Gauche)
P91-Rally for Democracy and Liberty (Rassemblement pour la Démocratie et la Liberté)
P92-For the Majority of Political and Social Renewal (Pour une Majorité de Renouveau
Politique et Social)
P93-Independent Ecologist Movement (Mouvement Écologiste Indépendant)
P94-Extreme Right (Extrême Droite)
P95-Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire)
P96-Other Right (Divers Droite)
P97-Other Left (Divers Gauche)
P98-Other Ecology (Divers Écologie)
P99-Presidential Majority (Majorité Présidentielle)
P100-Regionalist (Régionaliste)
P101-National Republican Movement (Mouvement National Républicain)
P102-Republican Pole (Pôle Républicain)
P103-Union for Presidential Majority (Union pour la Majorité Présidentielle)
P104-Liberal Democracy (Démocratie Libérale)
P105-Radical of the Left (Radical de Gauche)
P106-Rally for France (Rassemblement pour la France)
P107-Other Ecologist (Autre Écologiste)
P108-Other (Divers)
P109-Republican Left of Catalonia (Esquarra Republicana Catalana)
P110-Rally for Real Change-French Communist Party (Rassemblement pour un Vrai
Changement-Parti Communiste Français)
P111-Labor Fight-Extreme Left (Combat Ouvrier-Extrême Gauche)
P112-Agreement of Ecologists (L’Entente des Écologistes)
P113-Union of Ecologists (Union des Écologistes)
P114-National Front Council (Conseil Front National)
P115-New Ecologists from the Rally of Nature and Animals (Les Nouveaux Écologistes du
Rassemblement Nature et Animaux)
P116-National Ecologic Union (Union Nationale Écologiste)
P117-Party for the Defense of Animals (Parti pour la Défense des Animaux)
P118-Other Right-Ecology Generation (Divers Droite-Génération Écologie)
P119-Defense of the Mosellan Interests (Défense des Intérêts Mosellans)
P120-Alliance of French for Progress (Alliance des Français pour le Progrès)
P121-National Defense-Socialist Party (Défense Nationale-Parti Socialiste)
P122-French Christian Democracy (Démocratie Chrétienne Française)
P123-Party of Workers (Parti des Travailleurs)
P124-Union of Independents (Union des Indépendants)
P125-Franceology (Francécologie)
P126-Other Left-Socialist Party (Divers Gauche-Parti Socialiste)
P127-Union for a Quality Future-Union for France (Union pour un Avenir de Qualité-Union
pour la France)
P128-Rally of Democrats and Republicans of the Progress (Rassemblement des Démocrates et
des Républicans de Progrès)
P129-Movement of Reformers (Mouvement des Réformateurs)
P130-Really on the Left (Á Gauche Vraiment)
P131-Popular Alliance (Alliance Populaire)
P132-Ecology-For a New Politics of the Right (Écologie-Pour une Nouvelle Politique de Gauche
P133-Ecologists-Socialst Party (Écologistes-Parti Socialiste)
P134-Ecology Alliance (Alliance Écologie)
P135-Solidarity-Ecology (Solidarité-Écologie)
P136-Alternative Left (Gauche Alternative)
P137-Alternative Red and Green (Alternative Rouge et Verte)
P138-Fetia Api
P139-Movement of Citizens (Mouvement des Citoyens)
P140-Movement of Independent Ecologists (Mouvement des Écologistes Indépendants)
P141-Active Ecology (Écologie Active)
P142-Independent Movement of Martinique (Mouvement Indépendantiste Martiniquais)
P143-Union for Ecology and Democracy (Union pour l'Écologie et la Démocratie)
P144-React to Succeed (Réagir pour Réussir)
P145-Democratic Union to Serve Citizens (Union Démocratique au Service des Citoyens)
P146-Union of the French (Union des Français)
P147-Independent and Associative Ecology (Écologie Indépendante et Associative)
P148-Dimension Ecology (Dimension Écologie)
P149-Humane Socialisme (Socialisme Humain)
P150-Region 93 Green (Région 93 Verte)
P151-Turn 93 (Virage 93)
P152-Rally of Citizens for Progress (Rassemblement des Citoyens pour le Progrès)
P153-Green and Red (Vert et Rouge)
P154-France Plus (France Plus)
P155-Green Time (Temps Vert)
P156-Rally of Social Democrats (Rassemblement des Socio-Démocrates)
P157-New Solidarity (Nouvelle Solidarité)
P158-Ecology, Citizenship and Secularity (Écologie Citoyenneté et Laïcité)
P159-Independent (Indépendant)
P160-Equilibrity and Environment (Equilibre et Environnement)
P161-New Times (Temps Nouveau)
P162-Movement Overhaul (Mouvement Refondations)
P163-For Future of Bearn (Pour l'Avenir du Béarn)
P164-Union for France (Union pour la France)
P165-Union of Ecologists from Hauts-de-Seine (Union Écologistes Hauts-de-Seine)
P166-Movement Solidarity Participation (Mouvement Solidarité Participation)
P167-Alternatif Movement for Democracy and Socialism-Communist Reconstructors
(Mouvement Alternative pour la Démocratie et le Socialisme-Communistes Reconstructeurs)
P168-France to the French (La France aux Français)
P169-Socialists Values (Valeurs Socialistes)
P170-For French Identity (Pour l'Identité Française)
P171-Party for Catalunya (Partit per Catalunya)
P172-Union of Democrats (Union des Démocrates)
P173-Left 92 (Gauche 92)
P174-Social Democratic Party (Parti Social Démocrate)
P175-Association 93 in Heart (Association 93 au Cœur)
P176-Christian Popular Center (Centre Chrétien Populaire)
P177-Party of Unemployed and Unhappy People (Parti des Chômeurs et des Mécontents)
P178-Rally of Progressive Forces (Rassemblement des Forces de Progrès)
P179-Right by Conviction to Defend Values (Droite de Conviction pour la Défense des Valeurs)
P180-For Free Ecology (Pour une Écologie Libre)
P181-Party of the Francophones (Parti des Francophones)
P182-Labor Opposition (Opposition Ouvrière)
P183-Ecologic and Citizenship Left (Gauche Citoyenne et Écologiste)
P184-Union of Youth and Creators (Union de la Jeunesse et des Créateurs)
P185-Life Friends (Les amis de la Vie)
P186-Alternative Democracy Socialism (Alternative Démocratie Socialisme)
P187-United Right (Droite Unifiée)
P188-Alsace First (Alsace d'Abord)
P189-Union of People of Alsace (Union du Peuple Alsacien)
P190-Movement France Region (Mouvement France Région)
P191-Catalan Unity (Unitat Catalane)
P192-Centrist Union (Union Centriste)
P193-Basque Unity (Abertzaleen Batasuna)
P194-All on the Left (Á Gauche Toute)
P195-Basque Solidarity (Eusko Alkartasuna)
P196-New Majority (Majorité Nouvelle)
P197-Union for Change (Union pour le Changement)
P198-Experience and Efficacy (Expérience et Efficacité)
P199-Action for Defense of Taxpayers and Business (Action de Défense des Contribuables et
P200-Free Party (Parti Libre)
P201-Fed Up (Ras le Bol)
P202-East Energy (Énergie Est)
P203-Socialist League of Workers (Ligue Socialiste des Travailleurs)
P204-Morals Politics Truth (Morale Politique Vérité)
P205-Moselle Standing-New Generation Lorraine (Moselle Debout-Nouvelle Génération
P206-Greens-Socialist Party-Radical Socialist Party and Those Related (Les Verts-Parti
Socialiste-Parti Radical Socialiste et Apparentés)
P207-New Ecology (Écologie Nouvelle)
P208-For a Real Change (Pour Changer Vraiment)
P209-National Republican Union (Union Nationale Républicaine)
P210-Union of Republicans of the Progress in Meuse (Union des Républicains de Progrès de la
P211-Republican Union (Union Républicaine)
P212-Jura Ecology (Jura-Écologie)
P213-Union for Franche-Comte (Union pour la Franche-Comté)
P214-For Our Environment (Pour Notre Environnement)
P215-Union Democracy in Breton (Union Démocratique Bretonne)
P216-Movement Green Cholet (Mouvement Cholet Vert)
P217-Unity of the Occitan (Unitat d'Oc)
P218-Popular Local Rally (Rassemblement Populaire Local)
P219-Change on the Left (Changer à Gauche)
P220-Marne Ecology (Marne Écologie)
P221-Party of the Tree for the Health of Earth, the People, and the Future Generations (Le Parti
de l'Arbre pour la Santé de la Terre, des Hommes et des Générations Futures)
P222-Delegation for Promotion of Alliance (Délégation pour la Promotion de l'Alliance)
P223-Green Resistance (Résistance Verte)
P224-Ecology Alternative Self-Government (Écologie Alternative Autogestion)
P225-Movement of Regions in France (Mouvement des Régions de France)
P226-Democratic French and European Change (Changement Démocratique Français et
P227-Action Mandelieu (Action Mandelieu)
P228-Independent Greens (Verts Autonomes)
P229-Republican of the Progress (Républicain de Progrès)
P230-Rally for Real Left Politics (Rassemblement pour une Véritable Politique de Gauche)
P231-Nice Ecology (Nice Écologie)
P232-Rally for a Federal Europe (Rassemblement pour l'Europe Fedérale)
P233-Nice and Nice Territories First (Nice and Nice et Pays Niçois d'Abord)
P234-Renewal of Republican Rally (Renouveau du Rassemblement Républicain)
P235-Union for Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (Union pour les Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)
P236-Economic, Social, and Political Renewal in France (Renouveau Économique, Social et
Politique pour la France)
P237-Greens-Union of Ecologists (Les Verts-Union des Écologistes)
P238-Party of Intercultural Politics (Parti de la Politique Interculturelle)
P239-Union of Republicans and Democrats (Union des Républicains et des Démocrates)
P240-Green Force (Force Verte)
P241-Republican and Liberal Union (Union Républicaine et Libérale)
P242-Union of Citizens (Union des Citoyens)
P243-Candidate of Ecologic Tendence (Candidat de Tendance Écologiste)
P244-Ecologists, Not on the Right, Not on the Left (Les Écologistes, ni à Driote ni à Gauche)
P245-Nation of Corsica (Corsica Nazione)
P246-Movement for Self-determination (Mouvement per l'Autodèterminazione)
P247-Tahoeraa-Ai'a Api
P248-Republican Initiative (Initiative Républicaine)
P249-100% on the Left (100% à Gauche)
P250-Independent Right (Droite Indépendante)
P251-Union for the Week of Four Days (Union pour la Semaine de Quatre Jours)
P252-Party for Liberty (Parti pour la Liberté)
P253-Tavini Huiraatira No Te Ao Maohi)
P254-Voice of Workers (Voix des Travailleurs)
P255-Alternative and Ecologic Left (Gauche Alternative et Écologiste)
P256-Revolutionary Left (Gauche Révolutionnaire)
P257-For Authentic Alternative Left-French Communist Party (Pour un Authentique Alternative
de Gauche-Parti Communiste Français)
P258-Moselle Standy-Rally for the Republic-Union for Democracy-National Center of
Independents and Peasants (Moselle Debout-Rassemblement pour la République-Union pour la
Démocratie Française -Centre National des Indépendants et Paysans)
P259-Radical Party of Socialists and Those Related (Parti Radical Socialiste et Apparentés)
P260-Socialist Gaudelopean Party (Parti Socialiste Gaudeloupéen)
P261-French Communist Party-Citizens’ Movement-Revolutionary Communist Party-CAPI-Red
and Green Alternative (Parti Communiste Français-Mouvement des Citoyens-Ligue
Communiste Révolutionnaire-la CAPI-Alternative Rouge et Verte)
P262-Breton Greens-Ecologist Federation in Breton (Les Verts Bretagne-Fédération Écologiste
P263-Ecologists and Citizens (Écologistes et Citoyens)
P264-Convention for Progressiste Alternative (Convention pour une Alternative Progressiste)
P265-New Caledonia for All (Une Nouvelle-Calédonie pour Tous)
P266-Objective Guadeloupe (Objectif Guadeloupe)
P267-Democratic Force (Force Démocrate)
P268-Guadalupan Movement-Ecologists Mouvement Guadeloupéen-Écologiste)
P269-Not Designated/No Label
P270-Alternative, Ecologic and Citizen Left (Gauche Alternative, Écologique et Citoyenne)
P271-Movement of National Liberation of the Breton People for Self-governing Socialism of
Tregor (Movement de Liberation Nationale du Peuple Breton pour le Socialisme
Autogestionnaire du Tregor
P272-Local Union for Better Existence (Union Locale pour une Meilleure Existence)
P273-Child and His Right (l'Enfant et Son Droit)
P274-French Communist Party (Movement of Citizens (Parti Communiste Français-Mouvement
des Citoyens)
P275-Party of Natural Law (Parti de la loi Naturelle)
P276-European Labor Party (Parti Ouvrier Européen)
P277-Union for Economic, Social and Political Reform in France (Union pour la Réforme
Économique, sociale et politique de la France)
P278-Popular Party for French Democracy (Parti Populaire pour la Démocratie Française)
P279-Cape Liberty Egality Fraternity (Cap Liberté Égalité Fraternité)
P280-For Real Liberal Change (Pour un Vrai Changement Libéral)
P281-Rally for the Republic-Union for Democracy (Rassemblement pour la République-Union
pour la Démocratie Française)
P282-Union of Ecologists of Haut-Alpins (Union des Écologistes Haut-Alpins)
P283-Republican Initiative for Secular and Social Left (Initiative Républicaine pour une Gauche
Laïque et Sociale)
P284-Regionalist Movement Alpes-Cote d’Azur (Mouvement Régionaliste Alpes-Côte d'Azur)
P285-Convergence Ecology and Solidarity (Convergence Écologie Solidarité)
P286-Confederation of Independent Ecologists (Confédération des Écologistes Indépendants)
P287-Liberal Party for the Economy, the Region, and the Environment (Parti Libéral pour
l'Économie, la Région et l'Environnment)
P288-Those Opposing Vernet (Les Opposants du Vernet)
P289-Solidarity, Regions, Ecology (Solidarité, Régions, Écologie)
P290-Occitan (Parti Occitan)
P291-Ecology and Solidarity (Écologie Solidarité)
P292-Federation for Unity of Caledonian People (Fédération pour l'Unité du Peuple Calédonien)
P293-For Social and Liberal Union (Pour un Avenir Social et Libéral)
P294-Radical Energy (Énergie Radicale)
P295-Unity Ecology (Unité Écologie)
P296-Convention Democracy Future (Convention Démocratie Avenir)
P297-Socialist Unity (Unité Socialiste)
P298-Liberal Union for French Democracy (Union Libérale pour la Démocratie Française)
P299-Royal Imperialist Movement of Christianity and Believers (Mouvement Royaliste Impérial
du Christianisme et des Croyants)
P300-Democracy and Progress (Démocratie et Progrés)
P301-New Impulse for Cantal (Un Nouvel Élan pour le Cantal)
P302-Liberty, Egality, Justice (Liberté, Égalite, Justice)
P303-Coriscan Greens (I Verdi Corsi)
P304-Union of the Corsican People (Unione di u Populu Corsu)
P305-Rally for Caledonie in the Republic (Rassemblement pour la Calédonie dans la
P306-French Associative Party (Parti Associatif Français)
P307-Christian Democracy (Démocratie Chrétienne)
P308-Republic and Democracy (République et Démocratie)
P309-Rally for the Franc-Comptois People (Rassemblement du Peuple Franc-Comtois)
P310-Gaullist Rally (Rassemblement Gaulliste)
P311-Union of the Majority (Union de la Majorité)
P312-Rally for Eure (Rassemblement pour l'Eure)
P313-Union of Ecologists of Eure (Union des Écologistes de l'Eure)
P314-Movement for the Future of Mayotte (Mouvement pour l'Avenir de Mayotte)
P315-Nimes Independence (Nîmes Indépendance)
P316-Foute Fe for Guadeloupe (Fouté Fé pour la Gaudeloupe)
P317-Toulouse Together (Toulouse Ensemble)
P318-Realist United Ecology (Écologie Réaliste Unifiée)
P319-Republican French Order (Ordre Républicain Français)
P320-Reforms, Democracy, Health (Réformes, Démocratie, Santé)
P321-Rally Useful for Everyone (Rassemblement Utile à Tous)
P322-Center Left Movement (Mouvement Centre Gauche)
P323-New Society (Nouvelle Société)
P324-Popular Party for French Democracy-Rally for the Republic-Union for Democracy (Parti
populaire pour la démocratie française-Rassemblement pour la République-Union pour la
Démocratie Française)
P325-Accord of Alternatives and Ecologists (Entente des Alternatifs et Écologistes)
P326-Movement of the Democrats (Mouvement des Démocrates)
P327-For the Social Right (Pour une Droite Sociale)
P328-Rally of Democrats for Protection of Space in Reunion (Rassemblement des Démocrates
pour la Protection de l'Espace Réunionnais)
P329-Unite to Make Cannes a Success (Réunir pour Réussir Cannes)
P330-Rally for the Republic-Ideas-Action (Rassemblement pour la République-Idées-Action)
P331-Independent Left (Gauche Indépendante)
P332-Center Right (Centre Droit)
P333-Together, United Ecologists (Ensemble, Écologistes et Solidaires)
P334-Party of Concrete Evidence (Parti des Évidences Concrétes)
P335-Independent Gaullist (Gaulliste Indépendant)
P336-Regional Ecologists and Citizens United (Les Écologistes Régionalistes Solidaires et
P337-Movement for Republican Citizenship (Mouvement pour une Citoyenneté Républicaine)
P338-Renewed Gaulliste (Renouveau Gaulliste)
P339-Union for Reason in Power (Union pour la Raison au Pouvoir)
P340-Humane France (Une France Humaine)
P341-Left, Ecologist and Republicans of the Progress Forces (Forces de Gauche, Écologistes et
Républicains de Progrés)
P342-To Live Together in Meuse Proper (Vivre ensemble dans une Meuse Propre)
P343-Gaullist of Social Progress (Gaulliste de Progrès Social)
P344-Ecology and Democracy (Écologie et Démocratie)
P345-Movement of Democracy in Lorraine (Mouvement Démocratie Lorraine)
P346-Permanent Democracy (Démocratie Permanente)
P347-Left Crossroads (Carrefour des Gauches)
P348-Communist (Communiste)
P349-National Republican Party (Parti National Républicain)
P350-Security Employment (Sécurité Emploi)
P351-React Together (Réagir Ensemble)
P352-For Real Democracy, in Advantage for Flanders (Pour une Réelle Démocratie, en Enjeu
pour la Flandre)
P353-Present for Future (Présents pour l'Avenir)
P354-National European Community Party (Parti Communautaire National Européen)
P355-Social and Ecologist Alternative (Alternative Sociale et Écologiste)
P356-Nationalist Basque Party (Parti Nationaliste Basque)
P357-Party of French Muslims (Parti des Musulmans de France)
P358-Artisinal Ecology (Écologie Artisanale)
P359-Royalist Union (Union Royaliste)
P360-Union for Humane Democracy (Union pour la Démocratie Humaine)
P361-Movement of the Progressive Left (Mouvement de la Gauche Progressiste)
P362-Movement of the Republican Right (Mouvement de la Droite Républicaine)
P363-Rally of Savoisien (Rassemblement des Savoisiens)
P364-Independent Savoie (Savoie Indépendante)
P365-Independent Democratic Movement (Mouvement Démocrate Indépendant)
P366-Social and Liberal Rally (Rassemblement Social et Libéral)
P367-Paris Oxygen (Paris Oxygéne)
P368-Citizens Against Corruption (Citoyens Contre la Corruption)
P369-For Respect of Citizens’ Rights (Pour le Respect des droits du Citoyen)
P370-Organization Against the ENA System (Organisation Contre le Système ENA)
P371-Circle of Citizens (Cercle des Citoyens)
P372-Reformist Alliance (Alliance Réformiste)
P373-SOS Dad (SOS Papa)
P374-SOS Syndic (SOS Syndic)
P375-Humanist and Visionary France (France humaniste et Visionniste)
P376-Union for Majority in 8 and 9th Districts (Union pour la Majorité dans les 8 et 9
P377-National Union of Voters (Union Nationale des Électeurs)
P378-Left Gaullist (Gaulliste de Gauche)
P379-Union of the Retired and Independents (Union des Retraités et Indépendants)
P380-Left Solidarity (Gauche Solidaire)
P381-Evolution (Évolution)
P382-French Marginal Party (Parti Marginal Français)
P383-Union of Ecologists in Seine-Maritime (Union des Écologistes en Seine-Maritime)
P384-Salarian Force (La Force Salarienne)
P385-Union France Democracy (Union France Démocratie)
P386-Left 92 CAP (Gauche 92 CAP)
P387-Limousin Ecology (Limousin Écologie)
P388-Liberal and Republican Rally (Rassemblement Libéral et Républicain)
P389-Together for Ecologic Solidarity and Citizenship Alternative (Ensemble pour une
Alternative Écologique Solidaire et Citoyenne)
P390-Centrist Accord (Entente Centriste)
P391-Civic Spirit, Gaullism in Movement (Espirit Civique, le Gaullisme en Mouvement)
P392-Ecology, Renovation, Europe (Écologie, Rénovation, Europe)
P393-Party of Radical Forces (Parti des Forces Radicales)
P394-Green Cities 94 (Villes Vertes 94)
P395-New Ideas (Des Idées Nouvelles)
P396-Color Citizen (Couleur Citoyenne)
P397-Future and Citizenship (Avenir et Citoyenneté)
P398-Committee the Unemployed Salaried of Alfortville-Vitry (Comité Chômeurs-Salariés
P399-Rally of Alternative and Ecologic Left (Rassemblement de la Gauche Alternative et Écologiste)
P400-France to All French (La France à tous les Français)
P401-Socialism, Ecology, Solidarity (Socialisme, Écologie, Solidarité)
P402-Inter-cultural Movement (Mouvement Inter-culturel)
P403-Labor Fight (Combat Ouvrier)
P404-Progressive and Democratic Party of Guadeloupe (Parti Progressiste et Démocratique
P405-Guadeloupe United Socialism and Realities (Guadeloupe Unie Socialisme et Réalités)
P406-Guadeloupe Nature and Environment (Gaudeloupe Nature et Environnement)
P407-Socialist and Democratic Movement (Mouvement Socialiste et Démocratie)
P408-Group de Reflexion and Social Action in Bouillante (Groupe Bouillantais de Réflexion et
d'Action Sociale)
P409-Autonomist Movement-Other (Mouvement Autonomiste-Divers)
P410-Liberal Movement in Martinique (Mouvement Libéral Martiniquais)
P411-Movement for Decolonization and Social Emancipation (Mouvement de Décolonisation et
d'Émancipation Sociale)
P412-Union of Progressive Forces in Guyane (Union des Forces de Progrès de Guyane)
P413-Alliance Guyana (Alliance Guyanaise)
P414-Values, Freedoms, Solidarity (Valeurs, Libertés, Solidarité)
P415-Radical Socialist Party (Parti Radical Socialiste)
P416-For Truth and Justice in Scandals and Rulings of SIEDS (Pour la Vérité et la Justice dans
les Scandales du SIEDS et de la Régie du SIEDS)
P417-Expectancy (Espérance)
P418-Movement to Save Associative and Cultural Life (Mouvement pour la Sauvegarde de la
Vie Associative et Culturelle)
P419-RDC/Movement of the Republican Right (RDC/Mouvement de la Droite Républicaine)
P420-We Are the Left (Nous Sommes la Gauche)
P421-100% on the Left-Communist Revolutionary League (100% à Gauche -Ligue Communiste
P422-Other Left-Solidarity-Ecology-Left Alternative (Á Gauche Autrement-Solidarité-ÉcologieGauche Alternative)
P423-Alliance of French for Progress-Radical Energy (Alliance des Français pour le ProgrèsÉnergi Radicale)
P424-Alliance of French for Progress-Socialist Party (Alliance des Français pour le Progrès-Parti
P425-Popular Alliance-Movement for National Alliance (Alliance Populaire-Mouvement de
Rassemblement National)
P426-Popular Alliance-Rally of National Forces (Alliance Populaire-Rassemblement des Forces
P427-ALPAS-Socialist Party (ALPAS-Parti Socialiste)
P428-Alternative Red and Green-Convention for Progressiste Alternative (Alternative Rouge et
Verte-Convention pour une Alternative Progressiste)
P429-National Center of Independents and Peasants-French Christian Democracy (Centre
National des Indépendants et Paysans-Démocratie Chrétienne Français)
P430-Confederation of Independent Ecologists-Marne Ecology (Confédération des Écologistes
Indépendants-Marne Écologie)
P431-Christian Democracy-National Center of Independents (Démocratie Chrétienne-Centre
National des Indépendants)
P432-Independent Right-National Center of Independents and Peasants (Droite IndépendanteCentre National des Indépendants et Paysans)
P433-Independent Right-Movement for France (Droite Indépendante-Mouvement pour la
P434-Ecology, Citizenship and Secularity-Ecology 92 (Écologie Citoyenneté et Laïcité-Écologie
P435-Ecology-The Greens (Écologie-Les Verts)
P436-Ecology-The Greens-Ecology Party (Écologie-Les Verts-Parti Écologiste)
P437-Ecologists and Citizens-The Greens-Convention for an Alternative Progress (Écologistes et
Citoyens-Convention pour une Alternative Progressiste-Les Verts-Alternative Rouge et Verte)
P438-Ecologists and Citizens-Convergence Ecology and Solidarity (Écologistes et CitoyensConvergence Écologie Solidarité)
P439-Ecologists and Citizens-Solidarity-Ecology-Regions (Écologistes et Citoyens-SolidaritéÉcologie-Régions)
P440-Agreement of Ecologists-Ecology Generation (Entente des Écologistes-Géneration
P441-Agreement of Ecologists-Ecology Generation-The Greens (Entente des ÉcologistesGéneration Écologie-Les Verts)
P442-Agreement of Ecologists-The Greens (Entente des Écologistes-Les Verts)
P443-Franceology-Union for Ecology and Democracy (Francécologie-Union pour l'Écologie et
la Démocratie)
P444-National Front-Security-French First (Front National-la Sécurité-Français d'Abord)
P445-National Front-French First (Front National-Les Français d'Abord)
P446-Union for the Republic (Union pour la République)
P447-Union for French Democracy-Union for France (Union pour la Démocratie FrançaiseUnion pour la France)
P448-Union for French Democracy-Democratic Movement (Union pour la Démocratie
Française-Mouvement Démocrate)
P449-Union for French Democracy-Social Democratic Center (Union pour la Démocratie
Française-Centre des Démocrates Sociaux)
P450-Gallist Union of France-New Ecologists from the Rally of Nature and Animals (Union
Gaulliste de France-Les Nouveaux Écologistes du Rassemblement Nature et Animaux)
P451-National Ecologist Union-For the Defense of Animals-Universalist Movement (Union
Nationale Écologiste-Parti pour la Défense des Animaux-Mouvement Universaliste)
P452-Union of Independents-Center for Social Democrats (Union des Indépendants-Centre des
Démocrates Sociaux)
P453-Breton Democratic Union-Regions and United People (Union Démocratique BretonneRégions et Peuples Solidaires)
P454-Solidarity-Ecology-Regions-Union of the Alsace People (Solidarité-Écologie-RégionsUnion de Peuple Alsacien)
P455-Solidarity-Ecology-Regions-Occitan Party (Solidarité-Écologie-Régions-Parti Occitan)
P456-Alternative and Ecologist Left-Communist Revolutionary League (Gauche Alternative et
Écologiste-Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire)
P457-Republican and Progressist Left-Citizens’ Movement-French Communist Party (Gauche
Républicaine et Progressiste-Mouvement des Citoyens-Parti Communiste Français)
P458-Ecology Generation-Really on the Left (Génération Écologie-Á Gauche Vraiment)
P459-Republican Initiative-Radical Socialist Party (Initiative Républicaine-Parti Radical
P460-Alsace Standing-National Front (L'Alsace Debout-Front National)
P461-New Majority-French Democratic Party (Nouvelle Majorité-Parti Démocrate Français)
P462-New Ecologists from the Rally of Nature and Animals –Party for the Defense of Animals
(Les Nouveaux Écologistes du Rassemblement Nature et Animaux-Parti pour la Défense des
P463-New Ecologists from the Rally of Nature and Animals-Party for the Defense of AnimalsCollective National Defense of Animals (Les Nouveaux Écologistes du Rassemblement Nature
et Animaux-Parti pour la Défense des Animaux-Le Collectif National Défense Animale)
P464-New Ecologists from the Rally of Nature and Animals-National Ecology Union (Les
Nouveaux Écologistes du Rassemblement Nature et Animaux-Union Nationale Écologiste)
P465-New Ecologists from the Rally of Nature and Animals-National Ecoology Union-Party for
the Defense of Animals-Universalist Movement (Les Nouveaux Écologistes du
Rassemblement Nature et Animaux-Union Nationale Écologiste-Parti pour la Defense des
Animaux-Mouvement Universaliste)
P466-The Greens-Ecology Confederation-Ecology Party (Les Verts-Confédération ÉcologisteParti Écologiste)
P467-The Greens-Ecology Confederation-Ecology Party-Socialist Party-Radical Socialist Party
and Related (Les Verts-Confédération Écologiste-Parti Écologiste-Parti Socialiste-Parti
Radical Socialiste et Apparantés)
P468-The Greens-Convention for Progressiste Alternative and Albi Alternative (Les VertsConvention pour une Alternative Progressiste et Albi Autrement)
P469-The Greens-Convention for Progressiste Alternative and Tarn Alternative (Les VertsConvention pour une Alternative Progressiste et Tarn-Autrement)
P470-The Greens-Generation Ecology (Les Verts-Génération Écologie)
P471-The Greens-Ecology Party (Les Verts-Parti Écologiste)
P472-Liberty, Solidarity and Ecology-Alternative Red and Green (Liberté, Solidarité, ÉcologieAlternative Rouge et Verte)
P473-List of National and Popular Accord-National Front (Liste d'Entente Populaire NationaleFront National)
P474-Movement of Citizens-Socialist Republican Rally (Mouvement des CitoyensRassemblement Socialiste et Républicain)
P475-Movement of Reformers-Child and His Right (Mouvement des Réformateurs-l'Enfant et
Son Droit)
P476-Movement of Reformers-Rally for Democracy and Civicism (Mouvement des
Réformateurs-Rassemblement pour la Démocratie et le Civisme)
P477-Ecology Movement of Anjou-Solidarity-Ecology-Left Alternative (Mouvement Écologiste
de l'Anjou-Solidarité-Écologie-Gauche Alternative)
P478-French Movement for Quality-Agreement of Ecologists (Mouvement Français pour la
Qualite-Entente des Écologistes)
P479-Martinique Independent Movement-Others (Mouvement Indépendantiste MartiniquaisDivers)
P480-Mayotte Popular Movement-National Front (Mouvement Populaire Mahorais-Front
P481-Mayotte Popular Movement-Assembly for the Republic (Mouvement Populaire MahoraisRassemblement pour la République)
P482-Mayotte Popular Movement-Assembly of the Center Union (Mouvement Populaire
Mahorais-Union du Rassemblement et du Centre)
P483-Movement for France-National Center of Independents and Peasants (Mouvement pour la
France-Centre National des Indépendants et Paysans)
P484-Movement for France-Other Right (Mouvement pour la France-Divers Droite)
P485-French Communist Party-Citizens’ Movement-The Greens-Revolutionary Communist
Party-CAPI-Red and Green Alternative (Parti Communiste Français-Mouvement des CitoyensLes Verts-Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire-CAPI-Alternative Rouge et Verte)
P486-Reunion Island–Socialist Party (Parti Communiste Réunionnais-Parti Socialiste)
P487-Ecology Party-The Greens-Radical Socialist and Related Party-Socialist Party (Parti
Écologie-Les Verts-Parti Radical Socialiste et Apparantés-Parti Socialiste)
P488-Ecology Party-Ecology Confederation (Parti Écologiste-Confédération Écologiste)
P489-Ecology Party-Convergence Ecology and Solidarity (Parti Écologiste-Convergence
Écologie Solidarité)
P490-Party for the Defense of Animals-Collective National Defense of Animals (Parti pour la
Défense des Animaux-Le Collectif National Défense Animale)
P491-Party for the Defense of Animals-Universalist Movement (Parti pour la Défense des
Animaux-Mouvement Univeraliste)
P492-Martinque Progressist Party-Other Left (Parti Progressiste Martiniquais-Divers Gauche)
P493-Republican Party-Union for French Democracy (Parti Républicain-Union pour la
Démocratie Française)
P494-Socialist Party-Movement of Left Radicals and Related (Parti Sociaiste-Mouvement des
Radicaux de Gauche et Apparentés)
P495-Voice of Workers Workers’ Struggle (Voix des Travailleurs-Lutte Ouvrière)
P496-Socialist Party-The Greens (Parti Socialiste-Les Verts)
P497-Socialist Party-Presidential Majority for France Union (Parti Socialiste-Majorité
Présidentielle pour la France Unie)
P498-Socialist Party-Movement of Left Radicals (Parti Socialiste-Mouvement des Radicaux de
P499-Socialist Party-Socialist Radical Party and Those Related (Parti Socialiste-Parti Radical
Socialiste et Apparentés)
P500-For the Defense of the Re-industrialization of East Moselle-Presidential Majotrity Union
(Pour la Défense et la Réindustrialisation de la Moselle-Est-Majorité Présidentielle Unie)
P501-Rally for the Left-French Communist Party (Rassemblement à Gauche-Parti Communiste
P502-Rally for the Left-French Communist Party-Citizens’ Movement (Rassemblement à
Gauche-Parti Communiste Français-Mouvement des Citoyens)
P503-Solidarity-Ecology-Regions-Ecologist and Citizens (Solidarité-Écologie-Régions Écologistes et Citoyens)
P504-Rally for the Republic-Union for Democracy-National Center of Independents
(Rassemblement pour la République-Union pour la Démocratie Française-Centre National des
P505-Rally for the Republic-Union for Democracy-National Center of Independents
(Rassemblement pour la République-Centre National des Indépendants)
P506-Assembly for the Republic-Presidential Majority (Rassemblement pour la RépubliqueMajorité Présidentielle)
P507-Assembly for the Republic-Objective Guadeloupe (Rassemblement pour la RépubliqueObjectif Guadeloupe)
P508-Assembly for the Republic-Union of the Assembly and the Center (Rassemblement pour la
République-Union du Rassemblement et du Centre)
P509-Solidarity-Ecology-Left Alternative (Solidarite Écologie-Gauche Alternative)
P510-Solidarity-Ecology-Left Alternatie-Red and Green Alternative (Solidarité-ÉcologieGauche Alternative-Alternative Rouge et Verte)
P511-Solidarity-Ecology-Left Alternative-The Greens (Solidarité-Écologie-Gauche AlternativeLes Verts)
P512-Solidarity-Ecology-Left Alternative-Other Left (Solidarité-Écologie-Gauche Alternative-À
Gauche Vraiment)
P513-Solidarity-Ecology-Regions (Solidarité-Écologie-Régions)
P514-Solidarity-Ecology-Regions-Alliance of Women for Democracy (Solidarité-ÉcologieRégions -Alliance des Femmes pour la Démocratie)
Some parties/independents are represented by more than one candidate in a district. These
votes have been aggregated. As a result, one party may win a majority of the votes and not
received a seat because no single candidate received a majority of the votes in that district.
For the 2002 and 2007 elections, the second round results are not shown. The variable
Political Parties:
P1-5% Block Party (5% Block Partei [5%BLOCK])
P2-Party of 2000 Alternative Citizens’ Movement of Germany (Partei der Alternativen
Bürgerbewegung 2000 Deutschland [AB2000])
P3-Democratic Progress Action (Aktion Demokratischer Fortschritt [ADF])
P4-Automobile-and Citizens’ Interest Party of Germany (Autofahrer-und Bürgerinteressen
Partei Deutschlands [APD])
P5-Anarchist Pogo-Party of Germany (Anarchistische Pogo-Partei Deutschlands [APPD])
P6-All Insured Persons and Pensioners in Germany (Alle Sozialversicherten und Rentner
Deutschlands [ASD])
P7-Action Association of Independent Germans (Aktionsgemeinschaft Unabhängiger Deutscher
P8-Departure for Civil Rights, Freedom and Health (Aufbruch für Bürgerrechte, Freiheit und
Gesundheit [AUFBRUCH])
P9-Community Action FOURTH PARTY (Aktionsgemeinschaft VIERTE PARTEI [AVP])
P10-Alliance 90/Greens (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen [B90/Gr])
P11-Union of Free Citizens-Offensive for Germany (Bund Freier Bürger-Offensive für
Deutschland [BFB-Die Offensive]
P12-League for All of Germany (Bund für Gesamtdeutschland [BGD])
P13-Bavarian Party (Bayernpartei [BP])
P14-Socialist Workers’ Federation (Bund Sozialistischer Arbeiter [BSA])
P15-West German Communist League (Bund Westdeutscher Kommunisten [BWK])
P16-League of Germans (Bund der Deutschen [BdD])
P17-Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität [BüSo])
P18-Civic Party of Germany (Bürgerpartei Deutschland [BPD]
P19-Christian Bavarian People’s Party (Christliche Bayerische Volkspartei [CBV])
P20-Christian Democratic Union of Germany (Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands
P21-Chance 2000 (Chance 2000 [CHANCE2000])
P22-Christian Center--(Christliche Mitte-Für ein Deutschland nach GOTTES Geboten [CM])
P23-Christian Social Union (Christlich-Soziale Union [CSU])
P24-Christian People’s Party of Saarland (Christliche Volkspartei des Saarlandes [CVP])
P25-Direct Democracy of Germany (Direkte Demokraten Deutschland [DDD])
P27-German Freedom Party (Deutsche Freiheits-Partei [DFP])
P28-German Peace Union (Deutsche Friedens-Union [DFU])
P29-German Community (Deutsche Gemeinschaft [DG])
P30-Feminist Party-The Women (Feministische Partei-Die Frauen [DIE FRAUEN])
P31-The Grays-Gray Panther (Die Grauen-Graue Panther [DIE GRAUEN]
P32-German Communist Party (Deutsche Kommunistische Partei [DKP])
P33-German Conservative Party/German Reich Party (Deutsche Konservative Partei/Deutsche
Reichspartei [DKP/DRP])
P34-Middle Class Party (Die Mittelstands Partei [DMP])
P35-National Coalition (Nationale Sammlung [DNS])
P36-German Party (Deutsche Partei [DP])
P37-Democratic Party of Germany (Demokratische Partei Deutschlands [DPD])
P38-German Reich Party (Deutsche Reichs-Partei [DRP])
P39-German Social Union (Deutsche Soziale Union [DSU])
P42-German People’s Party (Deutsche Volkspartei [DVP])
P43-German People’s Union (Deutsche Volksunion [DVU])
P44-Germany [Deutschland]
P45-Animal Welfare Party (Die Tierschutzpartei)
P46-The Violets (Die Violetten)
P47-European Workers’ Party (Europäische Arbeiterpartei [EAP])
P48-European Federalist Party (Europäische Föderalistische Partei [EFP])
P50-European People’s Movement in Germany (Europäische Volksbewegung Deutschland
P51-Family Party of Germany (Familien-Partei Deutschlands [FAMILIE])
P52-Free German Workers’ Party (Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei [FAP])
P53-Free Citizens’ Union (Freie Bürger Union [FBU])
P54-Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokratische Partei [FDP])
P55-New Forum (Neues Forum [FORUM])
P56-Freedom Party of Germany (Freiheitliche Partei Deutschlands [FP Deutschlands])
P57-Women’s Party (Frauenpartei [FRAUEN])
P58-Free Social Union (Frei-Soziale Union [FSU])
P59-Federal Union (Föderalistische Union [FU])
P61-All-German Bloc/League of Expellees and the Rights Deprived (Gesamtdeutscher
Block/Block der Heimatvertriebenen und Entrechteten [GB/BHE])
P62-All-German Party (Germany Party-League of Expellees and the Rights Deprived
(Gesamtdeutsche Partei (Deutsche Partei-Block der Heimatvertriebenen und Entrechteten
P63-International Marxist Group (Gruppe Internationale Marxisten [GIM])
P64-All-German Party (Gesamtdeutsche Partei [GPD])
P65-The Grays (Die Grauen [GRAUE[)
P66-The Greens (Die Grünen [GRÜNE])
P67-All-German People's Party (Gesamtdeutsche Volkspartei [GVP])
P68-Humanist Party (Humanistische Partei [HP])
P69-Communist League of West Germany (Kommunistische Bund Westdeutschland [KBW])
P70-Communist Party of Germany (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands [KPD])
P71-Liberal Democrats (Liberale Demokraten [LD])
P72-Christian League (Christliche Liga [LIGA])
P73-Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands
P74-German Middleclass [Mittelstand])
P75-The Responsible Citizen (Die Mündigen Bürger [Mündige Bürger])
P76-Natural Law Party (Naturgesetz-Partei [NATURGESETZ])
P77-National Democratic Party of Germany (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands
P78-Party of Non-Voters (Partei der Nichtwähler [Nichtwähler])
P79-Party for Labour and Social Security (Partei für Arbeit und Soziale Sicherheit/ Partei der
Arbeitslosen und Sozial Schwachen [PASS])
P80-Party of Bible-loyal Christians (Partei Bibeltreuer Christen [PBC])
P81-Party of the Democratic Socialism (Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus [PDS])
P82-Party for Pensioners’ Justice and Family (Partei für Rentengerechtigkeit und Familie [PRG])
P83-Party for Social Equality (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit [PSG])
P84-Independent (Parteilose)
P85-Patriots for Germany (Patrioten für Deutschland [Patrioten])
P87-Pro-German Center-Pro-German Mark Initiative (Pro Deutsche Mitte-Initiative Pro D-Mark
P88-The Republicans (Die Republikaner [REP])
P90-Radical Socialist Freedom Party (Radikal-Soziale Freiheitsparte [RSF])
P91-Rhine Westphalen People’s Party (Rheinisch-Westfälische Volkspartei [RWVP])
P94-Social Democratic Party of Germany (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands [SPD])
P95-South Schleswig Electoral League (Südschleswigscher Wählerverband [SSW])
P96-The STATT Party-The Independents (STATT Partei, Die Unabhängigen [STATTpartei])
P97-Human Economy Party (Humanwirtschafts-Partei)
P98-Rule of Law Offensive Party (Partei Rechtsstaatlicher Offensive [Schill])
P99-Vanguard Workers Party of Germany (Spartakist-Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands [SPAD]
P100-Human Environment Animal Welfare (Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz [Tierschutz])
P101-Independent Workers’ Party (Unabhängige Arbeiterpartei [UAP])
P102-Independent Social Democrats (Unabhängige Soziale Demokraten [USD])
P103-People’s Front (Volksfront [V])
P104-Union of Worker Associations for Labor Policy and Democracy (Vereinigung der
Arbeitskreise für Arbeitnehmerpolitik und Demokratie [VAA])
P105-United Left (Vereinigte Linke [VL])
P106-Fatherland Union (Vaterländische Union [VU]
P107-Economic Reconstruction Party (Wirtschaftliche Aufbauvereinigung [WAV])
P109-Electoral Group/Single Applicant (Wählergruppen/Einzelbewerber)
P110-German Center Party (Deutsche Zentrumspartei [ZENTRUM])
P111-Ecological Democratic Party (Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei [ÖDP])
P112-German Solidarity-Union for the Environment and Protection of Life (Deutsche
Solidarität-Union für Umwelt-und Lebensschutz [ÖKO-UNION])
P113-The Left (Die Linke)
P115-Referendum (Volksabstimmung)
P116-Alliance of the Center (Allianz der Mitte [ADM])
P117-Pirate Party of Germany (Piratenpartei Deutschland [Piraten])
P118-Other (Übrige)
P119-Female and Male Pensioners Party (Rentnerinnen und Rentner Partei [RRP])
P120-Free Union (Frei Union)
P121-Independent Voters of Germany (Freie Wähler Deutschland [FWD])
P122-Pensioner’s Party of Germany (Rentner-Partei-Deutschland [Rentner)
P123-Independents (Unabhängige)
P124-50 Plus–Citizen and Voter Initiative for Brandenburg (50Plus-Bürger-und Wählerinitiative
für Brandenburg [50Plus])
P125-Rule of Law Offensive (Partei Rechtsstaatlicher Offensive [Offensive D])
P126-Alliance for Welfare, Freedom and Society (Allianz für Gesundheit, Frieden und Soziale
Data presented is reported by state/länder, not district.
