Inversión de estructuras

1.- Not only
Harry not only missed the train, but also lost his case
Not only did Harry miss the train,but also lost his case
2.- No sooner
Tim had no sooner left, than the phone rang
No sooner had Tim left, than the phone rang
3.- Under no circumstances
You shouldn't touch these wires under any circumstances
Under no circumstances should you touch these wires
4.- Seldom
I have seldom watched a better match
Seldom have I watched a better match
5.- Little, never, not once, only then, only after, rarely
He never told me anything about that
Not once did he tell me anything about that
1.- COME and GO
Here comes Jack!
Up went the plane into the clouds!
There goes my money!
Off am I!
Along the road came jim
2.- Live
In this house lived Charles Dickens
On a hill outside the town stands the castle
3.- Now + To be
Now is the best time to visit the islands