Double Cross; James Patterson

-This book is about one girl, she calls Monika Lungen, she was in stockholm(Sweden)
in the third day of the stockohol Water Festival. Monika is of the SMI ( Secret Military
Intelligence) and she was there for work, she has to protect the minister of the swedish
goverment ( kurt Carksson) he got to be a supossed sniper from a boat. Then Anders
Blam, her boss, sends her to the boat, there she meets with Bruce, him explain
information of the hooligans, and Monika inform her boss.
Then come James Chapman and Monika, and James find a metal arrow
The MI5 turns to UK and Monika goes to the tour Millham United, and she takes a
photo, the photo is about Chapman with other people speaking.
Then Monika travels and listen a conversation of nuclear weapons. Viatjord invites her
to have a dinner, but Monika escapes and goes to Maputo( Mozambique)
In Maputo call to the SMI and meets a passaport officer( Cabina) then the friends of
Viatjord tried to cath Monika but she escapes another time, this time to Stockholm.
Finaly she goes to the Milliam United Stadium and there she cath Viatjord and