The votes (first vote and second vote) are in parenthesis after the name of the administrative
division/länder, except for 1949 when every voter has only one vote. The first vote is used to
elect the constituency. The second vote is used to determine the relative strengths of the
parties in the Bundestag.
Political Parties:
************** *********
* CLE Dataset Codebook *
Greek Parties
p1 – National Radical Union (Εθνικη Ριζοσπαστικη Ενωση) [EPE]
p2 – United Left Democracy (Ενιαια Δημοκρατικη Αριστερα) [EΔA]
p3 – Liberal Party (Κομμα Φιλλελευθερων)[KΦ]
p4 – Union of Progressive Agricultural Democracy (Προοδευτικη Αγροτικη Δημοκρατικη Ενωση)
p5 – Union of Popular Party (Ενωση Λαικου Κομματος)
p6 – List of Independents (Συνδυασμοι ανεξαρτητων)
p7 – Individual Candidates (i.e. Independents [not on a list]) (Μεμονωμενοι υποψηφιοι)
p8 – Union Democracy (Δημοκρατικη Ενωση)
p9 – Progressive Party (Κομμα Προοδευτικων)[KП]
p10 – Popular Social Party (Λαϊκòν Κοινωνικòν Κομμα)
p11 – Christian Democratic Party (Χριστιανικο Δημοκρατικο Κομμα)
p12 – Union of the Center – Progressive Party (Ενωση Κεντρου−Προοδευτικο Κομμα) [EK]
p13 – Pan-Democratic Agricultural Front of Greece (Πανδημοκρατικο Αγροτικο Μετωπο Ελλαδος) [ПAME]
p14 – List of Independents and Individual Candidates (Συνδυασμοι ‘Ανεξαρτητοι και−Μεμονωμενοι υποψηφιοι)
p15 – Party of X (Hites) of the National Resistance (Κομμα Χιτων Εθνικης Αντιστασεως)
p16 – National Union Party (Κομμα Εθνικης Ενωσεως)
p17 – Union of the Nationalists (Ενωσης Εθνικοφρονων)
p18 – National Party of Greece (Εθνικο Κομμα Ελλαδος)
p19 – United Coalition of Nationalists (Ηνωμενη Παραταξη Εθνικοφρονων)
p20 – Patriotic Party of Reservists (Πατριωτικο Κομμα Εφεδρων)
p21 – Socialist Party of Greece (Κοινωνικο κομμα Ελλαδος)
p22 – Christian Orthodox Coalition of Hellenes (Χριστιανικη Ορθοδοξη Παραταξη Ελληνων)
p23 – National Political Union (Εθνικη Πολιτικη Ενωση)
p24 – Party of Urban and Rural Proprietors (Αστικο και αγροτικο κομμα ιδιοκτησιας)
p25 – Union of Agrarian Parties (Ενωση Αγροτικων Κομματων)
p26 – The National Agrarians of “X” (Hites) (Εθνικο Αγροτικο Κομμα Χιτων)
p27 – National Resistance Party of Greece (Κομμα Εθνικης Αντιστασεως Ελλαδας)
p28 – National Byzantine Party of Greece (Εθνικο Βυζαντινο Κομμα Ελλαδας)
p29 – Political Independent Front (Πολιτικη Ανεξαρτητος Παραταξης)
p30 – Workers People National Front (Εθνικη Παραταξη Εργαζομενου Λαου)
p31 – Popular Party (Λαικο Κομμα)
p32 – New Party (Νεο Κομμα)
p33 – Workers Party of Greece (Κομμα Εργαζομενων Ελλαδας)
p34 – Independent Party of Artisans and Professionals of Greece (Ανεξ. Επαγγελματοβιοτεχνικο Κομμα)
p35 – Party of Artisans and Professionals of Greece (Εργατοεπαγγελματικο Κομμα Ελλαδας)
p36 – Motorist Party of Greece (Κομμα Αυτοκινιτηστων Ελλαδας)
p37 – National Independent Party of Invalids and Victims of the Greek War
(Εθνικο Ανεξαρτητο Κομμα Αναπηρων και Θυματων Πολεμου Ελλαδας)
p38 – National Recreation Front (Μετωπο Εθνικης Αναδημιουργιας)
p39 – Radical Left Front (Μετωπο Ριζοσπαστικης Αριστερας) [ΜΕΡΑ]
p40 – National Democratic Party (Εθνικο Δημοκρατικο Κομμα)
p41 – Party of Liberal Independents (Κομμα Ανεξαρτητων Φιλελευθερων)
p42 – Coalition of the Workers for Greece – Movement of Political Revival
(Συμπραξη κομματος Εργαζομενων Ελλαδας και Κινηματος Πολιτικης Ανανεωσης)
p43 – Party of G. Papandreou (Κομμα Γεωργιου Παπανδρεου)
p44 – Christian Workers Agrarian Front (Χριστιανικη Εργατικη Αγροτικη Παραταξη)
p45 – Party of Social Christian Equality (Κομμα Χριστιανικης Ισοπολιτειας)
p46 – Christian Political Union (Χριστιανικη Πολιτικη Ενωση)
p47 – Independent Farmers’ Party (Ανεξαρτητο Γεϖργικο Κομμα)
p48 – Agrarian Party (Αγροτικο Κομμα)
p49 – Farmers and Workers Front (Παραταξη Αγροτων και Εργαζομενων)
p50 – Independent Agrarian Party of Greece (Ανεξαρτητο Αγροτικο Κομμα Ελλαδας)
p51 – Independent Agrarian Party (Ανεξαρτητο Αγροτικο Κομμα)
p52 – Progressive National Union of the Center (Εθνικη Προοδευτικη Ενωση Κεντρου)
p53 – Democratic Front (Δημοκρατικη Παραταξη)
p54 – Hellenic Association Party (Ελληνικος Συναγερμος)
p55 – Farmers and Workers Association Party (Συναγερμος Αγροτων και Εργαζομενων)
p56 – National Progressive Party of the Center (Κομμα Εθνικης Προοδευτικης Ενωσης Κεντρου)
p57 – Socialist Party E.L.D. (Σοσιαλιστικο Κομμα Ε.Λ.Δ)
p58 – Socialist Archive-Marxist Party (Σοσιαλιστικο Αρχειο−μαρξιστικο Κομμα)
p59 – Fighting Left (Μαχωμενη Αριστερα [MACH. AR])
p60 – Union of the Center (Ενωση Κεντρου) [EK]
p61 – Movement of Democracy and Socialism (Κινημα Δημοκρατιας και Σοσιαλισμου) [KΔΣ]
p62 – Christian Democracy (Χριστιανικη Δημοκρατια) [XΔ]
p63 – National Radical Union – Progressive Party (Εθνικη Ριζοσπαστικη Ενωση−Προοδευτικο Κομμα)
p64 – New Democracy (ND) (Νεα Δημοκρατια) [NΔ]
p65 – Union of the Center–New Forces (EKND)(Ενωση Κεντρου−Νεες Δυναμεις) (ΕΚ−ΝΔ)
p66 – Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK)(Πανελληνιο Σοσιαλιστικο Κινημα) [ПAΣOK]
p67 – National Democratic Union EDE (Εθνικη Δημοκρατικη Ενωση) [EΔE]
p68 – United Left (Ενωμενη Αριστερα) [EA]
p69 – Liberal Democratic Union – Socialist Party of Greece (Φιλελλευθερη Δημοκρατικη Ενωση−
Σοσιαλιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδας) [ΦΔE-ΣKE]
p70 – Communist Revolution of Greece Movement (Επαναστατικο Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδας) [EKKE]
p71 – Union of the Democratic Center (Δημοκρατικη Ενωση Κεντρου) [ΔЕK]
p72 – Conservative Democratic Party (Συντηρητικο Δημοκρατικο Κομμα) [ΣΔΗΚ]
p73 – Coalition of Progressive and Left Forces (Συμμαχια Προοδευτικων και Αριστερων Δυναμεων) [ΣYM-MAXIA]
p74 – Communist Party of Greece (Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδος) [KKE]
p75 – Union of Progressives (Ενωση Пροοδευτικων) [EП]
p76 – Neoliberal Party (Κομμα Νεοφιλλελευθερων) [KNΦ]
p77 – National Coalition (Eθvικη Συμμαχια) [Eθv. Συμ] ]
p78 – Popular Democratic Union (Λαικη Δημοκρατικη Ενωση ) [ΛΔЕ]
p79 – Communist Organization Fighter (Κομμουνιστικη Οργανωση Μαχητης) [KOM]
p80 – Hellenic Christian-social Union (Ελληνικη Χριστιανικοκοινωνικη Ενωση) [EXE]
p81 – Olympic Democracy (Ολυμπιακη Δημοκρατια) [OΔH]
p82 – Workers Internationalist Union (Εργατικη Διεθνιστικη Ενωση−ΕΔΕ Τροτσκιστες ) [EΔE-T]
p83 – National Party of Greece (Εθνικο Κομμα Ελλαδος) [ΕΚΕ]
p84 – Veterinary and Tobacco Party (Κτηνοτροφικο Καπνικο Κομμα) [KKK]
p85 – Party of the Progressives (Κóμμα Τών προοδευτικών) KTP [KTП]
p86 – Communist Party of Greece-Interior (Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδος−Εσωτερικου) [ΚΚΕ−ΕΣΩΤ)
p87 – Party of Democratic Socialism-KAE (Κομμα Δημοκρατικου Σοσιαλισμου−ΚΑΕ) [KOΔΗΣО-ΚАЕ]
p88 – Union of Democratic Center (Ενωση Δημοκρατικου Κεντρου) [EΔK]
p89 – Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Greece of the Left (Μαρξιστικο Λενινιστικο Κομμουνιστικο
Κομμα Ελλαδος Αρ) [ΜΛ ΚΚΕ Αρ]
p90 – SEAN
p91 – For a Revolutionary Left (Για μια Επαναστατικη Αριστερα) [ГEA]
p92 – Revolutionary Communist Party of Greece-Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Greece (Επαναστατικο
Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδος− Μαρξιστικο−Λενινιστικο Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδος) [EKKE-MΛ-KKE]
p93 – Byzantine National Organization (Βυζαντινη Εθνικη Οργανωση) [BZEO]
p94 – Others (LOIPA) (Λοιπα)
p95 – Εθνικο Παμπρ. Κομμα Ελλαδος [Eθν-Пαμпρ]
p96 – Greek Global Olympic Democracy (Ελληνικη Παγκοσμια Ολυμπιακη Δημοκρατια) [EП-ОΔ]
p97 – Democratic Social Party (Δημοκρατικο Κοινωνικο Κομμα)[ΔKK]
p98 – Independent and Individual Candidates (Ανεξαρτητοι−Μεμονωμενοι) [Aμ]
p99 – Free [EΛЕΥΘEPOI]
p100 – National Political Union (Εθνικη Πολιτικη Ενωση) [EПEN]
p101 – Fighting Socialist Party of Greece (Αγωνιστικο Σοσιαλιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδος) [AΣKE]
p102 – Party of the Left [KOMMA APIΣTEPAΣ]
p103 – Hunters (Κυνηγοι) [KYNIGOI]
p104 – Greens (Πρασινοι) [ΠΡΑΣ)
p105 – Movement of Humanism/Humanism Movement (Κινημα Ανθρωπισμου)[KIN ANΘΡΩП]
p106 – Patriotic Right [Πατριωτικη Δεξια]
p107 – Combination of Independents (Συνδυασμοι Ανεξαρτητων)
p108 – KOM ELL [KOμ Ελλ]
p109 – Coalition of the Left, of Movements, and Ecology (ΣYNAΣПIΣMOΣ της Αριστερας, των Κινηματων και της Οικολογιας)
p110 – Left Initiative (Initiative of the Left) [APIΣTΕΡΗ ΠPΩTOBOYΛΙΑ]
p111 – Alternative Ecologists (Οικολογοι Εναλλακτικοι) [OIKOΛOГOI ENAΛ.]
p112 – Kollatos Movement of Alternative Ecologists (Κολλατος Οικολογικο Εναλλακτικο Κινημα) [KOΛΛATOΣ OIK.EΛΛ. KIN]
p113 – Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) (KKE μαρξιστικο-λενινιστικο) [KKE (M-L)]
p114 – Self-powered Movement of National Politics (Αυτοδυναμο Κινημα Εθνικης Πολιτικης) [ΑΚΕΠ)
p115 – Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Greece (Μαρξιστικο−Λενινιστικο Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδος) [MΛ (KKE)]
p116 – Olympianism [OΛYMПIΣMOΣ]
p117 – Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece (Οργανωση για την Ανασυγκροτηση του ΚΚΕ) [O.A.K.K.E.]
p118 – Ecologists of Greece [Oικολογοι Ελλαδος)
p119 – National Liberation Front (Εθνικο Απελευθερωτικο Μετωπο) [ΕΑΜ]
p120 – Blank Vote (LEYKO) [ΛEYKO]
p121 – Workers Revolutionary Party (Εργατικο Επαναστατικο Κομμα) [EEK]
p122 – Self-respect [AYTOΣEBAΣMOΣ]
p123 – Hellenic European Party (Ελληνικο Ευρωπαικο Κομμα)[EΛΛ.EYP.KOMMA]
p124 – National Front [Eθνικο Mετωπο]
p125 – Defensive Strategic Reconsideration (Αμυντικη Στρατηγικη Αναθεωρηση) [AΣA]
p126 – Party of Humanism and Peace (Κομμα Aνθρωπισμου και Ειρηνης) [KOMMA ANθP. EIPHNHΣ]
p127 – The Greens of Ecological Party of Greece (Οι Πρασινοι του Οικολογικου Κομματος Ελλαδος [OI ПPAΣINOI
p128 – Independent Movement of Teachers and Primary School Teachers (Ανεξαρτητη κινηση Δασκαλων και Νηπιαγωγων) [AKIΔA]
p129 – Hellenic-European Party 1984 [Eλληνοευρωπαικο Κομμα 1984]
p130 – Hellenism [EΛΛHNIΣMOΣ]
p131 – ELDHK [EΛΔHK]
p132 – Movement of the Non-Privileged (Κινηση Μη Προνομιουχων)
p133 – ELEEM[E.Λ.E.E.M.]
p134 – PAA [П.A.A.]
p135 – Fate (Πεπρωμενο) [ПEПPΩMENO]
p136 – Trust [EMПIΣTOΣYNH]
p137 – KOEEL [KO.E.EΛ]
p138 – Democratic Rebirth (Δημοκρατικη Αναγεννηση) [ΔH.ANA]
p139 – Union of Democratic Center (Ενωση Δημοκρατικου Κεντρου) [E.Δ.HK]
p140 – KEELL
p141 – AMES DHM [AMEΣ. Δ.H.M.]
p142 – European Socialist Party (Ευρωπαικο Σοσιαλιστικο Κομμα) [EΣK]
p143 – EL KSI [EΛ. K.Σ. I]
p144 – E.P.K.
p145 – EAS [E.A.Σ]
p146 – Communist Party of Greece of the Interior (ΚΚΕ Εσωτερικου Αν−Αρ) [KKE Eσ – AV. Aρ]
p147 – OI. KI. PAN [OI.KI.П.AN]
p148 – KADIK [ΚΑΔΙΚ]
p149 – EN. OI KOL
p150 – POK [П.O.K.]
p152 – Panhellenic Independence Movement PAKI (Πανελληνιο Απελευθερωτικο Κινημα)[П.A.KI.]
p153 – A.E.P.A.
p154 – Organization of Communist Internationalists of Greece (Οργανωση Κομμουνιστων Διεθνιστων Ελλαδος) [O.Δ.K.E.]
p155 – OLKE [OΛKE]
p156 – SSAYB [Σ.Σ.A.Y.B.]
p157 – KKE-ES [KKE- EΣ]
p158 – Political Spring [ΠOΛITIKH ANOΞH]
p159 – Union of Ecologists [ENΩΣH OIKOΛOГΩN]
p160 – Union of Centrists (ENΩΣH KENTPΩΩN)
p161 – Party of Greek Hunters (KOMMA EΛΛΗΝΩΝ KYNHГΩN)
p162 – Ecologists of Greece [OIKOΛOГOI EΛΛAΔAΣ]
p163 – Party of Responsible Citizens [Kομμα Υπευθυνων Πολιτων] [KOM. YΠEYΘ. ΠOΛITΩN]
p164 – PADIKE
p165 – National Patriotic Movement (Εθνικο Πατριωτικο Κινημα) [ΕΠΑΚ]
p166 – SAKE [ΣAKE]
p167 – EL DIM
p168 – Belief in Christ [XPIΣTOΠIΣTIA]
p170 – Party of Human Rights (Κομμα Ανθρωπινων Δικαιωματων) [KOM.ANΘ. ΔIKAIΩMATΩN]
p171 – VERGINA 1990 [BEPГINA 1990]
p172 – PAODHK [ΠA. O. ΔHK]
p173 – Party of Free Municipalities of Greece (Κομμα Ελευθερων Δημοτων Ελλαδας) [KOM. EΛEYΘ ΔHM.EΛΛΔAOΣ]
p174 – Ecologists Alternative (Οικολογοι Εναλλακτικοι) [OIK. Evαλ]
p176 – Communist Party of Greece of the Interior-AA (Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Ελλαδο∫ Εσωτερικου−ΑΑ) [KKE(EΣ) – AA]
p178 – Ecologists of Greece (Οικολογοι Ελλαδας)
p179 – Union of the Center (Ενωση Κεντρου)
p180 – Fighter for the King (Βασιλομαχο∫]
p181 – Self-Respect (Aftosevasmos) [Αυτοσεβασμος]
p182 – Human Rights Party (Κομμα Ανθρωπινων Δικαιωματων) [Kόμ.Avθρ.ΔIK]
p183 – Centre (KENTPO)
p184 – OIK – EIRPR [OIK-Eiρпρ]
p185 – The Greens [OI ΠPAΣINOI]
p186 – Party of Greek Hunters (Κομμα Ελληνων Κυνηγων)
p187 – ETHN KOM [EθN.KOM]
p188 – ELEN [EΛEN]
p189 – Flag [ΣHMAIA]
p190 – National Coalition (Εθνκη Συμπραξη) [Εθν. Συμπρ]
p191 – Union of Ecologists (Ενωση Οικολογων) [Ενωση Οικολογων]
p192 – Peace and Humanism (Ειρηνη και Ανθρωπισμο∫) [Ει⟩ֽ&Avθ.]
p193 – ELDŎS - KOM [EλΛωσִΚομ]
p194 – [EMA]
p195 – First Line (Πρωτη Γραμμη) [Пρ Γραμ]
p196 – Hellenic Ecologists (Ελληνε∫ Οικολογοι) [Eλλ OIK]
p197 – Democratic Initiative of Europe (Δημοκρατικη Πρωτοβουλια Ευρωπη∫)
p198 – Initiative of Zakynthos (Ζακυνθινη Πρωτοβουλια) [ZAK.ПPΩT]
p199 – Democratic Initiative of Keffalonia (Δημοκρατικο∫ Συνασπισμο∫ Κεφφαλονια∫) [ΔημִΣuνִΚεΦ]
p200 – Democratic Initiative of Lefkada (Δημοκρατικη Πρωτοβουλια Λευκαδο∫)
p201 – Coalition of Samos (Συνασπισμο∫ Σαμου) [Συν Σαμου]
p202 – Fate (Pepromeno) [Пεπρωμένo]
p203 – Trust (Empistosyni) [Εμπιστοσυνη]
p204 – Hellenic Leninist Movement (Ελληνικο Λενινιστικο Κινημα) [ΕΛΕΚ]
p205 – Others/Independents (Λοιπα−Ανεξαρτητοι]
p206 – Spring (Ανοιξη) [ANOIXI]
p207 – Golden Dawn (Χρυση Αυγη) [CHR.AYGH]
p208 – Belief in Christ (Χριστοπιστια) [Xριστ]
p209 – Democratic Social Movement DHKKI [ΔHKKI]
p210 – Democratic Union of the Periphery (Δημοκρατικη Περιφερειακη Ενωση) [Δ∠Ε]
The 1952 elections are not included because the original election data received from the electoral commission was missing a
The original election data in November 1989 and 1990 provide information about blank votes. With elections compulsory in
Greece, people can cast blank votes.
The original data for 1996 and 2000 list only abbreviations and/or acronyms for most parties. Complete lists of the full names of
the parties associated with these abbreviations and/or acronyms are not available (telephone communication, Ministry of Interior,
July 2007). The complete names were pieced together from various electoral data of the Ministry of Interior as best as possible.
p211-Coalition of the Radical Left (Συνασπισµός Ριζοσπαστικής Αριστεράς (SYRIZA) [ΣYPIZA])
p212-Popular Orthodox Rally (Λαϊκός Ορθόδοξος Συναγερµός (LAOS) [ΛA.O. Σ.])
p213-United Anti-Capitalist Left (Ενωτική Αντικαπιταλιστική Αριστερά [En.Anti.A.])
p214-Liberal Alliance (Φιλελεύθερη Συμμαχία) [Φ. Σ.])
p215-Light. Truth. Justice. (Φως – Αλήθεια – Δικαιοσύνη)
p216-Democratic Global Greece (∆HMOKPATIKH ΠAΓKOΣMIOΣ EΛΛAΣ)
p217-Anticapitalist Alliance (Antikapitalistiki Symmachia)
p218-Hellinic Front (Ελληνικό Μέτωπο)
• 1952 elections are not included.
• Original data in November 1989 and 1990 provide information about blank votes. With elections compulsory in
Greece, people can cast blank votes.
• Original data for 1996 and 2000 list only abbreviations and/or acronyms for most parties. Complete lists of the full names
of the parties associated with these abbreviations and/or acronyms are not available (telephone communication, Ministry of
Interior, July 2007). The complete names were pieced together from various electoral data of the Ministry of Interior as best as
• Original data contained very minor errors in the party totals. That is, for certain parties the sum of the votes across districts
did not add up exactly to the total votes won by a party in a given year as indicated in the original data.
• For 2004 and 2007, the 12 seats distributed in the national constituency for the state deputies are not included.
Political Parties:
P1-Hungarian Democratic Forum (Magyar Demokrata Fórum) [MDF]
P2-Alliance of Free Democrats (Szabad Demokraták Szövetsége [SZDSZ]
P3-Hungarian Socialist Party (Magyar Szocialista Párt) [MSZP]
P4-Independent Smallholders’ Party (Független Kisgazda Földmunkás és Polgári Párt) [FKGP]
P5-Federation of Young Democrats (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége) [FIDESZ]
P6-Independent Social Democratic Party (Független Szociáldemokrata Párt)
P7-Agrarian Alliance-Alliance for Village and Country Side (Agrárszövetség-Szövetség a
Faluért a Vidékért) [ASZ-Szöv.FaluVidék (SZFV)]
P8-Federation of Young Democrats-Alliance of Free Democrats (Fiatal Demokraták SzövetségeSzabad Demokraták Szövetsége [FIDESZ-SZDSZ]
P9-Agrarian Alliance (Agrárszövetség) [ASZ]
P10-(Fedisz Kiskunfélegyháza-Tedi sz Kiskunmajsa) [FEDISZ-TEDISZ]
P11-Independent Candidate (Független Jelölt)
P12-Christian Democratic Party (Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt) [KDNP]
P13-Entrepreneur’s Party (Vállalkozók Pártja) [VP] or Liberal Civic Alliance-Entrepreneur’s
Party (Liberális Polgári Szövetség-Vállalkozók Pártja) [LPSZ-VP]
P14-Hungarian People’s Party (Magyar Néppárt) [MNP]
P15-Patriotic Elections Coalition (Hazafias Választási Koalícíó) [HVK]
P16-Hungarian Social Democratic Party (Magyarországi (MO –I) Szociáldemokrata Párt)
P17-Independent Hungarian Democratic Party [HIDP] (Független Magyar Demokrata Párt)
P18-Hungarian Socialist Worker’s Party (Magyar Szocialista Munkáspárt) [MSZMP]
P19-Federation of Young Democrats-Christian Democratic People’s Party-Alliance of Free
Democrats (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége-Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt-Szabad Demokraták
P20-Természet-És Társadalomvédők Szövetsége [TERM.TÁRS.SZ]
P21-National Smallholders’ and Civic Party (Nemzeti Kisgazda és Polgári Párt) [NKGPP]
P22-Hungarian Green Party (Magyarországi Zöld Párt) [Zöldek]
P23-Somogy County Christian Coalition (Somogyi Keresztény Koalícío) [SKK]
P24-Freedom Party (Szabadságpárt) [SZP]
P25-Hungarian Independence Party (Magyar Függetlenségi Párt) [MFP]
P26-Republican Party (Köztársaság Párt) [KP]
P27-Independent Smallholders’ Party (Független Kisgazdapárt)
P28-Federation of Young Democrats-Entrepreneur’s Party-Agrarian Alliance-Alliance of Free
Democrats (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége-Vállalkozók Pártja-Agrárszövetség-Szabad
Demokraták Szövetsége) [FIDESZ-LPSZ-AGRÁRSZÖV-SZDSZ]
P29-Republican Party-Alliance of Free Democrats (Köztársaság Párt –Szabad Demokraták
Szövetsége) [KP-SZDSZ]
P30-Worker’s Party (Munkáspárt) [MUNKÁSPÁRT]
P31-Agrarian Alliance-Alliance of Free Democrats (Agrárszövetség-Szabad Demokraták
Szövetsége [ASZ-SZDSZ]
P32-Alliance of Free Democrats-Hungarian Liberal Party-Hungarian Socialist Party
(SzabadDemokraták Szövetsége-Magyar Liberális Párt –Magyar Szocialista Párt) [SZDSZMSZP]
P33-Hungarian Justice and Life Party (Magyar Igazság és Élet Pártja) [MIÉP]
P34-United Smallholder’s Party (Egyesült Kisgazdapárt) [EkgP]
P35-National Democrats (Nemzeti Demokraták)
P36-Association for Somogy (Somogyért Egyesüle) [Somogyért]
P37-Conservative Party (Konzervatív Párt) [KONP]
P38-Market Party (Piacpárt) [PP]
P39-Social Democratic Party (Szociál Demokrata Párt) [SZDP]
P40-Green Alternative (Zöld Alternatíva) [ZA]
P41-Green Party (Zöldek Pártja)
P42-Smallholders' Party, Party of the Alliance of Smallholders (Kisgazdapárt a Kisgazda
Szövetség Pártja) [Kisgazdapárt]
P43-Life-Justice-Peace-Freedom-Party-of-the-Inhabitants-of-Earth (Földlakók-Élet-IgazságBéke-Szabadság Pártja [Life-on-the-Earth Földi-Élet-Pártja or F.É.P.]
P44-Hungarian Democratic Forum-Hungarian Pensioners’ Party (Magyar Demokrata Fórum-Magyar Nyugdíjasok Pártja) [MDF-M.NY.P]
P45-Hungarian Democratic People’s Party (Magyar Demokrata Néppart [MDNP-Néppárt]
P46-New Alliance for Hungary (Új Szövetség Magyarországért) [Új Szövetség]
P47-Together for Hungary Union (Együtt Magyarországért Unió) [Unió]
P48-Hungarian Welfare Alliance (Magyar Népjóléti Szövetség) [MNSZ]
P49-Democratic Party of Hungarian Roma (Magyar Ciganyok Demokrata Partja) [MCDP]
P50-Hungarian Social Green Party (Magyar Szociális Green Párt) [Green Party, Zöld Párt or
P51-Forum of National Minorities (Nemzetiségi Fórum) [NF]
P52-Reform Party of Smallholders (Reform Kisgazdapárt)
P53-Hungarian Democratic Forum—Federation of Young Democrats-Hungarian Civic Party
(Magyar Demokrata Fórum—Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége-Magyar Polgári Párt) [MDFFIDESZ])
P54-Association of Solidarity for Survival (Összefogás a Fennmaradásért Szövetség)
P55-Party of Hungarian Interest (Magyar Érdek Pártja) [Pest1601]
P56-Alliance of Green Democrats (Zöld Demokraták Szövetsége) [Zöldek Szövetsége or ZD]
P57-Centre of Solidarity for Hungary (CENTRUM Összefogás Magyarországért) [CENTRUM]
P58-Party of Equal Chance (or literally Party of People Living Below the Level of Subsistence
and of People Creating Opportunities(Létminimum Alatt Élők és Esélyteremtők Pártja)
[Létalap Párt]
P59-Federation of Young Democrats-Christian Democratic People's Party (FIDESZKereszténydemokrata Néppárt) [FIDESZ-KDNP]
P60-Federation of Young Democrats--Hungarian Democratic Forum (FIDESZ-Magyar
Demokrata Fórum) [FIDESZ-MDF]
P61-National Unity Party of Independent Smallholders (Független Kisgazda Nemzeti Egység
Párt) [FKNP]
P62 –Hungarian Democratic Forum—Alliance for the Solidarity for Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg
County (Magyar Demokrata Fórum—Összefogás Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megye
Felemelkedéséért Szövetség) [MDF-Összefogás Megyénkért]
P63-Hungarian Pensioners’ Party (Magyar Nyugdíjasok Pártja) [M.NY.P]
P64-Hungarian Justice and Life Party-Jobbik Third Way Party Alliance (Magyar Igazság és Élet
Pártja-Jobbik a Harmadik Út Pártszövetség) [MIÉP-Jobbik]
P65-Hungarians One for Another’ Union (Magyarok Egymásért Szövetsége) [MESZ]
P66-Hungarian Roma Party (Magyországi Roma Part) [MRP]
P67-Hungarian Workers’ Party 2006 (Magyarországi Munkáspárt 2006) [MUNKÁSPÁRT 2006]
P68-Hungarian Socialist Party-Hungarian Social Democratic Party (Magyar Szocialista PártMagyarországi Szociáldemokrata Párt [MSZP-MSZDP]
P69-Hungarian Provincial and Civic Party (Magyar Vidék és Polgári Párt) [MVPP]
P70-Anti-corruption Civic Democratic Party (Korrupció Ellenes Polgári Demokrata Párt)
P71-Live Chain for Hungary (Élőlánc Magyarországért) [Élőlánc]
P72-United Party of Hungarian Entrepreneurs (Magyar Vállakozó Egysépárt) [MAVEP]
P73-MCF Roma Union (MCF Roma Összefogás Párt) [MCF]
P74-New Left Side (Új Baloldal) [Új-Bal]
P75-Hungarian Democratic Forum-Federation of Young Democrats—Christian Democratic
People’s Party (Magyar Demokrata Fórum—Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége—
Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt) [MDF-FIDESZ-KDNP]
For 1990-1998, Hungary SMD system is majority run-off. Only the second round of voting
in these SMD is entered. Only the first round of MMD is reported.
For 1990-1998, winner declared in the first round of the SMDs; second round elections not
needed in the following districts: Bacs-Kiskun 2 (1990); Bekes 5 (1990); Borsod-AbaujZemplen 11 (1990), Csongrad 1 (1990); Csongrad 2 (1990); Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen 7
(1994); Komarom-Esztergom 3 (1994); Csongrad 6 (1998)
For 2002 and 2006, in the single-member district system Round 1, the district magnitude will
not equal the seats allocated for every district because in some districts no candidate won a
majority and a runoff was needed.
1990: 90 seats are also distributed in national lists (120 MMD constituency, 176 in SMD
(first and second round) + 90 national lists = 386 total).
1994: 85 seats are also distributed in national lists (125 MMD constituency, 176 in SMD
(first and second round) + 85 national lists = 386 total).
1998: 82 seats are also distributed in national lists (128 MMD constituency (112 Round 1; 16
Round 2), 176 in SMD (first and second round) + 82 national lists = 386 total). Also, in
1998, no seats were distributed to parties in two MMD (Round 1) districts --Hajdu-Bihar and
Szatmar-Beregm, requiring a second round of voting. In Hajdu-Bihar 7 seats are distributed
in this second round while in Szatmar-Beregm 9 seats are distributed
2002: 70 seats are also distributed in national lists (140 MMD constituency, 176 in SMD
(first and second round) + 70 national lists = 386 total).
2006: 64 seats are also distributed in national lists (146 MMD constituency, 176 in SMD
(first and second round) + 64 national lists = 386 total).
Political Parties:
P1–Social Democratic Party (Alþýðuflokkur)
P2–Progressive Party (Framsóknarflokkur)
P3–Independence Party (Sjálfstæðisflokkur)
P4–Labour Union (pre-1971)/People’s Alliance (Alþýðubandalag)
P5–National Preservation Party (Þjóðvarnarflokkur)
P6–Outside Parties (Utan Flokka)
P7–Anarchists of Iceland (Anarkistar á Íslandi)
P8–Independent Democratic Party (Óháði Lýðræðisflokkurinn)
P9–Union of Liberals and Leftists (Samtõk Frjálslyndra og vinstri manna)
P10–Candidature Party (Framboðsflokkur)
P11–Independent Candidate (Óháðir kjósendur)
P12–Social Democratic Alliance (Bandalag Jafnaðarkanna)
P13–Women's Alliance (Samtök um Kvennalista)
P14–Citizen’s Party (Borgaraflokkur)
P15–Association for Equality and Social Justice (Samtök um Jafnrétti og Félagshyggju)
P16–Populist Party (Þjóðvarnarflokkur)
P17–Radical Labour Party of Iceland (Verkamannaflokkur Íslands)
P18–Liberals (Frjálslyndir)
P19–Devolution Party (Heimastjórnarsamtökin)
P20–Alliance of Social Democratic Extremists (Samtök öfgasinnaðra jafnaðarmanna)
P21–Green Party of Iceland (Grænt framboð)
P22–Populist Party–Humanist Party (Þjóðarflokkur–Flokkur mannsins)
P23–Humanist Party (Flokkur Mannsins)
P24–Christian Democratic Party (Kristilegi Lýðræðisflokkurinn)
P25–The Alliance (Samfylkingin)
P26–Left Green Movement (Vinstrihreyfingin-Grænt framboð)
P27–Communist Union, Marxist–Leninist (Kommúnistasamtökin, Marxistarnir–Lenínistarnir)
P28–Democratic Party-North East Constituency (Lýðræðisflokkur í Norðurlandskiördæmi
P29–Democratic Party-Reykjavík Constituency (Lýðræðisflokkur í Reykjavík)
P30–Democratic Party-Reykjanes Constituency (Lýðræðisflokkur í Reykjaneskjördæmi)
P31–Organization of Militant Socialists (Fylkingin–Baráttusamtök sósíalista)
P32–Communist Party of Iceland, Marxist-Leninist (Kommúnistaflokkur Islands, MarxistarLenínistar)
P33–Other Party (Hinn Flokkurinn)
P34–Sunshine Party (Sólskinsflokkur)
P35–Revolutionary Communist League (Fylking Byltingarsinnaðra–Kommúnista)
P36–Outside Parties-Separate List of Independence Party Followers in West Peninsula
Constituency (Utan Flokka, Sérframboð Framsóknarmanna í Norðurlandskjördæmi Vestra)
P37–Outside Parties-Separate List of Progressive Party Followers in North, West Constituency
(Utan Flokka, Sérframboð Sjálfstæðra í Vestrfjarðakjördæmi)
P38–Political Party (Stjórnmálaflokkur)
P39–Humanist Party (Húmanistaflokkur)
P40–Liberal Party of Iceland (Frjálslyndi Flokkurim)
P41–New Force (Nýtt afl)
P42–Independence Movement in South Constituency (Framboð óháðra í Suðurkjördæmi)
P43–Icelandic Movement (Íslandshreyfingin)
The same party name in Icelandic is translated as Labour Union pre-1971 and Progressive
Alliance post-1971. The two parties are considered to be the same party in the dataset (see
Seat data are not available for the 1991 elections.
The 1993 and 1996 elections in Iceland are not included in the dataset.
The seat allocations in the dataset reflect constituency seats only. It does not reflect
supplementary seats. The supplementary seats are as follows:
1959–P1=4; P3=3; P4=4
1963–P1=4; P3=4; P4=3
1967–P1=4; P3=3; P4=4
1971–P1=4; P9=2; P3=2; P4=3
1974–P1=4; P3=3; P4=3; P9=1
1978–P1=5; P3=3; P4=3;
1979–P1=3; P3=7; P4=1
1983–P1= 3; P3= 2; P4=1; P12=3; P13=2;
1987–P1=3; P3=2; P14=4; P13= 4
1999–P1=2; P3=3; P40=1; P25=3; P26=4
2003–P2=1; P3=3; P40=2; P25=2; P26=1
2007–P2=1; P3=1; P40=3; P25=3; P26=1
Political Parties:
P1–Partai Indonesia Baru [PIB]
P2–Partai Kristen Nasional Indonesia [KRISNA]
P4–Partai Aliansi Demokrat Indonesia [PADI]
P5–Partai KAMI [KAMI]
P6–Ummat Islam Partai Ummat Islam [P]
P7–Partai Kebangkitan Umat [PKU]
P8–Masyumi Baru Partai Masyumi Baru [P]
P9–Partai Persatuan Pembangunan [PPP]
P10–Partai Syarikat Islam Indonesia [PSII]
P11–Perjuangan PDI Perjuangan [PDI]
P12–Abul Yatama Partai Abul Yatama [P]
P13–Partai Kebangsaan Merdeka [PKM]
P14–Partai Demokrasi Kasih Bangsa [PDKB]
P15–Partai Amanat Nasional [PAN]
P16–Partai Rakyat Demokratik [PRD]
P17–Partai Syarikat Islam Indonesia–1905 [PSII 1905]
P18–Partai Katolik Demokrat [PKD]
P19–Partai Pilihan Rakyat [PILAR]
P20–Partai Rakyat Indonesia [PARI]
P21–Partai Politik Islam Indonesia Masyumi [MASYUMI]
P22–Bulan Bintang Partai Bulan Bintang [P]
P23–Partai Solidaritas Pekerja [PSP]
P24–Keadilan Partai Keadilan [P]
P25–Partai Nahdlatul Ummat [PNU]
P26–Front Marhaenis Partai-Front Marhaenis [PNI]
P27–Partai Ikatan Pendukung Kemerdekaan Indonesia [IPKI]
P28–Republik Partai Republik [P]
P29–Islam Demokrat Partai Islam Demokrat [P]
P30–Massa Marhaen PNI-Massa Marhaen [PNI]
P31–Partai MURBA [MURBA]
P32–Partai Demokrasi Indonesia [PDI]
P34–Persatuan Partai Persatuan [P]
P35–Partai Kebangkitan [PKB]
P36–Partai Uni Demokrasi Indonesia [PUDI]
P37–Partai Buruh Nasional [PBN]
P38–Partai MKGR [MKGR]
P39–Daulat Rakyat Partai Daulat Rakyat [P]
P40–Cinta Damai Partai Cinta Damai [P]
P41–Partai Keadilan dan Persatuan [PKP]
P42–Partai SPSI [SPSI]
P43–Partai Nasional Bangsa Indonesia [PNBI]
P44–Partai Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Indonesia [PBI]
P45–Partai Solidaritas Uni Nasional Indonesia [SUNI]
P46–Partai Nasional Demokrat [PND]
P47–Partai Umat Muslimin Indonesia [PUMI]
P48–Partai Pekerja Indonesia [PPI]
Seat data for the 1999 sub-national elections were not available.
Political Parties:
P1-Ailtirí na hAiséirighe [A-A]
P2-Republican Unity (Aontacht Éireann) [A.É]
P3-Children (or Family) of the Republic (Clann na Poblachta) [C.-P.]
P4-Children (or Family) of the Land (Clann na Talmhan) [C.-T.]
P5-Christian Centrist Party [C.C.P.]
P6-Christian Democrat [C.D.]
P7-Cine Gael [C.G.]
P8-Communist Party of Ireland [C.P.I]
P9-Christian Solidarity Party (Comhar Críostaí) [C.S.P]
P10-Democratic Left [D.L.]
P11-Democratic Socialist Party [D.S.P.]
P13-Republican Party (Fianna Fáil) [F.F.]
P14-United Ireland (Fine Gael) [F.G.]
P15-Farmer [Far.]
P16-Young Ireland [Y.I.]
P17-Green Alliance [G.A.], renamed Green Party [G.P.] (Comhaontas Glas)
P18-Irish Republican Socialist Party [I.R.S.P.]
P19-Irish Workers’ League [I.W.L.]
P20-Independent† [Ind.]
P21-Independent Farmer [Ind. Far.]
P22-Independent Labour [Ind. Lab.]
P23-Independent Republican
P24-Independent Unemployed Worker
P25-Labour [Lab.]
P26-National Action [N.A.]
P27-Natural Law Party [N.L.P.]
P28-Natural Party [N.P.]
P29-National Progressive Democrats [N.P.D.]
P30-National Labour [Nat. Lab.]
P31-Workers’ Party [W.P.]
P34-Progressive Democrats [P.D.]
P35-Ratepayers [RP]
P36-We Ourselves (Sinn Féin) [S.F.]
P37-“We Ourselves”-Workers’ Party (Sinn Féin-Workers’ Party) [S.F.W.P.]
P38-Workers’ League [W.L.]
P39-South Kerry Independent Allaince [S.K.I.A.]
