y de los más mayores... THE FLAG OF UNITED KINGDOM THE

y de los más mayores...
The name U. K. refers to the union of four
separate countries : England, Scotland ,
Wales and Northern Ireland.
The U.K. is situated north-west of the European continent between the Atlantic Ocean
and the North Sea.
England is a country in the U.K..The capital is London, the largest city in the U.K. It
contains about 84% of the U.K. population.
The British Royal family live in England..The
most important cities are: Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, York, Bristol etc…
Scotland is in north-west Europe and is part
of U.K: It has 790 islands-130 inhabited. The
capital is Edinburgh, like Rome, was built on
seven hills. The most important cities are:
Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness,
Perth. etc….
Wales is in north-west Europe. It is bordered by England to the east, the Bristol
Channel to the South, St George´s Channel
in the west, and the Irish Sea to the North.
The capital is Cardiff and the national game
of Wales is rugby. The most important cities
are : Newport, Swansea, Bangor, St.
Northern Ireland lies in the north east of the
island of Ireland. The capital is Belfast. The
most important cities are: Londonderry, Lisburn, Armagh, Newry..
Reseñamos algunos de los trabajos de los más mayores del cole, incidiendo que tal vez en ellos ha recaído el mayor peso
en cuanto a colaboración para ARCOLE. - Entrevistas, reseñas, etc-
The flag of U. Kingdom is sometimes called the Union Flag because it symbolizes the administrative union of the countries
of the U.K.
It is consists of the three heraldic crosses of S. George (Patron Saint of England) ( Red on white ), St. Andrew ( Patron
Saint of Scotland) ( White diagonal on blue), St. Patrick ( Patron Saint of Ireland ) ( Red diagonal on White ).
The Welsh dragon does not appear on the flag because Wales is a Principality instead of a Kingdom and as such could
not be included.
The Union flag is flown on government buildings on days marking:
The birthdays of members of the Royal Family,
Commonwealth Day,
Coronation Day,
The Queen´s Official birthday,
Remembrance Day and
On the days of the State Opening and prorogation of Parliament.
It is also flown on St. David´s Day ( Wales ), St George´s Day ( England), St Andrew´s Day ( Scotland), and St
Patrick´s Day ( Northern Ireland )
The river Ebro
Diamond entered the dark mansion
slowly, carefully and silently. With every step she
took, the floorboards creaked more violently till
they, at last, gave way and she sell down, very
down. She was in a dark room which was all in
shadow, apart from a small space in which a
skeleton like a person stood. He had a long grey
beard that obscured most of his face. His long fingers wound themselves around Diamond’s neck.
The power of Chorksa she couldn’t reach because it was one hundred miles away.
Ruby, her best friend, was finding her
way through dusty cobwebs and dark shadows
which never came out into the light and, if so, they
would turn to the consequences which they never
thought as they were bad.
Representations of death.
The river Ebro is the largest river in the
Iberian Peninsula and the second longest, bhind
the Tagus. It runs entirely in Spain, where it occupies the first position among the rivers that
begin and neatly into this country, both for its
length and its flow.
Walk the northeastern tip of the Iberian
Peninsula, across the valley that bears his name,
located in a depression. It follows a northwestsoutheast direction, from the Picos de Europa
(Cantabrian Mountains), which has its origin to
The Norwegian Nobel committee has decided
that the Nobel Peace for 2009 is to be awarded
to cooperation peoples. Obama has as President
created a new climate in international politics.
Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United
Nations and other international institution can
The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has
powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms
control negotiations. Thanks to Obama´s initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive
in meeting the great climatic challenger the world
is confronting. Only very rarely has a person on
the same extent as Obama captured the world´s
attention and given its people hope for a better
future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept
that those who are to lead the world must do so
on the basis of values and attitudes that are
shared by the majority of the world´s population
for which Obama is now the world´s leading
Alberto Cubo
Desmond Mpilo Tutu
Bishop Desmond Tutu was born in 1931 in
Klerksdorp, Transvaal. His father was a teacher,
and himself was educated at Johannesburg
Bantu High School.
After leaving school he trained first as a teacher
at Pretoria Bantu Normal College and in 2954 he
graduated from the University of South Africa.
After the years as a high school teacher he began
to study Theology, being ordained as a priest in
1960. The years 1962- 66 were devoted to fit her
theological study in England leading up to Master
of Theology. From 1967 to 1972 he taught theology in South Africa before returning to England
for three years as the assistant director of a theological institute in London.
In 1975 was appointed Dean of St. Mary´s Cathedral in Johannesburg, the first black to bold that
position. From 1976 to 1978 he was Bishop of
Lesotho, and in 1978 became the first black General Secretary of the South African Council of
Churches. Tutu is an honorary doctor of a number
of leading universities in USA, Britain and Germany.
Aroa Núñez
Lech Walesa was born on September 29, 1943
in Popowo, Poland. After graduating from vocational school, he worked as a car mechanic at a
Machine center from 1961 to 1965. He served in
the army for two years, rose to the rank of corporal, and in 1967 was employed in the Gdansh
shipyards as an electrician. In 1969 he married
Danuta Gdos and they have eight children.
