How to Make a Purchase? - E

How to Make a Purchase?
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Before beginning the process, it is necessary to create an account with eticket.
Create an Account
Click on Mi Cuenta (My Account)
My Account
You must select the “Click aquí para registrarte” wich is at the bottom of the form
and fill in the cases.
Nombre = Name
Apellido = Surname
Estado = pick OUTSIDE MEXICO
Correo Electrónico = E-mail
Contraseña = Password
Click on Crear Mi Cuenta (Create my Account)
To begin your purchase you must choose the date of your event and click “Compra tus
For the 1st step (paso #1) you’ll need to pick the section and block. Pick “General” on 1
and 2. 3 will be the amount of tickets you wish to purchase.
In Step#2 you’ll find the Terms and Conditions of the transaction between you and eticket.
To continue, you’ll need to write down the words or digits that apear in the anti robot case and
select “Acepto el Contrato” (I accept the contract).
In Step #3 you’ll find the detail of your purchase such as:
Nombre del Evento = Name of the Event
Fecha = Date
Inmueble = Venue
Sección = Section or Zone
Bloque = Block (inside Section or Zone)
Asientos Asignados = Seats, in case they are numbered
Tipo = Type (adult)
Cantidad = Cuantity of Tickets
Precio x Boleto = Price per Ticket
Cargo x Servicio = eticket’s fee (per ticket)
Total x Boleto = Total per Ticket
Pick-Up= Will Call
Next you´ll find 2 options.
Secure-Ticket is an insurance in case you’re unable to attend the event. It’s optional and
Aliado eticket is a Loyalty Program where our subscribers get discounts on our tickets and
other establishements as well as free tickets and lots of gifts. Also optional.
To choose your type of payment you’ll need to your account info and hit “Entrar a Mi
Last step, you’ll need to register your payment information and make sure your tickets are
what you were looking for.
Nombre Completo = Name and Surname
Numero de Tarjeta de Crédito = Credit Card Number
Tipo de de Tarjeta = Type of Card
Fecha de expiración = Expiration Date
Código de seguridad = Security Code (3 digits on the back of the card)
Dirección = Adress
Colonia = Neighborhood
Delegación o Municipio = City
Código Postal = Zip Code
Once you submit our credit card information it’s posible you may need to validate the data with the
3DSecure method.You’ll have to answer a couple of questions or write your secret number for your
own security.
If you agree, you must click “Continuar” (Continue)
Here an example of how the bank’s confirmation through 3DSecure may look like.
Once the information is validated, the sistem will display the confirmation number for your
You’re all set, enjoy the show!!