P40-Socialist Labour Party [S.L.P.]
P41-Socialist Party [S.P.]
P42-Socialist Workers Party [S.W.P.]
Under the category of independents, are the votes for candidates designated as independents,
as well as those for which no party affiliation was provided.
District magnitude does not add up to the total seats won in the following districts because
candidates were elected pursuant to the electoral laws below, and are not included in the seat
South Galway (1948): FF elected pursuant to Section 4 of the Electoral Act, 1937.
South Galway (1951): FF elected pursuant to Section 4 of the Electoral Act, 1937.
Clare (1954): Labour elected pursuant to Section 3 of the Electoral Act 1937.
Clare (1957): Labour elected pursuant to Section 3 of the Electoral Act 1937.
Clare (1961): Labour elected pursuant to Section 3 of the Electoral Act 1937.
Clare (1965): Labour elected pursuant to Section 14 of the Electoral Act, 1963.
Donegal-Leitrim (1969): FF elected pursuant to Section 14 of the Electoral Act 1963.
Donegal-Leitrim (1973): FF elected pursuant to Section 14 of the Electoral Act 1963.
South Tipperary (1977): Labour elected pursuant to Section 14 of the Electoral Act,
Dublin South Central (Feb. 1982): Non-party elected pursuant to Section 14 of the
Electoral Act, 1963.
Dublin South Central (Nov. 1982): Non-party elected pursuant to Section 14 of the
Electoral Act, 1963.
Cavan-Monaghan (1987): FG elected pursuant to Section 14 of the Electoral Act, 1963.
Tipperaray South (1992): Independent elected pursuant to Section 14 of the Electoral
Act, 1983, amended in 1980.
Political Parties:
P1-Agudat Yisrael
P2-Ahdut Ha'avodah
P4-Am Ehad
P5-Arab Democratic Party
P6-Arab List for Bedouins and Villagers
P8-Center Party
P9-Degel Hatorah
P10-Democratic Movement for Change
P11-Democratic Party of Nazareth
P12-Democratic list of Israeli Arabs
P13-Fighters List
P15-General Zionists
P16-Ha'olam Hazeh-Koah Hadash
P17-Halchud HaLeumi
P19-Hakla`ut Ufituah
P20-Hamerkaz Hahofshi
P22-Hapo'el Hamizrahi
P23-Herut Movement
P24-Independent Liberals
P25-Kidmah Ufituah
P26-Kidmah Va'avodah
P29-Liberal Party
P32-Mahaneh Sheli
P39-National Religious Party
P40-One Israel
P41-Plato Sharon
P42-Po'alei Agudat Yisrael
P43-Progressive List for Peace
P44-Progressive Party
P48-Religious Torah Front
P49-Sephardim and Edot Mizrah
P52-Shituf Ve`ahvah
P54-Spharadim and Edot Mizrah
P55-State List
P59-The Third Way
P61-United Arab List
P62-United Religious Front
P63-United Torah Front
P65-Yahadut Hatorah
P66-Yemenite Association
P67-Yisrael B'Aliya
P68-Yisrael Be'aliyah
P69-Yisrael Beteinu
P72-Morasha-Po'aeli Agudat Yisrael
The original data for 1984 indicates that the district total vote equals 2,073,321. However, the
sum of all the votes for that district equals 2,014,343. The district total vote in the dataset is
the sum of the total votes for that district, not the district total vote as listed in the original
Political Parties:
P1-Christian Democracy (Democrazia Cristiana [DC])
P2-Popular Democratic Front for Liberty, Peace and Work (Fronte Democratico Popolare per la
Libertà, la Pace, il Lavaro [FDP])
P3-Italian Republican Party (Partito Repubblicano Italiano [PRI])
P4-Socialist Unity (Unità Socialista [US])
P5-National Blok (Blocco Nazionale [BN])
P6-Italian Social Movement (Movimento Sociale Italiano [MSI])
P7-Christian Social Party (Partito Cristiano Sociale [P.CR.SOC])
P8-National Monarchy Party (Partito Nazionale Monarchico [PNM])
P9-Party of Italian Peasants (Partito dei Contadini d’Italia [C d’IT])
P10-National Monarchy Party-National Democratic Alliance of Labor (Partito Nazionale
Monarchico-Alleanza Democratica Nazionale del Lavoro [PNM-ADNL])
P11-Popular Unionist Blok (Blocco Popolare Unionista [BPU])
P12-National Social Democratic Movement (Movimento Nazionale Democratica Sociale)
P13-Maglio (Maglio [MAGLIO])
P14-Italian Democratic Party (Partito Democratico Italiano [PDI])
P15-Front of Italian (Fronte degli Italiani [FI])
P16-Federalist Movement Union (Unione Movimento Federalisti [UMF])
P17-Movement for the Unity of Italy (Movimento per l'Unita d'Italia [MU.IT])
P18-Sardinian Action Party (Partito Sardo d'Azione [PS D'AZ])
P19-Independent Democratic Pensioners’ Party (Partito Democratico Indipendente Pensionati
P20-Sardinian League (Lega Sarda [L.SARDA])
P21-Independent Catholic Movement ‘Peace and Justice” (Movimento Cattolico Indipendente
'Pax et Justitia')
P22-National Combatant Unity Concentation (Concentrazione Nazionale Combattenti Unità
P23-Rightwing Political Group (Gruppo Politico `La Destra’)
P24-Anti-communist National Renewal Only Front (Fronte Unico Anticomunista Risveglio
Nazionale [FUARN])
P25-National Left Movement and War Damage (Movimento Nazionale Sinistra e
Danneggiamento di Guerra [MNSDG])
P26-Italian Confederation of Free Sinda (Confederazione Italiana dei Liberi Sinda [SILS])
P27-International Communist Party (Partido Comunista Internazionalista [PC.INT])
P28-Independent Peasant Party (Partito Indipendente dei Contadini [PIC])
P30-Other List-LS (Altre Liste-LS [ALTRE-LS])
P31-Party for Fatherland and Frredom (Partito Patria e Libertà [PPL])
P32-Italian Anti-Bolshevik Front (Fronte Antibolscevico Italiano [FAI])
P33-South Tyrolean People’s Party-Tyrol-Trentino People’s Party (Partito Populare Sud
Tirolese-(Partito Popolare Tirolese Trentino [PPST-PPTT])
P34-Republican Progressive Democratic Front (Fronte Democratico Progressista Repubblica
P35-Rural Concentration and Independent Aosta Valley (Concentrazione Rurali ed
Independiente Valle d’Aosta [CRIVA])
P36-Independent Socialist Union (Unione Socialista Indipendente [US.IND])
P37-Popular Italian Group (Raggruppamento Popolare Italiano [RPI])
P38-Existentialist Party of Italy (Partito Esistenzialista d'italia [PEI])
P39-Italian Communist Party (Partido Comunista Italiano [PCI])
P40-Italian Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Italiano [PSI])
P41-Italian Socialist Democratic Party (Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano [PSDI])
P42-Italian Liberal Party (Partito Liberale Italiano [PLI])
P43-Popular Unity (Unità Popolare [UP]
P44-Democratic National Alliance (Alleanza Democratica Nazionale [ALDEMNAZ])
P45-Independent of Left (Indipendenti di Sinistra [IND.SIN.])
P46-Christian Militant Party (Partito Cristiano Militante [PCM])
P47-National Democratic Public Employment Union (Unione Nazionale Democratica Impiegati
Pubblici [UNDIP])
P48-National Union Party (Partito di Unione Nazionale [PUN])
P49-Christian Social Movement (Movimento Cristiano Sociale [MC Soc])
P50-Italian Center Party (Centro Politico Italiano [CPI])
P51-Italian Nettista Party (Partito Nettista Italiano [PNI])
P52-Monarchy List (Lista Monarchica [LM])
P53-National Monarchy Party of Italy (Partito Monarchico Nazionalista d’Italia [PMNI])
P54-Italian National Movement (Movimento Nazionale Italiano [MNI])
P55-Garibaldi Antifascist Partisan Movement (Movimento Garibaldino Antifascista Partigian
P56-Independent (Indipendenti [IND])
P57-Federate National Party (Partito Nazionali Federati [PN FED])
P58-Italian Feminist Movement (Movimento Femminile Italiano [MOFI])
P59-Italian Social Unity Party (Partito Unitario Sociale Italiano [PUSI])
P60-National Will Party (Partito Volontà Nazionale [PVN])
P61-South Tyrol People’s Party (Partito Popolare Sud Tirolese [SVP])
P62-Tyrol-Trentino People’s Party (Partito Popolare Tirolese Trentino [PPTT])
P63-Radical Socialist Party (Partito Radical Socialista [PR SOC.])
P64-Italian Federalist Party (Partito Federalista Italiano [PFI])
P65-Universal Existentialistt Party (Partito Esistenzialista Universale [PEU])
P66-Republican Italian Party-Radical Party (Partito Repubblicano Italiano-Partito Radicale [PRIP.RAD.])
P67-People’s Monarchy Party (Partito Monarchico Popolare [PMP])
P68-Valdosta Union (Unione Valdostana [UV])
P69-Community (Comunità [COMUN.])
P70-Piedmont Regional Autonomy Movement (Movimento Autonomia Regionale Piemontese
P71-National Catholic Revolt Party-People’s Center (Partito Cattolico Riscossa NazionaleCentro Popolare [PCRNCP]
P72-Sicilian Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Siciliano [P.S.S.])
P73-European Democratic Concentration (Concentrazione Europea Democratica [CED])
P74-United Front of the Italian Military (Fronte Unico del Soldato Italiano [FUSI])
P75-National Party of Labor (Partito Nazionale del Lavoro [PNL])
P76-Movement of Action and Renewal (Movimento di Azione e Rinnovamento [MAR])
P77-Italian Party of the Mutilated and Invalid of the War (Partito Italiano Mutilati e Invalidi di
Guerra [PIMIG])
P78-Italian Social Economic Movement (Movimento Economico Italiano Sociale [MEIS])
P79-Italian Socialdemocratic Autonomy Federaton (Federazione Autonoma Socialdemocratica
Italiana [FASI])
P80-Piedmont Autonomy-MOV.VIL (Autonomia Piemontese-MOV.VIL.)
P81-Movement for the Pensioner (Movimento pro Pensionati [MPP])
P82-Independent Divorce Movement (Movimento Indipendente Divorzisti [MID])
P83-Trieste Union (Unione Triestina [UT])
P84-Independence Front (Fronte dell'Indipendenza [F.IND])
P85-Democratic Party of Monarchical Unity (Partito Democratico di Unità Monarchica
P86-Concentration of Rural Unity (Concentrazione di Unità Rurale [CUR])
P87-Independent Pensioners of Italy Party (Partito Autonomo Pensionati d'Italia [PAPI])
P88-Italian Combatant Movement-FR.RIN.NAZ (Movimento Combattentistico Italiano–
P89-Socialist Renewal (Rinnovamento Socialista [RINNSOC])
P90-Italian Catholic Political Movement (Movimento Politico Cattolici Italiani [MPCI])
P91-National Union of Public Health (Unione Nazionale di Salute Pubblica [UNSP])
P92-Farmer and Wage Earners Movement (Movimento Coltivatori e Salariati [MCS])
P93-Christian Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Cristiano [PSC])
P94-National Monarchy Party (Partito Monarchico Nazionale [PMN])
P95-Italian People’s Movement (Movimento Popolare Italiano [MPI])
P96-National Vanguard (Avanguardia Nazionale [AVNAZ])
P97-Italian Labor Party (Partito Laburista Italiano [PL.IT])
P98-Slovene Unitary League (Lega Unitaria Slovena [LUNITSLOV])
P99-Independent Movement Free Territory of Trieste (Movimento Indipendente Territorio
Libero di Trieste [MOV. IND. TLT])
P100-Italian Socialist Party and Italian Socialist Democratic Party (Partito Socialista Italiano e
Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano [PSU])
P101-Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Union (Partito Socialista Italiano di Unità Proletaria
P103-Socialist Party (Partito Socialista [SOCIAL])
P104-National Alliance-Aosta (Alleanza Nazionale-Aosta [AN (AOSTA)]
P105-Farmer’s Party (Partito Agricoltori [PA])
P106-National Mutilated and Combatant Party (Partito Nazionale Mutilati e Combattenti
P108-Italico Group (Raggruppamento Italico [RAGGRITAL])
P109-Revolutionary Communist Party (Partito Comunista Rivoluzionario [PCR])
P111-Radical Party (Partito Radicale [PRAD]
P112-Socialist Movement (Movimento Sociale [MOVSOC])
P113-Economic Order Party (Partito Ordine Economico [POE])
P114-Democratic Progressive Party (Partito Democratico Progressista [PDP])
P115-People’s Revolt (Riscossa Poplare [RISPOP]
P116-Southern Tyrol Progressive Social Party (Partito Sud Tirolese Progresso Sociale [PST.PS])
P117-Slovene Union (Slovenska Skupnost [UNIONE SLOVENA])
P118-Sacred Idealism in the World (Sacro Idealismo nel Mondo [SACRO IDEALMONDO]
P119-Calatinian Manifesto (Manifesto Calatino [MANIF.C])
P120-Political Movement of Workers (Movimento Politico dei Lavoratori [MOV.POLLAV])
P121-Christian Democracy-Valdosta Union-Valdosta Group-Italian Socialist Democratic Party
(Democrazia Cristiana-Unione Valdostana-Raggruppamento Valdostano-Partito Socialista
Democratico Italiano [DC-UV-RV-PSDI])
P122-Democratic Populars (Populari Democratici [DEMPOP].
P123-Italian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (Partido Comunista (Marxista-Leninista)
d’Italia [PC (ML) I]
P124-Sicilian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (Partito Comunista Sicialiano (MarxistaLeninista) [PCS (ML)]
P125-Christian People’s Action (Azione Cristiana Popolare [AZCRPOP])
P126-Red Star-Socialist Revolution (Stella Rossa–Rivoluzione Sozialista [STELLA ROSSARS])
P127-Union of Democratic Forces (Unione di Forze Democratiche [UNFORZE DEM]
P128-National Sicilian Front (Fronte Nazionale Siciliano [FRNAZSIC])
P129-Front of the Ordinary Man (Fronte dell’Uomo Qualunque [UQ])
P130-National Democratic Renewal (Rinnovamento Democratico Nazionale [RINNDEMNAZ])
P131-Italian Social Movement-Our Nation (Movimento Sociale Italiano-Destra Nazionale [MSIDN])
P132-Proletarian Democracy (Democrazia Proletaria [DEMPROL])
P133-Italian Communist Party-Italian Socialist Party -United Partyof the Proletariat (Partito
Comunista Italiano-Partito Socialista Italiano-Partito di Unità Proletaria [PCI-PSI-PDUP])
P134-Christian Democracy-Valdosta Group-Valdosta Union-Progressive Valdosta Union-Italian Republican Party (Democrazia Cristiana-Raggruppamento Valdostano-Unione
Valdostana-Unione Valdostana Progressista-Partito Repubblicano Italiano [DC-RV-UV-UVPPRI])
P135-People’s Democracy-Progressive Valdosta Union-MREG (Democratico Popolare-Unione
Valdostana Progressista-MREG-[DP-UVP MREG])
P136-Democratic Party (Partito Democratico [PDEM])
P137-New People’s Party (Nuovo Partito Popolare [NPP]
P138-European Workers’ Party (Partito Operaio Europeo [POE])
P139-Left Democratic Party (Partito Sinistra Democratica)
P140-Wellbeing and Culture Party (Partito Benessere e Civiltà)
P141-Tyrol (Tirol)
P142-Party of Proletariat Unity through Communism (Partito di Unità Proletaria per il
Comunismo [PDUP])
P143-New United Left (Nuova Sinistra Unita [NUOVA SINUNITA])
P144-National Right to Democracy-Constitutents of Dest (Democrazia Nazionale-Constituente
di Dest [DN-CD]
P145-Valdosta Union-Proletariat Democracy-Italian Liberal Party (Unione ValdostanaDemocrazia Proletaria-Partito Liberale Italiano [UV-DEMPROL-PLI])
P146-Unity of the Left (Unita della Sinistra [UNITA DELLA SINISTRA]
P147-Christian Democracy-Italian Social Democratic Party-Italian Republican Party
(Democrazia Cristiana-Partito Social Democratico Italiano–Partito Repubblicano Italiano [DCPSDI-PRI])
P148-Italian People’s Party (Partito Popolare Italiano [PPI])
P149-Christian Social Action Party (Partito Cristiano d’Azione Sociale [PCAZ])
P150-Sicialian Judicialist Front (Fronte Giustizialista Siciliano)
P151-Christian People’s Movement (Movimento Popolare Cristiano)
P152-Calabria People’s Party (Partito Popolare Calabrese)
P153-Daisy Flower (Fiore Margherita)
P154-Association for the Improvement of the Individual (Associazione Valorizzazione per
l'Individuale [A.VAL.I])
P155-Association for Trieste and Province (Associazione per Trieste e Provincia)
P156-Fruili Movement (Movimento Friuli [M.FRIUL])
P157-National Pensioners Party (Partito Nazionale Pensionati)
P158-List for Trieste (Lista per Trieste)
P159-Valdosta Union-Progressive Valdosta Union-People’s Democracy (Unione ValdostanaUnione Valdostana Progressista-Democratico Popolare [UV-UVP-DP])
P160-Italian Liberal Party-Italian Republican Party-Italian Social Democratic Party (Partito
Liberale Italiano-Partito Repubblicano Italiano-Partito Social Democratico Italiano [PLI-PRIPSDI]
P161-New Left (Nuova Sinistra)
P162-Pensioner’s Retiring Union of Italy (Unione Pensionati Pensionandi d’Italia
P163-Sardinian Ecological Movement (Movimento Ecologico Sardo [MOV.ECOL.SARDO])
P164-Justice and Freedom (Giustizia e Liberta [GIUST E LIB])
P165-Living Liberation (Vivere Liberazione [VIVLIB])
P166-National Tenants Party (Partito Nazionale Inquilini [PART. NAZ. INQ.])
P167-Pensioners Defense Union (Unione Difesa Pensionati [UNDIFPENS])
P168-Fight List (Lista di Lotta)
P169-South Tyrol Party (Partito Sud Tirol)
P170-Venetian League (Liga Veneta [LG VENETA])
P171-Green List (Lista Verde)
P172-Venetian League-United Populars (Liga Veneta-Poppolari Uniti [LIGA VENETA-PU].
P173-Popular Alliance (Alleanza Popolare [ALL.POP])
P174-Valdosta Union-Democratic Progressive Autonomist Movement-Italian Republican Party
(Unione Valdostana-Movimento Autonomisti Sta. Democratici Progressista-Partito
Repubblicano Italiano [UV-ADP-PRI])
P175-Christian Democracy-Italian Communist Party-Independent Socialist Party-Italian Socialist
Democratic Party-Italian Liberal Party (Democrazia Cristiana-Partido Comunista Italiano-
Partito Socialista Indipendente Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano Partito Liberale Italiano
P176-Hunting-Fishing-Environment (Caccia Pesca Ambiente [CPA]
P177-Humanist Allaince (Alleanza Umanista [ALL.UM.])
P178-Italian Green Party, Green of Europe (Partito Verde Italiano Verdi d'Europa [PVERDE
P179-Lombard League (Lega Lombarda [LL])
P180-Italy Green-Ecology Party (Verde d’Italia –Partito Ecologico [VERDI IT-PECOL]
P181-Alternative List (Lista Alternativa [LIS ALTER]) [SEE DUPLICATE? ABOVE]
P182-Sicilian Rebirth (Rinascita Siciliana [RINASCITA SIC]
P183-Piedmont-Regional Autonomy (Piemont-Autonomia Regionale)
P184-Piedmont (Piemont)
P185-Movement of Fiscal Liberation (Movimento di Liberazione Fiscale [MOV. FISC])
P186-National Italian Hunters’ Movement (Movimento Nazionale Italiano Cacciatori
P187-Penioners Alliance (Alleanza Pensionati [ALLPENS])
P188-Italian Nettista Party-Hunting-Fishing-Environment (Partito Nettista Italiano-Caccia Pesca
Ambiente [PNI-CPA]
P189-Autonomy Movement of Venetian Region (Movimento Veneto Regione Autonoma
P190-Democratic Party of the Left (Partito Democratico della Sinistra [PDS])
P191-Party of Communist Renewal (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista [RIF.COM/PRC])
P192-Green Federation (Federazione dei Verdi [FED. DEI VERDI])
P193-Pannella List (Lista Pannella [LISTA PAN])
P194-Referendum List (Lista Referendum [LS REF])
P195-Marche League (Lega Marche [LG MARCHE])
P196-Historic Consenza (Cosenza Storica [CST]
P197-Federalism-Living Retired Men (Federalismo-Pensionati Uomini Vivi [PENSUV])
P198-The Web-Movement for Democracy (LA RETE-Movimento per la Democrazia)
P199-Southern Action League (Lega d'Azione Meridionale)
P200-League of Leagues (Lega delle Leghe)
P201-Pensioners’ Party (Partito Pensionati [PARTPENS]
P202-Housewives League-Pensioners (La Lega Casalinghe-Pensionati [LA LEGA CAS-PENS]
P203-European Automobilist Movement (Movimento Europeo Automobilisti [MEA])
P204-Lombard Apline League (Lega Alpina Lumbarda [LG ALLUMB])
P205-European Lombard League-Free Land (Lega Lombardia Europea-Terra Libera
P206-Liberty Movement (Movimento Libertà [M LIBERTA])
P207-Piedmont Mountain League (Lega Alpina Piemont)
P208-Toscany Autonomist Movement (Movimento Autonomista Toscano [MAT])
P209-Political Defense Autonomist Movement (Movimento Politico Difesa Automobilisti [MPD
P210-Europe 2000 Party (Partito Europa 2000 [PE DUE])
P211-Autonomist Lombard Alliance (Alleanza Lombardia Autonomista [ALL. LOMB.AUT])
P212-Southern Italy League (Lega Meridionale d’Italia [LEGA MERIDD'IT])
P213-Emilia Romagna-Padana League (Emilia Romagna-Lega Padana [EROMAGNA-LG
P214-Southern League for National Unity (Lega Meridionale per l’Unita’ Nazionale
P215-Party of Love (Partito dell’Amore [P. AMORE])
P216-Green Federalist (Verdi Federalisti)
P217-Lazio League (Lega Lazio [LG LAZIO])
P218-Christain Party of Democracy (Partito Cristiano della Democrazia [PC DEM])
P219-Living Together (Vivere Insieme)
P220-Judicialist Party (Partito Giustizialista [P. GIUST])
P221-National League of Protest (Lega Nazionale di Protesta [LGNAZPROTESTA])
P222-Greens-Greens (Verdi-Verdi)
P223-Piedmont Liber (Piemont Liber)
P224-Renewal (Rinnovamento)
P225-Aosta Valley League (Lega Valle d’Aosta [L.VALLE D'AOSTA])
P226-Dolchi-Fosson Group (Gruppo Dolchi-Fosson [G.D.F]
P227-Venetian Autonomy League (Lega Autonomia Veneta [LEGA AUT. VENETA]
P228-Venetian Union (Unione Veneto [U. VENETO])
P229-Christian Democratic Center-Forza Italia-Northern League-Union of the Center (Centro
Cristiano Democratico-Forza Italia-Lega Nord-Unione di Centro [CCD-FI-LN-UDC])
P230-Progessive (Progressisti [PROG])
P231-Pact for Italy (Patto per l'Italia [PATTO IT])
P232-National Alliance-Christian Democratic Center-Forza Italia-Liberal Democratic Pole
(Alleanza Nazionale -Centro Cristiano Democratico-Forza Italia-Polo Liberal Democratico
P233-Aosta Valley Democratic Populars (Popolari Democratici Valle d’Aosta
P234-Christian Reform Union (Unione Cristiano Riformisti [UN.CRIST.RIF.]
P235-Mediterranean Union (Unione Mediterranea)
P236-Social Democracy (Socialdemocrazia)
P237-Democratic Initiative (Iniziativa Democratica [INIZIATIVA DEMOCRAT]
P238-Employment Development Solidarity (Solidarietà Occupazione Sviluppo)
P239-Pannella List-Reformer (Lista Pannella-Riformatori)
P240-Alba Province-League for Piedmont-Federal Union (Alba Provincia-Lega Per Il PiemonteUnione Federalismo)
P241-The Web-Democratic Movement-Mirva-Renewal (La Rete Movimento DemocraticoMirva-Rinascita and Sardegna)
P242-Independentist Party (Partidu Indipendentista [PARTIDU INDIP.])
P243-Popular Union (Unione Popolare [UNIONE POP.]
P244-Democratic Autonomy (Autonomia Democratica [ADA])
P245-European Liberal Christian Movement (Movimento Europeo Liberal Cristiano
P246-Christian Democratic Center-Forza Italia-Liberal Democratic Pole -Union of the Center
(Centro Cristiano Democratico-Forza Italia-Polo Liberal Democratico-Unione di Centro
P247-Italian Democratic Union (Unione Democratica Italiana [UNIONE DEM.ITALIANA]
P248-Aosta Valley (Vallee D’Aoste [VALLEE AO])
P249-Irpinia Reformists (Riformisti Irpini [RIF IRPIN.])
P250-Democratic Solidarity (Solidarietà Democratica [SOLIDARIETA' DEM.]
P251-Forward Italy (Forza Italia [FORZA IT])
P252-Piedmont League-Federlism Union (Lega per il Piemonte-Unione Federalismo)
P253-Catholic Socialist Liberal Democracy (Catolici Socialisti Liberale Democratici
P254-Franco Greco List (Lista Franco Greco [LS.F.GRECO])
P255-Aversa Alliance-Pannella List-Reformers (Alleanza Aversana-Lista Pannella-Riformatori)
P256-Christian Democratic Center-Forza Italia-Union of the Center (Centro Cristiano
Democratico, Forza Italia, Unione di Centro [CCD-FI-UDC])
P257-Municipal Alliance (Alleanza Municipalità [ALL MUNIC.])
P258-Together List (Lista Insieme [L. INSIEM])
P259-Strong United Free People (Liberi Forti Uniti [LI.FO.UN])
P260-Democracy-Liberty (Democrazia-Libertà)
P261-Liberal (Liberali)
P262-Solidarity and Progress (Solidarietà e Progresso [SOLID.PROGRESSO]
P263-United Populars (Poppolari Uniti [UN.POP].
P264-With Illy for Trieste-Olive Tree (Con Illy per Trieste-l'Ulivo)
P265-National Alliance-Tricolor Committee for the Italian (Alleanza Nazionale-Comitato
Tricolore per gli Italiani.)
P266-Christian Democratic Center-Forza Italia-Northern League-Riformatori-Union of the
Center (Centro Cristiano Democratico-Forza Italia-Lega Nord-Riformatori-Unione di Centro
P267-Forza Italia-Northern League (Forza Italia-Lega Nord)
P268-Natural Law Party (Partito della Legge Naturale [PART.LEGGE NATURALE]
P269-Italy Program (Programma Italia [P. ITALIA])
P270-Democratic Center (Centro Democratico [CD])
P271-Popular Alliance for the Reform (Alleanza Popolare per le Riforme [A.POP.RIFO])
P272-National Alliance-Forza Italia (Alleanza Nazionale-Forza Italia)
P273-Catholic Democratic Movement (Movimento Cattolico Democratico [MOV.CATTO])
P274-Unity for Molise Italy (Unità per l’Italia Molise [UN.PER ITALIA MOLISE]
P275-People’s Progressive Party (Partito Popolare Progressista [PPPROGRE])
P276-Together for Development (Insieme per lo Sviluppo [INSIEME PER SVILUPPO]
P277-European Christian Movement-Social Democracy (Movimento Cristiano EuropeoSocialdemocrazia)
P278-Party for Liberty (Partito per la Libertà [P.LIBERT])
P279-Socialist Rebirth (Rinascita Socialista [RIN.SOC])
P280-Democracy and Solidarity (Democrazia e Solidarieta [DEM.E SOLIDARIETA']
P281-Salentinian Rebirth (Rinascita Salentina [RIN.SALENTINA]
P282-Christian Democratic Movement (Movimento Cristiano Democratico [MOV.C.D])
P283-For Calabria (Per la Calabria [P.L.CALABR])
P284-European Liberal Democracy (Liberal Democrazia Europea [LIBERAL DEM.EUROPEI]
P285-Liberal Calabria Federalist Movement (Movimento Federalista Calabria Liberale)
P286-Southern Movement (Movimento Meridionale [M.MERID])
P287-Our Land (La Nostra Terra [LA.NO.TER])
P288-Segno Pact-Italian People’s Party-Italian Republican Party (Patto Segni-Partito Popolare
Italiano-Partito Repubblicano Italiano [PRI])
P289-List of People (Lista del Popolo [L.POPOLO])
P290-National Alliance-Democratic Christian Center-Forza Italia-Umbria Unity (Alleanza
Nazionale-Centro Cristiano Democratico–Forza Italia-Uniti Umbria [AN-CCD-FI-UNITI
UMBRIA]P291-Upper Milan Popular (Popolare Alto Milanes)
P292-Idea City-Turning Point (Idea Cittá-La Svolta)
P293-Popular Democratic Initiative (Iniziativa Popolari Democratici [INIZIATIVA POP.DEM.]
P294-Democratic Project (Progetto Democratico [PROG.DEM])
P295-Northern League-Aosta Valley (Lega Nord-Valle d’Aosta [LEGA NORD-V.D'AOSTE]
P296-Bassa in Parliament (La Bassa in Parlamento)
P297-Democratic Understanding (Intesa Democratica [INT.DEM])
P298-Mediterranean (Mediterraneo [MEDITERR])
P299-People (La Gente)
P300-Republican Movement (Movimento Repubblicano)
P301-Christian Democratic Center (Centro Cristiano Democratico [CCD]
P302-Christian Truth Movement (Movimento Cristiano Veritas [MC VERITA])
P303-Socialist Autonomy-Pact for Italy (Autonomia Socialista-Patto per l'Italia)
P304-Tirol-Trentino Autonomist Party (Partito Autonomista Tirolese Trentino [PATT])
P305-Reform Democratic Union (Unione Democratico Riformisti [UN.DEM.RIFORMISTI])
P306-Our Puglia (Puglia Nostra [PUGL.NOST])
P307-Jonica Alliance (Alleanza Jonica {ALL JONICA])
P308-Live Zapata (Viva Zapata)
P309-United for Change (Insieme per Cambiare)
P310-Party of the Center (Partito di Centro [P.CENTRO])
P311-Social Democracy (Democrazia Sociale)
P312-Ark (l'Arca)
P313-Rainbow Coalition-Social Democracy (Coalizione Arcobaleno-Social Democrazia)
P314-Vesuvian Alliance (Alleanza Vesuviana [ALL VES])
P315-Christian European Movement (Movimento Cristiano Europeo [MCEUROP])
P316-Democratic Union (Unione Domcratica [UNIONE DEM.]
P317-Arborense Autonomist Action (Azione Autonomista Arborense [AAA])
P318-National Alliance (Alleanza Nazionale [ALLE.NAZ])
P319-Democratic Commitment (Impegno Democratico)
P320-Abruzzi Liberal Socialism (Abruzzo Liberal Socialista [ABRUZZO LIB.SOC.]
P321-Alliance for the Castle (Alleanza per i Castelli [ALL.CASTE])
P322-25th Hour (XXV Ora)
P323-Panella List-Reformer-Yes with Sgarbi (Lista Pannella-Riformatori-Si con Sgarbi)
P324-Democratic Autonomy Solidarity Movement (Movimento Autonomo Solidarietà
Democratica [MASD])
P325-Gargan Movement (Movimento Garganico [MOV.GARG])
P326-New Captain (Nuova Capitanata [NUCAP])
P327-Democratic Renewal (Rinnoviamento Democratico [RIN.DEM])
P328-Socialist People’s Liberal Democrats (Socialisti Liberali Democratici Popolare
P329-Sicilian Democracy (Democrazia Siciliana [D.SICILIA])
P330-Utopia (Utopia)
P331-Democratic Development (Sviluppo Democratico)
P332-Liberal Democracy-Enough-Camonico Valley (Liberaldemocratici-Basta-Valle Camonica)
P333-Ogliastra-Mandrolisa Sardinian Pact (Patto Ogliastra Sarcidano-Mandrolisa)
P334-Spring (Primavera [PRIMAVER])
P335-Alliance of the Program (Alleanza di Programma [ALL PROG])
P336-League for Piedmont-Free Ossola-Union Federalism(Lega per il Piemonte-Ossola LiberaUnione Federalismo)
P337-Democratic Left (Democratici Sinistra [DEM.SIN])
P338-The Daisy (La Margherita [LAMA])
P339-List of Peter (Lista di Pietro [LDP])
P340-Christian Democratic Center-Christian Democratic Unity (Centro Cristiano DemocraticoCristiani Democratici Uniti [CCD-CDU]
P341-Good Year (Buonanno)
P342-European Democracy (Democrazia Europea [DEM.EUR])
P343-Lista Pannella-Lista Bonino ([PANNELLA-BONINO])
P344-The Sunflower (Il Girasole)
P345-Italian Communists (Comunisti Italiani [COM.IT])
P346-National Front (Fronte Nazionale [FR.NAZ])
P347-Independent Socialist New Party (Nuovo Partito Socialista Indipendente [NUOVO PSI].
P348-New Country (Paese Nuovo [PAE.NUOVO])
P349-Abolition Separation (Abolizione Scorporo)
P350-Tricolor Flame (Fiamma Tricolore [FIAMMA])
P351-New Force (Forza Nuova [FORZA])
P352-Olive Tree-People’s Party of South Tyrol (l'Ulivo-Partito Popolare Sud Tirolese [SVP])
P353-Free and Strong (Liberi e Forti [LIB.FOR])
P354-Socialist Autonomy (Autonomia Socialista [SOCIAL.AUTON]
P355-North League (Lega Nord [LEGA NORD]
P356-Autonomous Third Pole (Terzo Polo Autonomia [TE.PO.AUT])
P357-Italians Front-National Alliance (Fronte degli Italiani-Alleanza Nazionale [FI-AN]
P358-People’s Europe (Popolari Europei [POP.EUR])
P360-Republican Europe (Repubblicani Europei)
P361-Sardinian Action Party-Sardinian Nation (Partito Sardo d’Azione-Sardigna Natzione [PS
P362-Amadu List (Lista Amadu [LSAMADU])
P363-We Sicilians (Noi Siciliani [NOI.SIC])
P364-Communism (Comunismo [COM])
P365-Ventian Front League (Liga Fronte Veneto)
P366-House of Freedoms (La Casa delle Liberta)
P367-Olive Tree (l’Ulivo)
P368-Communist Reformers (Comunisti Reformista [RIF.COM]
P369-The Rose in the Fist (La Rosa nel Pugno)
P370-Italy of Values-Pieters List (Italia dei Valori-Lista di Pietro [DI PIETRO IT.VALORI]
P372-The Socialists (I SOCIALISTI)
P373-Union of Christian Democrats and Democrats of the Center Democrats (Unione dei
Democratici Cristiani e dei Democratici di Centro [UDC]
P374-Mussolini Social Alternative (Alternative Sociale Mussolini [ALTER.SOC.MUSSOLINI]
P375-Christian Democracy-New Socialist Independent Party (Democrazia Cristiana-Nuovo
Partito Socialista Indipendente [DEM.CRIST-NUOVO PSI]
P376-No Euro (No Euro)
P377-Environmental List (Ambienta Lista [AMBIENT])
P378-S.O.S Italy (S.O.S Italia [SOS IT])
P379-Libertarians (Die Freiheitlichen [DIE])
P380-United Pensioners (Pensionati Uniti [PENS.UN])
P381-Triveneto Movement (Movimento Triveneto [MOV.TRIV])
P382-North East Project (Progetto Nord-Est [PROGETTO NORDEST].
P383-Solidarity (Solidarietà [SOL.LIB])
p384-Consumer List (Lista Consumatori [LISTA.CO])
P385-National Right (Destra Nazionale [DES.NAZ])
P386-Italian Liberal Party (Partito Liberale Italiano [P.LIBERALE ITALIANO].
P387-South League (Lega Sud [LG SUD])
P389-For the South (Per il Sud [SUD])
P390-Democratic Sicilian Movement-We Sicilians (Movimento Democratico Siciliano-Noi
P391-Sardiniam Nation (Sardigna Natzione)
P393-Autonomy, Liberty, Democracy (Autonomia Liberté Démocratie [AUT.LIB.DEM])
Italy held an election in 1996. This data have not been entered due to an inconsistency in the
original data.
In 1994 the districts, Venezia-Mestre and Venezia-San Marco, were not contested.
Political Parties:
P1-Alliance “Latvia’s Way” (Savienība “Latvijas Ceļš”)
P2-Latvian National Independent Movement (Latvijas Nacionālā Neatkarības Kustība)
P3-Harmony for Latvia (Saskaņa Latvijai–Atdzimšana Tautsaimniecība)
P4-Latvia’a Farmers’ Union (Latvijas Zemnieku Savienība)
P5-Equal Rights (“Līdztiesība”)
P6-Union for Fatherland and Freedom (Vēlēšanu Apvienība “Tēvzemei un Brīvībai”)
P7-Latvia’s Christian Democratic Union (Latvijas Kristīgo Demokrātu Savienība)
P8-Democratic Center Party (Demokrātiskā Centra Partija)
P9-Latvia’s Popular Front (Latvijas Tautas Fronte)
P10-Green Party (Zaļais Saraksts)
P11-Russian National Democratic List (Center of Democratic Initiative-Baltic-Constitutional
Party (Krievu Nacionālais Demokrātiskais Saraksts (Demokrātiskās Iniciatīvas Centrs-Baltijas
Konstitucionālā Partija)
P12-Latvian Democratic Labor Party (Latvijas Demokrātiskā Darba Partija) [LDDP]
P13-Union “Latvia’s Happiness” (Vēlēšanu Apvienība “Latvijas Laime”)
P14-Citizens’ Union “Our Land” (Pilsoņu Kopa “Mūsu Zeme”)
P15-Economic Activity League (Saimnieciskās Rosības Līga)
P16-Latvian Social-Democratic Party (Latvijas Sociāldemokrātiskā Strādnieku Partija)
P17-Anti-communist Union (Pretkomunistu Apvienība)
P18-Republican Platform (Republikas Platforma)
P19-Conservatives and Farmers (Konservatīvie un Zemnieki)
P20-Independent’s Union (Neatkarīgo Savienība)
P21-Latvian Liberal party (Latvijas Liberālā Partija)
P22-Latvian Unity Party (Latvijas Vienības Partija)
P23-Liberal Alliance (Liberālā Alianse)
P24-Latvian Farmers Union-Latvian Christian Democratic Alliance (Latvijas Zemnieku
Savienības-Latvijas Kristīgo Demokrātu Savienības-Latgalē Latgales Demokrātiskās Partijas
Apvienotais Saraksts)
P25-Union of the Indigent and Latvian Independence (Maznodrošinato Politiskā ApvienībaLatviešu Neatkarības Partija)
P26-Latvijas Demokrātiskās Darba Partijas [LDDP]-Latvijas Sociāldemokrātiskās Strādnieku
Partijas [LSDSP]-Latvijas Apkrāpto Cilvēku Aizstāvības Partijas “Taisnība” Koalīcija “Darbs
un Taisnīgums”
P27-National Harmony Party (Tautas Saskaņas Partija)
P28-Latvijas Krievu Pilsoņu Partija [LKPP]
P29-Democratic Party ‘Master’ (Demokrātiskā Partija “Saimnieks”)
P30-Latvian Socialist Party (Latvijas Sociālistiska partija)
P31-Latvian National Democratic party (Latvijas Nacionāli Demokrātiskā Partija)
P32-Party “Our Land”–Anti-communist Union (Partijas “Mūsu Zeme”-“Pretkomunista
P33-People’s Movement for Latvia (Tautas Kustba Latvijai (Zīgerista Partija))
P34-Alliance for Homeland and Freedom (Apvienība “Tēvzemei un Brīvībai”)
P35-Political Union of Economists (Tautsaimenieku Politiskā Apvienība “Tautsaimnieks”)
P36-Latvian National Conservative Party-Latvian Green Party (Latvijas Nacionāli Konservatīvā
Partija [LNNK]-Latvijas Zaļā Partija)
P37-Democratic Party (Demokrātu Partija)
P38-Popular Movement “Freedom” (Tautas Kopa “Brīvība”)
P39-Mara’s Land (Māras Zeme)
P40-Conservative Party (Konservatīvā Partija)
P41-Social-Democratic Public Organization (Sociāldemokrātiskā Sieviešu Organizācija)
P42-New Party (Jaunā Partija)
P43-Labor Party-Christian Democrat Union-Latvian Green Party (Darba Partijas [DP]-Kristīgi
Demokrātiskās Savienības [KDS]-Latvijas Zaļās Partijas [LZP])
P44-Latvian National Reform Party (Latvijas Nacionālā Reformu Partija)
P45-National Progressive Party (Nacionālā Progresa Partija)
P46-Popular Party (Tautas Partija)
P47-Latvian Social-Democratic Alliance (Latvijas Sociāldemokrātu Apvienība)
P48-Helsinki 86
P49-Latvian Revival Party (Latvijas Atdzimšanas Partija)
P50-New Democrats (Jaunie Demokrāti)
P51-Latvian Latvia (Nacionālpolitiska Latviešu Aizstāvības Organizācija [LATVIEŠU
P52-Harmony Center (Saskaņas Centrs [SC])
P53-Alliance for Homeland and Freedom /Latvian National Conservative Party [LNNK]
(Apvienība "Tēvzemei un Brīvībai"/Latvijas Nacionāli Konservatīvā Partija [LNNK])
P54-New Era (Jaunais Laiks)
P55-Latvia’s First Party and Latvia’s Way Union (Latvijas Pirmās Partijas un Partijas "Latvijas
Ceļš" Vēlēšanu Apvienība)
P56-Union of National Strength (Nacionālā Spēka Savienība)
P57-“Our Land” Party (Partija "Mūsu Zeme")
P58-“Motherland Union” Party (Partija "Tēvzemes Savienība")
P59-“Everything for Latvia” Party (Partija "Visu Latvijai!")