In November 1982 Walesas was released and reinstated at the Gdansh shipyards. Although kept
under surveillance, he managed to maintain lively
contact with Solidarity leaders in the underground. While martial law was lifted in July 1983,
many of the restrictions were continued in civil
code. In October 1983 the announcement of
Walesa´s Nobel prize spirits of the underground
movement, but the award was attacked by the
government press.
Clara de Antonio Núñez
La alimentación
Es fundamental para
Cuidarse y estar en forma.
Hay que comer de todo,
Utilizar una dieta adecuada para
Garantizar un peso equilibrado
A cada altura o edad.
Yasser Arafat was born in August 1929 in Cairo
Yasser Arafat was a Palestinian leader and a laureate of the Nobel Prize. He was Chairman of the
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)
and leader of de Fatah Politician Party, which he
founded in 1959 however he was reviled by many
Israelis and described in much of the west as the
world´s number of the terrorist for the attacks his
faction led against civilians. Arafat received the
Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 with 65 years old! together with Yitzhak Rabin and Simon Peres, for
the negotiations in Oslo. He was died in November 11, 2004. He was 74 years old.
Víctor García
The Duero river
(Durius - Latín; Douro
portuguese) is the third
longest and second
largest river in the iberian peninsula at 765
Its sourceis at
“Fuentes del Duero” in
the Picos de Urbionin,
the sistema ibérico.
(Soria, near the border
with Burgos and La
This river is
very long and very vide
and inone of the most important of the peninsula.
Apuleyo, Apuleyo
nombre para nosotros nuevo,
que al principio suena raro,
pero que resulta bello.
Nombre rimbombante es,
de césares y emperadores
que, aunque rime con plebeyo
digno es de ser de nobles.
Señor don Apuleyo.
bienvenido a este colegio
¡ojalá que al conocernos
haya quedado perplejo!.
Bienvenido al “Marqués del Arco”;
es un colegio especial;
esto te lo remarco:
te resultará genial.
El hecho de haber venido
deseamos compensar:
también nosotros queremos
algún verso regalar.
the Meditarranean Sea, witch leads to forming the
Ebro Delta.
The river has a total length of 930 km. Its
drainage basin is the largest in Spain, with an
area of 86.100 km2. This is distributed as well by
country, Andorra and France.
The Ebro runs through the Spanish autonomous communities of Cantabria (where
born), Castilla y León, La Rioja, Navarra, Aragón
y Cataluña (where it end), plus the Ebro basin
also includes territories of el País Vasco ( Álava
practically all), and the Comunidad Valenciana(
Castellón NO).
Two autonomous capital, Logroño and
Zaragoza, are bathed by the river.
Tomárselo con tranquilidad,
Organizarse las comidas,
Mejorar la alimentación,
Aprender a comer saludable,
Tener fuerza de voluntad y
Esperar resultados.
Para tener buena salud es necesario llevar una buena
Alimentación, una dieta sana y variada, con
Equilibrio en las comidas. Incluye frutas y verduras:
Lechuga, tomate, plátano, naranja… En el desayuno toma:
Leche, cereales y algo de fruta.
Aunque te gusten mucho las “chuches” no las tomes en exceso.
La alimentación es buena para nuestro cuerpo u organismo. Hacer ejercicios diariamente, dar un paseo, ir al gimnasio… es bueno para todos. Alguna vez comer algún
dulce. Comer vegetales, huevos, fruta, lácteos, pescado carne… Un día comer
guisantes, otro día carne, otro día huevo, comer cosas diferentes. Tomar calcio es
bueno para nuestros huesos. Comer mucho no es bueno. Las vitaminas son fundamentales, así que ya sabes tomar alimentos con calcio y vitaminas es bueno para
todos. Y recuerda: hay que comer de todo, hasta de lo que no te gusta.
1.- el murciélago.
4.- el hombre.
2.- el puente.
5.- la escritura.
3.- el grillo.
6.- el yate.
7.-el libro.
Versos a Apuleyo
Precauciones para el verano.
◘ Bebe agua, no te deshidrates.
◘ Incrementa el consumo de frutas y ensaladas.
◘ Ponte crema de protección solar cada tres o cuatro horas, si estás al sol.
◘ Si sales al campo o a la montaña, cuida la naturaleza, deja todo como está o adecentalo.
gracias por la molestia
de saludarnos con rima´
el comunicarlo así
demuestra que nos estimas.
tu poema es delicado
risueño y amarrado
al saber del alumno
que está descubriendo el mundo.
tu escritura es atractiva,
haces fácil el renglón.
a nosotros nos cautiva
Y nos “mola mogollón”.
Entre todos hemos visto
que es fácil hacer rimar;
basta conjuntar palabras,
y luego… todo es coser y cantar.
El libro es un amigo
con quien viajar,
con quien soñar,
con quien llorar,
con quien disfrutar,
con quien conquistar cimas,
con quien VIVIR.
nos has mostrado la vida
en estos versos unidos.
Se ha visto que el aprender
puede ser muy divertido.
Señor poeta periodista,
ya te consideramos amigo.
Que el recuerdo de esta escuela
Lo lleves siempre contigo.
encantados, Apuleyo
nos ha gustado t visita;
gracias por este viaje
a tu mundo de poesía.
Ya hemos comprobado
que eres un gran artista;
desde ahora en adelante
se inscribirá en nuestra lista.
señor don Apuleyo
gracias por su visita
esperamos que vuelva pronto
a contarnos más noticias.
Alumnos de 6º A