latex paint disposal

City of Racine Residents
We all know about those old paint cans that were saved
long ago...the ones that were to be used for “touch-ups.”
Now they sit on the basement shelves, dust covered and
adorned with cobwebs. You probably told yourself more
than once, “I gotta get rid of these someday.” Well, today’s
the day and here’s how:
Three easy steps for preparing your
paint cans for waste collection
Pry off the lids on the cans and take a look
inside. If there is more than a half can of paint,
pour into another less filled can until you have
no more than a half of a can full.
Add kitty litter, oil dry, sand or sawdust to the
can of paint and stir until the paint gets as thick
as oatmeal.
Be sure to leave the lid off the can so the Public
Works solid waste collectors can see the paint
has been prepared properly.
Place the paint cans on the curb/alley line on
your regular solid waste collection day.
Half Full
kitty litter, oil dry,
sand or sawdust
ready for
waste collection
For more information about Racine Recycling, visit
or call the Department of Public Works field office, 636-9126.
Atención – para tener este material traducido a español, llame por favor 636-9121.