P60-Political Organization “Pensioners’ and Seniors Party” (Politiskā Organizācija "Pensionāru
un Senioru Partija")
P61-Political Organization (Party) “Euroskeptic” (Politiskā Organizācija (Partija) "Eiroskeptiķi")
P62-Political Patriotic Union “Motherland” (Politiskā Patriotiskā Apvienība "Dzimtene")
P63-Political Organization Alliance “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” (Politisko
Organizāciju Apvienība "Par Cilvēka Tiesībām Vienotā Latvijā")
P64-Social Justice Party (Sociālā Taisnīguma Partija)
P65-Green and Farmer’s Union (Zaļo un Zemnieku Savienība)
P66-Freedom Party (Brīvības partija)
P67-Latvian United Republican Party (Latvijas Apvienotā Republikāņu Partija)
P68-Latvia’s First Party (Latvijas Pirmā Partija)
P69-Political Alliance (Politiskā Apvienība "Centrs")
P70-Progressive Centrist Party (Progresīvā Centriskā Partija)
P71-Social Democratic Union (Sociāldemokrātu Savienība) [SDS]
P72-Russian Party (Krievu Partija)
P73-Light of Latgale (Latgales Gaisma)
P74-Lavian Party (Latviešu Partija)
P75-Socialdemocratic Welfare Party (Sociāldemokrātiskā Labklājības Partija)
Political Parties:
P1-Homeland Union-Conservatives of Lithuania (Tëvynës Sàjunga-Lietuvos Konservatoriai
P2-Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party (Lietuvos Krikščionių Demokratų Partija [LKDP])
P3-Lithuanian Democratic Labour Party (Lietuvos Demokratinë Darbo Partija [LDDP])
P4-Lithuanian Centre Union (Lietuvos Centro Sàjunga [LCS])
P5-Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (Lietuvos Socialdemokratų Partija [LSDP])
P6-Lithuanian National Party “Young Lithuania” (Lietuvių Nacionalinë Partija "Jaunoji
P7-Lithuanian Women’s Party (Lietuvos Moterų Partija)
P8-Christian Democratic Union (Krikščionių Demokratų Sàjunga [KDS])
P9-Lithuanian Poles’ Electoral Action (Lietuvos Lenkų Rinkimų Akcija [LLRA])
P10-Lithuanian Citizens’ Alliance (Lietuvos Piliečių Aljansas)
P11-Lithuanian National and Lithuanian Democratic Party Coalition (Lietuvių Tautininkų Ir
Lietuvos Demokratų Partijos Koalicija)
P12-Lithuanian Liberal Union (Lietuvos Liberalų Sàjunga [LLS])
P13-Lithuanian Peasant Party (Lietuvos Valstiečių Partija [LVP])
P14-Lithuanian Russian Union (Lietuvos Rusų Sàjunga)
P15-Lithuanian Political Prisoners and Deportees Union (Lietuvos Politinių Kalinių ir Tremtinių
P16-Lithuanian Freedom Union (Lietuvos Laisvës Sàjunga [LLS])
P17-Lithuanian Economic Party (Lietuvos Ûkio Partija)
P18-Lithuanian Freedom League (Lietuvos Laisvës Lyga [LLL])
P19-Lithuanian Social Justice Union (Lietuvos Socialinio Teisingumo Sàjunga)
P20-Lithuanian Socialist Party (Lietuvos Socialistų Partija)
P21-Lithuanian Republican Party (Lietuvos Respublikonų Partija)
P22-National Advancement Party (Tautos Pažangos Partija)
P23-Lithuanian Logic of Life Party (Lietuvos Gyvenimo Logikos Partija)
P24-Lithuanian People’s Union (Lietuvos Liaudies Partija)
P25-A.“Brazauskas” Social Democratic Coalition (A.Brazausko Socialdemokratinė Koalicija)
P26-New Union (Social Liberals) (Naujoji Sąjunga (Socialliberalai))
P27-Moderate Conservative Union (Nuosaikiųjų Konservatorių Sąjunga)
P28-Lithuanian People’s Union “For a Fair Lithuania” (Lietuvos Liaudies Sąjunga "Už Teisingą
P30-Young Lithuanians-New Nationalists-Lithuanian Political Prisoners (“Jaunosios Lietuvos”
(Lietuvių Nacionalinės Partijos-Lietuvos Politinių Kalinių Sąjunga)
P31-Lithuanian National Union (Lietuvių Tautininkų Sąjunga)
P32-Lithuanian “Social Democracy 2000 Party” (Lietuvos Partija "Socialdemokratija 2000")
P33-Homeland People’s Party (Tëvynës Liaudies Partija)
P34-Modern Christian Democratic Union (Moderniųjų Krikščionių Demokratų Sàjunga)
P35-Republican Party (Respublikonų Partija)
P36-National Democratic Party (Naujosios Demokratijos Partija)
P37-Lithuanian Democratic Party (Lietuvos Demokratų Partija)
P38-Lithuanian Party of Justice (Lietuvos Teisingumo Partija)
P39-New Democracy Party (Naujosios Demokratijos Partija)
P40-Homeland Union (Conservatives, Political Prisoners and Deportees, Christian Democrats)
(Tėvynės Sąjunga (Konservatoriai, Politiniai Kaliniai ir Tremtiniai, Krikščioniškieji
P41-Independents/Self-Nominated (Išsikėlė Pati)
P42-Citizens Charter of the Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublikos Piliečių Chartija)
P43-Lithuanian Green Party (Lietuvos Zalioji Partija)
P44-Revolutionary Movement of Lithuania (Lietuvos Persitvarkymo Sąjūdis)
P45-Center Movement (Lietuvos Centro Judejimas)
P46-Coalition of Lithuania (Lietuvos Koalicija)
P47-National Progressive Movement of the Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Tautinis
Progresyvusis Judejimas)
P48-Independence Party (Nepriklausomybės Partija)
P49-Lithuanian Moderate Movement (Lietuvos Nuosaikusis Judejimas)
P50-Union of Poles of Lithuania (Lietuvos Lenku Sajunga)
P51-Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party–Union of Political Prisoners and DeporteesLithuanian Democratic Party
(Lietuvos Krikščionių Demokratų Partija-(Lietuvos Politinių
Kalinių Ir Tremtinių Sàjunga-Lietuvos Demokratų Partija)
P52-Christian Conservative Social Union (Krikščionių Konservatorių Socialinė Sąjunga)
P53-Labour Party (Darbo Partija)
P54-Liberal Democratic Party (Liberalų Demokratų Partija)
P55-Liberal and Centre Union (Liberalų ir Centro Sąjunga)
P56-Lithuania's Way (Tautinė Partija Lietuvos Kelias)
P57-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (Lietuvos Krikščionys Demokratai)
P58-Lithuanian Polish People's Party (Lietuvos Lenkų Liaudies Partija)
P59-Lithuanian Social Democratic Union (Lietuvos Socialdemokratų Sąjunga)
P60-National Centre Party (Nacionalinė Centro Partija)
P61-Union of Farmers' Party and New Democracy Party (Valstiečių ir Naujosios Demokratijos
P62-“Young Lithuanians”-New Nationalists Union ("Jaunosios Lietuvos" ir Naujųjų Tautininkų
P63-Coalition of Rolandas Pakas “For the Order and Justice” (Rolando Pakso Koalicija "Už
Tvarką ir Teisingumą")
P64-Coalition of Algirdas Brazauskas and Artūras Paulauskas "Working for Lithuania"(
A.Brazausko ir A.Paulausko Koalicija "Už Darbą Lietuvai")
P65-Rising Nation Party (Tautos Prisikėlimo Partija [TPP])
P66-“Frontas” Party ("Fronto" Partija [FP])
P67-Lithuanian Peasants Popular Union (Lietuvos Valstiečių Liaudininkų Sąjunga)
P68-Liberals Movement of the Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublikos Liberalų Sąjūdis)
P69-Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (Tėvynės Sąjunga-Lietuvos Krikščionys
Demokratai [TS-LKD])
P70-Labor Party (Darbo Partija [DP])
P71-“Young Lithuanians” Party (Partija "Jaunoji Lietuva" [PJL])
P72-Civic Democracy Party (Pilietinės Demokratijos Partija)
P73-Order and Justice Party (Liberal Democratic Party) (Partija Tvarka ir Teisingumas
(Liberalų Demokratų Partija) [PTiT))
P74-Labor Party-Youth (Darbo Partija-Jaunimas [DP-J])
P75-Lithuanian Centre Party (Lietuvos Centro Partija [LCP))
In the 1992 elections, a decision by the Central Election Commission determined the winner in
the following district: Baltijos, Pajurio, and Sakiu. The dtv is not reported.
Political Parties:
P1–Christian-Socialist Party (Parti Chrétien-Social [CSV])
P2–Communist Party of Luxembourg (Parti Communiste Luxembourgeois [PCL])
P3–Democratic Party (Parti Démocratique [DP])
P4–Socialist Workers Party (Parti Ouvrier-Socialiste Luxembourgeois [LSAP])
P5–Party of Independents of the East (Parti des Indépendants de l’Est)
P6–Liberal Party (Parti Liberal)
P7–Schummer Party (Parti Schummer)
P8–The Middle Class Party (Parti Classes Moyennes)
P9–National Solidarity (Solidarité Nationale)
P10–Popular Independent Movement (Mouvement Indépendents Populaire)
P11–Social-Democratic Party (Parti Social-Démocrate)
P12–Communist Revolution League (Ligue Communiste Révolution)
P13–Alternative Left–Defend Yourselves (Alternativ Lëscht-Wiert Lech)
P14–Club of Independents (Club d’ Indépendents)
P15–Enlisted Forces (Enrôlés de Force)
P16–Jean Gremling List–Independent Socialists (Liste Jean Gremling–Socialistes Indépendants)
P17–Green Alternative Alliance (Dei Grëng Alternativ Allianz)
P18–Socialist Independent Party (Parti Socialiste Indépendants)
P19–Alternative Green Party (Dei Grëng Alternativ/Parti Vert Alternatif) [GAP]
P20–Green List Ecological Alternative (Liste Verte Initiative Écologique) [GLEI]
P21–Committee of Action 5/6 (Comité d’Action 5/6)
P23–National Movement (National Bewegung [N.B.])
P24–(Firwat nët)
P26–Ecologists for the North (D’Ekologisten fir den Norden)
P27–Citizens’ Party (Bürgerpartei)
P28–Christian People’s Democracy (Krëschtlëch Volleksdemokraten)
P30–Alternative Green Party-Green List Ecological Alternative (Parti Vert AlternatifListe Verte Initiative Écologique [GAP-GLEI])
P31–Action Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice (Aktiounskomitee fir
Demokratie a Rentegerechtegkeet [ADR])
P32–Group for Luxembourgian Sovereignty (Groupement fir d’Lëtzebuerger Souveränitéit
P33–New Left (Nei Lénk)
P34-Neutral and Independent Human Rights Party (Neutral an Onofhängeg
Mënscherechterpartei [NOMP])
P36–Green and Liberal Alliance (Gréng a Liberal Allianz [GAL])
P37–The Left [Dei Lénk]
P38–Party of the Third Age (Partei vum 3 Alter)
P39–The Taxpayer (De Steierzueler)
P40–Party of National Solidarity (Parti de la Solidarité Nationale)
P41–The Greens (Die Greng)
P42–Free Party of Luxembourg (Fräi Partei Lëtzebuerg [FPL])
Political Parties:
P1-Alliance (Parti Perikatan)
P2-Islamic Party of Malaysia (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia [PAS])
P3-Malayan People’s Socialist Front ([SF])
P4-People’s Progressive Party ([PPP])
P5-National People’s Party (Parti Negara Rakyat [NEGARA])
P6-Pan-Malaya Islamic Party [PMIP])
P7-United Democratic Party ([UDP])
P8-People’s Action Party [PAP])
P9-National Party (Party Negara ([PN])
P10-Malaysian People's Movement Party (Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia [GRM])
P11-Democratic Action Party (Parti Tindakan Demokratik [PTP/DAP])
P12-Sabah People's United Front (Parti Bersatu Rakyat Jelata Sabah [BERJAYA])
P13-Liberal Democratic Party [LDP]
P15-Malaysia Socialist People’s Party (Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaya [PR])
P16-United Sabah National Organization [USNO]
P17-Sabah Chinese Association [SCA])
P18-Sarawak United People’s Party (Parti Rakyat Bersatu [SUPP])
P19-Sarawak National Party (Parti Kebangsaan Sarawak [SNAP])
P20- Sarawak Native's Heritage Party (Party Pesaka Anak Sarawak [PESAKA])
P21-Malaysia Kemajuan People’s Party-People’s Progressive Party (Parti Kemajuan Rakyat
Malaysia [PKR-PPP])
P22-National Front (Barisan Nasional [BN])
P23-Independents [BEBAS]
P24-Sarawak Peoples' Party (Parti Rakyat Sarawak [PRS]
P25-Malaysian People's Socialist Party (Parti Socialis Rakyat Malaya [PSRM])
P26- Homeland Consciousness Union (Kesatuan Insaf Tanah Air [KITA])
P27-Social Democratic Party [SDP])
P28-Social Justice Party of Malaysia ([PEKEMAS])
P29-Malaysia Workers’ Party (Parti Perkeja-Pekerja Malaysia [PP/PPM]
P30-Sabah Democratic People’s Party (Sabah Demokratic Rakyat Parti [SEDAR])
P31-Social United Association Party (Parti Perhimpunan Sosial Bersatu [PUSAKA])
P32-Sabah Chinese Association ([SCA])
P33-Sarawak People’s Organization ([SAPO])
P34-Sarawak People Front Party (Parti Rakyat Jati Sarawak [PAJAR])
P35-Sarwak United People’s Party (Parti Negara Rakyat Sarawak [PNRS])
P36-Sarawak Umat Party (Parti Umat Sarawak [UMAT])
P37-Sarawak Native People's Party (Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak [PBDS])
P39-United Pasok Nunukragang National Organization (Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Pasok
Nunukragang Bersatu [PASOK])
P40-Spirit of ’46 Malay Party (Parti Melayi Semangat 46 [S46])
P41-Malaysian People's Party (Parti Rakyat Malaysis [PRM])
P42-People’s Justice Front (Angkatan Keadilan Rakyat [AKAR])
P43-Sabah United Party (Parti Bersatu Sabah [PBS])
P45-Malaysian People's Justice Front (Parti Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia [AKIM])
P46-People’s Justice Party (Parti Keadilan Rakyat [KEADILAN])
P47-Pan-Malaysian Islamic Front (Barisan Jammah Islamiah Se Malaysia [BERJASA])
P48-MDP Party (Parti MDP)
P49-State Reform Party (Parti Reformasi Negeri [STAR)
P50-Sarawak Malaysian People's Association (Persatuan Rakyat Malaysia Sarawak [PERMAS])
58-Malayan Party [MP]
• Results for Setapak in W. Persekutuan in 1978 were not reported.
Seats were uncontested in the following districts/years:
1959: Johoree Tenggara, Port Dickson and Kemaman
1964: Muar Selantan and Johoree Tanggara
1969: Muar Dalam, Batu Pahat, Pontian Selatan, Muar Selantan, Muar Utara, RembauTampin, Raub, Bentong, Bagan, Penampang, Darvel, Labuan-Beaufort, Tuaran, Sabah
Selatan, Kinabalu, Kimanis, Sabah Dalam, Labuk-Sugut, Kinabatangan and Marudu
1978: Batu Pahat, Batu Berendam, Jelebu, Ulu Padas, Baram, Bukit Mas, Padawan and
Kuala Nerus
1982: Labis, Panti, Ledang, Pontian, Kinabalu, Kinabatangan, Kapit, Ulu Rejang,
Samarahan, Bukit Mas, Lubok Antu, and Santubong,
1990: Keningau and Lubok Antu
1991: Pantai Damei and Saribas
1995: Larut, Mukkah, Betong, Kanowit, Kota Samarahan, Lubok Antu, Petra Kaua, Kuala
Rajang, Sarikei, Batang Lupar, PJ Utara
1999: Betong
Political Parties:
P1-Nationalist Party (Partit Nazzjonalista Malti [PN])
P2-Maltese Labour Party (Maltese Partit Laburista [MLP]
P3-Constitutionalist Party (Partit Kostituzzjonali [CON])
P4-Democratic Nationalist Party (Partit Democratiku Nazzjonalista [DNP])
P5-Jones Party [JON]
P6-Democratic Action Party [DAP]
P7-Gozo Party [GOZ]
P8-Maltese Workers’ Party [MWP]
P9-Progressive Constitutionalist Party (Partit Kostituzzjonali Progressiv [PCP])
P10-Christian Workers’ Party (Partit Haddiema Nsara [CWP])
P11-Maltese Communist Party (Partit Kommunista Malti [COM]
P12-Maltese Democratic Party (Partit Demokratiku Malti [DP])
P13-Democratic Christian Party (Partit Demokratiku Nisrani [DCP])
P14-Democratic Alternative (Alternattiva Demokratika [AD])
Source: John. C. Lane. Elections in Malta: The Single Transferable-Vote System in Action
1921-2007. Datafile.
Political Parties:
P1–Labour Party-Militant Mauritian Party (Parti Travailliste-Mouvement Militant Mauricien
P2–Gaetan Duval Party (Parti Gaetan Duval)
P3–Militant Socialist Movement-Mauritian Militant Renewal (Mouvement Socialiste Militant
Renouveau Militant Mauricien [MSM–RMM])
P4–Natural Law Party (Parti de la Loi Naturelle)
P5–Mauritius United Party
P6–[MMP and HP]
P7–Mauritian Militant Socialist Movement (Mouvement Militant Socialiste Mauricien
P8–Party of the Mauritian People (Parti du Peuple Mauricien)
P9–Republican Party (Parti Republicain)
P10–Mauritius Party Rights
P11–Popular Muslim Front (Front Populaire Musulman)
P12–Mauritian Democracy (Democratie Mauricienne)
P13–Movement for Justice (Mouvement pour la Justice)
P14–Organization of the Rodrigues People (Organisation du Peuple Rodrigues [OPR])
P15–Rodrigues Movement (Mouvement Rodriguais [MR])
P16–Mauritian Socialist Movement-Militant Mauritian Movement (Mouvement Socialiste
Mauricien Mouvement Militant Mauricien [MSM-MMM])
P17–Labor Party–Mauritian Xavier Duval Party (Parti Travailliste-Parti Mauricien Xavier Duval
P18–Committee of Mauritian Action (Comite d'Action Mauricien)
P19–Mauritian Movement for Peace (Mouvement Mauricien pour la Paix [MMP])
P20–Lalit (Lalit)
P21–Raj Dayal National Democratic Movement (Mouvement Democratique National Raj Dayal
[MDN Raj Dayal])
P22–Authentic Mauritian Movement (Mouvement Authentique Mauricien)
P23–Democratic Mauritian Movement (Mouvement Democratique Mauricienne)
P24–National Mauritian Movement (Mouvement National Mauricien)
P25–Agricultural Planter Movement (Mouvement Planteur Agricole)
P26–Socialist Labourer Movement (Mouvement Travailliste Socialiste)
P27–(Nouvo Lizour)
P28–Mauritian Xavier Duval Party (Parti Mauricien Xavier Duval [PMXD])
P29–Movement of Liberal Democrats (Mouvement des Democrates Liberaux)
P30–Mauritian Union (Union Mauricienne)
P31–Hizbullah (Hizbullah)
P32–Liberal Action Party (Parti Action Liberal)
P33–(Hindu Ekta Andolan Dul)
P34–Social Movement of the South (Mouvement Socialiste du Sud)
P35–Tamil Council
P36–Mauritian Labourers Movement (Mouvement Travailleurs Mauricien)
Additional seats in the 1995 and 2000 elections were allocated as follows
1995: Gaetan Duval Party (1), MR (2), and MMP and HP (1)
2000: Rodrigues Movement (2), MSM-MMM (4), and PTr-PMXD (2)
Political Parties:
P1–Alliance for Change (Alianza por el Cambio [PAN-PVEM])
P2–Alliance for México (Alianza por México)
P3–National Political Social Democratic Party (Demócrata Social Partido del Político Nacional
P4–National Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional [PAN])
P5–Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution (Partido Auténtico de la Revolución de México
P6–Communist Party (Partido Comunista [PC])
P7–Democratic Center Party (Partido de Centro Democrático [PCD])
P8–Mexican Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Mexicano [PDM])
P9–Popular Socialist Party (Partido Popular Socialista [PPS])
P10–Democratic Revolutionary Party (Partido de la Revolución Democrática [PRD])
P11–Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional [PRI])
P12–Labour Party (Partido del Trabajo [PT])
P13–Green Ecoological Party in Mexico (Partido Verde Ecologista de México [PVEM])
• Unless otherwise noted, IFE (Instituto Federal Electoral) is the source of all election data.
• Unregistered candidates are not included in the results.
• Multi-member districts (MMDs): (Lower House): MMDs are designated “MMD District.”
(Upper House): MMD is designated “México (nation).”
• Seat data: MMD: (Lower House): No seat data. MMD: (Upper House): Seat data based on
IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems). SMD (Lower and Upper House): I
designated a seat to the highest vote getter based on IFE vote data.
Political Parties:
P1-Democratic Agrarian Party (Partidul Democrat Agrar din Moldova [PDAM])
P2-Socialist Party-“Unitate-Edinstvo” Movement (Partidul Socialist-Mişcarea “UnitateEdinstvo” [PS-MUE])
P3-Peasants and Intellectuals Bloc (Blocul Ţăranilor şi Intelectualilor [BJ-I])
P4-Alliance of the Christian Democratic People’s Front (Alianţa Frontului Popular Creştin
Democrat [AFPCD])
P5-Social Democratic Bloc (Blocul Social-Democrat [BSD])
P6-Association of Women (Asociaţia Femeilor din Moldova [AFM])
P7-Democratic Party of Labour (Partidul Democrat al Muncii din Moldova [PDMM])
P8-Party of Reform (Partidul Reformei [PR])
P9-Democratic Party of Moldova (Partidul Democrat din Moldova [PDM])
P10-Association of Victims of Totalitarian Regime of Moldova (Asociaţia Victimelor Regimului
Totalitar Comunist din Moldova [AVRTM])
P11-Republican Party of Moldova (Partidul Republican din Moldova [PRM])
P12-Party Ecologist, Green Alliance of Moldova (Partidul Ecologist Alianţa Verde din Moldova
P13-National Christian Party (Partidul Naţional Creştin [PNC])
P14-Independent Candidates (Candidaţi independenţi)
P15-Communist Party (Partidul Comuniştilor din Republica Moldova [PCM])
P16-“Democratic Convention of Moldova” Electoral Bloc (Blocul Electoral “Convenţia
Democrată din Moldova” [CDM])
P17-“For a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova” Electoral Bloc (Blocul Electoral "Pentru o
Moldovă Democratică şi Prosperă" [PMDP])
P18-Party of Democratic Forces (Partidul Forţelor Democratice [PFD])
P19-“Furnica” Civic Alliance Electoral Bloc (Blocul Electoral Alianţa Civică “Furnica” [ACF])
P20-“Alliance of Democratic Forces” Electoral Bloc (Blocul Electoral "Alianţa Forţelor
Democratice" [AFD])
P21-Party of Economic and Social Justice (Partidul Dreptăţii Social-Economice din Moldova
P22-Social Democratic Party of Moldova (Partidul Social-Democrat din Moldova [PSDM])
P23-“Socialist Unity” Electoral Bloc (Blocul Electoral "Unitatea Socialistă" [US])
P24-“Speranta” (Hope) Social Democratic Electoral Bloc (Blocul electoral Blocul SocialDemocrat "Speranţa" [BSDS])
P25-Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova (Partidul Socialiştilor din Republica Moldova
P26-Christian Democratic Union of Moldova (Uniunea Creştin-Democrată din Moldova
P27-United Party of Labour (Partidul Unit al Muncii din Moldova [PUMM])
Political Parties:
P1-Ad Bos Collective (Ad Bos Collectief [Ad Bos])
P2-General Democratic Party (Algemeen Democratische Partij [ADP])
P3-General Elderly League (Algemeen Ouderenverbond [AOV])
P4-General Elderly League-Union 55+ (Algemeen Ouderenverbond-Unie55+ [AOV U55+])
P5-General Elderly Party Netherlands (Algemene Bejaardenpartij Nederland [ABPN])
P6-Alliance for Reform and Democracy (Alliantie voor Vernieuwing en Democratie [AVD])
P7-Anti-Revolutionary Party (Anti-Revolutionaire Partij [ARP])
P8-Anti-Revolutionary ’85 (Antirevolutionairen '85 [AR'85])
P9-Anti-Unemployment Party (Anti-Werkloosheidspartij [AWP])
P10-Anti-Homeless Action (Anti-Woningnood Actie [AWA])
P11-Elderly Central (Bejaarden Centraal [BC])
P12-Elderly and Workers Party (Bejaarden en Arbeiderspartij [BPAP])
P13-Elderly Party 65+ (Bejaardenpartij 65+ [BP65+])
P14-Eldery Party General Interest (Bejaardenpartij Algemeen Belang [BPAB])
P15-Right Bond (Binding Rechts [BR])
P16-Farmers’ Party (Boerenpartij [BP])
P17-Farmers’ Party-Party for Agriculture and the Middle Class (Boerenpartij-Partij voor
Landbouw en Middenstand [BP-PLM])
P18-Bridge Group (Wagenaar Groep) (Bruggroep (Groep-Wagenaar))
P19-Center Democrats (Centrumdemocraten [CD])
P20-Center Party (Centrumpartij [CP])
P21-Center Party ’86 (Centrumpartij '86 [CP'86])
P22-Christian National People’s Party for Monarchical Democracy (Christelijke Nationale
Volkspartij voor Monarchale Democratie [CNVP])
P23-Christian National People’s Party (Christelijke Nationale Volkspartij [CNVP])
P24-Christian-Historical Union (Christelijk-Historische Unie [CHU])
P25-Christian-Democratic Union (Christen-Democraten Unie [CDU])
P26-Christian Democratic Appeal (Christen-Democratisch Appèl [CDA])
P27-Christian Union (Christen Unie [CU])
P28-Communist Party of the Netherlands (Communistische Partij van Nederland [CPN])
P29-Conservatives of the Netherlands ( [CONS.NL]
P30-Continue Direct Democracy Party (Continue Directe Democratie Partij [CDDP]
P31-The Greens (De Groenen [Groenen])
P32-The New Party (De Nieuwe Partij [DNP])
P33-Emergency Council (De Noodraad [Noodraad])
P34-The Peace Party (De Vredepartij [DVP])
P35-Democrats 2000-Party for the Common Man (Democraten 2000-Partij van de Gewone Man
P36-Democrats ‘66 (Democraten ‘66 [D’66])
P37-Democratic Center Action (Democratisch Actiecentrum [DAC])
P38-Democratic Socialists ’70 (Democratisch Socialisten '70 [DS'70])
P39-Democratic Middle Party (Democratische Middenpartij [DMP])
P40-Sustainable Netherlands (Duurzaam Nederland [DN])
P41-One NL (Eén NL [EénNL])
P42-European Conservative Union (Europese Conservatieven-Unie [ECU])
P43-Evangelical People’s Party (Evangelische Volkspartij [EVP])
P44-Netherlands Federal Elderly Party (Federatie Bejaardenpartij Nederland [FBN])
P45-Green Federation (Federatieve Groenen [FG])
P46-Reformed Political League (Gereformeerd Politiek Verbond [GPV])
P47-God With Us (God Met Ons [GMO])
P48-Green Free Internet Party (Groen Vrij Internet Partij [GVIP])
P49-Green Left (Groen Links [GrLinks])
P50-Wilders Group/Party for Freedom (Groep Wilders/Partij voor de Vrijheid [PVV])
P51-Grand Alliance Party (Grote Alliance Partij [GAP])
P52-The Kiezers Collective (Het Kiezers Collectief [KColl])
P53-Humanist Party (Humanistische Partij [HP])
P54-(Ide Alisten/JIJ [IdeA/JIJ])
P55-International Communist League (Internationale Kommunistenbond [IKB])
P56-Young Conservative League (Jong Conservatief Verband [JCV])
P57-Gnomes (Kabouters [Kabouter])
P58-Catholic Political Party (Katholiek Politieke Partij [KPP)
P59-Catholic National Party (Katholieke Nationale Partij [KNP])
P60-Catholic People’s Party (Katholieke Volkspartij [KVP])
P61-Small Party (Kleine Partij [KP])
P62-Netherlands Communist Movement (Kommunistiese Eenheidsbeweging Nederland [KEN])
P63-National Party for the Elderly (Landelijke Partij voor Bejaarden [LPVB])
P64-National Interest (Landsbelangen [Landsbel])
P65-Livable Netherlands (Leefbaar Nederland [LN])
P66-Liberal Union-Safe Traffic and 100,000 Houses (Liberale Unie-Veilig Verkeer-100.000 Woningen
P67-Liberal Democratic Party (Liberaal Democratische Partij [LibDem])
P68-Liberal State Party (Liberale Staatspartij [LSP])
P69-Liberal People’s Party (Liberale Volkspartij [LVP])
P70-Libertarian Party (Libertarische Partij [LP])
P71-Pim Fortuyn List (Lijst Pim Fortuyn [LPF])
P72-Ratelband List (Lijst Ratelband [Ratelb])
P73-Vijf Fortuyn List (Lijst Vijf Fortuyn [Fortuyn])
P74-Brummer List (Lijst-Brummer [Brummer])
P75-Germeaux List (Lijst-Germeaux [Germeaux])
P76-Greek List (Lijst-Griek [Griek])
P77-Grol List (Lijst-Grol [Grol])
P78-Jusia List (Lijst-Jusia [Jusia])
P79-Machiela List-Netherlands Workers Party (Lijst-Machiela -Nederlandse Werknemerspartij
P80-Poortman List (Blank List) (Lijst-Poortman (Blanco Lijst))
P81-Potmis List (Islam Democrats) (Lijst-Potmis (Islam Democraten) [ID])
P82-Rodermond List (Lijst-Rodermond)
P83-Stam List (Lijst-Stam [Stam])
P84-Van Breukelen-Grein List-Alarm (Lijst-van Breukelen-Grein-Alarm [Alarm])
P85-Van Velsen List (Lijst-Van Velsen [LVV])
P86-Veldhoen List (Lijst-Veldhoen [Veldhoen])
P87-Voogd List (Lijst-Voogd [Voogd])
P88-Welter List (Lijst-Welter [Welter])
P89-Wissink List (Lijst-Wissink [Wissink])
P90-(Loesje [Loesje])
P91-Life, Respect and Freedom Party-The Zeteltje (Liefde, Respect en Vrijheid Partij-Het Zeteltje
P92-Middle Class Party (Middenstandspartij [MP])
P93-Environmental Defense Party 2000+ (Milieu Defensie Partij 2000+ [MDP])
P94-National Opposition Union (Nationale Oppositie Unie [NOU])
P95-National Union (General Christian) (Nationale Unie (Algemeen Christelijk) [NU (AC)])
P96-Natural Law Party (Natuurwetpartij [NWP])
P97-Dutch Mobile (Nederland Mobiel [NMob])
P98-Netherlands Transparent (Nederland Transparant [NLTrans])
P99-Dutch Appeal (Nederlands Appèl [NA])
P100-Dutch Evolutionary Party (Nederlandse Evolutiepartij [NEP])
P101-Dutch Middle Class Party (Nederlandse Middenstandspartij [NMP])
P102-Netherlands People’s Union (Nederlandse Volksunie [NVU])
P103-New Democratic Party (Nieuw Democratische Partij [NDP])
P104-New Solidarity Elder League (Nieuw Solidair Ouderenverbond [NSOV])
P105-Netherlands New Communist Party (Nieuwe Communistische Partij Nederland [NCPN])
P106-New Communist Party (Nieuwe Communistische Partij [NCPN])
P107-New Middle Party (Nieuwe Middenpartij [NMP])
P108-New Roman Party (Nieuwe Roomse Partij [NRP])
P109-Independent-National (Onafhankelijk-Nationale [GroePONG])
P110-Pacifist Socialist Party ’92 (Pacifistisch Socialistische Partij '92 [PSP'92])
P111-Pacifist Socialist Party (Pacifistisch-Socialistische Partij [PSP]
P112-General Interest Party (Partij Algemeen Belang [PAB])
P113-Democratic Socialist Party (Partij Democratisch-Socialisten [PDS])
P114-Economic Appeal Party (Partij Economisch Appèl [PEA])
P115-(Partij Geluk voor Iedereen [PGI])
P116-(Partij Likwidatie van Nederland [PLN])
P117-Party of Officials and Trend Followers (Partij van Ambtenaren en Trendvolgers [PAT])
P118-Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid [PvdA])
P119-Party of the Taxpayers (Partij van de Belastingbetalers [PvdB])
P120-Party of the Future (Partij van de Toekomst [PvdT])
P121-Party of the Right (Partij van het Recht [PvhR])
P122-Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren [PvdD])
P123-Party for the Middle Class (Partij voor de Middengroepen [PvdM])
P124-Party for the Environment and Law (Partij voor Milieu en Recht [PMR])
P125-Party for the Netherlands (Partij voor Nederland [PVN])
P126-Party for Ongehuwden (Partij voor Ongehuwden [PvO])
P127-Party for the Right-Freedom and Prosperity (Partij voor Recht-Vrijheid en Welvaart
P128-Party for Rijksgenoten (Partij voor Rijksgenoten [PVR])
P129-Party for People’s Referendum (Partij voor Volksreferendum [Volksr.])
P130-Patriotic Democratic Appeal (Patriottisch Democratisch Appèl [PDA])
P131-Political Radical Party (Politieke Partij Radicalen [PPR])
P132-Political Party for the Elderly (Politieke Partij voor Ouderen [PPvO])
P133-Positive Social-Democrats (Positief Sociaal-Democraten [PSD])
P134-Progressive Party Environmental Conservation Work Society (Progressieve Partij Behoud
Milieu Werk Maatschappij [PPBMWM])
P135-Protestants-Christian National Union (Protestants-Christelijke Nationale Unie [PCNU])
P136-Realists ’81 (Realisten '81 [R'81])
P137-Realist Netherlands (Realisten Nederland [RN])
P138-People’s Party of the Right (Rechtse Volkspartij [RVP])
P139-Reformatory Political Federation (Reformatorische Politieke Federatie [RPF])
P140-Republican People’s Party (Republikeinse Volkspartij [RVP])
P141-Revolutionary Communist Party (Revolutionaire Communistische Partij [RCP])
P142-Rooms-Catholic Netherlands Party (Rooms-Katholieke Partij Nederland [RKPN])
P143-(Samen Overleven van Sterven [SOS])
P144-Seniors 2000 (Senioren 2000 [S2000])
P145-Socialist Workers’ Party (Socialistiese Arbeiderspartij [SAP])
P146-Socialist Workers’ Party-Rebel (Socialistische Arbeiderspartij-Rebel [SAP-Rebel])
P147-Socialist Minority Party (Socialistische Minderhedenpartij [SMP])
P148-Socialist Party (Socialistische Partij [SP])
P149-Socialist Union (Socialistische Unie [SU])
P150-Solidarity ’93 (Solidair '93 [Sol'93])
P151-Solidarity Peasant Party (Solidariteit Boerenpartij [SBP])
P152-Solid Multicultural Party (Solide Multiculturele Partij [SMP])
P153-Political Reformed Party (Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij [SGP])
P154-Political Federation (Staatkundige Federatie [SF])
P155-Gedupeerde Foundation Group 18+/65+ (Stichting Gedupeerde Groepen 18+/65+ [SGG])
P156-Tamara’s Open Party (Tamara's Open Partij [TOP])
P157-Union 55+ (Unie 55+ [U55+])
P158-Communist Party of the Netherlands (Partij van Communisten van Nederland [VCN])
P159-League Against Arbitrary Official Rule (Verbond tegen Ambtelijke Willekeur [VAW])
P160-League of Communists in the Netherlands (Verbond van Communisten in Nederland [VCN])
P161-United Seniors Party (Verenigde Seniorenpartij [VSP])
P162-People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
P163-Social Democratic Workers Party/ Old Social Democratic Workers Party
(Vooruitstrevende Partij voor Wereldregering/Oude Sociaal Democratische Arbeiders Partij
P164-Progressive Integration Party (Vooruitstrevende Integratiepartij [VIP])
P165-Progressive Minority Party (Vooruitstrevende Minderhedenpartij [VMP])
P166-Free Indian Party (Vrije Indische Partij [VIP])
P167-Free Indian Party-Elderly Union (Vrije Indische Partij-Ouderen Unie [VIP-OU])
P168-Women’s Party (Vrouwenpartij [VP])
P169-World Welfare Awareness (Wereld Welzijn Bewustwording [WWB])
Political Parties:
P1-Alpha [A]
P2-All Citizens Party [ACP]
P3-Amazing Doctor Grace [ADG]
P4-Alternative [AL]
P5-Anti-Maori Violence Pro-Apartheid [AM]
P6-Alternative National [AN]
P7-Alternative National Independent [ANI]
P8-Apolitical [AP]
P9-Auckland Revolutionary Army [ARA]
P10-Anti-State Aid Independent [ASAI]
P11-Alternative Social Credit [ASC]
P12-Breakfast [BF]
P13-Communist [C]
P14-Christian Democrat [CD]
P15-Christian Democratic Union [CDU]
P16-Christian Independent [CI]
P17-Clients [CL]
P18-Christian National [CN]
P19-Country Party [CP]
P20-Christian Realist [CR]
P21-Consensus [CS]
P22-Cheer Up [CU]
P23-Citizens Democratic Union [CZD]
P24-Citizens Against Political Parties [CzP]
P25-Democrat [D]
P26-Democratic (formerly Social Credit) [DEM]
P27-Democratic Independent [DI]
P28-Democratic Independent Labour [DIL]
P29-Democratic Labour [DL]
P30-Democracy’s United Independent [DUI]
P31-Dominion Workers [DW]
P32-Education Party [ED]
P33-Economic Euthenics [EE]
P34-Equal Rights [ER]
P35-New Zealand Economic Uthenic Party [EUP]
P36-Feminist [F]
P37-Family Man’s Party [FM]
P38-New Zealand Family Man’s Party [FMP]
P39-Garden Party [G]
P40-Home Brewer’s United Front [HBUF]
P41-Independent [I]
P42-New Zealand Equal Rights Party
P43-Aotearoa Tenants Party
P44-Piri Witi Tua Movement
P46-Imperial British Conservative [IBC]
P47-Independent Candidate [IC]
P48-Independent Country Party [ICP]
P49-Independent Christian Socialist [ICS]
P50-Independent Democrat [ID]
P51-Independent How How [IHH]
P52-Independent Kotahitanga [IK]
P53-Independent Labour [IL]
P54-Independent Conservative [I CON]
P55-Independent Labour (Tenant’s Rights) [ILT]
P56-Independent Maori [IM]
P57-Independent Maori Movement [IMM]
P58-Independent National [IN]
P59-Independent National Country [INC]
P60-Independent Liberal [IND LIB]
P61-Independent New Zealand Party [INZP]
P62-Independent Political Association [IPA]
P63-Independent Progressive Liberal [IPL]
P64-Independent Ratana [IR]
P65-Independent Social Credit [ISC]
P66-Independent Social Maori [ISM]
P67-Kauhananui [K]
P68-New Zealand Keynsian Progress Party [KPP]
P69-Left Alternative [LA]
P70-Labour [LAB]
P71-Libertarian Alternative [LB]
P72-Labour Grey Lynn [LGL]
P73-Liberal [LIB]
P74-Life [LIFE]
P75-Labour Independent [LIND]
P76-Local Labor [LL]
P77-Loyalist [LOY]
P78-Liberal Reform [LR]
P79-Liberal Social Democrat [LSD]
P80-Labour Unofficial [LU]
P81-Marijuana [M]
P82-Reform Party
P83-Maori Labour [MAORI]
P84-Mad Hatter’s Tea Party [MH]
P85-Mana Motuhake [MM]
P86-McGillicuddy Serious [MS]
P87-National Alternative [NA]
P88-National [NAT]
P89-No Confidence [NC]
P90-New Democrat [ND]
P91-New Force [NF]
P92-New Labour [NL]
P93-No Party [NP]
P94-National Socialist [NS]
P95-New Zealand Economic Euthenics [NZEE]
P96-New Zealand Party [NZP]
P97-New Zealand Women’s Political Party [NZWPP]
P99-Potty [P]
P100-Private Enterprise [PE]
P102-Progressive Kiwi [PK]
P103-Progressive Liberal [PL]
P104-People’s Party [PLP]
P105-Progressive National [PN]
P106-Protest Party [PP]
P107-People First [PPF]
P108-People’s Progressive Independent [PPI]
P109-People’s Representative [PR]
P110-Pensioners [PEN]
P111-Phoenix [PH]
P112-Pacific Republic [PREP]
P113-Progress [PROG]
P114-Reform [R]
P115-Republican Douglas Credit [RDC]
P116-Right to Life [RL]
P117-Rastas Ogilvie [RO]
P118-Revolutionary Socialist [RS]
P119-Socialist [S]
P120-Socialist Action [SA]
P121-Socialist Action League [SAL]
P122-Social Credit [SC]
P123-Social Credit Association [SCA]
P124-Sturdy Independent [SI]
P125-Socialist Alliance [SL]
P126-Silent Majority [SM]
P127-Staight Independent [STI]
P128-Socialist Unity [SU]
P129-Social United Liberals [SUL]
P130-Swinging Voters Outlet [SV]
P131-Christian Against Abortion
P132-Tory [T]
P133-Trades World Peace [TWP]
P134-United New Zealand Political Movement [U]
P135-Union Movement Optional [UM]
P136-United [UN]
P137-Ultimate Socialist [US]
P138-United World Federalist [UWF]
P139-Values [V]
P140-Wizard [W]
P141-West Coast Party [WC]
P142-West Coast Liberal [WCL]
P143-Women’s Independent Party [WIP]
P144-Worker’s Labour [WL]
P145-Young Maori [YM]
P147-Democrat (formerly Social Credit)
P148-Workers Party of New Zealand
P150-ACT New Zealand
P151-Advance New Zealand
P153-Animals First
P154-Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
P155-Asia Pacific United Party
P156-Christian Coalition
P157-Ethnic Minority Party
P158-Green Society
P159-Mana Maori Movement
P160-Natural Law Party
P161-New Zealand First Party
P162-New Zealand Conservative Party
P163-New Zealand Superannuitants and Youth Action
P164-Progressive Greens
P165-Te Tawharau
P166-The Libertarianz
P167-United New Zealand Party
P168-Blokes Liberation Front
P169-Citizen’s Party
P170-Republican Party
P171-The Dominion Worker’s Party
P172-New Zealand Progressive
P173-Communist League
P174-Private Enterprise
P175-World Socialist Party (NZ)
P176-New Zealand Economic Euthenics
P177-Aroha Ngia Tatou
P178-Indigenous People
P179-Nga Iwi Morehu Movement
P180-Green Party
P181-Christian Heritage Party
P182-Freedom Movement
P183-Future New Zealand
P184-Mana Wahine Te Ira Tangata
P185-Mauri Pacific
P187-Onenz Party
P188-South Island Party
P189-People’s Choice Party
P190-National Democrats Party [NDP]
The 1993 elections are not included because the original data are incomplete.
Political Parties:
P1–Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress (Alliance Nigérienne pour la Démocratie et le
P2–Democratic and Social Convention (Convention Sociale et Démocrate [CDS RAHAMA])
P4–Independents (Indépendants)
P5–National Movement for Society and Development (Mouvement National pour la Société de
Développement [MNSD NASSARA])
P6–Revolutionary Organization for the New Democracy (Organisation Révolutionnaire pour la
Démocratie Nouvelle [ORDN TARMAMOUA])
P7–Party of the Masses for Labor (Parti des Masses pour le Travail [PMT ALBARKA])
P8–Nigerien Party for Self-Management (Parti Nigérien pour l'Autogestion [PNA ALOUMAT])
P9–Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism (Parti Nigérien pour la Démocratie et le
Socialisme [PNDS TARAYYA])
P10–Nigerien Progressive Party (Parti Progressiste Nigérien [PPN RDA])
P11–Nigerien Progressive Party-Revolutionary Organization for the New Democracy (Parti
Progressiste Nigérien-Organisation Révolutionnaire pour la Démocratie Nouvelle [PPN RDA–
P12–Nigerien Progressive Party-Union for Democracy and Social Progress-Revolutionary
Organization for the New Democracy (Parti Progressiste Nigérien-Union pour la Démocratie et
le Progrès Social-Organisation Révolutionnaire pour la Démocratie Nouvelle [PPN RDAUDPS-ORDN]
P13–Niger Social Democratic Party (Parti Social Démocrate du Niger [PSDN ALHERI])
P14–Social Democratic Party of Niger–Movement for the Development of Pan-Africanism (Parti
Social Démocrate du Niger-Mouvement pour le Développement et le Panafricanisme [PSDNMDP])
P15–Rally for Democracy and Progress (Rassemblement pour la Démocratie et le Progrès [RDP
P16–Union of Popular Forces for Democracy and Progress (Union des Forces Populaires pour la
Démocratie et le Progrès [UDFP SAWABA])
P17–Union of Democratic Independents (Union des Démocrates Indépendants [UDI])
P18–Union for Democracy and Social Progress (Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social
P19–Union for Democracy and the Republic (Union pour la Démocratie et le République [UDR
P20–Union of Independent Nigeriens (Union des Nigériens Indépendants [UNI])
P21–Union of Partiots, Democrats and Progressives (Union des Partriotes, Démocrates et
Progressistes [UPDP CHAMOUA])
P22–Union for Democracy and Social Progress–Nigerien Progressive Party (Union pour la
Démocratie et le Progrès Social-Parti Progressiste Nigérien (UDPS-PPN RDA])
Political Parties:
P1-Center Party (Senterpartiet [Sp])
P2-Children/Elderly (Barn/Edre)
P3-Christian Coalition Party (Kristent Samlingsparti [KSp])
P4-Christian Conservative Party (Kristent Konservativt Parti)
P5-Christian People’s Party (Kristelig Folkeparti [Krf])
P6-Coastal Party (Kystpartiet [Kyst])p
P7-Common Future (Felles Framtid)
P8-Communist Party (Norges Kommunistiske Parti [NKP])
P9-Conservative Party (Høyre [H])
P10-Environment and Solidarity (Fylkeslistene for Miljø og Solidaritet)
P11-Freedom Party (Frihetspartiet)
P12-Freely Elected Representatives (Frie Folkevalgte)
P13-Future for Finnmark (Av dette Aune-lista)
P14-New People’s Party (Det Nye Folkepartiet)
P15-Interpolitical Coast and District Party (Tverrpolitisk Kyst-og distriktsparti)
P16-Justice Party (Rettferdighetspartiet)
P17-Norweigan Labour Party (Det Norske Arbeiderparti [DNA] or [A])
P18-Liberal Party (Venstre [V])
P19-Liberal People’s Party (Det Liberale Folkepartiet [DLF])
P20-Natural Law Party (Naturlov Partiet)
P21-New Future Coalition Party (Samlingspartiet (Ny Fremtid))
P22-Norwegian Peoples Party (Norsk Folkeparti)
P23-Other (Andre)
P24-Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet; Framstegspartiet [Frp])
P25-Red Electoral Alliance (Rød Valgalliance [RV])
P26-Social Democrats (Sosialdemokratene)
P27-Socialist Left Party (Sosialistisk Venstreparti [SV])
P28-Society Party (Samfunnspartiet)
P29-Stop Immigration (Stopp Innvandringa)
P30-Fatherlands Party (Fedrelandspartiet)
P31-Enviornmental Party-The Greens (Miljøpartiet De Grønne [MDG])
P32-Pensioner’s Party (Pensjonist Partiet [Pp])
P33-Political Party (Det Politiske Parti)
P34-White Electoral Alliance (Hvit Valgallianse)
P35-Abortion Opponents’ List (Abort-motstandarne si Liste) [Aml]
Additional Seats:
1977: P1-Center Party [Sp]-1 seat (Vest-Agder=1); P5-Christian People’s Party [Krf]-4 seats
(Aust-Agder=1; Buskerud=1; Oslo=1; Sor- Trondelag=1; P9-Conservative Party [H]-1 seat
(Nord-Trondelag=1; P18-Liberal Party [V]-1 seat (Sor-Trondelag=1)
1981: P1-Center Party [Sp]-5 seats (Buskerud=1; Hedmark=1; Nord-Trondelag=2; Oppland=1)
Political Parties:
P1-KW “Non-party List of Communes of Random Province” (KW “Bezpartyjny Lista Gmin
WojewództwaRadomskiego” [BLGWR])
P2-KW “Law and Justice” (KW „Prawo i Sprawiedliwość”)
P3-Non-party KWHeadquartered in Piątnica (Bezpartyjny KW z Siedzibą Piątnicy)
P4-Non-party NKW “Podlasie” (Bezpartyjny NKW „Podlasie”)
P5-Non-party Bloc for Support of the Reforms (KW Bezpartyjny Blok Wspierania Reform
P6-Belorussian KW (Białoruski KW [BKW])
P7-Bydgoszcz List of People’s Unity (Bydgoska Lista Jedności Ludowej [JL])
P8-KW Voters’ Civil Platform of Republic of Poland (KWWyborców Platforma Obywatelska
Rzeczpospolita Polska)
P9-KW Self-defense Polish Republic (KW Samoobrona Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej)
P11-KKW“Fatherland” (KKW „Ojczyzna”)
P12-KKW Brother Albert (KKW im. Brata Alberta)
P13-KW Polish-wide Civil Coalition of Voters (KW Wyborców-Ogólnopolska Koalicja
P14-Coalition for the Republic (Koalicja dla Rzeczypospolitej [KdR])
P15-KW Republican Coalition (KW Kolicji Republikańskiej [KR])
P16-KWW “Time for Women” (KWW,,Czas na Kobiety”)
P17-Homeland Commission NSZZ “Solidarity”(Komisia KrajowaNSZZ “Solidarność” [S])
P18-KNW Kłodawa (KNW Kłodawie)
P19-KW “On a Normal Life” (KNW ,,O Normalne Życie”)
P20-KW League of Polish Families (KW Liga Polskich Rodzin)
P21-Coalition KW of the Left and Democrats (Koalicyjny KW Lewica i Demokraci [SLDSDPL-PD-UP])
P22-KW “Agricultural Solidarity” (KW ,,Rolnicza Solidarność”)
P23-KW “Solska” (KW ,,Solska”)
P24-KW “Employer Confederation” (KW ,,Konfederacja Pracodawców” [KP])
P25-KW “Industrial and Technical Environmental Bloc” (KW ,,Blok Przemysłu i Środowisk
Technicznych” [BPiST])
P26-KW “God, Honor, Fatherland”(KW ,,Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna” [BHO])
P27-KW “Give Us a Chance” (KW ,,Daj Nam Szansę” [DNS])
P28-KW “Power of Youth”(KW ,,Siła Młodości”)
P29-KW “Our Poland”(KW ,,Nasza Polska” [NP])
P30-KW “Solidary Tenants and Pensioners”(KW ,,Solidarni Lokatorzy i Emeryci” [SLiE])
P31-KW “Catholic Electoral Action” (KW ,,Wyborcza Akcja Katolicka” [WAK])
P32-KW “Non-Partisans” (KW ,,Bezpartyjni”)
P33-KW “Citizens’ Forum”(KW Forum Obywatelskie)
P34-KW “On Polish Agriculture” (KW ,,O Polskie Rolnictwo,,)
P35-KW Center (KW Centrum)
P36-KW People’s Movement “People’s Accord” (KW Ruchu Ludowego “Porozumienie
Ludowe” [PL])
P37-KW “Regional Electoral Accord” in Konin (KW ,,Regionalne Porozumienie Wyborcze” w
P38-KW “Cooperative House” (KW „Spółdzielczy Dom”)
P39-KW “Unemployment Electoral Action” (KW „Wyborcza Akcja Bezrobotnych”)
P40-KW Health-Wisdom-Success (KW „Zdrowie–Wiedza–Sukces”)
P41-KW Electoral Solidarity Action (KW Akcja Wyborcza Solidarność [AWS])
P42-KW Ancestral/Native Home (KW Dom Ojczysty)
P43-KW Confederation of Polish Independent-Patriotic Camp (KW Konfederacja Polski
Niepodległej-Obóz Patriotyczny)
P44-KW National Polish Revival (KW Narodowego Odrodzenia Polski)
P45-KW New Polish Vision (KW Nowa Wizja Polski)
P46-KW White-Red in Suwalki (KW Biało–Czerwony w Suwałkach)
P47-KW Dr. Andrzej Szymanowski-Activist Union of Great Poles (KW Dr. Andrzeja
Szymanowskiego-Działacza Unii Wielkopolan)
P48-KW Defense of Polish People (KW Obrona Narodu Polskiego)
P49-KW Renovation of Polish Republic (KW OdNowa Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej)
P50-KW Organization of Polish People-Polish League (KW Organizacji Narodu Polskiego-Ligi
P51-KW Union of Great Poles and Lubuszan (KW Unia Wielkopolan i Lubuszan [UWilL])
P52-KW Democratic (KW Partii
P53-KW Initiative Party of Republic of Poland (KW Partii Inicjatywa RP)
P54-KW Platform of Janusza Korwin-Mikke (KW Platformy Janusza Korwin-Mikke)
P55-KW Polish Labour Party (KW Polska Partia Pracy)
P56-KW Polish Confederation-Dignity and Work (KW Polskiej Konfederacji-Godność i Praca)
P57-KW Polish National Party (KW Polskiej Partii Narodowej)
P58-KKW Action Equality of Justice (KKW Akcja Sprawiedliwości Równośc)
P59-Regional Citizens Committee in Zawiercie (Regionaly Ruch Komitetów Obywatelskich w
Zawierciu [RRKOwZ])
P60-KW Intelligentsia Bialystok Club and Family Association Catholic Archidiocese Bialystok
(KW Klubu Inteligencji Katolickiejw Białymstoku oraz Stowarzyszenia Rodzin Katolickich
Archidiecezji Białtostockiej)
P61-KW “People and Not Party”(KW „Osoby a nie Partie”):
P62-KKW in Waldemar Sirok’s “Hope” (KKW w Waldemara Siroky “Nadzieja”)
P63-KW “Societal Committee in Chełm”(KW „Komitet Społeczny w Chełmie”)
P64-KW “Polish Convention”(KW Konwencja Polskiej)
P65-KW “Liczyrepa”(KW „Liczyrepa”)
P66-KW “On Behalf of Adama Pleśnara” (KW „Na Rzecz Adama Pleśnara”)
P67-KW “The Disabled are Among Us”(KW „Niepełnosprawni Są Wśród Nas”)
P68-KW “Bydgoskie Independent Economic Fórum”(KW „Niezależne Bydgoskie Forum
P69-KW “On Politics and Economics ” (KW „O Polityczny i Gospodarczy Lad”)
P70-KW “Piast” (Komitet Wyborczy „Piast”)
P71-KW “Support for the Disadvantaged and Needy” (KW „Pomoc Pokrzywdzonym i
P72-KW “Zamość Region”(KW „Region Zamojszczyzna”)
P73-KW “Family” (KW„Rodzina”)
P74-KW “Social Movement in the Regions and Poland“(KW „Ruch Społeczny Regionowi i
P75-KW “Children Services” in Gdansk (KW „Slużba Dziecku” w Gdańsku)
P76-KW “Economy Now” (KW „Teraz Gospodarka”)
P77-KW “Country”(KW „Wieś”)
P78-KW “Polish Union”(KW „Zjednoczenie Polskie”)
P79-KW “Association of Poles in Poland”(KW „Związek Polaków w Polsce”)
P80-KW Women’s Coalition “Family and Woman”(KW Koalicja Środowisk Kobiecych
“Rodzina i Kobieta” [RiK])
P81-KW Alliance for Poland (KW Przymierze dla Polski)
P82-KW Congress of the Self–Governing Republic (KW Kongresu Rzeczypospolitej
Samorządnej [KRS])
P83-KW Family-Homeland (KW Rodzina-Ojczyzna)
P84-KW Movement for Defending the Unemployed (KW Ruch Obrony Bezrobotnych)
P85-KW Patriotic Movement (KW Ruch Patriotyczny)
P86-KW Patriotic Self-defense (KW Samoobrona Patriotyczna)
P87-KW Polish Social Democracy (KW Socjaldemokracji Polskiej)
P88-KW Leagueof Great Poland (KW Liga Wielkopolska)
P89-KW National Christian Democracy-Block for Poland (KW Narodowo Chrześcijańsko
Demokratyczny-Blok dla Polski)
P90-KW Parties of Polish Agreement (KW Stronnictwa Porozumienie Polskie)
P91-KWO Union of Right Wing Citizens of the Republic (KWOObywateli Unia Prawicy
Rzeczypospolitej [UPR])
P92-KW “Fatherland” in Rzeszów(KW „Ojczyzna” w Rzeszowie)
P93-OKW “Nurses and Midwives’ Council”(OKW „Rady Pielęgniarek i Położnych”)
P94-KW The Disabled, Retired and Pensioners (KW Osób Niepełnosprawnych, Emerytów i
Rencistów [NEiR])
P95-KW People's Parties from Ojcowizna (KW Stronnictwa Ludowego Ojcowizna)
P96-KW Freedom Party (KW Parti Wolności [PW])
P97-KW Christian Democratic Party (KW Partii Chrześcijańiskich Demokratów [PChD])
P98-KW Victoria Party (KW Partii Victoria [PV])
P99-KW PETEP Polish Nursing Association (KW PETEP Polskie Towarzystwo Pielęgniarskie
P100-KW Northeastern Agricultural Association (KW Pólnocno–Wschodniego Stowarzyszenia
Rolniczego [PWSR])
P101-KW Provincial Branch of Polish Union of Retired, Pensioners and Invalids in Legnica
(KW Polskiego Związku Emerytów, Rencistów i Inwalidów Oddzial Wojewódzki w Legnicy
P102-KW Polish Party of Wellbeing (KW Polskiej Partii Dobrobytu [PPD])
P103-KW Polish Union of Workers (KW Polskiej Unii Pracujących [PUP])
P104-KW Citizens’ Committee Agreement (KW Porozumienia Komitetów Obywatelskich
P105-Self-made KW in Gostynin (Samodzielny KW w Gostynine)
P106-KW Orthodox Believers (KW Prawoslawnych [KWP])
P107-List of Chairman Zbigniew Morawski (Lista Prezesa Zbigniewa Morawskiego [PZM])
P108-KW Peasant Self-defense (KW Samoobrony Rolników)
P109-KW Regional Electoral Inititiative (KW Regionalna Inicjatywa Wyborcza)
P110-KW Regional Electoral Forum (KW Regionalnego Forum Wyborczego [RFW])
P111-KWW “Independence for the Silesian Land” (KWW ,,Autonomia Dla Ziemi
P112-KWW “For Communities and Administrative Districts of Regions” (KWW ,,Dla Gmin i
Powiatów Regionu”)
P113-KW Artisans and Small Entrepreneurs (KW Rzemiosła i Małej Przedsiębiorczości [RiMP])
P114-KW Cooperative Housing of Suwalski Province (KW Spóldzielni Mieszkaniowych
Województwa Suwalskiego)
P115-KW Economic Environment in Katów (KW Środowisk Gospodarczych w Katowicach)
P116-KWW “One-mandate Constituencies” (KWW ,,Jednomandatowe Okręgi Wyborcze”)
P117-KW Regional Branch of Auditors’ Association in Tarnów (KW Stowarzyszenia
Księgowych Oddział Terenowy w Tarnowie)
P118-KW Association of Friends of the John Paul II Museum (KW Stowarzyszenia Przyjaciół
Muzeum im. Jana Pawla II)
P119-KW Social Justice Party (KW Stronnictwa Sprawiedliwości Spolecznej [SS])
P120-KW Suwalski-Mazurek Agreement of Independents (KW Suwalsko–Mazurskie
Porozumienie Niezależnych)
P121-KW “Democratic Union” (KW “Unia Demokratyczna” [UD])
P122-KWW “2005 Senate in Lubelszczyzna” (KWW „Lubelszczyzna-Senat 2005”)
P123-KW Working People’s Defense (KW w Obronie Ludzi Pracy)
P124-KWW “Our Self-governed Senator” (KWW „Nasz Samorządowy Senator”)
P125-KWW Our Podlasie (KWW Nasze Podlasie)
P126-KW Trade Unionin Defense of Society (KW Zwiąki Zawodowe w Obronie Spoleczeństwa
P127-KW Labor Union (KW Unii Pracy)
P128-OgKW Confederation Independent Poland (OgKW Konfederacji Polski Niepodleglej
P129-Coalition of Polish Ecological Party and Polish Green Party (Koalicji Polskiej Partii
Ekologicznej (PPE) i Polskiej Partii Zielonych (PPZ) [E-Z])
P130-KKW Conservative–Liberal Party (KKW Partia Konserwatywno–Liberalnej)
P131-KWW Let’s Normalize the Future (KWW Normujemy Przyszłość)
P132-Homeland Electoral Convention Movement of New Poland (Krajowa Konwent Wyborczy
Ruchu Nowej Polski [RNP])
P133-KKW “Christian Democracy” (KKW “Chrześcijańska Demokracja” [CD])
P134-KKW Labor Solidarity (KKW Solidarność Pracy [SP])
P135-KKW Fatherland-Polish List (KKW „Ojczyzna”-Lista Polska)
P136-KKW “Christian Social Movement-‘Alliance’” (KKW “Ruch Chrześcijańsko–Spoleczny'Przymierze’” [ChSP])
P137-KKW “German Minority” (KKW „Mniejszości Niemiecka” [MN])
P138-KKW Party ‘X’ (KKW Partii „X” [X])
P139-KKW Polish People's Party Program Alliance (KKW Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe [PSL]
Sojusz Programowy)
P140-KKW Polish Friends of Beer Party (KKW Polska Partia Przyjaciół Piwa [PPPP])
P141-KWW Polandwide Non-party Social Movement (KWW Ogólnopolski Bezpartyjny Ruch
P142-KWW Person-Family-Nation (KWW Osoba-Rodzina-Naród)
P143-KKW “Democratic-Social Movement” (KKW “Ruch Demokratyczno-Spolecny” [RDS])
P144-KWW Right Podkarpacka (KWW Prawica Podkarpacka)
P145-KKW Self-Defense-Leppera (KKW Samoobrona-Leppera)
P146-KKW Alliance of the Democratic Left(KKW Sojuszu Lewicy Demokratycznej [SLD])
P147-Democratic Party (KKW Stronnictwa Demokratycznego [SD])
P148-KKW National Party (KKW Stronnictwa Narodowego [SN])
P149-Krakow Coalition ofSolidarity with the President (Krakowska Koalicja Solidarni z
Prezydentem [KKSzP])
P150-Quality Bench Polish Friends of Beer Party (Ława Najwyższa Polskiej Partii Przyjaciól
P151-OKW “List of Independents of the Labour Movement” (OKW “Lista Niezależnych z
Ruchu Zawodowego” [LNzRZ])
P152-People’s Electoral Accord “Piast” (Ludowe Porozumienie Wyborcze 'Piast')
P153-Little Poland NKW (Małopolski NKW [MNKW])
P154-KW Mazowieckan Electoral Union (KW „Mazowiecka Unia Wyborcza” [MUW])
P155-Supreme KW Polish People's Party (Naczelny KW Polskiego Stronnictwa Ludowego
P156-National Education Society (Narodowe Towarzystwo Oświatowe)
P157-National Electoral Committee (Narodowy Komitet Wyborczy [NKW])
P158-KW German Minority “Unity and the Future” (KW Mniejszości Niemiecki “Pojednanie i
Przyszlość” [NM])
P159-Veterans Association of the Republic of Poland and Former Political Prisoners (Związek
Kombatantów Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej i Bylych Więźniów Politycznych)
P160-Independents '91 (Niezależni '91’ [N’91])
P161-NKWElbląski District (NKWwojewództwoelbląskiego)
P162-NKWCitizens Initiative (NKW „Inicjatywa Obywatelska”)
P163-NKW Kaliszanie 2000 (NKW „Kaliszanie 2000”)
P164-NKW Normality (NKW „Normalność”)
P165-NKW Tarnowskie Echo (NKW „Tarnowskie Echo”)
P166-NKW “Reform” Campaign (NKW Wyborców „Naprawa”)
P167-Independent KKW Railway Workers (Niezależny KKW Kolejarzy)
P168-Board of Association of German Minority in Elblag Province in Malbork (Zarząd Związku
Stowarzyseń Mniejszości Niemieckiej województwa elbląskiego z/s w Malborku [MN (e)])
P169-Independent Entrepreneurs(NiezależnyPrzedsiębiorczości [NP])
P170-KWW Silesia in Europe (KWW Śląsk w Europie)
P171-NOT-Technical Associations (NOT-Stowarzyszenia Techniczne)
P172-OgKW People’s–Christian Bloc (OgKW Bloku Ludowo–Chrześcijańskiego [BL–Ch])
P173-OgKW Independent-Self-Governing Police Trade Union (OgKW NiezależnegoSamorząnego Związek Zawodowego Policjantów [NSZZP])
P174-Polandwide National KW Polish National Commonwealth-Polish National Party
(Ogólnopolski Narodowy KW Polskiej Wspólnoty Narodowej-Polskiego Stronnictwa
Narodowego [PWN-PSN])
P175-Association of Belarusians (Związek Białoruski)
P176-NKW from Siedlce (Niezależny Komitet Wyborczy w Siedlcach)
P177-KW Independent Autonomous Board of the Trade Union of Foresters from Radzyń Podl
(KW Niezaleźnego Samorządnego Związku Zawodowego Leśników przy Nadl. Radzyń Podl)
P178-KWW Community of Little Poland-Senate 2005 (KWW Wspólnota Małopolska-Senat
P179-KWW Community of Self-governed Land in Radom (KWW Wspólnota Samorządowa
Ziemi Radomskiej)
P180-NKW “Now Kurpie”(NKW „Teraz Kurpie”)
P181-Independent Rural KW (Niezależny Wiejski KW)
P182-KW NSZZ Father Jerzy Popieluszko Solidarity '80 (KW NSZZ Solidarność '80 im. Ks. J.
Popiełuszki [S'80imJP])
P183-Political Council of Polish Independence Confederation (Rada Polityczna Konfederacji
Polski Niepodleglej)
P184-Political Council of Polish Independent Women (Rada Polityczna Kobieta Polska i
P185-OKW Radom District People's List-Samorzsdowa (OKW Radomska Lista Ludowo–
Samorzsdowa [RRL-S])
P186-Citizens’KW (Obywatelski KW)
P187-Citizens’ KWin Wrocałwiu (Obywatelski KW we Wrocałwiu)
P188-Citizens’ Committee (Komitety Obywatelskie [KO])
P189-Polish Ecology-Green Party (Polska Partia Ekologiczna-Zielonia)
P191-OgKW Polish Western Union (OgKW Polskiego Związku Zachodniego [PZZ])
P192-KWW Civil Agreement (KWW „Porozumienie Obywatelskie”)
P193-OKW “Solidarity 80” (OKW Solidarność ’80 [S’80])
P194-KWW Block Senate 2005 (KWW Blok Senat 2005)
P195-KWW New Senate 2005 (KWW Nowy Senat 2005)
P196-KWW “About Better Poland” (KWW „O lepszą Polskę”)
P197-Polish People’s Party-People’s Accord (Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe [PSL]-Porozumienie
Ludowe [PL])
P198-KW Polish Charitable Associations (KW Polskiego Towarzystwo Charytatywnego
P199-KW Polish Party of the Homeless (KW Polskiej Partia Bezdomnych [PPD])
P200-OKW Polish Party of Independence (OKW Polskiej Partia Niepodlegtościowa)
P201-OKW “Rescue for the Zagłębie” Movement (OKW Ruchu “Ratunek dla Zagłębia”
P202-Polish Allotments Owners Association (Polskiego Związku Działkowców)
P203-KW Citizens’ Center Accord (KW Porozumienie Obywatelskie Centrum [POC])
P204-Citizens’ Agreement with the Soldarity Delegation KW (Porozumienie Obywatelskie przy
Delegaturze 'S' KW [POpDS])
P205-Outside Agreement (Poza Ukladem)
P206-KW PeKaPeeS Workers (KW Pracowników PeKaPeeS)
P207-PR Democratic Union (PR Unii Demokratycznej)
P208-Presidium German Workers’ Commonwealth “Unity and the Future” (Prezydium
Niemieckiej Wspólnoty Roboczej „Pojednanie i Przyszlość” [PiP])
P209-Presidum Christian Democratic Party (Prezydium Partii Chrześcijańskich Demokratów)
P210-Polish Presidum Support Council (Prezydium Polskiej Rady Pomocy)
P211-Republic of Poland Homeland NSZZ Individual Farmers “Solidarity” (PRKrajowej NSZZ
Rolników-Indywidualnych „Solidarność”)
P212-KKW Liberal-Democratic Congress (KKW Kongresu Liberalno–Demokratycznego
P213-Republic of Poland National Council of Agreement of Pensioners (PR Naczelnej
Krajowego Porozumienia Emertów i Rencistów Rzeczypospolitej-Polskiej [KPEiRRP])
P214-KWW Podbeskidzia, Cieszyńskiej and Pszczyńskiej (KWW Podbeskidzia, Ziemi
Cieszyńskiej oraz Pszczyńskiej)
P215-Presidium of Main Management of Polish Ecology Union (Prezydium Zarządu Głównego
Polskiej Unii Ekologicznej)
P216-KWW Friends of Szreka-Noble Heart (KWW Przyjaciół Szreka-Szlachetne Serce)
P217-Central Council of Conservative-Liberal Party Union of Real Politics (Rada Glówna
Konserwatywno–Liberalnej Partii Unia Polityki Realnej)
P218-Polish Party in Rzemieślnicznej (Rzemieślnicznej Partii Polski)
P219-Homeland Council of Labor Union (Rada Krajowa Unii Pracy)
P220-RN Patriotic Forum of the Polish Struggle (RN Forum Patriotycznego Polski Walczącej)
P221-RN Polish People’s Party-People’s Accord (RNPolskiego Stronnictwa Ludowego [PSL]–
Porozumienie Ludowe [PL])
P222-RN Democratic Party (RN Stronnictwa Demokratycznego)
P223-KWW Movement Self-governed Society (KWW Ruch Społeczno-Samorządowy)
P224-National Council for Alliance for Self-defense (Rada Krajowa Przymierze Samoobrona)
P225-RN National party of Pensioners (RN Krajowej Partii Emerytów i Rencistów [KPEiR])
P226-KW “Wroclaw Region Above Divisions” (KW “Region Wroclawski Ponad Podziałami”
P227-Regional KW NSZZ Solidarity '80 Silesia-Dabrow Region(Regionalny KW NSZZ
“Solidarność '80” Regionu Śląsko–Dągbrowskiego [S'80-DS])
P228-Homeland Representation Party X (Reprezentacja Krajowa Partii „X” [X])
P229-National Liberal Movement (Ruch Narodowo–Liberalnego [RN-L])
P230-Movement for the Defense of Self-government (Ruch Obrony Samorządnośc [ROS])
P231-KWW Rzewuski Zbigniew Jan "Consent and Development (KWW Rzewuski Zbigniew
Jan "Zgoda i Rozwój")
P232-KWW S for the Senate of the Republic of Poland 2005 (KWW S jak Senat RP 2005)
P233-KW “Self-government” (KW “Samorządność” [Sam.])
P234-KW Samorząd Commune (KW Samorządów Gmin [KWSG])
P235-Self-governing KW (Samorządowy KW [SKW])
P236-KW Alliance of Women against Life's Hardship (KW SojuszuKobiet Przeciw
Trudnościom Życia [SKPTZ])
P237-KWW Social Relief Workers (KWW Społeczni Ratownicy)
P238-Civic Electoral Defense Forum ‘Baszta’ (Społeczno–Wojskowe Forum Wyborców 'Baszta'
P239-SK Defense of Legality (SK Obrony Praworządności)
P240-SKW in Parczew (SKW w Parczewie)
P241-SKW in Gorzowski province (SKW w województwa Gorzowskim)
P242-KW Association of Catholic Families (KW Stowarzyszenie Rodzin Katolickich [SRK])
P243-KW Association 2000 (KW Stowarzyszenie 2000 [S2000])
P244-Firefights SKW (Strażacki SKW [SSKW])
P245-Electoral Szłab “Movement for Universal Ownership”(Szłab Wyborczy “Ruch
Powszechnej Własności” [RPW])
P246-KWW Greens 2004 (KWW Zieloni 2004)
P247-Independent Voters-KWW (Niezależni Wyborcy–KWW)
P248-KW Union of Political Realism (KW Unia Polityki Realnej [UPR])
P249-KW Union of Great Poles (KW Unii Wielkopolan [UP])
P250-KW Union of Great Poles of Leszczyn Province District (KW Unii Wielkopolan Okręgu
Województwa Leszczyńskiego)
P251-Włocławek KW “Kujawa and Poland” (Włocławski KW„Kujawom i Polsce”)
P252-NKW of Great Poland '91 (NKW Wielkopolanki ’91 [Wp '91])
P253-KW Great Poland and Poland (KW Wielkopolsce i Polsce [WPiP])
P254-KW Great Poland Self–Governing Coalition (KW Wielkopolskiej Koalicja Samorządowej
P255-KW Torun Province Citizens' Committee (KWWojewódzkiego Komitetu Obywatelskiego
w Tarnowie [WKOwT)
P256-KW Union of Podhalan (KW Związku Podhalan [ZwP])
P257-WKW “People’s Unity” (WKW „Jedności Ludowe”)
P258-WKW Polish Allotement Owners Association “Allotement Owners in Ostrołęka”(WKW
Polskiego Związku Działkowców „Działkowiec w Ostrołęce”)
P259-KW Free Social Initiative (KW Wolna Inicjatywa Społeczna [WIS])
P260-KW Community of the Kurp Communes (KWW Gmin Kurpiowskich [KWWGP])
P261-Minorities’ Electoral Block (Wyborczy Blok Mniejszości [WBM])
P262-ZG Conservative Party (ZG Partii Konserwatywnej)
P263-“Healthy Poland”-Electoral Committee of Polish Ecology Union (PUE) and Independent
Ecology Federation (NFE) and Movement in Support (“Zdrowa Polskiej ”-KW Polskiej Unii
Ekologicznej (PUE), Niezaleźnej Federacji-Ekologicznej (NFE) i Ruchów Wspierająych [ZP])
P264-KKW Consolidation of Right (KKW Zjednoczenie Prawicy)
P265-ZG Patriotic Polish Front (ZG Polskiego Frontu Patriotycznego)
P266-ZG Polish Renovation of the Country (ZG Polskiej Odnowy Kraju)
P267-Coalition KW Alliance of Democratic Left [SLD]-Labor Union [UP] (Koalicyjny KW
Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej [SLD]-Unia Pracy [UP])
P268-ZG Movement for Rebuilding Poland (ZG Ruchu Odbudowy Polski [ROP])
P269-ZG National Slavic Minority Associations of Republic of Poland–Orthodox (ZG
Stowarzyszenia Słowiańskiej Mniejszośsci Narodowej Rzeczypospolitej PolskiejPrawoslawni)
P270-ZG Christian-National Unification (ZG Zjednoczenia Chrześcijańsko–Narodowego
P271-ZG Siberian Association (ZG Związku Sybiraków)
P272-NKZ (Niezależny Komitet Wyborczy)
P273-ZKK Children Social Services (ZKK Towarzystwa Slużby Dzieciom)
P274-National Management of Liberal–Democratic Congress (Zarząd Krajowy Kongresu
Liberalno–Demokratycznego [KLD])
P275-National Management of Polish Green Party (Zarząd Krajowy Polskiej Partii Zielonych)
P276-National Administratrive Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (Zarząd Naczelny
Organizacji Technicznej Federacji Stowarzyszeń Naukowo–Technicznych)
P277-Leading Management Polish National Commonwealth-Polish National Party (Zarząd
Naczelna Polskiej Wspólnoty Narodowej-Polskiego Stronnictwa Narodowego [PWN-PSN])
P278-KWW Senate 2001 Block (KWW Blok Senat 2001)
P279-KW Movement for Silesian Autonomy (KW Ruchu Autonomii Ślaşka)
P280-ZS Aeroclub in Wałbrzyskiej (ZS Aeroklub Ziemi Wałbrzyskiej)
P281-KW Union of Freedom (KW Unii Wolności)
P282-KWW “German Upper Silesian Minority” (KWW „Niemiecka Mniejszość Górnego
P283-KW Polish People’s Party (KW Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe [PSL])
P284-KWW “German Silesian Minority” (KWW„Mniejszości Niemieckiej Śląska")
P285-KKW Against Corruption (KWW Przeciw Korupcji)
P286-Craftsmen's OKW “Artisanry” (Rzemieślniczy OKW„Rzemioslo” [R])
P287-Coalition KW-Electoral Campaign Solidarity Right (Koalicyjny KW-Akcja Wyborcza
Solidarność Prawicy)
P288-KW Party of Women (KW Partii Kobiet)
P289-KW Polish National Communities (KW Polskiej Wspólnoty Narodowej)
P290-ZS Citizens’ Committee in Bielsko-Biała (ZS Komitetów Obywatelskich w Bielsku Białej)
P291-ZS Lawyers “Temida” (ZS Prawników „Temida”)
P292-KW Alternative Social Movement (KW Alternatywa Ruch Społeczny)
P293-KW Union of Real Politics of Conservative-Liberal Party (KW Konserwatywno-Liberalnej
Partii Unia Polityki Realnej)
P294-German Social-Cultural Association of the German Minority in Opole Silesia
(Towarzystwa Społeczno–Kulturalnego Mniejszości Niemieckiej na Ślaşku Opolskim
P295-KW Polish Economic Union (KW Polskiej Unii Gospodarczej)
P296-KW Polish Socialist Party (KW Polskiej Partii Socjalistycznej)
P297-OKW “List of Independents from the Trade Union Movement” (OKW„Lista Niezależnych
z Ruchu Związkowego Okręgowy Komitet Wyborczy” [LNzRZw])
P298-KW Independent Farmers 'Klos' Committee (KW Niezależny Rolników “Kłos” [Klos])
P299-Kłodaw KW (Kłodawski KW)
P300-Christian Social Committee in Skiern Province (Komitet Chrześcijańsko–Spolecznej w
Województwa Skiern)
P301-Committee of Independent Voters [KNW] (Komitet Niezaleźnych Wyborców [KNW])
P302-Confederation of Płock Province Citizens’ Committee (Konfederacja Komitetów
Obywatelskie Województwa Płockiego)
P303-KW “Regions and Poland” (KW „Regionowi i Polsce”)
P304-KW ŚZŹ AK District Włodawa (KW ŚZŹ AK Obwód Włodawa)
P305-KW Christian Electoral Accord (KW Chrześcijańskie Porozumienie Wyborcze)
P306-KWW Pensioners-Emil Antoniszyn (KWW Emerytów i Rencistów-Emil Antoniszyn)
P307-KW Instel in Lipowa (KW Instel w Lipowej)
P308-KW Craftmen’s Houses (KW Izby Rzemieślniczej)
P309-KW Forum of Pensioners (KW Forum Emerytów i Rencistów)
P310-KWW Dignified Life (KWW Godne Życie)
P311-KW Coalition: Sovereignty Justice Progress (KW “Koalicja: Suwerenność Sprawiedliwość
P312-KW Citizens Committee in Powołangeo from “S” Iniciative (KW Komitetów
Obywatelskie Powołangeo z Inicjatywy “S”)
P313-KW Citizens’ Initiative in Olecko (KW Inicjatywa Obywatelska w Olecku)
P314-KWW Movement in Defense of Working People and Jobless (KWW Ruch w Obronie
Praw Ludzi Pracy i Bezrobotnych)
P315-KWW Civil Democracy Christian Forum (KWW Forum Obywatelskie Chrześcijańska
P316-KKW Kracow Land (KWW Ziemi Krakowskiej)
P317-KWW Independent Extraparty (Niezależny Pozapartyjny KWW)
P318-KWW Agreement (KWW Zgoda)
P319-KW Polish Nureses Society from Ciech Province (KW Polskiego Towarzystwa Pielęgn z
Województwo Ciech)
P320-KWW Wojciechowska (KWW Wojciechowska)
P321-KW Kashubian-Pomeranian Association (KW Zrzeszenia Kaszubsko–Pomorskiego)
P322-KW Sports Association (KW Organizacji Sportowych)
P323-KW Asssociation of Polish Military Reservists (KW Stowarzyszenia Polskich
Rezerwistów Wojskowych)
P324-KWW Club of Serving Independence-Senat 2001 Electoral District Number 10 (KWW
Klub Służby Niepodległości-Senat 2001 Okręgu Wyborczego Nr 10)
P325-KW District Citizens’ Committee in Jelenia Gora (KW Województwo Komitetów
Obywatelskiego w Jeleniej Górze)
P326-KW Kalisz Region (KW Ziemi Kaliskiej)
P327-KWW Alliance of Left Demcrats (KWW Sojusz Demokratów Lewicy)
P328-KWW Assistance to the Needy (KWW Pomoc Potrzebującym)
P329-Independent Electoral Committee (Niezaleźny Komitet Wyborczy [NKZ])
P330-Regional Electoral Committee “Coalition” (Regionalny KW "Koalicja')
P331-KWW “First Do No Harm” (KWW Primum Non Nocere-Po Pierwsze Nie Szkodzić)
P332-KW Electoral Comittee in Zaranie (KW Komitet Wyborczy Zaranie)
P333-OKW District Number 32 (OKW Okręgu Nr. 32)
P334-KW National Agreement of Pensioners of Polish Republic (KW Krajowego Porozumienia
Emerytów i Rencistów Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej)
P335-KW “Independent Farmers, Workers and Intelligensia (KW “Niezależny Rolników,
Robotników i Inteligencji”)
P336-KW with Company in Przasnysz Land (KW przy Towarzystwa Przyjaciól Ziemi
P337-SKW “On Behalf of Ostrolek District” (SKW„Na Rzecz Województwa Ostrolgckiego”)
P338-KW Rural Company in Reymontowskiego (KW Reymontowskiego Towarzystwa
P339-KW Labor Party (KW Stronnictwa Pracy)
P340-Union Provinces for ‘People's Group Sports’ (Województwa Zrzeszenie 'Ludowe Zespoły
P341-KWW Opolski Civil Committee (KWW Opolski Komitet Obywatelski)
P342-KWW Electoral Initiative 2001 (KWW Inicjatywa Wyborcza 2001)
P343-KWW I Love My Country (KWW Kocham Mój Kraj)
P344-OKW Mikołajczyk SL ‘Food and Arms’ (OKW Mikołajczykowskiego SL 'Żywią i
P345-WKW Polish People's Party-Program Alliance in Słupsk (WKW Polskie Stronnictwo
Ludowe [PSL]–Sojusz Programowy w Słupsku)
P346-Independent SKW Dębiany Village in the Obrazów Commune (Niezależny SKW wsi
Dębiany gmin Obrazów)
P347-KW Movement of Free Democrats (KW Ruchu Wolnych Demokratów)
P348-KW Citizens’ Committee Wałbrzych Province Association (KW
StowarzyszenieKomitetów Obywatelskich Województwa Wałbrz)
P349-KWW Podlasie (KWW Podlasie)
P350-WKW “People’s Accord” (WKW„Porozumienie Ludowe”)
P351-KW Citizens’ Grouping “We Act for You” (KW Ugrupowart Społecznego „Działamy dła
P352-KWW and Lecha Kaczyńskiego Well-wishers (KWW i Sympatyków Lecha
P353-Electoral Szłab “People’s Accord” (Szłab Wyborczy „Porozumienie Ludowe")
P354-KWW Progress and Balance (KWW Postęp i Równowaga)
P355-German Minority in Olsztyn District (Mniejszość Niemiecka wWojewództwa
Olsztyriskiego [MN(O)])
P356-German Minority Silesia in Opole (Mniejszość Niemiecka Słąska Opolskiego)
P357-German Minority Czestochowa District (Mniejszość Niemiecka Województwa
P358-Polish National Front (Narodowy Front Polski)
P359-KWW Podbeskidzie 2001 (KWW Podbeskidzie 2001)
P360-KW “Children Services” (KW „Slużba Dziecku”)
P361-KW Self-government Piszczac (KW Samorząd Piszczac)
P362-KWW of the Left of Częstochowskiej Land (KWW Lewica Ziemi Częstochowskiej)
P363-KWW “From Raciborza to Mikołowa” (KWW „Od Raciborza do Mikołowa”)
P364-KW “On Behalf of Polish Health” (KW „Na Rzecz Zdrowia Polaków”)
P365-Management of Society of German Social-Cultural Association of Katow Province (Zarząd
Towarzystwa Społeczno–Kulturalnego Niemców Województwa Katowickiego)
P366-KW People’s Alliance-Poland Labour Justice (KW Sojuszu Ludzi-Polska Praca
P367-Board of the German Social-Cultural Association of the Częstochowa Province (Zarząd
Wojewódzki Towarzystwa Społeczno–Kulturalnego Niemców Województwa
P368-Board of Freedom Union (Zarząd Unii Wolności)
P369-Board of German Social-Cultural Association of Katow Province –DFK (Zarząd
Towarzystwa Społeczno–Kulturalnego Niemców Województwa Katowickiego-DFK)
P370-KW “Catholic Electoral Action”-Viritim (KW „Wyborcza Akcja Katolicka–Viritim”)
P371-Non-party KW Polish Dignity (Bezpartyjny KW Polska Godność)
P372-KWW Movement of Citizens Mistreated by Authority (KWW Ruch Obywateli
Krzywdzonych przez Władzę)
P373-KW Accord of Christian Groupings (KW Porozumienia Ugrupowań Chrześcijańskich)
P374-KWW Housing Associationin Łomża Province (KWW Społdzielczości Mieszkaniowej w
Wojewódzlwie Łomżyńskim)
P375-KWW Świętokrzyskie Economic Agreement (KWW Świętokrzyskie Porozumienie
P376-Board of the Club of the Catholic Intelligentsia in Ludlin (Zarząd Klubu Inteligencji
Katolickiej w Lublinie)
P377-NKW New Seante (NKW Nowy Senat)
P378-Board of the Citizens’ Committee Union Ostrołęcka Province (Zarząd Związku Komitetów
Obywatelskich Województwa Ostrołęckiego)
P379-NKW in Rzeszow (NKW w Rzeszowie)
P380-PRN Polish Socialist Party (PR Naczelnej Polskiej Partii Socjalistycznej)
P381-KWW Harmony and Normality (KWW Ład i Normalność)
P382-KW „Expertise-Competency-Prudence” in Słupsk (KW „Doświadczenie–Fachowość–
Rozwaga” w Słupsku)
P383-NKW based in Biała-Piska (NKW z siedzibą Białej Piskiej)
P384-KW Society for Propogation of Physical Culture and Kresowa National Army of Soldiers
(KW Towarzystwa Krzewienia Kultury Fizycznej oraz Kresowych Żołnierzy Armii Krajowej)
P385-KW “People’s Accord” in Krosno (KW „Porozumienie Ludowe” w Krośnie)
For Sejm elections held in 1991, 1993 and 1997, 69 seats were distributed at the national
The following abbreviations used abovestand for the following:
KW=Electoral Comittee (Komitet Wyborczy)
KKW=Catholic Action Committtee (Katolicki Komitet Wyborczy)
KKW=National Electoral Committee (Krajowy Komitet Wyborczy)
KNW=Independent Electoral Committee (Komitet Niezależnych Wyborców)
KWW=Voters Electoral Committee (Komitet Wyborczy Wyborców)
KWO=Citizens’ Electoral Committee (Komitet Wyborczy Obywateli)
NKW=Independent Electoral Committee (Niezależny Komitet Wyborczy)
NSZZ=Independent Self-governing Trade Union (Niezaleźnego Samorządnego Związku
OgKW=Polandwide Electoral Committee (Ogólnopolski Komitet Wyborczy)
OKW=District Electoral Committee (Okręgowy Komitet Wyborczy)
PRN=Presidium Supreme Council (Prezydium Rady)
RN=Supreme Council (Rada Naczelna)
SK=Social Committee (Społeczny Komitet)
SKW=Social Electoral Committee (Społeczny Komitet Wyborczy)
ZG=Executive Board (Zarząd Glówny)
WKW=Provincial KW (Wojewódzki Komitet Wyborczy)
ZS=Administration Association (Zarząd Stowarzyszenia)
ZK=National Administration (Zarząd Krajowy)
ZKK=Catholic National Administration (Zarząd Krajowy Katolickiego)
Senate data for 1997 are not included.
Candidatures are included in the above as “Independent” (p10) if in the official results they
are designated as “Komitet Wyborczy” (Electoral Comittee) followed by the name of the
candidate running for office, or if the official results indicate that an electoral list is an
“independent” or “non-party” candidate, list, group, etc.
Political Parties:
P1-Democratic Alliance (Aliança Democrática [AD])
P2-Association for the Defense of the Interests of Macau (Associação para a Defesa dos
Interesses de Macau [ADIM])
P3-Peasant Workers Alliance (Aliança Operária Camponesa [AOC])
P4-United People Alliance (Aliança Povo Unido [APU])
P5-Left Block (Bloco de Esquerda [B.E.])
P6-Left Block-Popular Democratic Union (Bloco de Esquerda-União Democrática Popular
P7-Macau Democratic Center (Centro Democrático de Macau [CDM])
P8-Democratic Social Center Party (Partido do Centro Democrático Social [CDS])
P9-Democratic Social Center Party-People’s Party (Partido do Centro Democrático SocialPartido Popular [CDS-PP])
P10-United Democratic Coalition (Coligacão Democrática Unitária [CDU])
P11-Communist Electoral Front (Frente Eleitoral Comunista -Marxista-Leninista [FEC-(ML)])
P12-Revolutionary Left Front (Frente de Esquerda Revolucionária [FER])
P13-Republican and Socialist Front (Frente Republicana e Socialista [FRS])
P14-Popular Socialist Front (Frente Socialista Popular [FSP])
P15-Communist International League (Liga Comunista Internacionalista [LCI])
P16-Socialist Workers League (Liga Socialista dos Trabalhadores [LST])
P17-Portuguese Democratic Movement (Movimento Democrático Português [MDP])
P18-Portuguese Democratic Movement / Democratic Electoral Commissions (Movimento
Democrático Português/Comissões Democráticas Eleitorais [MDP/CDE] [PXXI])
P19-Socialist Left Movement (Movimento de Esquerda Socialista [MES])
P20-Earth Party (Partido da Terra [MPT])
P21-Rearranging Movement of the Proletariat Party (Movimento Reorganizativo do Partido do
Proletariado [MRPP])
P22-Movement for the Unity of Workers (Movimento para a Unidade dos Trabalhadores
P23-Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization (Organização Comunista Marxista
Leninista Portuguesa [OCMLP])
P24-Reconstructed Communist Party (Partido Comunista Reconstruído[PC(R)])
P25-Portuguese Communist Party (Partido Comunista Português [PCP])
P26-Communist Party of Portugal (Marxist-Leninist) (Partido Comunista de Portugal (MarxistaLeninista) [PCP (M-L)])
P27-New Democracy (Nova Democracia [PND])
P28-Portuguese Communist Party-Ecology Party “The Greeens”-United Democratic Coalition
(Partido Comunista Português-Partido Ecologista “Os Verdes”-Coligação Democrática Unitária
P29-Portuguese Communist Party-Ecology Party “The Greeens” (Partido Comunista PortuguêsPartido Ecologista “Os Verdes” [PCP-PEV])
P30-Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers (Partido Comunista dos Trabalhadores
Portugueses [PCTP])
P31-Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers-Rearranging Movement of the Proletariat
Party (Partido Comunista dos Trabalhadores Portugueses-Movimento Reorganizativo do
Partido do Proletariado [PCTP-MRPP])
P32-Democratic Party of the Atlantic (Partido Democrático do Atlântico [PDA])
P33-Christian Democracy Party (Partido da Democracia Cristã [PDC])
P34-Christian Democracy Party-Independent Movement for National Reconstruction/Portuguese
Right-wing Party-National Front (Partido da Democracia Cristã-Movimento Independente para
a Reconstrução Nacional/Partido da Direita Portuguesa-Frente Nacional [PDC-MIRN/PDPFN])
P35-Party of the People (Partido da Gente [PG])
P36-Humanist Party (Partido Humanista [PH])
P37-National Renovation Party (Partido Nacional Renovador [PNR])
P38-Workers’ Party of Socialist Unity (Partido Operário da Unidade Socialista [POUS])
P39-Workers’ Party of Socialist Unity-Socialist Workers’ Party (Partido Operário da Unidade
Socialista-Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores [POUS-PST])
P40-Popular Democratic Party (Partido Popular Democrático [PPD])
P41-Popular Democratic Party-Social Democratic Party (Partido Popular Democrático-Partido Social
Democrata [PPD-PSD])
P42-Popular Monarchal Party (Partido Popular Monárquico [PPM])
P43-Popular Monarchal Party-Earth Party (Partido Popular Monárquico-Partido da Terra [PPMMPT])
P44-Democratic Renovation Party (Partido Renovador Democrático [PRD])
P45-Workers’ Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionário dos Trabalhadores [PRT])
P46-Socialist Party (Partido Socialista [PS])
P47-Social Democratic Party (Partido Social Democrata [PSD])
P48-Party of National Solidarity (Partido da Solidariedade Nacional [PSN])
P49-Revolutionary Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Revolucionário [PSR])
P50-Labor Party (Partido Trabalhista [PT])
P51-Party of Popular Unity (Partido de Unidade Popular [PUP])
P52-Democratic Party of the Atlantic (Partido Democrático do Atlântico [UDA/PDA])
P53-Popular Democratic Union (União Democrática Popular [UDP])
P54-Popular Democratic Union-Revolutionary Socialist Party (União Democrática Popular-Partido
Socialista Revolucionário [UDP-PSR])
P55-Socialist Democratic Left Union (União de Esquerda Socialista Democrática [UEDS])
• Before 1979, the region of Azores was divided into three constituencies. Election results for
the three constituencies are reported for the 1975 and 1976 elections. On May 16th 1979, Law
14/79 was passed and established that the region of Azores would have only one constituency.
Thus, beginning in 1979, the results presented for the Azores (Oriental) correspond to the
total results for the Autonomous Region of Azores.
• Districts for out-of-country voting and Portugal’s overseas territories are not included in the
Political Parties:
P1-National Salvation Democratic Front (Frontul Democrat al Salvării Naţionale) [FDSN]
P2-Democratic Convention of Romania (Convenţia Democratică din Românâ) [CDR]
P3-National Salvation Front (Frontul Salvării Naţionale) [FSN]
P4-Romanian National Unity Party (Partidul Unităţii Naţionale Române) [PUNR]
P5-Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (Uniunea Democrată Maghiară din România)
P6-Greater Romania Party (Partidul România Mare) [PRM]
P7-Labour Socialist Party (Partidul Socialist al Muncii) [PSM]
P8-Agrarian Democratic Party of Romania (Partidul Democrat Agrar din România) [PDAR]
P9-Social Democracy of Romania (Partidul Democraţiei Sociale din România) [PDSR]
P10-Democratic Social Union (Uniunea Social Democrată) [USD]
P11-Independents (Candidaţi Independenţi) [CI]
P12-Bulgarian Cultural Association of Romania (Asociatia Culturalǎ Bulgară din România) [ABulgari]
P13-Cultural Association of Slavonic Macedonians of Romania (Asociatia Culturalǎ a
Macedonenilor Slavidin România) [AC-Macedoneni]
P14-Democratic Association of Slavonic Macedonians of Romania (Asociatia Democraticâ a
Macedonenilor Slavidin România) [AD-Macedoneni]
P15-Associated League of Albanians in Romania (Asociatia Liga Albanezilor din România)
P16-Macedonian Association of Romania (Asociatia Macedonenilor din România) [AMR]
P17-People’s Action Party (Partidul Acţiunea Popularǎ) [AP]
P18-People’s Alliance of Christian Democrats (Alianta Popular Creştin Democratǎ) (APCD)
P19-Association “Cultural Union of Poles of Romania (Asociaţia “Uniunea Culturalâ a
Polonezilor din România”) [A-POLONEZI]
P20-Alliance for a United Romania (Alianta Pentru Unittatea Rromilar) [A-RROMI]
P21-Ethnic Turks Association (Asociaţia Etnicilor Turci) [A-TURCI]
P22-“Bratstvo” Community of Bulgarians of Romania (Comunitatea “Bratstvo” a Bulgarilor din
România) [BRATSVO]
P23-Ukrainian Union of Romania (Uniunea Ucrainenilor din România) [U-CRAINENI]
P24-Italian Community of Romania (Comunitatea Italiană din Romănia) [C-ITALIANA]
P25-Democratic Union of Croatians of Romania (Uniunea Democrata a Croţilor din România)
P26-Lipovian Russian Community of Romania (Comunitatea Ruşilor Lipoveni din România) [CRUSI LIPOVENI]
P27-Truth and Justice Alliance PNL-PD (Alainta “Dreptate Şi Adevâr” Partidul Naţional Liberal
(PNL)-Partidul Democrat (PD)) [D.A. PNL-PD]
P28-Polish Union of Romania “Dom Polski” (Uniunea Polonezilor din România “Dom Polski”)
P29-Force of Justice (Forţa Dreptătii) [FD]
P30-Democratic Forum of Germans of Romania (Forumul Democrat al Germanilor din
România) [FDGR]
P31-Democratic Force Party of Romania (Partidul Forţa Democratǎ din România) [FDR]
P32-Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania (Federaţia Comunitǎţilor Evreieşti din
România) [F-EVERI]
P33-Socialist Alliance Party (Partidul Alianta Socialistǎ) [PAS]
P34-Ecologist Party of Romania (Partidul Ecologist Român) [PER]
P35-Third Millennium Party (Partidul Mileniului III) [PM3]
P36-Romanian Workers’ Party Partidul Muncitoresc Român) [PMR]
P37-New Democracy Party (Partidul Noua Democraţie) [PND]
P38-National Christian Democrattic Party (Partidul Naţional Democrat Creştin) [PNDC]
P39-New Generation Party (Partidul Noua Generaţie) [PNG]
P40-National Peasants’ Christian Democratic Party (Partidul Naţional Tǎrǎnesc Creştin
Democrat) [PNTCD]
P41-“For the Fatherland” Party (Partidul “Pentru Patrie”) [PPP]
P42-People’s Party of Romania (Partidul Popular din România) [PPR]
P43-Social Democratic Party “Constantin Titel Petrescu” (Partidul Social Democrat “Constantin
Titel Petrescu”) [PSDCTP]
P44-National Union PSD-PUR (Uniunea Naţională PSD-PUR) [PSD-PUR]
P45-Romanian Socialist Party (Partidul Socialist Român) [PSR]
P46-United Socialist Party (Partidul Socialist Unit) [PSU]
P47-Democratic Youth Party (Partidul Tineretului Democrat) [PTD]
P48-Italian Association of Romania (Asociaţia Italienilor din România RO.AS.IT ) [RO.AS.IT]
P49-Social Democratic Roma Party of Romania (Partida Romilor Social Democratǎ din
România) [ROMII]
P50-Democratic Union of Turco-Muslim Tatars of Romania (Uniunea Democratǎ a Tǎtarilor
Turco-Musulmani din România ) [U-TATARI]
P51-Union of Armenians of Romania (Uniunea Armenilor din România) [UAR]
P52-Bulgarian Union of Banat-Romania (Uniunea Bulgarǎ din Banat-România) [UBBR]
P53-Croatian Union of Romania (Uniunear Croaţilor din România) [U-CROATI]
P54-Greek Union of Romania (Uniunea Elenǎ din România [U-ELENA]
P55-Union for Romanian Reconstruction (Uniunea Pentru Reconstrucţia României) [URR]
P56-Cultural Union of Ruthenians of Romania (Uniunea Culturalǎ a Rutenilor din România) [URUTENI]
P57-Serbian Union of Romania (Uniunea Sârbilor din România) [U-SARBI]
P58-Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs of Romania (Uniunea Democraticǎ a Slovacilor
Şi Cehilor din România) [U-SLOVACI]
P59-Turco-Muslim Union of Romania (Uniunea Turcǎ Musulmanǎ din România) [UTM]
P60-Democratic Union of Turks of Romania (Uniunea Democraticǎ Turcǎ din România) [UTURCA]
P61-Other (Altii)
P62-Democratic Party (Partidul Democrat) [PD]
P63-National Liberal Party (Partidul Naţional Liberal) [PNL]
For the 1992 and 1996 elections, the original data only includes the results for parties that
win seats.
For 2000 the votes for all remaining parties are categorized in an “other” category.
Political Parties:
P1-Women of Russia, Political Movement
P2-Derzhava (The Nation, Social-Patriotic Movement [SPD Derzhava])
P3-Duma-96, Public Political Movement
P4-Transformation of Homeland
P5-Tikhonov-Tupolev-Tikhonov [T-T-T]
P6-Russian Movement of the Whole People
P7-All-Russia Muslim Public Movement [NUR])
P8-Federal-Democratic Movement
P9-Electoral Bloc -- Party in Support of Children (Peace, Good and Happiness) - Russian
Women Party - Orthodox Christian Party (Faith, Hope and Love) - People’s ChristianMonarchist Party - Party for the Union of Slavic Peoples - Party of Rural Workers - Mother
Earth - Party in Support of the Disabled - Party of Victims of the Authorities and Destitute
P10-Interethnic Union
P11-Stable Russia, Public Political Movement
P12-Frontier Generations
P13-My Homeland
P14-For Homeland!
P15-Common Cause, Nonpartisan Political Movement of Voters
P16-Independents Bloc
P17-Our Home is Russia, Public Political Movement
P18-P-G-L (Pamfilova-Gurov-Vladimir Lysenko, Republic Party of the Russian Federation).
P19-United Yabloko
P20-Forward, Russia!, Public Political Movement
P21-89 Bloc (89 Regions of Russia)
P22-Environmentalist Party of Russia-KEDR
P23-Democratic Choice of Russia-United Democrats
P24-Party of Russian Unity and Concord [PRES]
P25-KPRF Communist Party of Russian Federation
P26-Bloc of Stanislav Govorukhin
P27-Association of Russian Lawyers
P28-National-Republican Party of Russia (NRPR)
P29-Social Democrats
P30-Power to the People!
P31-Congress of Russian Communities, Public Political Movement
P32-Trade Unions and Industrialists of Russia-Union of Labour
P33-Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR)
P34-Electoral Bloc -- Party in Support of Pensioners and Veterans - Party of Eradication of
Crime, Law and Order - Party in Support of Public Health, Education, Science and Culture Party in Support of the Youth - Free Trade Union Associations; Party of Justice - Nature
Conservation Party
P35-Party of the Working People’s Self-Government [PST]
P36-Communists-Working Russia-For the Soviet Union
P37-Party of Beer Lovers
P38-Bloc of I. Rybkin
P39-Economic Freedom Party (PES)
P40-People’s Union Party
P41-APR Agrarian Party of Russia
P42-The Union Christian Democrats-Christians of Russia, Political Party [KhDS]
P43-Union of Public Utilities Workers of Russia
P44-Against all
P45-Conservative Movement of Russia
P46-Russian Popular Union
P47-Stalinist Bloc-For the USSR
P48-Peace. Labour. May
P49-Bloc of General Andrei Nikolayev and Academician Svyatoslov Federov
P50-All-Russia Public Political Movement Spiritual Heritage
P51-Congress of Russian Communities and Movement of Yuri Boldyrev
P52-Party of Peace and Unity
P53-Russian Party in Support of Women
P54-Unity (Medved) Interregional Movement
P55-All-Russia Political Movement
P56-Zhirinovsky Bloc
P57-For Civic Dignity
P58-Fatherland-All Russia
P59-Russian Cause
P60-All-Russia Political Party of the People
P61-Union of Right Forces
P62-Socialist Party of Russia
P63-Pensioners’ Party
P64-Russian Socialist Party
P65-Zemstvo Assembly
P66-Forces for the Defense of Democracy [FDD]
P67-Russia All-People’s Movement [ROD]
P68-Council of Muftis of Russia [SMR]
P69: Estonian Liberal Democratic Party [ELDP]
P70-Alfa Access Renova [AAR]
P71-Republican Party of Armenians [RPA]
P72-Union of Patriots
P73-League of Scientists
P75-We Serve Russia!
P77-Our Future
P79-Green Party
P80-National Salvation Front [FNS]
P81-In Support of the Army
P82-Russian Patriotic Popular Movement
P83-Transport Workers
P84-Peace and Good
P85-Faith, Labour, Conscience
P86-Russian Party
P88-Communists’ Union
P89-Local Self-Government
P90-Russian Conservative Party of Entrepreneurs
P91-Party of Peace and Unity
“Against All” is listed as a party (p44). It is not a party, though, but a designation
representative of the votes cast against all parties and candidates running in the election (i.e.,
none of the above)
In 1999: The Chechen electoral district did not participate due to fighting. (See: Andrew
Felkay. 1999. Yelstin’s Russia and the West. Westport, CT: Praeger, p.229.)
Political Parties:
P1-Movement for a Prosperous Czechoslovakia (Hnutie za prosperujúce Česko + Slovensko
P2-Social Democracy (Sociálna demokracia [SD])
P3-Association for Workers in Slovakia (Združenie robotníkov Slovenska [ZRS])
P4-Hungarian Coalition (Magyar Koalíció-Maďarská koalícia, Magyar Kereszténydemokrata
Mozgalom-Maďarské kresťanskodemokratické hnutie, gyüttélés Spolužitie, Magyar Polgári
Párt-Maďarská občianska strana [MK])
P5-Common Choice-Party of the Democratic Left, Social Democratic Party of Slovakia, Green
Party of Slovakia (Spoločná voľba-Strana demokratickej ľavice, Sociálnodemokratická strana
Slovenska, Strana zelených na Slovensku, Hnutie poľnohospodárov Slovenskej republiky
P6-Democratic Union of Slovakia (Demokratická únia Slovenska [DÚ])
P7-Party Against Corruption-for Order, Work and Money for All Decent Citizens (Strana proti
korupcii-za poriadok, prácu a peniaze pre všetkých slušných občanov [SPK])
P8-Assembly for the Republic-Republicans (Združenie pre republiku–Republikáni [ZPR-REP])
P9-Democratic Party (Demokratická strana [DS])
P10-Slovak National Union (Slovenská národná jednota [SNJ])
P11-New Slovakia (Nové Slovensko [NS])
P12-Communist Party of Slovakia (Komunistická strana Slovenska [KSS])
P13-Roma Civic Inititative in the Slovak Republic (Rómska občianska iniciatíva v Slovenskej
republike [ROISR])
P14-Slovak National Party (Slovenská národná strana [SNS])
P15-Christian Democratic Movement (Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie [KDH])
P16-Coalition of the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia-Agricultural Party of Slovakia
(Koalícia Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko a Roľnícka strana Slovenska [HZDS-RSS])
P17-Christian Social Union of Slovakia (Kresťanská sociálna únia Slovenska [KSÚ])
P18-Social Democratic Party of Slovakia (Reálna sociálnodemokratická strana Slovákov
P19-Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko [HZDS]
P20-Maďarské ľudové hnutie za zmierenie a prosperitu -Magyar Népi Mozgalom a
Megbékélésért és a Jólétért [MĽHZP]
P21-National Alternative of Slovakia (Národná alternatíva Slovenska [NaAS])
P22-Hungarian Coalition Party (Strana maďarskej koalície-Magyar Koalíció Pártja [SMKMKP])
P23-Our Slovakia (Naše Slovensko [NSK])
P24-Béčko-Agricultural Revolution Party (Béčko-Revolučná robotnícka strana [B-RRS])
P25-Party of Civic Understanding (Strana občianskeho porozumenia [SOP])
P26-Slovak Democratic Coalition (Slovenská demokratická koalícia [SDK])
P27-Independent Initiative of the Slovak Republic (Nezávislá iniciatíva Slovenskej republiky
P28-Slovak People’s Party (Slovenská ľudová strana [SĽS])
P29-Movement of Three Ways (Hnutie tretej cesty [HTC])
P30-Party of the Democratic Left (Strana demokratickej ľavice [SDĽ])
P31-Union of Slovak Workers Party (Jednotná strana pracujúcich Slovenska [JSP])
Data for the 1994 elections are at the national level. Slovakia was divided into four electoral
districts in 1994 (i.e., Bratislava, West-Slovakia, Mid-Slovakia, and East-Slovakia). For the 1998
elections onwards, the country was divided into a single national district.
Political Parties:
P1–Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (Liberalna Demokracija Slovenije [LDS])
P2–Social Democratic Party of Slovenia (Socialdemokratska Stranka Slovenije [SDS])
P3–United List of Social Democrats (Združena Lista Socialnih Demokratov [ZLSD])
P4–Slovenian People’s Party-Christian Democrats of Slovenia (Slovenska Ljudska StrankaSlovenski Krščanski Demokrati [SLS-SKD])
P5–New Slovenia–Christian People’s Party (Nova Slovenija–Krščanska Ljudska Stranka) [NSi]
P6–Democratic Party of Retired Person of Slovenia (Demokratična Stranka Upokojencev
Slovenije [DeSUS])
P7–Slovenian National Party (Slovenska Nacionalna Stranka) [SNS]
P8–Slovenia Youth Party (Stranka Mladih Slovenije) [SMS]
P9–United Greens of Slovenia (Združeni zeleni Slovenije) [ZELENI]
P10–Democratic Party of Slovenia (Demokratska Stranka Slovenije) [DS]
P11–New Party (Nova Stranka) [NOVA] or [NS]
P12–Voice of Slovenian Women (Glas Žensk Slovenije) [GŽS]
P13–Forward Slovenia (Naprej Slovenija) [NPS]
P14–Party of Democratic Action of Slovenia (Stranka Demokratske Akcije Slovenije) [SDAS]
P15–Communist Party of Slovenia (Komunistična Partija Slovenije) [KPS]
P16–Regional Party of Štajerske (Deželna Stranka Štajerske) [DSŠ]
P17–Independent Candidates (Neodvisni) [NK]
P18–Italijanska Narodona Skupnost (Italian National Community)
P19–Madžarska Narodona Skupnost (Hungarian National Community)
P20–Patriotic Unionist Party of Retirees-League for Slovenia [DEUS-LZS]
P21–Christian Social Union (Krščansko Socialna Unija [KSU] )
P22–Liberal Party (Liberalna Stranka [LS])
P23–National Labour Party (Nacionalna Stranka Dela [NSD])
P24–Republican Union of Slovenia (Republikanska zveza Slovenije, Republikanci Slovenije,
Republikanci [RZS])
P25–Slovenian People's Party (Slovenska Ljudska Stranka [SLS])
P26–Slovenian National Right Party (Slovenska Nacionalna Desnica [SND])
P27–Slovenian Craftsmen and Entreprenerial Party-Centrum Party (Slovenska Obrtniško
Podjetniška Stranka-Stranka Centra [SOPS])
P28–Slovenian Forum, Association for Primorska Region,Association for Gorenjska Region
(Slovenski Forum in Deželni Stranki: Zveza za Primorsko, Zveza za Gorenjsko [SF]
P29–Christian Democrats of Slovenia (Slovenski Krščanski Demokrati [SKD])
P30–Party for the Equality of Regions (Stranka Enakopravnih Dežel [SED])
P31–The United List of Social Democrats (Združena Lista Socialnih Demokratov [ZL])
P32–The Green Alternative of Slovenia-The Green Alternative (Zelena Alternativa SlovenijeZelena Alternativa [ZA])
P33-Active Slovenia (Aktivna Slovenija [AS])
P34-Democratic Party of Slovenia (Demokratska Stranka Slovenije [DSS])
P35-Women's Voice of Slovenia-GŽZ, Association for Primorsko-ZZP, Union of Independents
of Slovenia-ZNS, New Democracy of Slovenia-NDS (Glas Žensk Slovenije-GŽS, Zveza Za
Primorsko-ZZP, Zveza Neodvisnih Slovenije-ZNS, Nova Demokracija Slovenije-NDS [GŽZ,
P36-June List (Junijska Lista [JL])
P37-Party of Ecological Movements (Stranka Ekoloških Gibanj Slovenije [SEG])
P38-Slovenia is Ours (Slovenija Je Naša [SJN])
P39-Party of the Slovenian Nation (Stranka Slovenskega Naroda [SSN])
P40-The List for Enterprising Slovenia (Za Podjetno Slovenijo [ZARS])
P41-The United for an Independent and Just Slovenia (Združeni Za Samostojno Pravično
Slovenijo [ZDRUŽENI])
P42-Slovenian People's Party and Youth Party of Slovenia (Slovenska Ljudska Stranka in
Stranka Mladih Slovenije [SLS+SMS])
P43-Greens of Slovenia (Zeleni Slovenije [Zeleni])
P44-Green Coalition: Green Party and Green Progress (Zelena Koalicija: Zelena Stranke in
Zeleni Progres [ZP])
P45-Acacias (Akacije)
P46-Christian Democratic Party (Krščanska Demokratska Stranka [KDS])
P47-The Linden (Lipa)
P48-List for Clear Drinking Water (Lista za Čisto Pitno Vodo [LZČPV])
P49-List for Justice And Development (Lista za Pravičnost In Razvoj [LPR])
P50-Social Democrats (Socialni Demokrati [SD])
P51-Zares-New Politics (Zares-Nova Politika [ZARES])
Seat data unavailable for 1996 by electoral district. National Totals: DeSUS=5 seats;
LDS=25 seats; SNS=4 seats; SKD=10 seats; SLS=19 seats; ZL=9 seats; SDS=16 seats;
National Minority Seats = 2 seats.
National Minority (Reserved) Seats are not included in the data.
SOLOMON ISLANDS Political Parties:
P1-Direct Development Party
P3-Independent Democratic Party
P4-Labour Party
P5-Liberal Party
P6-National Action Party of Solomon Islands
P7-National Democratic Party
P8-National Front for Progress
P9-National Party
P10-New Nations Solomon Islands Party
P11-Our Party
P12-Peoples Alliance Party
P13-Peoples Congress Party
P14-Peoples Federation Party
P15-Reform and Democratic Party of Solomon Islands
P16-Rural and Urban Political Party
P17-Rural Development Party
P19-Solomon Islands Democratic Party
P20-Solomon Islands National Unity and Reconciliation Party
P21-Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement
P22-Solomone Ago Sagefanua
P23-United Party
Data generously provided by Terence Wood ([email protected]), who collected the
data through extensive field research in the Solomon Islands.
Due to the difficulty of identify the party affiliation of candidates, the following elections are
not included in the dataset: 1970; 1973; 1976; 1997; 2001; 2006.
Due to the fact that multiple candidates are grouped under the header of a single party, the
party winning the most votes in a district might not have won the seat.
The following districts are not included in the analysis because the parties were elected unopposed:
1993: West Makira (P20-Solomon Islands National Unity and Reconciliation Party) and North New
Georgia (P20-Solomon Islands National Unity and Reconciliation Party)
1989: Ulawa/Ugi (P12-People’s Alliance Party); West Makira (P12-People’s Alliance Party)
1984: East Kwaio (P12-People’s Alliance Party)
Political Parties:
P1-Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party
P2-African Christian Democratic Party [ACDP]
P3-African National Congress Party [ANC]
P4-Afrikaner Eenheids Beweging
P5-Azanian People’s Organisation
P6-Democratic Party [DP]
P7-Federal Alliance
P8-Inkatha Freedom Party [IFP]
P9-Minority Front
P10-New National Party [NP]. (National Party in 1994).
P11-Pan Africanist Congress of Azania [PAC]
P12-The Government by the People Green Party
P13-The Socialist Party of Azania
P14-United Christian Democratic Party
P15-United Democratic Movement
P16-Freedom Front (Vryheidsfront [FF])
P17-African Democratic Movement
P18-Merit Party
P19-Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa
P20-Unemployment Labour Alliance
P21-Africa Muslim Party
P22-Federal Party
P23-Labor Party
P24-Luso South Africa Party
P25-Women’s Rights Peace Party
P26-Ximoko Party (Ximoko Progressive Party in 1994).
P27-Mass United Movement
P28-Workers’ International to Rebuild the Fourth International (SA)
P29-Right Party
P30-Sindawonye Progressive Party
P31-Dabaolrivhuwa Patriotic Front
P32-United People’s Front
P33-Africa Moral Party
P34-Islamic Party
P35-National Coalition
P36-People’s Liberation Party
P37-South African Women’s Party
P38-Green Party
P40-West Kaap Federaliste Party
P41-Workers’ International Vanguard League
Political Parties:
P1-Action for Ceuta (Acción por Ceuta [APC])
P2-Agragrian Electoral Block Association (Agrupación Electoral Bloque Agrario [AEBA])
P3-Alava Unity (Unidad Alavesa [UA])
P4-Alicante Provincial Union (Unión Provincial Alicantina [UPRA])
P5-Alicantin Democratic Union (Unión Democrática Alicantina [UNI.D.A])
P6-Alicantist Alicante Coalition (Coalición Alicantinista Alicanton [COA])
P7-Alliance for Burgos (Alianza por Burgos [AXB])
P8-Alliance for Development and Nature (Alianza para el Desarrollo y la Naturaleza [ADN])
P9-Alliance for National Unity (Alianza por la Unidad Nacional [AUN])
P10-Alliance for the Republic (Alianza por la República [AR])
P11-Almeria Regionalist Union (Unión Regionalista Almeriense [URAL])
P12-Alternative for the Grand Canaries (Alternativa por Gran Canaria [AXGC])
P13-Alternative Green List (Lista Alternative Verde [AV])
P14-Alternative in Blank (Alternativa en Blanco [ABE])
P15-Extremadura United Regionalist Party (Partido Regionalista Extremadura Unida [PREU])
P16-Andalusian Coalition (Coalición Andalucista)
P17-Andalusian Democratic Unity (Unidad Andaluza Democrática [UAD])
P18-Andalusian Left (Izquierda Andaluza [IA] or [IAN])
P19-Andalusian Left Block (Bloque Andaluz de Izquierda [BAI])
P20-Andalusian Nation (Nación Andaluza [NA])
P21-Andalusian Party of Progress (Partido Andaluz del Progreso [PAP])
P22-Andalusian Region Unity (Unidad Regional Andaluza [URA])
P23-Andalusian Social Democratic Party (Partido Social-Demócrata Andaluz [PSDA])
P24-Andalusian Socialist Movement (Movimiento Socialista Andaluz [MSA])
P25-Andalusian Socialist Party-Andalucian Party (Partido Socialista Andalucista-Partido
Andalucista [PSA-PA])
P26-Andalusist Party (Partido Andalucista [PA])
P27-Andecha Astur (Andecha Astur [AA])
P28-Another Democracy is Possible (Otra Democracia es Posible [OTRADEM])
P29-Nationalist Association for Melilla (Partido Nacionalista de Melilla APROME Nacionalista
P30-Aragon Social Dynamic (Dinámica Social Aragonesa [DSA])
P31-Aragon Union-Aragonese Council (Unión Aragonesista-Chunta Aragonesista [UA-CHA])
P32-Aragonese Autonomist Front (Frente Autonomista Aragonés [FAA])
P33-Aragonese Center Independent Candidacy (Candidatura Aragonesa Independiente del
Centro [CAIC])
P34-Aragonese Christian Democracy (Democracia Cristiana Aragonesa [DCAR])
P35-Aragonese Council (Chunta Aragonesista [CHA])
P36-Aragonese Initiative (Iniciativa Aragonesa [INAR])
P37-Aragonese Regionalist Party (Partido Aragonés Regionalista [PAR])
P38-Aralar (Aralar)
P39-Aralar-Standing (Aralar-Zutik)
P40-Assembly of Andalusia (Asamblea de Andalucía [AA])
P41-Assembly of the Electronic Vote (Asamblea de Votación Electrónica [AVE])
P42-Assembly of the Left-Inciative for Andalusia (Asamblea de Izquierdas-Iniciativa por
Andalucía [A-IZ])
P43-Association of Carlist Voters (Agrupación de Electores Carlistas [ADC])
P44-Association of Ceuta Voters (Agrupación de Electores de Ceuta [ADEC])
P45-Association of Independent Voters (Agrupación de Electores Independientes [ADEI])
P46-Blue Party of the Progressive Right (Partido Azul de Derecha Progresista [PADP])
P47-Association of the Grand Canary Islands (Agrupación Insular de Gran Canaria
P48-Asturian Left (Izquierda Asturiana [IAS])
P49-Asturian Nationalist Council (Conceyu Nacionalista Astur [CNA])
P50-Asturian Party (Partido Asturianista [PAS])
P51-Asturian Phalanx (Falange Asturiana [FA])
P52-Asturian Renewal Union (Unión Renovadora Asturiana [URAS])
P53-Authentic Phalanx (Falange Auténtica [FA])
P54-Authentic Spanish Jons Phalanx (Falange Española de las Jons Auténtica [FJONSA])
P55-Authentic Spanish Phalanx (Falange Española Auténtica [FEA] or [FE-A])
P56-Autonomist Union of Balearic Islands (Unió Autonomista de Baleares [UAB])
P57-Autonomous Liberal and Social Association (Agrupación Liberal Autonomista y Social
P58-Balear Union (Unió Balear [UB])
P59-Baleres Alliance (Aliança Balear [ABA])
P60-Basque Christian Democracy (Democracia Cristiana Vasca [DCV])
P61-Basque Citizens’ Initiative-Basque Country Egitekoak (Iniciativa Ciudadana Vasca/Euskal
Huritarren Egitekoak [ICV-GORORDO])
P62-Basque Country Carlist Party (Euskalherriko Karlista Alderdia [EKA])
P63-Basque Country Carlist Party-Carlist Party (Euskalherriko Karlista Alderdia-Partido Carlista
P64-Basque Country Foral Union (Unión Foral País Vasco [UFV])
P65-Basque Country Left (Euskadiko Ezkerra [EE])
P66-Basque Country Left-Left for Socialism (Euskadiko Ezkerra-Izquierda para el Socialismo
P67-Basque Nationalist Action (Acción Nacionalista Vasca [ANV])
P68-Basque Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Vasco/Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea [PNV] or
P69-Basque Socialist Assembly (Euskal Sozialista Biltzarrea [ESB])
P70-Basque Solidarity (Eusko Alkartasuna [EA])
P71-Basque Solidarity-Basque Left (Eusko Alkartasuna-Euskal Ezkerra [EA-EUE])
P72-Basque United Left-Greens-Alternative (Ezker Batua-Berdeak-Alternativa [EB-B])
P73-BERDEAK-Greens (BERDEAK-Los Verdes [BERDEAK-LV] or [B-LV] or [LV-B])
P74-Blank Citizens (Ciudadanos en Blanco [CENB] or [CNB])
P75-Bloc of the Asturian Left (Bloque de la Izquierda Asturiana [BIA])
P76-BLOC-Initiative-Greens (BLOC-Iniciaiva-Verds [BLOC-IDPV-E])
P77-Burgos Citizens Incitiative (Iniciativa Ciudadana Burgalesa [I.C.BUR])
P78-Caló Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Caló [PNCA])
P79-Canaraian Nationalist Assembly (Asamblea Canaria Nacionalista [ACN])
P80-Canarian Assembly–Canarian Coordinator (Asamblea Canaria-Coordinadora Canaria [ACCC])
P81-Canarian Assembly–Nationalist Canarian Left (Asamblea Canaria-Izquierda Nacionalista
Canaria [AC-INC])
P82-Canarian Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Canario [PNC])
P83-Canarian People United (Pueblo Canario Unido [PCU])
P84-Canarian People’s Union Coalition (Coalición-Unión del Pueblo Canario [C-UPC])
P85-Canaries Convergence (Convergencia Canaria [CC])
P86-Canaries Nationalist Alternative (Alternativa Nacionalista Canaria [ANC])
P87-Canary Coalition (Coalición Canaria [CC])
P88-Canary Coalition-Canary Nationalist Party (Coalición Canaria-Partido Nacionalista Canario
P89-Canary Coalition-Canary Nationalist Party-Party of Independents of Lanzarote (Coalición
Canaria-Partido Nacionalista Canario-Partido de Independientes de Lanzarote [CC-PNC-PIL])
P90-Canary Coalition-Democratic Center Union (Coalición Canaria-Unión de Centro
Democrático [CC-UCD])
P91-Canary People’s Union (Unión del Pueblo Canario [UPC])
P92-Canary Socialist Party (Partido Socialista de Canarias [PSCAN])
P93-Cannabis Representation of Navarra (Representación Cannábica de Navarra-Nafarroako
Ordezkaritza Kannabikoa [RCN-NOK])
P94-Cantabrian National Council (Conceju Nacionalegu Cântabru [CNC])
P95-Cantabrian Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Cantabro [PNC])
P96-Canton Party (Partido Cantonal [PCANT])
P97-Cantonalist Party (Partido Cantonalista [PCANTON])
P98-Cantonalist Party of Castellon (Partido Cantonalista de Castellón [PCC])
P100-Carlins Electors of the Valencian Country (Electors Carlins del País Valenciá)
P101-Carlist Party (Partido Carlista [PC] or [PCARL])
P102-Carlist Party of Catalunya (Partit Carlí de Catalunya [PCC] or [PCDEC])
P103-Carlist Traditionalist Communion (Comunión Tradicionalista Carlista [CTC])
P104-Castillian Unity (Unidad Castellana [UdCa)]
P105-Castillianist Union (Unión Castellanista [UC])
P106-Catalan Convivience Electoral Coalition (Conservatives of Catalunya-Popular Alliance)
(Coalición Electoral Convivencia Catalana (Conservadors de Catalunya-Alianza Popular [CCAP])
P107-Catalan Liberal Party (Partit Liberal Catalá [PLC])
P108-Catalan Republican Party (Partit Republicà Català)
P109-Catalan State (Estat Català [E CATALA] or [EC])
P110-Catalonian Labor Party-Labor Party of Spain (Partit del Treball de Catalunya-Partido del
Trabajo de España [PTC-PTE])
P111-Catalonian Left Electoral Coalition (Coalición Electoral Esquerra de Cataluña [EC-FED])
P112-Catalonian Republican Left (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya [ERC] or [ESQUERRA])
P113-Catalonian Republican Left–National Front (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya-Front
Nacional [ERFN] or [ERC-FN])
P114-Catalonian Social Reform (Reforma Social Catalana [RSC])
P115-Centrist Liberal Union (Unión Centrista Liberal [UCL])
P116-Centrist Union of Menorca (Unió Centristes de Menorca [UCM])
P117-Centrist Union-Democratic and Social Center (Unión Centrista-Centro Democrático y
Social [UC-CDS])
P118-Centrist Unity-P.E.D. (Centrista Unidad-P.E.D.)
P120-Centrists Party (Partido Centristas ([PCTR] or [CENTRISTAS])
P121-Ceuti Nacionalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Ceuti [PNC]
P122-Christian Positivist Party (Partido Positivista Cristiano [PPCR])
P123-Christian Spanish Socialdemocratic Monarchy (Monarquia Cristiana Española
Socialdemocrata [MCES])
P124-Citizen Association (Agrupción Ciudadana [AGRUCI])
P125-Citizen Convergence of the South-East (Convergencia Ciudadana del Sureste [CCS] or
P126-Citizens-Party of the Citizenry (Ciudadanos-Partido de la Ciudadanía [C'S])
P128-Coalition Candidacy for Autonomy (Coalición Candidatura por la Autonomía [CA])
P130-Coalition for Aragon (Coalición por Aragón [PSAR-PSDA])
P131-Coalition of Workers for Democracy (Coalició Treballadors per la Democracia [TD])
P132-Commoner's Land (Tierra Comunera [TC])
P133-Commoner's Land-Castilian National Party (Tierra Comunera-Partido Nacionalista
Castellano [TC-PNC])
P134-Communist Front of Catalonia Electoral Coalition (Coalició Electoral Front Comunista de
Catalunya [CE-FCC])
P135-Communist League (C. Socialist Internationalist Workers (Liga Comunista (C. Obreros
Sociales Internacionalistas) [LC (COSI)]
P136-Communist League (Liga Comunista [LC])
P137-Communist Left Electoral Coalition (Coalición Electoral Izquierda Comunista [LCR-MC])
P138-Communist Movement (Movimiento Comunista [MC])
P139-Communist Movement of Andalucia (Movimiento Comunista de Andalucía [MCA])
P140-Communist Movement of Castilla-Leon (Movimiento Comunista de Castilla-Leon [MC-CL])
P141-Spanish National Socialist Party (Partido Español Nacional Socialista [PENS])
P142-Communist Movement-Left Communist Organization (Movimiento ComunistaOrganización Izquierda Comunista [MC-OIC])
P143-Communist Party of Andalusia-Communist Party of Spain (Partido Comunista de
Andalucía-Partido Comunista de España [PCA-PCE])
P144-Communist Party of Spain (Partido Comunista de España [PCE])
P145-Communist Party of Spain-Communist Party of Galicia (Partido Comunista de EspañaPartido Comunista de Galicia-[PCE-PCG])
P146-Communist Party of Spain-Communist Party of the Valencian Country (Partido Comunista
de España-Partit Comunista del País Valencià [PCE-PCPV]
P147-Communist Party of the Andalusian People (Partido Comunista del Pueblo Andaluz
P148-Communist Party of the Basque People (Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de Euskadi
P149-Communist Party of the Canary People (Partido Comunista del Pueblo Canario [PCPC])
P150-Communist Party of the Castillian People (Partido Comunista del Pueblo Castellano
P151-Communist Party of the Catalan People (Partido Comunista del Pueblo de Cataluña
P152-Communist Party of the Galician People (Partido Comunista do Pobo Galego [PCPG])
P153-Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España
P154-Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain-Basque Communist (Partido Comunista de los
Pueblos de España-Euskal Komunistak [PCPE-EK])
P155-Communist Party of the Workers (Partido Comunista de los Trabajadores [PCT])
P156-Communist Revolutionary League (Liga Comunista Revolucionaria [LCR])
P157-Communist Unification of Spain (Unificación Comunista de España [UCE])
P158-Communist United Candidacy (Candidatura Unidad Comunista [CUC])
P159-Communist Workers League (Liga Obrera Comunista [LOC])
P160-Communist Workers of Catalonia Party (Partido Comunista Obrero de Cataluña [PCOC])
P161-Communisty Party of Catalonia-Spanish Christian Party (Partit dels Comunistes de
Catalunya-Partido Español Cristiano [PCC-PEC]
P162-Conservatives of Cataluña (Conservadors de Catalunya [CC])
P163-Convergence and Union (Convergencia i Unió [CiU])
P164-Convergence of Navarran Democrats (Convergencia de Demócratas de Navarra [CDN])
P165-Democratic and Social Center (Centro Democrático y Social [CDS])
P166-Democratic and Social Center-Catalan Union (Centro Democrático y Social-Unión
Catalana [CDS-UC])
P167-Democratic Asturian Convergence (Convergencia Democrática Asturiana [CDAS])
P168-Democratic Asturian Convergence-Democratic and Social Center (Convergencia
Democrática Asturiana-Centro Democrático y Social [CDAS-CDS])
P169-Democratic Center (Centro Democrático [CD])
P170-Democratic Center Union (Unión de Centro Democrático [UCD])
P171-Democratic Citizens’ Action (Acción Democrática Ciudadana [ADEC])
P172-Democratic Front of the Left (Frente Democrático de Izquierdas [FDI])
P173-Democratic Pact for Catalonia (Pacte Democratic per Catalunya [PDPC])
P174-Democratic Party of the People (Partido Democrático del Pueblo [PDEP])
P175-Democratic Reformist Party (Partido Reformista Democrático [PRD])
P176-Democratic Spanish Party (Partido Demócrata Español [PADE])
P177-Democratic Union of the Balearic Islands (Union Demócrata de las Islas Baleares [UDIB])
P178-Ecologist Party of the Basque Country-Green List (Partido Ecologista de Euskadi-Lista
Verde [PEE-LV])
P179-Ecologists (Los Ecologistas [LE])
P180-Ecology Party of Catalonia (Partido Ecologista de Cataluña [PEC])
P181-Ecology Party of Catalonia-Green (Partido Ecologista de Catalunya-Verde [PEC-V])
P182-Electoral Association and Independent Agragrian Social Action Party (Agrupación
Electoral y Partido Independiente Acción Social Agraria [ASA])
P183-European Green Group (Grupo Verde Europeo [GVE])
P184-European Greens (Los Verdes Europeos [LVE])
P185-European Greens-Basque Greens (Los Verdes Europeos-Euskal Herriko Berdeek [LVEEHB])
P186-European Greens-Ecologists of Calatonia Alternative (Els Verds Europeus-Alternativa
Ecologista de Catalunya [EVE-AEC])
P187-European Greens-Greens of Galicia (Los Verdes Europeos-Os Verdes de Galicia [VEVG])
P188-European Greens-The Greens Alternative (Los Verdes Europeos-Los Verdes Alternativa
P189-European Iberoamerican Alliance Party (Partido de Alianza Iberoamericana Europea
P190-European National State (Estado Nacional Europeo [N])
P191-European Neighbors-Basque Country Berdeak (Vecinos Europeos-Euskal Herriko Berdeak
P192-Euskadi Communist Movement (Movimiento Comunista de Euskadi [EMK])
P193-The Greens-Green Option (Els Verds-Opció Verda [EV-OV])
P194-Euskadi Republican Left (Izquierda Republicana de Euskadi [IR-E])
P195-Euskadi Socialist Party-Euskadi Left-Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (Partido Socialista
de Euskadi-Euskadiko Ezkerra-Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSE-EE-PSOE])
P196-Extremadura Coalition (Coalición Extremeña [CEX])
P197-Extremadura Communist Movement (Movimiento Comunista de Extremadura [MC] or
P198-Extremadura Unity (Extremadura Unida [EU] or [EX.U.] or [EXTREMADURA])
P199-Extremadura Regionalist Party (Partido Regionalista Extremeño [PREX])
P200-Extremadura Regionalist Party-Extremadure Regional Convergence (Partido Regionalista
Extremeño-Convergencia Regional Extremeña [PREX-CREX])
P201-Federal Progressives (Progresistas Federales [PF])
P202-Federated Independents of Aragon (Independientes Federados de Aragón [IF])
P203-For the Legalization and Normalization of Cannabis Party (El Partido Cannabis por la
Legalización y la Normalización [PCLYN])
P204-For the Valencian Republic (Per la República Valenciana [PRLV]
P205-Progressive Pact (Pacte Progressista [PACTE]
P206-Front for the Valencian Country-Republican Left of Catalonia (Front pel País ValenciàEsquerra Republicana de Catalunya [FRONT-ERC])
P207-Front of the Communist Left (Frente de Izquierda Comunista [FIC])
P208-Galician Alternative (Alternativa Galega [AG])
P209-Galician Coalition (Coalición Galega [CG])
P210-Galician Communist Movement-Left Communist Organization (Movimiento Comunista
Galiza-Organización Izquierda Comunista [MCG-OIC]
P211-Galician Democracy (Democracia Galega [DG])
P212-Galician Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Gallego [PDG])
P213-Galician Independent Electoral Association (Agrupación Electoral Gallega Independiente
P214-Galician Left (Esquerda Galega [EG])
P215-Galician Nationalist Convergence (Converxencia Nacionalista Galega [CNG])
P216-Galician Nationalist Party-Galician Party (Partido Nacionalista Galego-Partido Galeguista
P217-Galician Platform and United Left (Plataforma Galeguista-Esquerda Unida [PG-EU])
P218-Galician Socialist Party-Galician Left (Partido Socialista Galego-Esquerda Galega [PSGEG])
P219-Galician Unity (Unidade Galega [PG-POG-PSG])
P220-Green Alternative–Ecology Movement of Catalonia (Alternativa Verda-Movimento
Ecologista de Catalunya [AV-MEC])
P221-Green Initiative-United Left-Citizens Alternative (Iniciativa Los Verdes-Izquierda UnidaAlternativa Ciudadana [ILC-IU-AC])
P222-Green Left of the Canary Islands (Izquierda Verde de las Islas Canarias [IZEGZAWEN])
P223-Green Movement (Movimiento Verde [MV])
P224-Green of Galicia (Os Verdes de Galicia/Los Verdes de Galicia [OV] or [VG])
P225-Green of Galicia-Green Group (Os Verdes de Galicia/Los Verdes de Galicia-Grupo Verde
P226-Greens of the Alicanten Country (Los Verdes del País Alicantino [PVPA])
P227-Greens-Green List (Els Verds-Los Verdes [CH])
P228-Group of Radicals in Madrid (Grupo de Radicales en Madrid [GRM])
P229-Rebotados Public Workers (Trabajadores Públicos Rebotados [TPR])
P230-Health and Ecology in Solidarity (Salud y Ecología en Solidaridad [S.E.] OR [SEES] or
P231-Humanist Party (Partido Humanista [PH])
P232-Humanist Party of Andalusia (Partido Humanista de Andalucía [PH])
P233-Humanist Party of Catalonia (Partit Humanista de Catalunya [PHC])
P234-Iberican Union (Unión Iberica [UNIB])
P235-Identity of the Kingdom of Valencia (Identidad del Reino de Valencia)
P236-Independent Association of the Right (Agrupación Independiente de Derechas [AID])
P237-Independent Associations of the Canary Islands (Agrupaciones Independientes de
Canarias [AIC])
P238-Independent Basque Democrats (Demócratas Independientes Vascos [DIV])
P239-Independent Candidacy of the Center (Candidatura Independiente del Centro [CIC])
P240-Independent Candidacy of the Country (Candidatura Independiente del Campo [CIC])
P241-Independent Candidacy of the Party of Castilla-Leon (Candidatura Independiente Partido
de Castilla y León [PCL])
P242-Independent Candidacy/Independent (Candidatura Independiente/Independiente [INDP]
P244-Independent Citizen Association (Agrupación Ciudadana Independiente [ACI])
P245-Independent Citizen Association–Gray Panthers of Spain (Agrupación Ciudadana
Independiente [ACI]-Panteras Grises de España)
P246-Independent Citizens Platform of Catalonia (Plataforma Independent Ciutadana de
Catalunya/Plataforma Independent Ciutadana de Catalunya [PICC])
P247-Independent Citizens Progressives of Canary Islands (Unión Ciudadana Progresistas
Independientes de Canarias [UCPIC])
P248-Independent Council of Asturias (Conceyu Independiente d’Asturies [CONCEYU])
P249-Independent Group of Ceuta Electoral Association (Agrupación Electoral "Agrup
Independiente de Ceuta" [AE-AIC])
P250-Independent Initiative (Iniciativa Independiente [II])
P251-Independent Liberal Group (Grupo Independiente Liberal [GIL])
P252-Independent Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Independiente [PLI])
P253-Independent Party in Favor of Austerity Policies (Partido Independiente pro Política
Austera [PIPPA])
P254-Independent Riojan Association (Agrupación Riojana Independiente [INDP])
P255-Independent Social Association (Agrupación Social Independiente [ASI])
P256-Independent Socialdemocratic Party of the Valencia Community (Partit Socialdemócrata
Independent de la Comunitat Valenciana [PSICV])
P257-Independent Socialists of Extremadura (Socialistas Independientes de Extremadura
P258-Independent Spanish Phalanx (Falange Española Independiente [FEI])
P259-Independent Spanish Phalanx-Phalanx Unit (Falange Española Independiente-Unidad
Falangista [UF-FI-AT])
P261-Independent Tolerant Referendata Political Party (Partido Político Independiente Tolerante
Referendata [PITRCG])
P262-Independents and Emigrants of Galicia (Independientes y Emigrantes de Galicia [IDG])
P263-Independents for Cuenca (Independientes por Cuenca [IXC])
P264-Independents of Gran Canaria (Independientes de Gran Canaria [IGC])
P265-Independents of Madrid Party (Partido Independientes de Madrid [PIM])
P266-Initiative for Catalonia (Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds [ICV])
P267-Initiative for Catalonia Greens (Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds [IC-V])
P268-Initiative for Catalonia Greens-United Left and Alternative (Iniciativa per Catalunya
Verds-Esquerra Unida i Alternativa [ICV-EUIA])
P269-Initiative for Catalonia-The Greens (Iniciativa per Catalunya-El Verds [IC-EV])
P270-Initiative for Ceuta (Iniciativa por Ceuta [INCE])
P271-Initiative for the Development of Soria (Iniciativa por el Desarrollo de Soria [I.DE.S])
P272-Inter-Zamoran Party (Partido Interzamorano [PIZ])
P273-Internationalist Struggle (Lluita Internacionalista/Lucha Internationalista [LI (LIT-CI)])
P274-Internationalist Struggle (Lluita Internacionalista/Lucha Internationalista [LI (LITCI)]/Nazioarteko Borroka)
P275-Iraultzailea Communist League (Liga Komunista Iraultzailea [LKI])
P276-Jose Antonio Circles Association (Asociación Circulos Jose Antonio [CJA])
P277-July 18th National Alliance (Alianza Nacional 18 de Julio [AN18])
P278-Labor Federation (Federación Laborista [FL])
P279-Labor Party of Spain (Partido del Trabajo de España [PTE])
P280-League of Catalonia-Catalan Liberal Party (Lliga de Catalunya-Partit Liberal Català
P281-Left Block of National Liberation (Bloc d'Esquerra d'Alliberament Nacional [BEAN])
P282-Left Center of Albacete (Centro Izquierda de Albacete [CCIA])
P283-Leon Convergence Coalition (Coalición Convergencia Leonesista [CL])
P284-Liberal Democratic Asturian Party (Partido Asturiano Demócrata Liberal [PADL])
P285-Liberal Democratic Center (Centro Democrático Liberal [CDL])
P286-Liberal Party of Employment and State Living (Partido Liberal del Empleo y la Vivienda
Estatal [P.L.E.V.E.])
P287-Liberal Party of the Balearic Islands (Partido Liberal en las Islas Baleares [PLIB])
P288-Localist Bloc of Melilla (Bloque Localista de Melilla [BLM])
P289-Maga Nationalist Alternative (Alternativa Maga Nacionalista [AMAGA])
P290-Majorca Union (Unió Mallorquina [UM])
P291-Majorca Union-Independents of Minorca (Unió Mallorquina-Independientes de Menorca
P292-Mallorcan, Menorca, and Ibizan-Formenteran Union (Uniò Mallorquina, Menorquina i
Pitiusa [UMMP])
P293-Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Spain (Partido Comunista de España (MarxistaLeninista) [PCE (M-L)])
P294-Merindades Initiative of Castilla (Iniciativa Merindades de Castilla [IMC])
P295-Moderate Party-Centrist of Navarra (Partido Moderado-Centrista de Navarra [PMCN])
P296-Montejurra-Federalism-Self-Government (Montejurra-Federalismo-Autogestion [MFA])
P297-Motor and Sports Alternative (Alternativa Motor y Deportes [AMD])
P298-Mountainese Phalanx Unit-Phalanx Movement of Spain (Unidad Falangista MontañesaMovimiento Falangista de España [UFM-MFE])
P299-Movement for the Unity of the Canarian People (Movimiento por la Unidad del Pueblo
Canario [MUPC])
P300-Movement of Human Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo Humanista [MASH])
P301-Movement of the Radicals for Cantabria (Movimiento de los Radicales por Cantabria
P302-Murcia Regionalist Party (Partido Regionalista Murciano [PRM])
P303-National Alliance (Alianza Nacional [AN])
P304-National Assocation for The Study of Current Problems (Asociación National para el
Estudio de Problemas Actuales [ANEPA-CP])
P305-National Democracy (Democracia Nacional [DN])
P306-National Democratic Party of Spain (Partido Demócrata Nacional de España [PDNE])
P307-National Party of the Workers (Partido Nacional de los Trabajadores [PNT])
P308-National Popular Galician Block (Bloque Nacional Popular Gallego [BNPG])
P309-National Union (Unión Nacional [UN])
P310-National Union Coalition (Coalición de Unidad Nacional [CUN])
P311-Nationalist Asturian Union (Unida Nacionalista Asturiana [UNA])
P312-Nationalist Galician Block (Bloque Nacionalista Galego [BNG])
P313-Nationalist Left Electoral Coalition (Socialst Party of Majorca-Left Nationalists)
(Coalición Electoral Esquerra Nacionalista (Partit Socialista de Mallorca-Entessa
Nacionalistas) [PSM-ENE])
P314-Nationalist Party of Castilla-Leon (Partido Nacionalista de Castilla y León [PANCAL])
P315-Nationalist Party of Melilla (Partido Nacionalista de Melilla [PNM])
P316-Nationalists of Navarra-Navarran Nationalists (Nacionalistas de Navarra-Navarroako
Abertzaleak [PNV-NV])
P317-Nationalists of the Left (Nacionalistes d'Esquerra [EC] or [NE])
P318-Natural Culture (Cultura Natural [CN])
P319-Navarra Yes (Nafarroa Bai [NA-BAI])
P320-Navarran Autonomist Union (Unión Autonomista de Navarra [UAN])
P321-Navarran Foral Alliance (Alianza Foral Navarra [AFN])
P322-Navarran Independent Front (Frente Navarro Independiente [FNI])
P323-Navarran Left Union (Unión Navarra de Izquierdas [UNAI])
P324-Navarran People’s Union (Unión del Pueblo Navarro [UPN])
P325-Navarran People’s Union-Popular Party (Unión del Pueblo Navarro-Partido Popular [UPNPP])
P326-New Canary Islands-Canary Center (Nueva Canarias-Centro Canario [NC-CCN])
P327-New Force (Fuerza Nueva [FN])
P328-New Region (Nueva Región [NR])
P329-New Socialist Party (Nuevo Partido Socialista [NPS])
P330-Palencian People Association (Agrupación Palentina Popular [APP])
P331-Part of Civil Liberties (Partido de las Libertades Civiles [PLCI])
P332-Party Against Bullfighting and the Mistreatment of Animals (Partido Antitaurino Contra el
Maltrato Animal/Zezenketen Aurkako eta Animalien Aldeko Alderdia, ZAAAA
P333-Party for a More Just World (Partido por un Mundo Más Justo)
P334-Party for Catalonia (Partit per Catalunya [PXCAT])
P335-Party of Almeria (El Partido de Almería [PAL] or [PDEAL])
P336-Party of El Bierzo (Partido de El Bierzo [PB] or [PDB])
P337-Party of Family and Life (El Partido Familia y Vida /Partit Família i Vida [PYFV/PFIV])
P338-Party of Independents of Lanzarote (Partido de Independientes de Lanzarote [PIL])
P339-Party of Integration for Almeria and its People (Partido de Integración por Almería y sus
Pueblos [PIAP] or [AEIA Y P])
P340-Party of Madrid (Partido de Madrid [PAM])
P341-Party of Mutual Romantic Support (Partido del Mutuo Apoyo Romántico [PMAR])
P342-Party of Natural Law (Partido de la Ley Natural [PLN])
P343-Party of the Association of Widows and Legal Spouses (Partido de la Asociación de
Viudas y Esposas Legales [PAVIEL])
P344-Party of the Autonomous and Professionals (Partido de los Autónomos y Profesionales
P345-Party of the Autonomous Spanish Pensioners (Partido de los Autonomos Españoles
Pensionistas [PAE])
P346-Party of the Balearic Islands (Partit Illenc de ses Illes Balears [PIIB])
P347-Party of the Canarian Country (Partido del País Canario [PDPCAN])
P348-Party of the Catalonian Socialists-Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party (Partit dels Socialistes
de Catalunya-Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSC-PSOE])
P349-Party of the Communists of Catalonia (Partit dels Comunistes de Catalunya [PCC])
P350-Party of the Democratic Kharma (Partido del Karma Democrático [PKD])
P351-Party of the Galician Socialists-Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party (Partido dos Socialistas
de Galícia-Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSdeG-PSOE])
P352-Party of the Galician Socialists-Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party-Progressives (Partido dos
Socialistas de Galícia-Partido Socialista Obrero Español-Progresistas [PSdeG-PSOEPROGR.])
P353-Party of the Grand Canaries (Partido de Gran Canária [PGC])
P354-Party of the No-Smokers (Partido de los No-Fumadores [PNF])
P355-Party of the Pensioners in Action (Partido de los Pensionistas en Acción [PDLPEA])
P356-Party of the Revolutionary Workers of Spain (Partido de los Obreros Revolucionarios de
España [PORE])
P357-Party of the Self-employed Retired and Widowed (Partido de los Autónomos Jubilados y
Viudas [PAJV])
P358-Progressives for Menorca (Progresistes per Menorca [PPM])
P359-Party of the Self-employed, Pensioners and Independents (Partido de Autónomos,
Pensionistas e Independientes [PAPI] or [EL-PAPI])
P360-Party of the Workers in Danger (Partido de los Trabajadores en Precario [PTPRE])
P361-Party of the Workers in Euskadi (Partido de los Trabajadores de Euskadi-Euskadiko
Langileen Partidua)
P362-People of El Bierzo (Party of El Bierzo-Bercianista United (Gentes de El Bierzo (Partido
de El Bierzo-Unidad Bercianista [PB-UB])
P363-People’s Centrists of Galicia Party (Partido Popular Centristas de Galicia [PPC de G])
P364-People’s Party (Partido Popular [PP])
P365-People’s Union (Herri Batasuna [HB])
P366-People’s Unity Candidacy (Candidatura d’Unitat Popular [CUP])
P367-Phalanx (La Falange [LF] or [FE])
P368-Phalanx Spanish Movement (Movimiento Falangista de España [MFE])
P369-Platform for the Union of Communists (Mesa para la Unidad de los Comunistas [MUC])
P370-Platform Spain 2000 (Plataforma España 2000 [PLAT. ES.] or [PE2000])
P371-Platform Spain 2000-Spain 2000 (Plataforma España 2000-España 2000 [PLA-ESP2000])
P372-Popular Alliance (Alianza Popular [AP])
P373-Popular Alliance-Liberal Party-Union of the Navarran People (Alianza Popular-Partido
Liberal-Unión del Pueblo Navarro [AP-PL-UPN])
P374-Popular Alliance-Popular Democratic Party (Alianza Popular-Partido Democrata Popular
P375-Popular Alliance-Popular Democratic Party-Liberal Party (Popular Alliance-Popular
Democratic Party (Alianza Popular-Partido Democrata Popular-Partido Liberal [AP-PDP-PL])
P376-Popular Alliance-Popular Democratic Party-Liberal Party-C of G (Popular AlliancePopular Democratic Party (Alianza Popular-Partido Democrata Popular-Partido Liberal-C de G
P377-Popular Alliance-Popular Democratic Party-Popular Liberal Party-Democratic Center
Union (Alianza Popular-Partido Democrata Popular-Partido Democrático Liberal-Unión de
Centro Democrático [AP-PDP-PDL-UCD])
P378-Popular Alliance-Popular Democratic Party-Regional Aragon Party (Alianza PopularPartido Democrata Popular-Partido Aragonés Regional [AP-PDP-PAR])
P379-Popular Alliance-Popular Democratic Party-Valencian Union (Alianza Popular-Partido
Democrata Popular-Unión Valenciana [AP-PDP-UV])
P380-Popular Canarian Alternative (Alternativa Popular Canaria [APC])
P381-Popular Canarian Party (Partido Popular Canario [PPCAN])
P382-Popular Front for the Independence of the Canary Islands (Frente Popular por la
Independencia de Canárias [FREPIC])
P383-Popular Galician Front (Frente Popular Galega [FPG])
P384-Popular Party of Catalonia (Partit Popular de Catalunya [PPC]
P385-Popular Party-Aragonese Party (Partido Popular-Partido Aragonês [PP-PAR])
P386-Popular Party-Union of the Melilla People (Partido Popular-Unión del Pueblo Melillense
P387-Popular Republican Unity (Unidad Popular Republicana [UPR])
P388-Popular Socialist Party-Socialist Union (Partido Socialista Popular-Unidad Socialista
P389-Popular Unity for Socialism (Unitat Popular per Socialisme [CUPS])
P390-Progress and Democracy Union (Unión Progreso y Democracia [UPD])
P391-Progress and Democracy Union (Unión Progreso y Democracia [UPYD])
P392-Progressive Front of Spain (Frente Progresista de España [FPE])
P393-Progressive Unity of the Canary Islands (Unidad Progresistas de Canarias [UP-CAN])
P394-Proverista Party (Partido Proverista [P.PR] or [PP] or [PPROV] or [PPC] )
P395-PSG Block (Bloque PSG [B-PSG])
P396-Radical Balearic Party (Partido Radical Balear [PRB])
P397-Radical Socialist Party of Valencia (Partido Radical Socialista de Valencia [PRSV])
P398-Rainbow (Arcoiris [ARCOIRIS])
P399-Red Flag Spanish Communist Organization (Organización Comunista de España Bandera
Roja [OCE-BR])
P400-Red Flag Spanish Communist Organization-Communist Unification (Organización
Comunista de España Bandera Roja.-Unificación Comunista [OCEBR-UCE])
P401-Regional Independent Madridian Party (Partido Regional Independiente Madrileño
P402-Regionalist Party of Cantabria (Partido Regionalista de Cantabria [PRC)
P403-Regionalist Party of Castilla-La Mancha (Partido Regionalista de Castilla-La Mancha
[PRCM] or [PRCLM])
P404-Regionalist Party of Guadalarjara (Partido Regionalista de Guadalajara [PRGU]
P405-Regionalist Party of Leon Country (Partido Regionalista del País Leonés [PREPAL])
P406-Regionalist Union (Unión Regionalista [URAS])
P407-Regionalist Unity de Castilla-Leon (Unidad Regionalista de Castilla y León [URCL])
P408-Renovation of the Balearic Islands Party (Partido Renovador de las Islas Baleares [PRIB])
P409-Republican Action (Acción Republicana [AR])
P410-Republican Alliance-Valencian Front (Alianza Republicana-Front Valencia [IRA-ARDE])
P411-Republican Coalition (Coalició Republicana [CR])
P412-Republican Coalition (Coalición Republicana [AF])
P413-Republican Left (Izquierda Republicana [IR])
P414-United Left Coalition (Coalición Izquierda Unida [IU])
P415-Republican Left of Valencian Country (Esquerra Republicana del País Valencià [ERPV])
P416-Republican Left of Valencian Country-Valencian Country (Esquerra Republicana del País
Valencià-País Valencià [ERPV-PV] or [ESQUERRA-PV])
P417-Republican Left-Galician Republican Left (Izquierda Republicana-Esquerda Republicana
Galega [IR-ERG])
P418-Republican Left-Left Republican Party (Izquierda Republicana-Partit Republicá
d’Esquerra [IR-PRE])
P419-Republican Party (Partido Republicano [PF])
P420-Regionalist Party of Castilla-Leon (Partido Regionalista de Castilla y León [PRCL])
P421-Revolutionary Party of Workers (Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores [PRT])
P422-Revolutionary Workers’ Party (Partido Obrero Revolucionário [POR])
P423-Rioja Party-Green (Partido Roji-Verde [PRV])
P425-Riojan Party (Partido Riojano [RIOJA])
P426-Ruiz-Mateos Association (Agrupación Ruiz-Mateos [ARM] OR [RUIZ-MATEOS])
P427-Ruiz-Mateos Association-European Democratic Alliance (Agrupación Ruiz-Mateos Alianza Democrática Europea [ARM-ADE])
P428-Ruiz-Mateos Association-P.A.I.-M.A.S. (Agrupación Ruiz-Mateos-P.A.I.-M.A.S [ARMPAI-MAS])
P429-Rural and Urban Independent Electoral Association (Agrupación Electoral Independiente
del Campo y la Ciudad [AEICYU])
P430-Salamanca Independent Union (Unión Salmantina Independiente [USI])
P431-Seats Insubmisos (Escons Insubmisos [EI])
P432-Seats Insubmisos-Alternative of the Discontent Democrats (Escons Insubmisos-Alternativa
dels Demòcrates Descontents [EI-ADD])
P433-Seven Green Stars (Siete Estrellas Verdes [SEV])
P434-Sindicalist Party (Partido Sindicalista [PS])
P435-Small and Medium Business Independent Candidates (Candidatos Independientes de la
Pequeña y Mediana Empresa [CIPYE])
P436-Social Christian Democracy of Catalonia (Democracia Social Cristiana de Catalunya
P437-Social Democratic and Liberal Coalition (Coalición Social Demócrata y Liberal [CSD Y L])
P438-Social Democratic Canarian Association (Asociación Socialdemocrata Canaria [ASDC])
P439-Social Democratic Coalition (Coalición Social Demócrata [CSD])
P440-Social Democratic Party (Partido Social Democrata [PSD])
P441-Social Democratic Party of Catalonia (Partit Social Democrata de Catalunya [PSDC])
P442-Social Democratic Party-Federation of Independents of Aragon (Partido Social DemocrátaFederación de Independientes de Aragón [PSD-FIA])
P443-Social Republican Movement (Movimiento Social Republicano [MSR])
P444-Socialist Democratic Alliance (Alianza Socialista Democrática [ASDCI])
P445-Socialist Galician Party (Partido Socialista Galego [PSG])
P446-Socialist Internationalist Workers Party (Partido Obrero Socialista Internacionalista
P447-Socialist Movement (Movimiento Socialista [MS])
P448-Socialist October (Octubre Socialista [OS])
P449-Socialist Party (Partido Socialista [PS])
P450-Socialist Party of Andalusia (Partido Socialista de Andalucía [PSA])
P451-Socialist Party of Andalusia-Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party (Partido Socialista de
Andalucía-Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSA-PSOE])
P452-Socialist Party of Aragon (Partido Socialista de Aragón [PSA]
P453-Socialist Party of Catalonia (Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya [PSC])
P454-Socialist Party of Euskadi-Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party (Partido Socialista de EuskadiPartido Socialista Obrero Español [PSE-PSOE])
P455-Socialist Party of Majorca/Left Nationalists-United Left-Greens of the Balearic IslandsRepublican Left of Catalonia (Partit Socialista de Mallorca/Entessa Nacionalistas-Esquerda
Unida-Els Verds de les Illes Balears-Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya [PSM/ENE-EUEVIB-ERC])
P456-Socialist Party of Mallorca (Partit Socialista de Mallorca [PSM])
P457-Socialist Party of the Andalusian People (Partido Socialista del Pueblo Andaluz [PSPA])
P458-Socialist Party of the Cueta People (Partido Socialista del Pueblo de Ceuta [PSPC])
P459-Socialist Party of the Valencian Community (Partido Socialista del País Valenciano
P460-Socialist Party of Workers (Partit Socialista dels Treballadors [PST])
P461-Socialist Party of Workers-Communist Unity (Partit Socialista dels Treballadors-Unidad
Comunista [PST-UC]
P462-Socialists of Majorca and Menorca (Socialistas de Mallorca i Menorca [SMIM])
P463-Solidarity and Internationalist Management (Solidaridad y Autogestión Internacionalista
P464-Soriana Progressive Union (Unión Progresista Soriana [UPS])
P465-SOS Nature (SOS Naturaleza [SOS])
P466-Spain 2000 [E2000])
P467-Spanish Absolute Honesty Political Group (Grupo Político Honradez Absoluta Española
P468-Spanish Agrarian Party (Partido Agrario Español [PAE])
P469-Spanish Alternative (Alternativa Española [AES])
P470-Spanish Autonomous League (Liga Autónoma Española [LAE])
P471-Spanish Baleares Alternative (Alternativa Balear Española [ABE])
P472-Spanish Catholic Movement (Movimiento Católico Español [MCE] or [MCATE])
P473-Spanish Christian Party (Partido Español Cristiano [PEC])
P474-Spanish Communist Workers Party (Partido Comunista Obrero Español [PCOE])
P475-Spanish Democratic Center (Centro Democrático Español [CDES])
P476-Spanish Democratic Front (Frente Democrático Español [FDE])
P477-Spanish Democratic Party (Partido Español Democrático [PED])
P478-Spanish Front (Frente Español [FE] or [FRENTE])
P479-Spanish Independent Phalanx-Phalanx 2000 (Falange Española Independiente-Falange
2000 [FEI-FE 2000])
P480-Spanish Jons Phalanx (Falange Española de las Jons [FJONS] or[ FE-JONS])
P481-Spanish Nationalist Party of Melilla (Partido Nacionalista Español de Melilla [PNEM])
P482-Spanish Party of the Self-Employed (Partido Español de Autónomos [PEDA])
P483-Spanish Phalanx-Phalanx Unit (Falange Española-Unidad Falangista [FE-UF])
P484-Spanish Republican Democratic Action (Acción Republicana Democrática Española
P485-Spanish Republican Democratic Action Republican Federation (Acción Republicana
Democrática Española [ARDE] Federación Republicana)
P486-Spanish Ruralist Party (Partido Ruralista Español [PRE])
P487-Spanish Social Reform (Reforma Social Española [RSE])
P488-Spanish Socialist Democratic Partido (Partido Socialista Democrático Español [PSDE])
P489-Spanish Socialist Workers Party-Andalusia (Partido Socialista Obrero Español-Andalucía
P490-Spanish Solidarity (Solidaridad Española [SE])
P491-Spanish Vertex of Ecological Devlopment and Demand (Vértice Español de
Reivindicación y Desarrollo Ecológico [VERDE])
P492-Spanish Workers’ Party-Progressives (Partido Socialista Obrero Español-Progresistas
P493-Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party (Historic Sector) (Partido Socialista Obrero Español
(Sector Histórico) [PSOE-H])
P494-Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSOE])
P495-State Unionist Party of Spain (Partido Unionista Estado de España [PUEDE])
P496-Tagoror Party/Conejera Assembly of Lanzarote (Partido Tagoror o Asamblea Conejera de
Lanzarote [TAGOROR])
P497-Tagoror Pensioners of the Canaries (Tagoror Pensionista de Canarias [TPC])
P498-Team of Christian Democracy Electoral Coalition (Coalición Electoral Equipo de la
Democracia Cristiana [FDC-EDC])
P499-Tenerife Assembly (Asamblea Tenerifeña [ATF])
P500-The Ecologist Greens (Los Verdes Ecologistas [LVE] or [EVE.])
P501-The Ecologists (Los Ecologistas [ECOLOGISTAS])
P502-The Ecologists Greens (Els Verds Ecologistes [EVE])
P503-The Green Party (Partido Verde [VERDE.])
P504-The Green-Ecologist Confederation of Catalunya (Els Verds-Confederació Ecologista de
Catalunya [EV-CEC])
P505-The Greens (Els Verds [EV])
P506-The Greens (Los Verdes)
P507-The Greens of Andalusia (Los Verdes de Andalucía)
P508-The Greens of Asturias (Los Verdes de Asturias)
P509-The Greens of Extremadura (Los Verdes de Extremadura)
P510-The Greens of the Balearic Islands (Els Verds de les Illes Balears [EVIB]
P511-The Greens of the Canary Islands (Los Verdes de Canarias)
P512-The Greens of the Region of Murcia (Los Verdes de la Región de Murcia [LVRM])
P513-The Greens of Valencian Country (Els Verds del País Valencià [EVPV])
P514-The Greens-Ecological Alternative (Els Verds-L'Alternativa Ecologista [EV-AE])
P515-The Greens-Ecopacifists (Los Verdes-Ecopacifistas [LV-E])
P516-The Greens-Green Alternative (Els Verds-Alternativa Verda [EV-AV])
P517-The Greens-Green Group (Els Verds-Grup Verd [EV-GV])
P518-The Greens-Green Group (Los Verdes-Grupo Verde [LV-GV])
P519-The Greens-Green Group-SOS Nature (Los Verdes-Grupo Verde-SOS Naturaleza [LVGV-SOS])
P520-The Greens-Green List (Els Verds-Green List [EV-LV])
P521-The Greens-Green List (Los Verdes-Lista Verdes [LV-LV])
P522-The Greens-Left (Els Verds-Esquerra [EU-EV])
P523-The Greens-Madrid Community (Los Verdes de la Comunidad de Madrid [LV-CM])
P524-The Greens-Madrid Community-European Greens (Los Verdes de la Comunidad de
Madrid-Los Verdes Europeos [LVCM-LVE])
P525-The Greens-The Greens (Els Verds-Los Verdes [EV-LV])
P526-The People (La Gente [LG])
P527-Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia (Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya [PSUC])
P528-Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia-Spanish Communist Party (Partit Socialista Unificat
de Catalunya-Partido Comunista de España [PSUC-PCE])
P529-Union for Freedom of Speech (Unión para la Libertad de Expresión [ULE])
P530-Union for Leganes (Unión por Leganés [ULEG]
P531-Union for the Progress of Cantabria (Unión para el Progreso de Cantabria [UPCA])
P532-Union of Salamancan People (Unión del Pueblo Salmantino [UPS])
P533-Union of the Autonomous Communities (Unión de Autonomías [UDLA])
P534-Union of the Baleares People (Unión del Pueblo Balear/Unio d’es Pobble Balea [UPB])
P535-Union of the Catalan Left (Unió de l'Esquerra Catalana (Partido Socialista Unificado de
Cataluña-Entesa dels Nacionalistes d’Esquerra) [PSUC-ENE])
P536-Union of the Center and Christian Democracy of Catalonia (Unió del Centre i la
Democràcia Cristiana de Catalunya [UDC-IDCC])
P537-Union of the Leon People (Unión del Pueblo Leonés [UPL)
P538-Union of the People of Navarra-Popular Alliance-PDP (Unión del Pueblo NavarroAlianza Popular -P.D.P. [UPN-AP-PDP])
P539-Union of the Zamora People (Unión del Pueblo Zamorano [UPZ])
P540-Unitary Candidacy of the Regionalist Left (Candidatura Unitaria de la Izquierda
Regionalista [CUIR])
P542-United and Alternative Left (Esquerra Unida i Alternativa [EUiA])
P543-United Basque-United Left (Ezker Batua-Izquierda Unida [EB-IU])
P544-United Canarian Left-Alternative (Izquierda Unida Canaria-Alternativa [IUC-A])
P545-United Ceuta Party (Partido Ceuta Unida [CEU])
P546-United Citizens Party of Aragon (Partido Ciudadanos Unidos de Aragón [PCUA])
P547-United Guipuzcoa (Guipuzcoa Unida [GU])
P548-United Left (Esquerda Unida [EU])
P549-United Left (Izquierda Unida [IU])
P550-United Left and Alternative (Esquerra Unida i Alternativa [EUIA])
P551-United Left in Asturias (Izquierda Unida [IU] en Asturias)
P552-United Left of Aragon (Izquierda Unida de Aragón/Ezquierda Unita d'Aragón [IUA/EUA])
P553-United Left of Cantabria (Izquierda Unida de Cantabria)
P554-United Left of Castilla-Leon (Izquierda Unida de Castilla-Leon)
P555-United Left of Ceuta (Izquierda Unida de Ceuta)
P556-United Left of Extremadura (Izquierda Unida de Extremadura)
P557-United Left of Navarra-United Left of Navarra (Izquierda Unida de Navarra-Nafarroako
Ezker Batua [IUN-NEB]
P558-United Left of the Balearic Islands (Esquerra Unida de les Illes Balears [EU-IB])
P559-United Left of the Valencian Country (Esquerra Unida del País Valencià [EUPV])
P560-United Left of the Valencian Country-Republican Left (Esquerra Unida del País ValenciàIzquierda Republicana) [EUPV-IR])
P561-United Left of the Canary Islands (Izquierda Unida de Canarias [IUC])
P562-United Left of the Madrid Community (Izquierda Unida de la Comunidad de Madrid
P563-United Left of the Madrid Community-Alternative (Izquierda Unida de la Comunidad de
Madrid-Alternativa [IUCM-A])
P564-United Left of the Murcian Region-Alternative (Izquierda Unida de la Región de MurciaAlternative [IURM-A]
P565-United Left of Valencia-Republican Left: The Agreement (Esquerra Unida del País
Valencià-Izquierda Republicana: L'Entesa [EUPV-IR] or [ENTESA)
P566-United Left-Alternative (Izquierda Unida-Alternativa [IU-A])
P567-United Left-Bloc for Asturias (Izquierda Unida-el Bloque por Asturies [IU-BA])
P568-United Left-Bloc for Asturias-The Greens of the Town of Mieres (Izquierda Unida-el
Bloque por Asturies-Los Verdes del Ayuntamiento de Mieres) [IU-BA-Verdes])
P569-United Left-Convocation for Andalusia (Izquierda Unida-Convocatoria por Andalucía [IUCA])
P570-United Left-Galician Left(Esquerda Unida-Esquerda Galega [EU-EG])
P571-United Left-Galician Unity (Esquerda Unida-Unidade Galega [EU-UG])
P572-United Left-Independent Socialists of Extremadura (Izquierda Unida-Socialistas
Independientes de Extremadura [IU-SIEX])
P573-United Left-La Rioja (Izquierda Unida-La Rioja [IU-RIOJA])
P574-United Left-Left of Castilla-La Mancha (Izquierda Unida-Izquierda de Castilla-La Mancha
P575-United Left-The Greens (Izquierda Unida-Los Verdes [IU-LV])
P576-United Left-The Greens in the Region of Murcia (Izquierda Unida-Los Verdes Región de
Murcia [IU-LVRM])
P577-United Left-The Greens-Agreement for Extremadura (Izquierda Unida-Los VerdesCompromiso por Extremadura [FPGT])
P578-United Left-The Greens-Convocation for Andalusia (Izquierda Unida-VerdesConvocatoria por Andalucía [IULV-CA])
P579-United Left-United Left (Esquerda Unida-Izquierda Unida [EU-IU])
P580-United Left-United Left (Izquierda Unida-Ezker Batua [IU-EB])
P581-United Left-United Left of the Canary Islands (Izquierda Unida-Izquierda Canaria Unida
P582-United Left-United Left-Alternative (Esquerda Unida-Izquierda Unida-Alternativa [EUIU-A])
P583-Unity for the Islands (Unitat per les Illes)
P584-Unity of the People (Unidad del Pueblo [UP])
P585-Unity of the Valencian People (Unitat del Poble Valencià [UPV])
P586-Unity of the Valencian People-Nationalist Bloc (Unitat del Poble Valencia-Bloc
Nacionalista [UPV-BN])
P587-Valencia Nationalist Option (Opción Nacionalista Valenciana [ONV])
P588-Valencian Coalition (Coalició Valenciana [CVA])
P589-Valencian Country Communist Movement-Left Communist Organization (Movimiento
Comunista País Valencià-Organización Izquierda Comunista [MCPV-OIC])
P590-Valencian Country Nationalist Party (Partit Nacionalista del País Valencia [PNPV])
P591-Valencian National Left (Esquerra Nacionalista Valenciana [ENV])
P592-Valencian National Left-Valencian Regional Union (Esquerra Nacionalista ValencianaUnió Regional Valencianista [ENV-URV])
P593-Valencian Nationalist Bloc-Green Left (Bloc Nacionalista Valencia-Esquerra Verda
P594-Valencian Nationalist Bloc-Greens-Valencians for Change (Bloc Nacionalista ValenciàEls Verds-Valencians pel Canvi [BLOC-EV-VC]
P595-Valencian Regional Union (Unió Regional Valencianista [URV])
P596-Valencian Union (Uniò Valenciana [UV])
P597-Voice of the Analusian People (Voz del Pueblo Andaluz [VDPA])
P598-We Are (Nosaltres Som [N SOM])
P600-Worker and Peasant Party (Partido Obrero y Campesino [POC])
P601-Workers’ Electoral Association (Agrupación Electoral de Trabajadores [AET])
P602-Workers’ Revolutionary Organization (Organización Revolucionaria de los Trabajadores
P603-Workers’ Union Front (Frente Unidad de los Trabajadores [FUT])
P604-Zamora United (Zamora Unida [ZU])
P605-Independent Alternative of Galicia (Alternativa Independiente de Galicia [AIDG])
P606-25th of May Citizens Alternative (Alternativa Ciudadana 25 de Mayo [AC25M])
P607-Castillan Action Party (Acción Castellana Partido [ACP])
P608-Alicantan Democratic Association (Asociación Democrática Alicanta [ADA])
P609-Spanish Action (Acción Española [AE])
P610-Hierro Independent Grouping (Agrupación Herreña Independiente [AHI])
P611-Hierro Independent Grouping-Canary Coalition (Agrupación Herreña IndependienteCoalición Canaria [AHI-CC])
P612-National Alliance (Alianza Nacional [AN])
P613-Action for Justice (Acción por Justicia [AXJ])
P614-Yuntar Action (Acción Yuntar [AY]
P615-Cantonalist Party of Valencia (Partido Cantonalista de Valencia [PCV])
P616-Citizens of Minorca-Citizens' Party of the Citizens (Ciudadanos Partido de los Ciudadanos
P617-Republican Castilla (Castilla Republicana [CA.RE])
P618-Overwhelmed and Annoyed Citizens (Ciudadanos Agobiados y Cabreados [CAC])
P619-Coalition of Independents of Vigo (Coalición dos Independientes de Vigo [CIV])
P620-Basque Communist Movement-Organization of the Communist Left (Euskadiko
Mugimendua Komunista-Organización de Izquierda Comunista [EMK-OIC])
P621-Forum of the Left-The Greens (Foro de Izquierdas-The Greens [FI-LV])
P622-Galician Union (Galicia Celibe [GC])
P623-United Left of the Canary Islands (Izquierda Canaria Unida [ICU])
P624-Galician Identity (Identidade Galega [IDEGA])
P625-Immigrants with Equal Rights and Responsibilities (Inmigrantes con Derechos de Igualdad
Y Obligaciones [INDIO])
P626-Initiative for La Palma (Iniciativa por La Palma [INPA])
P627-Republica Left-Social Action Party (Izquierda Republicana-Partido de Acción Socialista
P628-Island Alternative (Isla Alternativa [ISLA])
P629-United Left of Navarra-United Left of Navarra (Izquierda Unida de Navarra-Nafarroako
Ezker Batua [IUN-NEB])
P630-United Left-United Left of the Valencian Country (Izquierda Unida-Esquerra Unida del
País Valencià [IU-EUPV])
P631-Castellan Left (Izquierda Castellana [IZ.CA])
P632-The Republic (La Republica)
P633-Communist Movement of Andalusia-Communist Left Organization (Movimiento
Comunista de Andalucia-Organizacion Izquierda Comunista [MCA-OIC])
P634-Nation and Revolution (Nación y Revolución [N.YR])
P635-New National Left (Nueva Izquierda Nacional [NIN])
P636-Clean Hands Project (Proyecto Manos Limpios [PML])
P637-Party of the Progress of Citizens of Castilla-Leon (Partido del Progreso de Ciudades de
Castilla-Leon [PP.CC.AL])
P638-Union of the Melilla People (Unión del Pueblo Melillense [UPM])
P639-Union of the Asturian People (Unión del Pueblo Austriano [UPA])
P640-Group of Electors of the Agreement of the Minorcan Left (Agrupacio d'Electors Entesa de
l'Esquerra Menorca [AEEIM])
P641-Majorera Assembly (Asemblea Majorera [AM])
[email protected] ([email protected])
P643-Catalonia to the Senate (Catalunya al Senat [CS] or [C.SENAT])
P644-Cantabrian Party (Partido Cántabro [CÁNTABRO])
P645-Democratic Unity Candidacy (Candidatura Unidad Democrática [CAUP])
P646-Galician Democratic Candidacy (Candidatura Democrática Galega [CDG])
P647-Minorcan Progressive Candidacy (Candidatura Progresista Menorquina [CPM])
P648-Democracy and Catalonia (Democràcia i Catalunya [DIC])
P649-Autonomy Front (Frente Autonómico [FA])
P650-Communist Party of Andalusia (Partido Comunista de Andalucía [PCA])
P651-Communist Party of the Castillian People-Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
(Partido Comunista del Pueblo Castellano-Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España
P652-Digital Citizens of Castelnou (Ciudadanos Digitales de Castelnou [CDC])
P653-Party of Justice and Development in Spain (Partido de la Justicia y Desarrollo de España
P654-Popular Party-Independents of Minorca (Partido Popular-Independientes de Menorca [PPINME])
P655-Party of the Socialists of Catalonia-Republican Left of Catalonia-Initiative for Catalonia
Greens (Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya-Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya-Iniciativa per
Catalunya Verds [PSC-ERC-ICV])
P656-Spanish Socialist Workers' Party-Coalition for Melilla (Partido Socialista Obrero EspañolCoalición por Melilla) [PSOE-CPM])
P657-Spanish Socialist Workers' Party-Unitd Left-Socialist Party of Minorca-Greens of
Minorca-Left of Minorca (Partido Socialista Obrero Español-Esquerra Unida-El Partit
Socialista de Menorca-Els Verds de Menorca-Esquerra de Menorca [PSOE-EU-PSMVERDS])
P658-Spanish Socialist Workers' Party-Canvi Agreement (Partido Socialista Obrero EspañolEivissa pel Canvi [PSOE-ExC])
P659-Democratic Senate (Senado Democrático [SEN.DEM.])
P660-Aragon Land (Tierra Aragonesa [TA])
P661-Citizens Union for Democracy (Unión Ciudadana por la Democracia [UCID])
P662-Centrist Union (Unión Centrista [UC])
P663-Senate Democratic Unity (Unidad Democrática Senado [UDS])
P664-Democratic Union of Valencia (Unión Democrática del País Valencià [UDPV])
P665-Lanzarote Electoral Association (Agrupación Electoral Lazarote [AEL])
P666-Liberal Alliance (Alianza Liberal [AL])
P667-Christian Democracy (Democracia Cristiana [DC])
P668-Andalusian Socialist Party-Popular Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Andalucista-Partido
Popular Socialista [PSA-PAP])
P669-Social Regionalist Party (Partido Social-Regionalista [PSR])
P670-Workers' of La Mancha (Trabajadores de la Mancha [TRAB.MANCHA])
P671-Autonomist Bloc (Bloc Autonomista [BA])
P672-Party of Ibiza and Formentera (Partido de Ibiza y Formentera [MAP])
P673-Workers' of Madrid (Trabajadores de Madrid [TRAB.MADRID])
p674-Minorcan Island and Autonomy Problematic (Menorca Problemática Insular y Autonomía
p675-Popular Navarran Group (Agrupación Popular Navarra [APN])
P676-Workers' of Navarra (Trabajadores de Navarra [TRAB.NAVARRA])
P677-Navarra Union of the Left (Unión Navarra de Izquierdas [UNI])
P678-Democracy Union of Catalonia (Unió Democràtica de Catalunya [UDC])
P679-Laborist Federation (Federación Laborista [PLFL])
P685-Communist Coalition in the Senate (Coalición Comunista en el Senado [CCEES])
P686-Communist Electoral Coalition in the Senate (Coalición Electoral Comunistas en el Senado
P687-Communist Coalition in the Senate (Coalición Comunistas en el Senado [CEES])
P688-Communists in the Senate (Comunistas en el Senado [CES] or [CS])
P689-Independent Solution (Independiente Solución [SI])
P690-United Left (Esquerra Unida [EU])
P691-Independents for Lanzarote [Independiente por Lanzarote [IL])
P692-Communist Party of the People of Spain-Communist Party of Catalonia (Partido
Comunista de los Pueblos de España-Partit dels Comunistes de Catalunya [PCPE-PCC])
P693-Communist Movement of Catalonia-Organization of the Communist Left (Movimiento
Comunista de Catalunya-Organització d' Esquerra Comunista [MCC-OEC])
P694-Communist Party of Valencia (Partit Comunista del Pais Valencià [PCPV])
P695-Workers' Party of Spain-PTA (Partido de los Trabajadores de España-PTA [PTE-PTA])
P696-Workers' Party of Spain-Workers Party of Galicia (Partido de los Trabajadores de EspañaPartido do Traballo Galego [PTE-PTG])
P697-Workers' Party of Spain-Castilla-Leon (Partido de los Trabajadores de España-CastillaLeon [PTE-CL])
P698-Workers' Party of Spain-PTI (Partido de los Trabajadores de España-PTI [PTE-PTA])
P707-Centrists Party (Partido Centristas [CENTRISTAS])
P708-Independents of Minorca (Independientes de Menorca [INME])
P709-Ibiza-Formentera to the Senate (Eivissa i Formentera al Senat [EFS])
P710-Majorcan Left (United Left) (Esquerra Mallorquina (Izquierda Unida) [EM (IU)])
P711-United Left-Independent Socialist of Popular Extremadura-Regionalist Party of
Extremadura and Extremadura Regionalist Convergence (Izquierda Unida-Socialist
Independent of Extremadura Popular-Partido Regionalista de Extremadura i Convergencia
Regionalista Extremeña [IU-SIEX-PREx-CREx]
P713-For Our Land (Por Nuestro Tierra [NT])
P714-New Spanish Republicans (Nuevos Republicanos Españoles [NURP])
P715-Progressives for Ibiza and Formentera (Progressistes per Eivissa i Formentera [EU-ENEERC])
Girona (1979): The district magnitude is 4 but the Ministry of Interior records only 3 seats
distributed. The DM in the data reflects the number of seats distributed that year, 3.
Melilla (1979): The district magnitude is 2 but the Ministry of Interior records only 1 seat
distributed. The DM in the data reflects the number of seats distributed that year, 1.
Political Parties:
P1-Conservative Party (Högerpartiet [H])
P2-Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna [SD])
P3-Farmer’s League (Bondeförbundet [B])
P4-People’s Party (Folkpartiet [F]]
P5-Communist Party (Kommunistika Partiet [K])
P6-Other (Övriga [ÖVR])
P7-Communist Union of Revolutionary Marxism-Leninism (Kommunistiska Förbundet MarxistLeninisterna Revolutionärerna [KFML(r)]
P8-Christian Democratic Unity Party (Kristdemokratiska Samhällspartiet [KDS])
P9-Citizens’ Union (Medborgerlig Samling) [MbS])
P10-Environmental Party, The Greens (Miljöpartiet, de Gröna [MP])
P11-Unity ‘68 (Samling ‘68 [S68]
P12-Moderate Union Party (Moderata Samlingspartiet [M])
P13-Left Communist Party (Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna [VPK])
P14-Communist Union of Marxism-Leninism (Kommunistiska Förbundet Marxist-Leninisterna
P15-Swedish Communist Party (Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti [SKP])
P16-Communist Workers’ Party (Arbetarpartiet Kommunisterna [APK])
P18-New Democracy (Ny Demokrati [NYD])
P19-Left Party (Vänsterpartiet [V])
P20-Social Democratic Labour Party (Arbetareparti-Socialdemokratiska [S])
P21-Center Party (Centerpartiet [C])
P22-Christian Democratic Party (Kristdemokraterna [KD])
P23-Liberal People’s Party (Folkpartiet Liberalerna [FP])
Political Parties:
P1-Radical Free Democratic Party of Switzerland (Schweizerische Freisinning-Demokratische
Partei [FDP], Parti Radical-Démocratique Suisse [PRD], Partitio Liberal-Radicale Svizzero
P2-Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland (Schweizerische Christlich
Demokratische Volkspartei [CVP], Parti Démocrate-Chrétien Suisse [PDC], Partito
Democratico-Cristiano Popolare Svizzero [PDC], Partida Cristiandemocratica dalla Svizra
P3-Social Democratic Party of Switzerland (Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz [SPS], Parti
Socialist Suisse [PSS], Partito Socialista Svizzero [PS], Partida Socialdemocratica de la Svizra
P4-Swiss People’s Party of the Centre (Schweizerische Volkspartei [SVP], Union Démocratique
du Centre [UDC], Unione Democratica de Centro [UDC], Union Democratica dal Center
P5-Liberal Party of Switzerland (Liberale Partei der Schweiz [LPS], Parti libéral suisse [PLS],
Partito Liberale Svizzero [PLS])
P6-Independents’ Alliance (Landesring der Unabhängigen [LdU], Alliance des Independents
P7-Evangelical People's Party of Switzerland (Schweizerische Evangelische Volkspartei [EVP]Parti Évangélique Suisse [PEV], Partito Evangelico Svizzero [PEV]).
P8-Social Christian Party (Christlich-Soziale Partei [CSP], Parti Chrétien Social [PCS])
P9-Swiss Labour Party (Partei der Arbeit der Schweiz [PdA], Parti Suisse du Travail [PST],
Partito Svizzero del Lavoro [PSdL])
P10-Autonomous Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Autonomo [PSA], Parti Socialiste Autonome
P11-Swiss Progress Organizations (Progressive Organisationen der Schweiz [POCH],
Organisations Progressistes Suisses [POCH])
P12-Feminist and Green Alternative Group (Feministische und Grün-Alternative Gruppierungen
[FGA], Alternative Socialiste Verte et Groupements Feminists [AVF]
P13-Green Party of Switzerland (Grüne Partei der Schweiz [Grüne, GPS], Parti Écologiste
Suisse [Verts, PES], Partito Ecologista Svizzero [Verdi], Partida Ecologica Svizra [Verda,
P14-Swiss Republican Movement (Schweizerische Republikanische Bewegung [REP],
Mouvement national d'action républicaine et sociale Suisse [REP])
P15-Swiss Democrats (Schweizer Demokraten [SD], Démocrates suisses [DS], Democratici
Svizzeri [DS])
P16-Federal Democratic Union (Eidgenössisch-Demokratische Union [EDU], Union
Démocratique Fédérale [UDF])
P17-Freedom Party of Switzerland (Freieitspartei der Schweiz [FPS], Parti Suisse de la Liberté
P18-League of the Ticinesi (Lega dei Ticinesi [LT] [LEGA])
P19-Liberal Socialist Party (Liberalsozialistische Partei (Freiwirtschafter) [LS], Parti d'économie
P20-Democrats (Demokraten [DEM], Démocrats)
P21-Solidarit (Solidarité [Sol], Solidarité [Sol]
P22-Others (Übrige/Splittergruppe, Autres/groupes épars)
P23-Green Liberal Party of Switzerland (Grunliberale Partei der Schweiz [GLP], Parti
Écologiste-Libéral Zurichois [PEL])
Elections in the following constituencies/years are uncontested and not included in the CLE
dataset. The parties that earned seats in these constituencies are noted below, as are the
number of seats they earned in parentheses:
1947:Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1951:Glarus-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1951:Schaffhausen-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1955:Schaffhausen-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1955:Glarus-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1959:Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1963:Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1963:Glarus-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1963:Zug-P1 (1) and P2 (1)
1967:Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1967:Glarus-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1967:Schwyz-P1 (1), P2 (1), P3 (1)
1971:Zug-P1(1) and P2 (1)
1979:Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden-P1 (1) and P3 (1)
1987:Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden-P1 (1) and P22 (1)
1999:Obwalden-P2 (1)
2007:Nidwalden-P1 (1)
In the district of Berne in 1999, a candidate belonging to Feminist and Green Alternative
Group [FGA/AVF] participated on the electoral list of the Green Party of Switzerland
[GPS/PES]. This candidate won one seat, which is attributed to GPS/PES in the dataset.
In aggregating the votes across party lists, the votes are in decimal places and rounded to the
nearest whole number to obtain the overall vote for each party (Electeurs Fictifs/Fiktive
Wählende) reported in the dataset. Voters can vote for a list as it stands or modify it by
crossing out or repeating names appearing on it. Voters can also split their votes between
different lists ("panachage") or choose names from different lists in forming their own on list.
Political Parties:
P1–African National Congress [ANC]
P2–Butler Party [BP]
P3–Citizen Alliance [CA]
P4–Democratic Action Congress [DAC]
P5–Democratic Labour Party [DLP]
P6–Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago [DPTT]
P7–Fargo House Movement [FHM]
P8–Independents [IND]
P9–Liberation Action Party [LAP]
P10–Liberal Party [LP]
P11–Movement for Unity and Progress [MUP]
P12–National Alliance for Reconstruction [NAR]
P13–National Democratic Organization [NDO]
P14–National Freedom Party [NFP]
P15–National Joint Action Committee [NJAC]
P16–Natural Law Party [NLP]
P17–National Transformation Movement [NTM]
P18–National Trinidad and Tobago Party [NTTP]
P19–Organization for National Reconstruction [ONR]
P20–People’s Democratic Party [PDP]
P21–People’s Empowerment Party [PEP]
P22–People’s National Movement [PNM]
P24–People’s Republican Party [PRP]
P25–Social Democratic Labour Party [SDLP]
P26–Seukaran Independent Party [SIP]
P27–Tapia House Movement [TAPIA]
P28–Team Unity [TUN]
P29–Trinidad Labour Party [TLP]
P30–The Mercy Society [TMS]
P31–The People’s Voice [TPV]
P32–United Freedom Party [UFP]
P33–United Labour Front [ULF]
P34–United National Congress [UNC]
P35–Workers and Farmers Party [WFP]
P36–West Indian National Party [WINP]
P37–West Indian Political Congress Movement [WIPCM]
P38–Young People’s National Party [YPNP]
Political Parties:
P1-Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi) [AKP]
P2-Motherland Party (Anavatan Partisi) [ANAP]
P3-(Anayol Partisi) [AP]
P4-Great Union Party (Buyuk Birlik Partisi) [BBP]
P5-Peace Party (Baris Partisi) [BP]
P6-Independent Turkey Party (Bagimsiz Türkiye Partisi) [BTP]
P8-Republican People's Party (Cumhuriyetci Halk Partisi) [CHP])
P10-Democracy and Peace Party [DBP]
P11-People’s Democracy Party [DEHAP]
P12-Changing Turkey Party (Degisen Türkiye Partisi) [DEPAR]
P13-Democrat Party (Demokrat Partisi) [DP]
P14-Democratic Left Party (Demokratik Sol Parti) [DSP]
P16-True Path Party (Dogru Yol Partisi) [DYP]
P17-Emegin Partisi [EMEP]
P18-Fazilet Partisi [FP])
P19-Young Party (Genç Parti) [GP])
P20-Democratic People's Party (Halkin Demokrasi Partisi) [HADEP]
P21-Populist Party [HP]
P23-Independents (Bağimsizlar)
P24-Worker's Party (Isçi Partisi) [IP]
P26-Liberal Democratic Party (Liberal Demokrat Party) [LDP]
P27-Nationalist Labor Party (Milliyetçi Çalisma Partisi) [MÇP]
P28-Nationalist Democracy Party (Milliyetçi Demokrasi Partisi) [MDP])
P29-Nationalist Movement Party (Milliyetci Hareket Partisi) [MHP]
P30-National Party (Millet Partisi) [MP]
P31-National Salvation Party (Milli Selamet Partisi) [MSP]
P32-Freedom and Solidarity Party (Özgürlük ve Dayanisma Partisi) [ODP]
P34-Social Democratic Populist Party (Sosyal Demokrat Halkçi Parti) [SHP]
P35-Party for Socialist Power (Sosyalist Iktidar Partisi) [SIP]
P36-Felicity Party (Saadet Partisi) [SP]
P38-Turkish Communist Party (Türkiye Komünist Partisi) [TKP]
P41-Rebirth Party (Yeniden Dogus Partisi) [YDP]
P42-Yurt Partisi [YP]
Seat data available for the 1999 and 2000 election only.
Political Parties:
P1-AP Labour
P2-Air Road Public Safety White Resident
P3-Alert Party
P4-All Alliance for Powell
P6-Alliance Party NI
P7-Alliance for Green Socialism
P8-Alternative Party
P10-Anti-Common Market
P11-Anti-Common Market Conservative
P12-Anti-Common Market Free Enterprise
P13-Anti-Common Market Free Trade
P14-Anti-Common Market League
P15-Anti-Common Market on Any Terms
P17-Anti-Corruption Forum
P23-Anti-Partition of Ireland League
P25-Anti-Party System
P27-Anti-war Radical
P28-Ashfield Independents
P29-Asian League
P30-Blair Must Go Party
P31-British Campaign to Stop Immigration
P32-British Candidate
P33-British Commonwealth
P34-British Empire
P35-British Movement
P36-British National Party
P37-British Public Party
P38-British and Commonwealth Party
P39-Build Duddon and Morecambe Bridges
P40-Citizens Against Common Market
P42-CamPaign for More Prosperous Britain
P43-Chairman of Sunrise Radio
P44-Child and Family Protection Group
P45-Christian Democrat
P46-Christian Democratic
P47-Christian Party
P48-Christian Peoples Alliance
P49-Christian Progressive
P50-Christian Socialist
P51-Christian Stop Abortion
P52-Church of the Militant Elvis Party
P53-Citizens' Protest Vote
P54-Civilisation Party
P55-Clause 28
P56-Coalition Unity
P57-Committee for Prevention of Police State
P58-Common Good
P59-Common Wealth
P61-Communist Anti-Revisionist
P62-Communist Party of Great Britain
P63-Communist of Britain
P64-Communist of Great Britain
P66-Community Action Party
P67-Community Candidate Empowering Change
P68-Community Group
P70-Conservative and Liberal
P71-Conservative and National Liberal
P72-Conservative and Consult the PeoPle
P73-Convenor Turban Action Committee Against Helmet
P74-Cornish National
P76-Croydon Pensions Alliance
P77-Death Dungeons & Taxes
P78-Defend the Welfare State Against Blairism
P79-[Dem Cap]
P80-Democratic Labour
P81-Democratic Monarchist Public Safety White Resident
P82-Demanding Honesty in Politics and Whitehall
P83-Democratic Christian
P84-Democratic Conservative
P85-Democratic Labour Party
P86-Democratic Non-Party Nationalist
P87-Democratic Party
P88-Democratic Socialist Alliance
P89-Democratic Socialist Alliance People Before Profit
P90-Democratic Unionist
P91-Derry Lab and TU
P92-Derry Labour
P93-Direct Customer Service
P94-Dog Lovers
P96-Ecology/Women For Life On Earth
P97-English Democrats
P98-English Independent Party
P99-English National
P100-English Nationalist
P101-English Parliamentary Party
P102-Extinction Club
P103-Families First
P104-Fancy Dress
P106-Fellowship Party
P108-Fife Socialist League
P109-Fine Ghaidheil
P110-For Integrity and Trust In Government
P111-Forward Wales
P113-Free Scotland Party
P115-Gay Liberation Front
P116-Get Britain Back Party
P118-Go to Blazes Party
P124-Imperial Party
P126-Independent Anti-Common Market
P127-Independent British Nationalist
P128-Independent Businessman
P129-Independent CS
P130-Independent Communist
P131-Independent Conservative
P132-Independent Democrat
P133-Independent Democratic
P134-Independent Democratic Alliance
P135-Independent Ecology
P136-Independent English Nationalist
P137-Independent Green
P138-Independent Green Voice
P139-Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern
P140-Independent Labour
P141-Independent Labour Party
P142-Independent Liberal
P143-Independent Liberal Democrat
P144-Independent Loyalists
P145-Independent NFFG
P146-Independent NI Labour
P147-Independent Nationalist
P148-Independent Nuclear Disarmament
P149-Independent Nuclear Disarmament Committee
P150-Independent Peace
P151-Independent Plaid Cymru
P152-Independent Powell Conservative
P153-Independent Powellite
P154-Independent Progressive
P155-Independent Progressive Labour Party
P156-Independent Protestant
P157-Independent Republican
P158-Independent Scottish Labour
P159-Independent Scottish Nationalist
P160-Independent Social Democrat
P161-Independent Socialist
P162-Independent Ulster Democratic Unionist
P163-Independent Ulster Unionist
P164-Independent Unionist
P165-Independent Unity
P166-Independent Vote For Yourself
P167-Independent Welsh Nationalist
P168-Independent Working Class Association
P169-Industrial Productivity for British Exports
P171-International Marxist
P172-Iraq War. Not In My Name
P173-Irish Anti-Partitionist
P174-Irish Civil Rights
P175-Irish IndePendence
P176-Irish Labour
P177-Irish National
P178-Irish Nationalist
P179-Irish Republican
P180-Islam Zinda Baad Platform
P181-Isle of Wight
P182-Jam Wrestling
P183-Jesus and His Cross
P184-John Lillburne Democratic
P185-Justice Party
P186-KeeP Britain United
P187-Kidderminster HosPital and Health Concern
P189-Labour Co-op
P190-Labour Conservative Coalition Party
P191-Labour Independent
P192-Labour Integrationist
P193-Labour and Democrat
P194-Labour and Trade Union
P196-Lancastrian Party
P197-Left Alliance
P198-Legalise Cannabis Alliance
P199-Lib and Conservative
P202-Liberal Democrat
P203-Liberal National
P205-Local Community Party
P207-Low Excise Duty
P208-Loyal Conservative
P211-Max Power Party
P212-Mebyon Kernow
P213-Middle Classes Party
P214-Millennium Council
P215-Moderate Labour
P216-Monster Raving Loony
P217-Motorcycle News
P219-NI Labour
P220-Nat. Dem.
P222-National Coalition
P223-National Democrat
P224-National Democratic Resistance
P225-National Democrats
P226-National Front
P227-National Independent
P228-National Independent Anti-Common Market
P229-National Labour
P230-National Liberal
P231-National Liberal & Conservative
P232-National Socialist
P233-National Unity
P235-Natural Law
P236-New Britain
P237-New England Party
P238-New Liberal
P239-New Millennium Bean Party
P240-Newcastle Academy with Christian Values Party
P241-Northern Ireland Ecology
P242-Northern Ireland Unionist
P243-Northern Progress
P244-Official Unionist
P246-Operation Christian Vote
P247-Organisation of Free Democrats
P248-Orkney and Shetland Movement
P249-Oxford Ecology Movement
P250-Pacifist for Peace, Justice, CooPeration, Environment
P251-Party of Associates with Licensees
P253-Patriotic Party
P254-Peace Party
P255-Peace and Progress Party
P256-Pensioner Coalition
P257-Pensioners Party
P258-Pensioners Party Scotland
P260-People Conservation and Agrarian
P261-People Party
P262-People Power
P263-People and Agrarian
P264-People of Horsham First Party
P265-People's Choice
P266-People's Justice Party
P267-People's Labour
P268-People's Power
P269-Personality and Rational Thinking? Yes!
P270-Plaid Cymru
P271-Powell Conservative
P273-Pride in Paisley Party
P274-Pro-Euro Conservative
P275-Pro-Life Alliance
P276-Progress Democratic Members Decide Policy
P277-Progressive Democratic Party
P278-Progressive Unionist
P279-ProPerty Developer
P280-Protest Party
P281-Protest Vote Party
P282-Protestant Unionist
P283-Providers Through Care
P284-Publican Party Free to Smoke
P286-Radical Alliance
P287-Radical Liberal
P288-Rainbow Alliance
P290-Red Front
P293-Reform 2000
P294-Reform UK
P295-Removal of Tetramasts in Cornwall
P297-Republican Clubs
P298-Republican Labour
P300-Residents and Motorists of Great Britain
P301-Residents' Association of London
P302-Resolutionist Party
P304-Rev. Ref.
P305-Revolutionary Communist
P306-Revolutionary International Marxist
P307-Rhodesian Front
P308-Rock 'N' Roll Loony Party
P311-SOS! Voters Against OverdeveloPment of NorthamPton
P313-Safeguard the NHS
P314-Save Birmingham Education
P315-Save Bristol North Baths Party
P316-Save London Action Group
P317-Scottish Freedom Referendum
P318-Scottish Home Rule
P319-Scottish Independent Party
P320-Scottish Labour
P321-Scottish National
P322-Scottish Nationalist
P323-Scottish Self-Government
P324-Scottish Senior Citizens
P325-Scottish Socialist
P326-Scottish Socialist Alliance
P327-Scottish Unionist Party
P328-Senior Citizens Party
P329-Severnside Libertarian
P330-Silent Majority Party
P332-Sinn Fein
P333-Social Credit
P334-Social Democrat
P335-Social Democratic
P336-Social Democratic and Labour
P338-Socialist Alliance
P339-Socialist Alternative
P340-Socialist Environmental Alliance
P341-Socialist Labour
P342-Socialist Party
P343-Socialist Party of GB
P344-Socialist Unity
P345-Socialist of Great Britain
P347-Speaker Seeking Re-Election
P348-St. Albans Party
P350-Tatton Group Independent
P351-TaxPayers' Coalition Party
P352-Technical Consultant
P353-Telepathic Partnership
P354-The Community (London Borough of Hounslow)
P355-The People's Choice! Exclusively For All
P356-The Speaker
P357-The Workers' (NI)
P358-Their Party
P359-Third Way
P360-Tiger's Eye-The Party for Kids
P361-Troops Out of Ireland
P363-UK Community Issues Party
P364-UK Front
P365-UK Ind.
P366-UK Pathfinders
P368-UU Pro Assembly
P369-UUU Council
P370-Ulster PoPular Unionist
P371-Ulster Unionist
P372-Union Movement
P374-Unionist Party of NI
P375-Unionist of NI
P376-United Country
P377-United Democrat
P378-United Democratic
P379-United Democratic Party
P380-United Kingdom
P381-United Kingdom Independent
P382-United Kingdom Unionist
P383-United Labour
P384-United Party and English Nationalist
P385-United Ulster Unionist
P387-Unofficial Conservative
P388-Unrepresented People's
P390-Vectis Nationalist
P392-Virtue Currency Cognitive Appraisal Party
P393-Volunteer Political Party
P394-Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket
P396-Welsh Nationalist
P397-Welsh RePublican
P398-Wessex Regionalists
P399-Western Isles Labour
P401-Women For Life On Earth
P402-Women's Coalition (NI)
P403-Women's Rights
P404-Workers Party
P405-Workers Revolutionary
P406-Workers Revolutionary Party
P408-World Government Authority
P409-Xtraordinary People Party
P410-Young Ideas
P411-Your Party
1945: Single Transferrable Vote (STV): Both rounds are reported.
Candidates were unopposed in the following districts (There votes and seats are not included
in the data):
1950: Northern Ireland, Antrim North. Winner: Ulster Unionist
1950: Northern Ireland, Armagh. Winner: Ulster Unionist
• Elections were held in 1992, but the data for these elections are not included.
Political Parties:
P1-Democratic Party
P2-Republican Party
P3-A Connecticut Party
P4-A Delaware Party
P5-Alaskan Independence
P6-All People's Congress
P7-America First
P8-American First Populist
P10-American Constitution
P11-American Grass Roots Alternative
P12-American Heritage
P13-American Independent
P15-American System Independent
P16-An Independent Voice
P20-Ax Taxes
P21-Back to Basics
P22-Basic Reformed Government
P24-Better Affordable Government
P26-Bronx Voters
P27-By Petition
P28-Campaign for a New Tomorrow
P30-Cash for Congress
P31-Change Congress
P32-Christian Prolife
P34-Citizens Against Rising Electric Rates
P35-Citizens First
P36-Citizens with Szabo
P37-Cleanup Congress
P39-Concerned Citizens
P40-Concerned Citizens Against LILCO
P41-Concerns of People
P42-Conscience for Congress
P46-Damn Drug Dealers
P47-Democracy in Action
P50-Democratic, Liberty Union
P51-Democrat, Nonpartisan League
P53-Donald of Moorestown
P54-Drug Fighter
P55-Earth Federation
P56-Economic Recovery
P57-Effective Congress
P58-Equality, Brotherhood, Justice
P59-Equal Justice and Opportunity
P60-Fair Trade
P62-Fed Up Party
P63-For The People
P64-Francis Worley Congress
P66-Freedom, Equality, Prosperity
P67-Freedom for La Rouche
P69-God We Trust
P72-Green Coalition
P73-Gun Control
P74-Illinois Solidarity
P76-Independence Fusion
P78-Independent American
P79-Independent Congressional
P80-Independent Conservative
P81-Independent for Change
P82-Independent for Freedom
P83-Independent Grass Roots
P84-Independent Maine Greens
P85-Independent Neighbors
P86-Independent Nomination
P87-Independent People's Network
P88-Independent Progressive Line
P89-Independent Reform
P90-Common Sense
P91-Independents for Change
P92-Independents for Economic Recovery
P93-Independents for La Rouche
P94-Independents for Perot
P95-Independent Thinking
P96-Independent Voters
P97-Inflation Fighting Housewife
P98-Jim Wham
P100-Jobs, Property Rights
P101-Justice, Industry, Agriculture
P102-Keep America First
P103-Labor and Farm
P105-Labor Maine
P106-Land Water Legacy
P107-La Rouche for President
P108-La Rouche Was Right
P109-Legal Marijuana Now
P110-Let Freedom Ring
P115-Liberty, Ecology, Community
P116-Liberty Union
P117-Liberty Union/Citizens
P118-Long Island First
P119-Looking Back
P120-Louanner Peters Party
P121-Magerman for Congress
P122-Marijuana Reform
P123-6 Million Jobs
P124-Minnesota Taxpayers
P126-Mississippi Taxpayers
P127-More Perfect Democracy
P128-National Economic Recovery
P129-Natural Law
P130-Natural Law/New Alliance
P132-New Alliance
P133-Socialist Worker
P134-Nomination by Petition
P135-None of Above
P136-“None of These Candidates”
P137-No Nonsense Government
P139-No Party Affiliation
P140-No Slogan
P141-Not Designated
P142-Not Identified
P143-No Vote Cast
P144-Other or Other Candidates
P145-Other Party
P146-Over Vote
P148-Pacific Green
P151-Peace and Freedom
P152-Peace, Jobs and Justice
P153-People Before Profits
P154-People's Choice
P155-People's Congressional Preference
P156-Perot Choice
P157-Perot Hispano American
P158-Perot's Independents
P159-Petitioning Candidate
P160-Politicians Are Crooks
P161-Poor Man's
P163-Port Authority = Crooks
P164-Pride and Honesty
P165-Pro-Democracy Reform
P168-Progressive Issues
P169-Progressive Life Conservative
P172-Prolife, Anti-Abortion
P173 -Pro-Life Independent Conservative
P174-Pro-Life Pro-Family Veteran
P175-Protect Seniors
P176-Public Power Alternative
P177-Quality Congressional Representation
P178-Ratepayers Against Lilco
P180-Reform Party Minnesota
P182-Restore Public Trust
P184-Right to Vote
P185-Ron Daniels Independent
P186-Ross Perot Independent
P187-Save Medicare
P189-School Choice
P190-Small is Beautiful
P192-Socialist Equality
P193-Socialist Party USA
P194-Socialist Workers
P195-Socialist Workers Campaign
P197-Star Tax Cut
P198-Stop Financing Communism
P199-Stop Tax Increases
P200-Tax Brake
P202-T.B.A. Green
P203-Term Limits
P204-The Independent Party
P205-The People's Candidate
P206-Third Party
P207-Time for Change
P208-Timesizing Not Downsizing
P209-Tisch Independent Citizens
P211-Unaffiliated American
P214-United Citizens
P215-United Independents
P216-United We Serve
P217-U.S. Pacifist
P218-U.S. Taxpayers
P219-Vermont Grass Roots
P220-Virginia Reform
P221-Vote Children '88
P222-War Against Aids
P223-We the People
P224-Workers Against Concessions
P225-Workers League
P226-Worker's World
P227-Working Class
P228-Working Families
P229-World Without War
P231-You Gotta Believe
P232-New Independent
P233-Voters Rights
P234-Economic Justice
Some states report an `other’ category in the official data from the US Clerks’ Office while
most do not. Potentially, parties included in one state’s `other’ category may be reported
individually by another state.
For presidential elections, a seat is assigned to the candidate who won the most votes in the
state. The dm is blank.
In some states, the votes and seats of unopposed candidates are not recorded (candidates are
not included in the ballot either) although the districts in which candidates were unopposed
are included in the dataset. The unopposed candidates in each district are as follows:
House of Representatives:
Florida, 3rd district: Democrat
Florida, 4th district: Democrat
Florida, 5th district: Republican
Florida, 7th district: Democrat
Florida, 8th district: Republican
Florida, 15th district: Republican
Florida, 17th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 1st district: Republican
Louisiana, 2rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 3rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 4th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 5th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 6th district: Republican
Oklahoma, 6th district: Democrat
Arkansas, 1st district: Democrat
Florida, 3rd district: Democrat
Florida, 5th district: Republican
Florida, 7th district: Democrat
Florida, 12th district: Republican
Florida, 17th district: Democrat
Florida, 18th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 1st district: Republican
Louisiana, 2rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 3rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 4th district: Republican
Louisiana, 5th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 6th district: Republican
Louisiana, 7th district: Democrat
Oklahoma, 3rd district: Democrat
Oklahoma, 4th district: Democrat
Florida, 8th district: Republican
Florida, 10th district: Republican
Florida, 12th district: Republican
Florida, 13th district: Republican
Florida, 16th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 1st district: Republican
Louisiana, 3rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 4th district: Republican
Louisiana, 5th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 6th district: Republican
Louisiana, 7th district: Democrat
Louisiana, 8th district: Republican
Florida, 21st district: Republican
Louisiana, 1st district: Republican
Louisiana, 2nd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 3rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 7th district: Democrat
Florida, 4th district: Republican
Florida, 10th district: Republican
Florida, 13th district: Republican
Florida, 14th district: Republican
Florida, 18th district: Republican
Florida, 23rd district: Democrat
Florida, 4th district: Republican
Louisiana, 1st district: Republican
Louisiana, 2rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 3rd district: Republican
Louisiana, 4th district: Republican
Louisiana, 6th district: Republican
Arkansas, 1st district: Democrat
Florida, 4th district: Republican
Florida, 6th district: Republican
Florida, 7th district: Republican
Florida, 9th district: Republican
Florida, 10th district: Republican
Florida, 12th district: Republican
Florida, 13th district: Republican
Florida, 14th district: Republican
Florida, 16th district: Republican
Florida, 17th district: Democrat
Florida, 18th district: Republican
Florida, 19th district: Democrat
Florida, 20th district: Democrat
Florida, 22nd district: Republican
Florida, 23rd district: Democrat
Louisiana, 1st district: Republican
Louisiana, 3rd district: Republican
Louisiana, 4th district: Republican
Louisiana, 5th district: Republican
Louisiana, 7th district: Democrat
Arkansas, 3rd district: Republican
Louisiana, 2nd district: Democrat
Louisiana: Democrat
Louisiana: Democrat
Political Parties:
P1-Democratic Action (Acción Democrática [AD])
P2-Committee of Independent Electoral Political Organization (Comité de Organización Política
Electoral Independiente [COPEI])
P3-Movement Towards Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo [MAS])
P4-National Opinion (Opinión Nacional [OPINA])
P5-People’s Electoral Movement (Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo [MEP])
P6-Democratic Republican Union (Unión Republicana Democrática [URD])
P7-Venezuelan Communist Party (Partido Comunista Venezolano [PCV])
P8-Revolutionary Left Movement (Movimiento Izquierda Revolucionario [MIR])
P9-New Alternative (Nueva Alternativa [NA])
P10-Independents with Change (Independientes con el Cambio [ICC])
P11-Socialist League (Liga Socialista [ICC])
P12-National Integration Movement (Movimiento Integración Nacional [MIN])
P13-The Radical Cause (La Causa Radical [LCR])
P14-Nationalist Civic Crusade (Cruzada Cívica Nacionalista [CCN])
P15-Popular Democratic Front (Frente Democrático Popular [FDP])
P16-Democratic National Front (Frente Nacional Democrático [FND])
P17-Nationalist Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Nacionalista [PRN])
P19-National Action Movement (Movimiento de Acción Nacional [MAN])
P20-Independent Democratic Movement (Movimiento Democrático Independiente [MDI])
P21-Popular Justicialist Movement (Movimiento Popular Justicialista [MPJ])
P22-Integrationist National Party (Partido Nacional Integracionista [PNI])
P23-Progressive Independents (Independientes Progresistas [IP])
P24-Emancipatory Force (Fuerza Emancipadora [FE])
P25-Common Cause (Causa Común [CC])
P26-Democratic Action/Nacionalist Revolutionary Party (Acción Democrática/ Partido
Revolucionario Nacionalista [AD-PRN])
P27-Nationalist Unity Front (Frente Unidad Nacionalista [FUN])
P28-Patriotic Revolutionary Alliance (Alianza Revolucionaria Patriótica [ARPA])
P29-Alianza Cívica Nacional [ALCINA]
P30-Nationalist Independent Bloc (Bloque Independiente Nacionalista [BIN])
P31-Popular Democratic (Democrático Popular [DP])
P32-Communist Unitarian Vanguard (Vanguardia Unitaria Comunista [VUC])
P33-Popular Independent Front (Frente Independiente Popular [FIPO])
P34-Apureño Independent Movement (Movimiento Independiente Apureño [MIA])
P35-Venezuelan Popular Unity (Unidad Popular Venezolana [UPV])
P36-Independent Electoral Group (Agrupación Electoral Independiente [AEI])
P37-Independent Victorious Renewal Action (Acción Renovadora Vencedora Independiente
P38-Community Development (Desarrollo de la Comunidad [Des Communidad (DC)])
P39-Spiritual Rescue, National Integration (Rescate Espiritual Integración Nacional [REINA])
P40-Independent Revolutionary Movement (Unión Revolucionaria Independiente [URI])
P41-Family Movement (Movimiento Familiar [MF])
P42-Committee of Independent Electoral Political Organization/Independent Progress (Comité
de Organización Política Electoral Independiente/Independiente Progresista [COPEI-IP])
P43-Committee of Independent Electoral Political Organization/Popular Democratic Front/
Independent Progress (Comité de Organización Política Electoral Independiente/Frente
Democrático Popular/Independiente Progresista [COPEI-FDP-IP])
P44-People’s Electoral Movement/Venezuelan Communist Party (Movimiento Electoral del
Pueblo/Partido Comunista Venezolano [MEP-PCV])
P45-Opposition Democratic Action (Acción Democrática Oposición [AD-OP])
P46-Independents for the Democratic Front (Independientes pro Frente Nacional [IPFN])
P47-New Democratic Generation (Nueva Generacíon Democrática [NGD])
P48-Authentic Renewal Organization (Organización Renovadora Auténtica [ORA])
P49-Rhona, Formula 1 [RHONA FORMULA-1]
P50-Others (Otras)
The data for Monagas province are missing in the original data from the Consejo Supreme
Electoral (1958-1983).